Relatability and resonance

Rory has asked a set of questions on his blog;

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The Resonation of Relatability?

How important to you is it for you to have a level of resonation or relatability to the blog and bloggers you read from weekly or does it not matter and you read purely for the escapism, learning or entertainment factor and so on? 

Mostly the blogs I follow have to have a degree of relatability otherwise I don’t follow them. The thoughts and the content has to gel with me before I make visiting them a daily feature.

There are a few which are either hilarious or entertaining which also are on my reading list. Short stories, poems or funny anecdotes all to lighten up my day.

Do you like to balance your reading or focus on specific genres only?

I think my reading is pretty balanced. But I don’t go out of my way to include blogs which are totally opposite to my way of thinking. That would be just too much to swallow. But if a blogger that I follow has an opinion which is opposed to mine, I will not only read it but also try to look at things from their perspective.

Finally do you need to ‘get your blogger to get your blogger?’ or do you get the blogger anyway whatever?

This question seems to be a puzzle!

I get what a person is writing but do I completely get them?

Some I do because I’ve been following them for most of the time I have been blogging and there are some that are new and I don’t know them that well.

Reading and perusing a blog gives the ideal opportunity to know the person behind that writing.

2000 Followers! 😍 Thank you!

A big hearty thank you to my WordPress readers. I have officially crossed the 2K mark.

This is my performance so far. I have been blogging for 17 months now.

I really am grateful for the support of all my blogging friends here on WordPress.

Let’s hope for more happy times together.



Rory asks!

Rory asks us a question daily, here’s today’s question;

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What is Your Reason Why?

Why do you do the things you do? What is your reason for doing them? 

Why do you ‘Blog’ as an example?


Why do we do anything?

Some stuff we do out of necessity and some for fun. Somethings we need to do to survive and others as a recreational activity.

As far as blogging is concerned, I started on a whim but realized that not only I enjoy blogging, I feel it is part of my survival and coping mechanism with respect to growing old with grace.

I am at the age when most women are hit by empty nest syndrome. Kids are grown up and the pace of life has slowed down. The working women are also thinking of retiring. And thus we have a lot of time on our hands.

• Being involved in an activity that exercises my brain and makes me think is very very useful at this age. It is a way to ward off dementia in its various forms.

• It also keeps loneliness away as I am constantly in touch with my many friends in the blogosphere.

• Not only I get to read a lot of posts which provide me with information, entertainment, and food for thought, I also get to share my point of view with others and we have an exchange of ideas too.

• I have learned a lot about mental health here. How to maintain my mental health and how to deal with issues stemming from different problems. This is not only informative but also vital for everyone.

In short, I would recommend that people who are in the later phase of their lives and have time should engage in either blogging or any other type of writing and reading activity that makes them think. It is important to use and exercise out the gray matter to keep it in good working order. If we don’t, it has a tendency towards stagnation. Forgetfulness, loss of interest and feeling low or disoriented can be the result!

So here are my reasons for blogging. What are yours?




Some soul searching

I have been thinking!

And I have also read many posts from our blogger friends about how often one should post on the blog.

When I started to blog, I would write a post after a couple of days. This gradually increased to daily posting and then as I discovered my love of writing poetry, I increased my posts to around 4-5 a day.

Now my love of writing hasn’t lessened at all. And I do have time to write these many posts as I don’t have anything else on my plate right now.


I feel that for those who read and follow my blog, catching up on these posts has become troublesome. If I look back to the start of last year, more people used to comment and would engage with my blog. Now though there are many more people who follow my blog, the engagement level has rather fallen down instead of increasing. This has led me to the conclusion that I should decrease the number of posts per day. So from today, I will post 3-4 posts a day and after the end of January, when JusJoJan finishes, I will be doing a max of 3 posts.

I am sure this will lessen the load on the reader of those who follow my blog.

I hope I can stick to my decision and not give in to the temptation of posting too much again.

I am glad that I have reached this decision and hope that it will be more practical and easy all around, in the future.

I would be grateful for your feedback.



Blogging- A mystery solved…. Sort of!

Remember a few weeks ago I wrote a post saying that some of my blog posts are published, without the comment option.

Today I have solved this mystery in part. Not the why it happens at all but why it happens to some posts and not all.

The answer is YouTube.

I don’t know if other bloggers are having the same issue as I am but I am sharing here why it is happening to some of my posts! I hope it can help others too.

My very kind friends here on WordPress usually leave a comment or two on my posts and when after publishing a post I get no comments, I check out the post and sure enough there is no comments option. It doesn’t happen to all my posts so it got me thinking why it happens to just a few of my posts. And here I must admit that since I am blogging mostly from my phone or iPad, it may be just happening to people like me because on the app on iPhone, all the options are not visible when we set the post for publishing.

Anyway, yesterday I posted a post in response to Rory’s prompt. The 321 Quote me. And this happened again! It had a couple of YouTube links in it. And then I realized that all the posts that have a YouTube link in them had this issue. The comment and pingback allowing tabs are unchecked in the settings automatically.

I have no idea what is the correlation between the two but this is happening to my posts because of the links of songs posted in these posts.

So if you are having this problem too, please double check if you’re posting the links from YouTube.

Hope this helps!



Blogging- Where are you all, my silent friends?

When I started to blog, gradually the number of my followers grew. It is an exciting process, especially if one is new to the blogging world. But the thing that I learned to value the most, as most of the others here in this world, were the comments. They give real meaning to our writing.

As my following grew the number of comments also grew. But a not so surprising phenomenon also occurred at this time. I say not so surprising as I heard other bloggers write about it. As the number of likes increased, the people commenting on my post did not grow in the same proportion. In fact, the new people who followed seldom comment.

The bloggers who comment on my posts remain almost the same. They are the ones who are supportive and genuinely interested in my writing.

But what about the rest?

Why are these new friends so silent and hesitant to share their opinions?

I know that this is not just my issue but I would love to know where these 1600-1700 people are who follow my blog. Why do they bother following the blog if they neither like nor comment on my posts? And lastly, why would they want to follow without interacting?

The maximum number of likes I have ever gotten on any of my posts is still less than a hundred.

Who will solve this mystery?

Can anyone enlighten me!



Blogging- Another WordPress issue!

Disappearing comment tabs.

The users of WordPress know that we are often hit with new glitches every other day on our blogging platform.

This issue came to my notices when a blogger friend commented on one of my posts that my recently published post had no option for commenting. I went and checked it and they were right. No comments tab was there at the bottom of the post. I fixed it after trying various ways and by a lucky chance hit on the correct way to do it.

The same issue happened a few times with other posts of mine. Sometime I would notice it myself and sometimes some kindly soul would point it out by commenting on another post.

But now I have seen more and more posts from other bloggers whom I follow where there is no comments option. I am almost 99% sure that it is not optional. It is another gift from our considerate WordPress team. They probably think that it is too much effort for us to write comments and then the blogger had to reply to them.

So if you notice that you haven’t received any comments on your post, please go and check.

How to fix it;

Open your post in the browser.

Go to the Post settings.

Click on more settings tab.

Here you will see that the comments and linkback enabling boxes are both unchecked.

Check both boxes by clicking on them.

Save the Post settings.

Go back to the Post to see if the comment b option is showing.

This fixes the company problem usually. If it doesn’t works contact the

” (un) Happiness Engineers”

And do check your posts after they are published. There are many posts where I couldn’t comment because of this issue.



Blogging- My First Blogging Anniversary – And the journey continues…….

It is been a year today!

More than 1500 posts

More than 83000 views.

More than 1500 follows.

More than 30500 visitors

And 26000 comments.

And even if half of those are mine, the rest were yours!

Not bad for one year of blogging.

How it was at the beginning;

At first everything was new. I hadn’t written anything like a blog ever! I learned as I went along and was lucky to find very good role models. Teresa of the Haunted Wordsmith was my first inspiration. She has left WordPress for personal reasons but she taught me to try everything at least once. Rory, Fandango and Michael are among those who inspired me to write as they are great bloggers but also those who are prompting us with words, pictures and challenges. I really enjoy my blogging and am in debt to my blogging buddies for showing me how it is done.

Di, Li, Reena, Sue, Kat, Paula, Wendi, Winnie, Gina, Marilyn, Mel, Renard and Melanie are just a few of the people who have shown me how much fun blogging is. Thank you so much for being the beacon!

Then I must thank all of the 1506 people who read my blog and follow it. My thanks and appreciation for you all.

At the end but not least in principle, Tanya who inspired me and encouraged me to start writing. Thanks a lot!

What did I do right;

I learned to make friends with my blogging fellows here and got to know them. It was a slow process for me as I have pretty bad memory. But with time I got to know people who I interacted with daily. I understood their point of view and their special interests. I learned that the key to developing good relationship in blogging world is to communicate and interact. As with anything else, this is also an ever ongoing journey. We learn new things each day and grow.

Things I may have done wrong;

The first one is better editing. One needs to re-read a few times before posting it. Check spellings , grammar and the names which have been ” Autocorrected”!

I might have been repetitive in my topics. I won’t apologize for it because I am passionate about certain things!

I post a lot! At first I couldn’t get how people like Teresa, Rory and Fandango could do more than one post a day but gradually I also have started doing it. There was an event in January, JuJoJan which I joined and posted everyday for the whole month. It was a fantastic experience.

If I did or am making more mistakes, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I am always happy to correct them.

At the end I want to thank you all again.

Hope we continue on this journey together.

Let me know your thoughts and ideas in your comments.




Blogging— Is liking enough?

When I started to blog and got my very first like on a blog post, can you imagine how thrilled I was!

So after that there were many likes, and then comments too. I started to get to know the blogger I was interacting with and then they became friends.

And new people kept on coming into our world. They would sometimes stop by for a brief chitchat or sometimes for a longer visit. I love all that entails in the interaction between the blogger. Because let’s get this straight, mostly these are bloggers on WordPress who are the ones visiting, liking and commenting on each other’s post. For some reason, it is very hard for a person who in not on WordPress to even like a post. In a way we are all dependent upon the support we give to each other.

And this brings me to the reason of writing this post;

Is liking enough? Or is it just an empty gesture?

I have read views of other bloggers about this phenomenon. And I want to add my own. I think that in ideal situation we should read and comment on a post, like or not. But if I am trying to read 30-40 posts from the blogger I follow, it becomes almost an impossible task. Specially when there are some like me who have more than one post per day. It can be done when you are dealing with the posts as they are published. But say you look at your reader after a gap of 6-7 hours, as you get to your blog in the morning. Now there maybe 60-70 notifications on your app or account. Can you read all of them and comment on them or you skip over them, reading some and just liking others, hoping to have time later to revisit and comment?

So I do that. I like their posts to let them know that I have visited, as a calling card. And if time permits I would go back and read the whole post and comment. And I really don’t mind when people just like my posts. Sometimes liking a whole bunch of them within a minute or two. Why would I not like that someone is liking my posts? Why would I be bothered that they didn’t read all of my twenty posts before liking them! See here is the equation: Would you rather that people just not show an interest in your blog or do so by hitting the like button without reading all of the post!

I would go with the second option because it does show a degree of interest. And if this ploy is meant to make me reciprocate, then I will do so. Because it’s a place where we support each other, or should.

And how do you view this phenomenon?

Do you dislike when people just like your post without leaving a comment?

Please share your thoughts and feedback in your comments.




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