I salute your spirit

I admire all the people who have the courage to share their stories with others. It takes a lot of courage to share with the rest of the world, the issues and problems one is going through.

Be it mental health, physical problems, or issues of abuse that people have suffered in past or going through now. Anything personal when shared can be painful and needs the courage to do so.

Baring the wounds and letting others into your innermost secrets is not easy and not something everyone can do. People who are brave enough to do so are not looking for sympathy but understanding. They share to let others know that they aren’t alone and others too are suffering like them. It creates a bond and a sense of community. It makes the collective stronger than the individual.

Kudos to all the brave bloggers out there.

Keep on sharing, and keep on building this community spirit.



When pain takes over

For those brave people suffering from chronic pain

Have you experienced chronic pain?

It feels as if it’s the only thing in your life

You cannot think or feel anything beyond pain

What is funny or sweet, it all lose their meaning

When your body is demanding constant attention

Words of sympathy, gestures of empathy

Often go unnoticed or unappreciated

For the mind is constantly struggling with pain

Anyone who knows a sufferer of chronic pain

Should be very understanding and forgiving

For when we ourselves are faced with this challenge

We truly know what they are really going through


These last 3-4 months have thought me a valuable lesson. Pain is one of the feelings that can only be appreciated by the sufferers and others can only guess at the mental state of the one experiencing it. Be kind, be understanding and most of all generous for if they speak harsh words, they don’t mean it.



Oh this is….. growing old?

Dodgy memory

Creaking joints

Painful hands

Flaky temper

Fragile heart

Leaky eyes

Is this growing old?

Forgetful mind

Forgiving heart

Open arms and home

Acceptance all around

Happy to see them

No complaints

Is this growing old?

Growing old

Can be a blessing

Or a curse

We can look at it

From any angle

And then decide

If we are

Just happy to be alive

Or fed up with growing old!




It takes courage to keep silent too!

Mich, of Michnavs wrote this very moving post on Friday. Please do check it out!

Her theme was that people who endure heartbreak, violence and tragedies sometimes keep silent; because it is more heroic to do so. And we, the bystander can very easily say that they should share, talk about it or do something about the situation but it’s not always the best option or it can be more damaging for all concerned.

Consider a domestic abused mom who has to jeopardize the welfare of herself and her children if she speaks up or takes action against her spouse. There is always too much riding on this decision to report the abusive husband and if she doesn’t or cannot do this, we should also stand by her and give her the support she needs till she finally can have the courage to speak. Our society condemns these women because they don’t leave their homes immediately.

Our role as caring and supportive people should always be to understand the mental anguish and trauma of people/women facing abusive or other tragic situations and to be there for them in whatever decisions they take. We have to understand that a person in the circumstances can and does know better what they should do than a bystander.

We should stop the culture of blaming the victim!

Written in response to Mich’s post; The wounds we keep



Look up

We are so engrossed in our handheld devices, that we don’t have time to look up, around to see where we are. To find beauty that surrounds us.

Take a while to smell the roses or admire the birds flying above us or the cats observing from a safe distance.

How much passes us by unnoticed, and when we look up, the day has gone, night has fallen and many hours just vanish from our life.

Keep some time aside, to enjoy the nature, the beauty and life, before time runs out.