A to Z- Challenge- For roundup- An abecedarian poem

My A to Z challenge in a nutshell

Actions are who we are not our empty words

Butterflies that flit from flower to flower or someone more enduring

Chocolate– the joy bringer to ever day even if a morsel

Day that starts with joy can become more productive

Encouragement keeps us going full steam ahead

Fear can make us stronger or weaker, the choice is ours

Giving of what we have makes us richer not poorer

Health is indeed a wealth, to be cherished not squandered

Ideas should be renewed and revised as we gain knowledge

Jokes make people laugh and lighten up their mood

Keeping it alive is essential for everyone for life is ever-changing

Liking is the first step in making a friend, be sure to smile too

Mindfulness is the key to living a happy, satisfying life

Note-takers are the one who never forget things when shopping

Objectivity of mind, views is vital if we want to get rid of bias

Prayers are our connection to our creator, our helpline

Question need to be asked, and answered to gain knowledge

Resolving tiffs is a difficult task but essential if we want cordial relationships

So many sides to each and everyone of us, like so many faces of a jewel

Types of bloggers I have met on my blogging journey, all have taught me something

Unburdening yourself to a stranger is easier for their view is unbiased

Value yourself and your time as much as you value others and their time

Waiting always takes a toll on our patience so engage in activities that make time go faster

X-out anxiety as it is like a worm eating our peace of mind from the inside

Yearn for a quiet time with family, a simple meal and sincere conversation

Zeal for life, enjoyment of every day makes our journey an adventure





A to Z Challenge- Questions- Z

My posts in A to Z challenge this April will be on questions!

How to harness the ZEAL for living, constructively?

Look at children and their zest and joy for life

We seldom retain this fervor for living fully as we age

Our attitude lacks the passion that young people have

We become jaded and complacent as we grow older

How to invigorate life and rekindle the zeal for it?

If you want to do so, follow these simple steps;

Take each new day as a wonderful opportunity

To start the journey anew, to set new goals and to do good

To welcome every change with the mindset that’s it’s a chance

A chance to experience something new, that we haven’t done before

To find pleasure and joy in small ways and happenings

And last but the most important; don’t borrow worries from tomorrow

Let the troubles of future find you in future

For today, enjoy the moments of pleasure gifted to you fully!





A to Z Challenge- Questions- Y

My posts in A to Z challenge this April will be on questions!

What does your heart YEARN for?

Good company, pleasant environment

Understanding people to share feelings with

Simple food cooked and shared with camaraderie

A few lively jokes to laugh out loud at

Simple joys of life, nothing complicated

My heart yearns for pleasures easily obtainable


What does your heart crave?



A to Z Challenge- Questions-X

My posts in A to Z challenge this April will be on questions!

How to X-OUT Anxiety and stress?

We all suffer from anxiety during our daily life. It’s completely natural to have feelings of stress and apprehension about some upcoming event in our lives. Exams, marriage, jobs, and other important things which impact our lives can be a harbinger of anxiety and stress.

For the mild form of anxiety, trying to relax is very important.

Diverting the mind by listening to music, walking, doing meditation, or doing yoga, all are great ways of lessening stress and anxiety.

Thinking things through also helps us to identify the cause of anxiety and work out a solution to get rid of the root cause of stress. I have always benefited from analyzing why I’m feeling stressed out, anxious, or sad and when I could identify the reason, it often helps me to resolve the problem.

Apart from this normal feeling of anxiety, there is an enhanced or exaggerated form of anxiety. This strikes people who are more sensitive to the atmosphere around them. When anxiety reaches a level that one finds normal functioning difficult, it is time to seek help. There are therapies and medications available to help with anxiety.





A to Z Challenge- Questions- W

My posts in A to Z challenge this April will be on questions!

Why time passes slowly when we are WAITING?

That’s Einstein’s law of relativity, you’ll tell me

Or perhaps our eagerness for time to move quickly slows it down

The hands of the clock slow to a crawl and even the ticking takes longer

Glancing again and again at the clock doesn’t help with waiting

The only way to pass the time quickly is to occupy oneself

In chores or tasks that are engrossing and challenging

And before we know it, the wait is over, and whatever or whoever we were waiting for

Is suddenly before us, and you remark; “Oh times passed so quickly, I didn’t even notice!”




A to Z Challenge- Questions- V and One Liner Wednesday

One Liner

Found this very interesting image on Pinterest;

Do you have a bucket list?

My posts in A to Z challenge this April will be on questions!

What VALUE do you put on your time and effort?

I often apologize for taking up the time of others

When they stop by to sort out a problem that’s bothering me

But I never grudge spending my time or effort to help others

It gives me a feeling of immense satisfaction to be of use to others

Do I think I am doing them a favor when I stop my activities and lend a hand?

I don’t really feel that I’m doing something extraordinary


Should I also expect them to value the time I spend

In sorting out their problems and running errands for them

Should I put more value and importance on what I do?


Also in response to Linda’s One Liner Wednesday




A to Z Challenge- Questions- U- No consequences

My posts in A to Z challenge this April will be on questions!

Why is it easy to UNBURDEN to a stranger?

It’s not only me but I’ve heard this from others too, that telling a passing stranger your story is easier.

Perhaps the fact that they don’t know us and we don’t know them makes the confidence sharing easier as there won’t be any unwanted consequences of this unburdening.

It’s not likely that they’d know the people or issues we are talking about and the story we shared wouldn’t get back to those concerned people and there would be no ugly distortion of our story in retelling.

So if a random stranger at a bus stop, or a doctor’s waiting room starts to tell you their life story or problems, we should listen and pay attention to their tales, perhaps that one sharing is all they need to put things in perspective and work out their issues.

Similarly, if you meet somebody sympathetic, you too can share what’s bothering you with them, secure in the knowledge that they won’t rat you out and it can bring clarity about your issues.


Has it ever happened to you?

Also in response to; Six Sentence Story- Consequences, hosted by Denise




A to Z Challenge- Questions- T

My posts in A to Z challenge this April will be on questions!

What are the different TYPES of bloggers?

I’ve been blogging for more than four years now. I’ve come across many different types of people in my journey. 

The shy ones, hesitant to comment or interact 

The bold ones, stating their opinions strongly 

The supportive ones, alway ready with a word of encouragement 

Friendly ones who would always read and comment on the posts

Those who only follow for a quid pro quo, requesting us to follow 

The rude ones who face instant blocking and unfollowing 

Then there are those who are like ghosts, invisible and a bit scary 

The vast majority of those who follow are invisible people 

They neither have a blog, nor do they write or read

Who are these people? We all would like to know!






A to Z Challenge- Questions- S

My posts in A to Z challenge this April will be on questions!

So many SIDES to us- Why?

Seldom is a human being simply one sided

Even as a child we show so many aspects 

Of our personality that grow as we grow older 

Physical self is the outward appearance inherited 

Through the genes gifted to us from both parents 

Then there is our spiritual self, the soul that lives inside 

Our thoughts and ideas shape this inner self all through our lives 

The mundane selfthe part of our personality that deals 

With the day to day stuff, the daily chores and routines

All come together to form a unique personality, that’s us!





A to Z Challenge- Questions-R

My posts in A to Z challenge this April will be on questions!

How to RESOLVE a tiff?

Keep quiet let bygones be bygones 

Or sit together, and hash it all out

Sometimes one strategy works well

And at times other is the best way forward

At times you are left floundering, wondering

What’s the secret to maintaining amicable relationships 

With people who are super sensitive and non-forgiving?


Do you have family members or friends who are easily offended? How do you deal with them?