5 Things For Tuesday- Admirable Qualities

Dr. Tanya is hosting this prompt. This week she asks 5 qualities that we admire in others.

5 Qualities I Admire in Others

• Kindness;

For me being kind is the most admirable quality in a person. I was lucky to know a very kind man, my father. I want to be more like him and this is one trait that I value most.

• Helpful;

People who go out of their way to help others are my kind of people. They would put their own tasks on hold to help others. They not only earn good wishes and gratitude from others but their respect too.

• Honest;

Though there is a thing called being too honest, I still would prefer that people be honest with me. It means that I can trust them and wouldn’t question their opinions.


One who has a sense of humor and can take themselves lightly. These people are fun to be with and you don’t have to be on your guard all the time when with them as they don’t get offended easily.


They are the ones you go to when you want sagacious advice. They are going to guide you through tricky situations in life. Very few people have this gift and those who have, have my admiration.

Thank you Tanya for this weekly fun prompt!




5 Things for Tuesday- Blogging

Dr. Tanya is hosting this prompt;

The 5 Things tag keeps surfacing on WordPress. I am not sure who first thought of it but I have always found it fun to do. I thought “Why not make it a weekly feature?”

If you participate in a post of your own please tag it


Here is my contribution to this week’s 5 Things :

5 Things That I Simply Adore About Blogging

The Blogging community;

It’s the best thing about blogging for me is the blogging community. I love the camaraderie, the interchange, and the sense of community that I get when I log into my WordPress account!


Writing itself is obviously the main purpose of blogging. I love the fact that I can write stories, poems, or my personal opinion on my blog. And the wonderful thing is that people read and like them.


I love to read what my fellow bloggers are writing. Their creative offerings are so varied and all add to my day. I have also read many books written by my fellow bloggers.


I have learned a lot since I have started blogging. I have had interaction with people who are writing about everything and anything under the sun. My knowledge has increased a lot following their posts.

Connecting with people all over the world;

A miracle of modern technology, we can connect with people all over the world with just one click of the button. I love the fact that I have conversations with people thousands of miles away and get to know them as friends.




5 Things For Tuesday- Post- Pandemic Predictions

Dr Tanya is the host of this prompt

5 Post-Pandemic Predictions

• People will be ( and already are) more hygiene conscious

• Traveling, specially on a commercial carrier will not be undertaken lightly

• Wearing of masks while going out will become second nature

• Spending money on frivolous stuff will take a back seat.

• Social mixing would not be a common thing ( hopefully)




Five Things Tuesday

Melanie has stepped in to continue this prompt while Dr. Tanya is taking some time off due to personal bereavement.

She says;

     I love doing “Five Things Tuesday” and so I’m temporarily taking up the challenge for this week.   Dr. Tanya didn’t ask me to officiate, and I hope she won’t be offended that I presumed to do so.   

Today our theme will be five flowers you admire (to give to someone or for yourself).   That should be a relatively easy one, right?

My five favorite flowers to buy, give or grow at home;


I love roses. As they are not only beautiful to look at but also have a very nice fragrance.


I love all types of lilies! They are beautiful, glamorous and if I get them I will be very happy.


These are my birth flowers. I always try to have them around November. If proper care is given they can survive from one season to another.


Who doesn’t love tulips. A few years back I attended the tulip festival in Washington state and was fascinated by their beauty and colors.


I haven’t seen jasmine in the US but in Asia, they are very popular. When in bloom, they produce flowers in profusion and have the sweetest fragrance. People would just pick buds and put them in the room for their lovely aroma.




5 Things for Tuesday- Lockdown

Tanya is hosting this fun challenge.

The 5 Things you enjoyed doing during the lockdown?

• Walking

As I couldn’t go anywhere so I spent more time walking around the neighborhood. I wore a mask and kept my distance. Walking helped me to maintain my healthy routine and also gave me the opportunity to get out of the house and in the fresh air.

• Blogging, blogging and more blogging

Blogging is my hobby and passion. The free time made it possible for me to read and write more during the lockdown.

• Saving money

No place to go meant no way to spend money on impulse buys. No movies, eating out, or trips to Sephora. I think I must have saved hundreds of dollars during these 3 1/2 months.

• Cooking and baking

Not that I am very fond of doing either but to kill time I made a few things that I hadn’t tried before.

Whole wheat naan bread

Baked samosas



And lots of banana bread experiments

• Playing jigsaw puzzles game on my phone

I had stopped doing it because I didn’t find time for making puzzles. But now I find it relaxing to complete a 300 piece puzzle daily. I also use the coloring app to color beautiful pictures.

These are fun things that I found time for during the lockdown.

What are yours?



5 Things I love about Summer???

Tanya is hosting this series;

The 5 Things tag keeps surfacing on WordPress. I am not sure who first thought of it but I have always found it fun to do. I thought “Why not make it a weekly feature?”

If you participate in a post of your own please tag it


• I really don’t like summer! That being said, I like the cool air circulating the room courtesy of air conditioning.

• Summer fruits, like mango, Watermelon, melon, and did I say mangoes!

• Planned family vacations. That was the highlight of summer when we were kids. Now everyone is busy so by family vacation, I mean I and my hubby going out of city for a few days, preferably in a cooler place.

• Exploring my closet for summer clothes. I usually forget half of the stuff I own and it does comes as a pleasant surprise when I find all the nice things I had put away at the start of winter.

• Longer days!



5 Things to let go and 5 things to hold on

Saumya posted this very interesting and thought provoking post;

5 things to let go

5 Things to hold on

I told her that I will do a similar post of my own and link it back to hers. If any of you are interested, this is an introspective exercise and is going to make you take stock of your life!

So here goes;

5 Things I want to let go off:

• The desire to make everyone happy, specially with me. The constant need to seek approval and validation from my loved ones has decreased a lot but due to some inherent flaw in my personality, it lingers on. I would like to get rid of it completely.

• The need to plan everything in advance. I would like to be more spontaneous and live in the moment kind of person. I guess I need to work on it.

• I want to let go of all the extra weight I have accumulated over the last 35 or so years. I am working on it and know that it is next to impossible to get to my ideal weight but still I would like my BMI to be in the average range as opposed to obese range!

• To get rid of the tendency of being overly sensitive and easily hurt. This I think should have been the number one on this list. Working on a thicker skin takes a lot of effort.

• Get rid of the laziness and be more proactive. Do things before I absolutely must. This is a tough one. But as I said I would like to.

5 Things I would hold on to;

My optimism. This is my greatest asset and I want to hold on to it firmly, with both hands.

Habit of walking daily and doing 6-7 miles a day. I am afraid that when things go back to “normal”, I may not find time for this much walking.

• My Blogging. A real sanity saver in these stressful days. I love interacting with my blogging friends and learn so much from them daily.

• Music. Listening to music while I am walking, thinking or feeling stressed is one of my favorite things to do specially nowadays.

• Being health conscious. This again is vital for my wellbeing and as I am growing old I need to look after my health, for I don’t want to be dependent upon my family.



Five Things for Sunday- Best Memories

This week Share Your 5 Best Memories!

• The day I got married! It was the best personal decision I made.

• Four years that I spent in med school and hostel were full of amazing memories. I cannot even bring my mind around to separating them into individual memories.

• The birth of my three children. Though it is a time of mixed emotions for the mom, yet at the end of the process, you cannot get over the miracle that is the birth of a baby.

• The arrival of my grandkids. I have three now and all were amazing experiences. Always to be cherished with the best moments of my life.

• My first blog post and the very first like and comment on it. It still seems amazing that people read, like and comment on my posts!

So here are my 5 memories.

What about you?

Would you like to share them with us all?

You can tell me in the comment section or write a post of your own and link it to mine.




Five things- Things that fascinate me 😀

So sorry that I am late again!

I am thinking of shifting this Prompt to a Sunday as Thursdays didn’t work for me!

So on to this week’s five things;

5 Things; That Fascinate me;

• I find the working of the universe quite fascinating. I suppose it is so magnificent that most of the people if the really thought about it, would be spellbound like me. Just the scale of it is awe-inspiring.

• I am fascinated by the kindness shown to me. Perfect strangers are so thoughtful and kind at times that I am just staggered!

• The natural beauty is another thing that never fails to amaze or fascinate me. I have visited a lot of places in which I have wonderful memories.

Tulip Festival- Skagit Valley

Lake Quinault

• Human Brain is another fascinating subject. The ideas and stories I read are all so varied and so imaginative that it is close to incomprehensible. The Prompt That I run weekly, What do you see, is a perfect example of this. Almost each and every writer sees something different in the same picture and write a post which is unlike the rest of the others!

• At the same time, sometimes I am absolutely fascinated and bamboozled by how stupid some people can be at times. They exhibit a scant disregard for their own or the safety of others. Falling from heights while taking selfies, getting into a car accident while on the phone! They are just a couple of examples of what the human brain can do.

So here are my 5 Things.

If you like you can tell me 5 things that fascinate you in comments, or you can create a post on your blog and link it back to this one. And it is absolutely okay to mention as many or as few things that you think of.


Waiting for your responses.