The social Vampire

You will meet them almost everywhere. They are the social vampires. Sucking up and feasting on the privileges of their social standing. Their acquisitive nature propels them toward collecting more and more of worldly things. They are never satisfied with what they have. There is an odor of envy and jealousy emitting from their minds which just goes to illustrate their greed. Try to avoid them and their company as it can be toxic to interact with them.

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HWDP – Prompt May 2

Welcome to the Haunted Wordsmith Daily Prompt (HWDP). This prompt is going to be both familiar and different at the same time. To participate, simply read this post and follow where the muse takes you. You may select any, all, or none of the prompts…it’s all up to you. Link back to this post, or leave a link in the comments so that others can find you.

Have Fun!

Prompt A (setting challenge): Medical Office

Prompt B (Story Starter): “How do you think you did?”

Prompt C (photo):

“How did you think you did it?” The exasperated doctor ask Melody.”Eating a whole box of caramel candy would do it to anyone” The rapid-fire questions from the nursing staff when Melody was first brought to the doctor’s office had already put her in a defiant mood and now the doctor was also putting her in the corner by implying that eating a box of candy was something nobody had ever done before. Mel had gotten the box as a birthday present from her friend and one by one she had consumed all of them. The result……was a bad tummy ache and a sort of sugar high that had worried her parent so much that they her brought her to the medical center to see the doctor.

After giving her some meds for her tummy, the doctor told her mom that she should not have given the eight year old total control over the big box of candies.

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HWDP-May 2

Three Things Challenge PL-77

Today’s prompt: doctor, caramel, fire




Opposites Attract Challenge April 6

Today’s word: dreamer

Antonyms: hardnose, pragmatist, realist

The contract.

Mark was a dreamer. Head always in the cloud type of a person. His parents had tried their best to instill some worldly sense into him but all to no avail. No amount of sermonizing could change him into a pragmatic, realist. But he was successful in his life in spite of this quality, or maybe it was because of it. He was a celebrated author, writing fantasy fiction.

His latest book about an acrobat had become a best seller with few days of publishing. His publisher had asked him to drop in today to sign a three book contract today. As he was apt to forget, the publisher rang him up again at midday to remind him of the appointment. Mark left his home, where he had his work station to go to the publisher’s office. Luckily it was at a walking distance so Mark set out, enjoying the nice spring weather. He passed the neighboring house where the gardener was clipping the hedge and the sparrows were singing melodies in honor of spring. All this made him happy to be alive to enjoy the lovely weather and life in general.

Something curious happened when he came near the destination. A guy he passed was talking on his phone and he mentioned the publisher’s name. Now though Mark was an absentminded person but hearing that name, he started paying attention to the one sided conversation which this guy was having with someone who shared the name of his publisher. And appeared as the conversation progressed that it indeed was the same person and they were hatching a plan to swindle Mark. The book contract was in fact a scheme to make him sign over his rights to the main character of his bestseller. Mark made a mental note of this as he went into the publisher’s office. The man greeted him very affably and presented the contact to him. “Sign here” Mark said very pleasantly that he needed to show the document to his lawyer and left the flustered publisher as he stepped out of the office.

Feeling very happy with himself he thought that his parents would be pleased with him. Guess he wasn’t that much of a dreamer after all!

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Opposites Attract Challenge April 6

Story Starter April 6

“Sign here”

3TC PL#51

clip, sparrow, acrobat



Enjoyment of leisure time

This post is about the enjoyment of our leisure time that can blow away the cobwebs of fatigue and overwork.

Each phase of life have three basic components in it. Work, play and relaxation. The ratio of these components change as we go through life. As children, we have to put in almost equal time in all three categories; School work, playing with other kids and getting our minimal of eight hours of sleep. As we go into adult life, the work takes over part of relaxation and play aspects. And when we get to the retirement age it’s mostly play and relaxation with little bits of work thrown in.

In our prime, that is most of our adult life, in abidance of these un-written rules of the society, we are often lost in the haze of our ambitions and we breach or trespass the laws of self-care. We over-burden ourselves with too much work and responsibilities and we forget to dance in the ballroom of life. Rather we become like prickly cactus, shunning company of friends and enjoyment of simple pleasures of life. There is no well-being attached to becoming workaholic and it definitely does not earn you brownie points with your family.

Maintain a balance and give equal importance to have good quality time, relaxing and enjoying yourself when you are not working. That will improve you health and relationships for sure.

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Opposites Attract Challenge #23

Today’s word: abidance

Antonyms: breach, contravention, infraction, infringement, nonobservance, transgression, trespass, violation


Ballroom, Cactus, Well

Rainbows and unicorn dreams


Like a child, I would like to believe

That there are unicorns and pot of gold

At the end of a rainbow

The beautiful dreams, giving hope and

Lightening up the life with wonder

Are not all gone with the start of adult life

The sugar cookies are still magical for me

The serpent still poses a horror

In my mind, I see the world like a child does

All fantastic, wondrous and amazing


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rainbow, serpent, cookie




Three Things Challenge PL #23

How wonderful and charismatic

Like the sweetest rose in the garden

She collected hearts like stamps

But not one was selected to be her sweetheart

Her standard was sky high so nobody came even close

She remained single all her life

Looking for the perfect swain

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charisma, guacamole, rose



Three Things Challenge PL #22

Have you heard the report of zombies spotted

They are every where you look

Here and there, you cannot escape them anywhere

Be careful you don’t bump into them

For then there is a danger that they will trample you

Not aware of where they are

Or where they are headed, so engrossed they are

Holding their cell phone in their hand

Be it a nanny or a zany, it makes no difference

Mindlessly staring and watching the screen of the phone

Tripping, bumping or falling, yet staring

On that brightly lit phone.

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report, nanny, zombies



How is the temperature?

The kids were going to make the weather chart today. Mrs Johnson was a great and passionate teacher and would get completely involved in the projects of her Kindergarten class. She had asked that the parents give each kid temperature reading from a random day from last six months and they would make the chart according to that. The aim of the project was to build awareness about the weather and to create a feeling of empathy among the kids for people who have little or no means to shield them from the extreme weather conditions.

They were a great bunch of kids. Enthusiastic and willing to learn. Mrs Johnson felt like an oracle when she had to predict the weather conditions for next week, but it was a game they played to learn about the sort of weather that they could experience. And the weather chart showed a sunny weekend, perfect for the fundraising brunch being held on Saturday.

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oracle, brunch, volume

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Three Things Challenge PL#18

A slice of red velvet cake, topped with cream cheese

Sends me in the cloud of bliss, ignoring the need to

Keep a count of the calories I eat or food I should avoid

What is it with good food that makes people abandon

Their carefully crafted diet plans and embrace these

Tasty morsel with the recklessness of a hippie when

Given the free run of the choice of drugs to indulge

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velvet, cloud, hippie