Three Line Tales 274

SONYA is the host of Three Line Tales
three line tales, week 274: a stack of newspapers

Welcome to Week 274 of Three Line by Mr Cup via Unsplash


Newsprint is going out of fashion as few people bother with it anymore.

The stack of fresh newspapers are left waiting for a customer by the curbside

I bought a stack for using in my packaging, I got a very cheap deal!




Three Line Tales 273

Welcome to Week 273 of Three Line Tales.

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Three Line Tales 269

Welcome to Week 269 of Three Line Tales.




As he disappearedpreparedfollow.



Three Line Tales # 267

Sonya is the host of Three Line Tales

Welcome to Week 267 of Three Line Tales.

three line tales, week 267: an abandoned trainer on Bull Island with the Poolbeg chimneys in the distance photo by Conor Luddy via Unsplash


It all started when they found one abandoned running shoe on the deserted beach.

The investigation ran for months but in that time they found out many missing young people, all without immediate friends or concerned family members.

He was finally apprehended, a devil in the guise of a gentleman, responsible for taking so many lives.




Three Line Tales 264

Welcome to Week 264 of Three Line Tales.

three line tales, week 264: a graffiti artist's studiophoto by Matthieu Comoy via Unsplash


Milo looked around excitedly and made sure everything was in place.

Today the children were coming in for their first art class and he wanted them to enjoy it to the fullest.

He and his friend Marc had started this project for the kids who had the talent but not the resources to afford an art school education, after all both he and Marc had started their careers the same way.




Three Line Tales 262

Welcome to Week 262 of Three Line Tales.

three line tales, week 262: a storm brewing over New Mexico photo by Raychel Sanner via Unsplash