Mommy I want this!


Little Sandra squeaked with delight when she saw the vendor with balloons filled with twinkling lights. Mary approached the old man and bought one sparkly balloon for her daughter amid his heartfelt gratitude. He had to feed a family of four by selling these inexpensive balloons and he was grateful to have sold his last one and go home. Mary pressed a few dollars in his hands so that at least for one night he won’t have to worry.


Written in response to Cranny’s One Minute Fiction



It’s all mine!


Hey mom, what are doing opening MY cupboard?“

This is all MY stuff. There is nothing here that belongs to you. Please can you leave my stuff alone!“

Other wise you know what might happen. I could have an “ accident” outside my litter box or maybe break something you like”

So you get off MY property and I’ll leave you in peace!”

Written for One minute fiction, hosted by Cranny



Perfect revenge

Cranny has given us this image;


Written for 1 minute fiction, hosted by Cranny

Be afraid, be very very afraid. I’m plotting a revenge that you cannot even imagine. How dare you sit in MY chair, take MY blanket and did all that without even feeding me MY dinner?

Just give me a few hours to come up with the perfect plan!




Synchronized swimming!

“Look, mom, look” Jason shouted excitedly forcing his mom to abandon what she was doing in the house and come and look at whatever he was so keen for her to watch.

“Look mom, the Koi are swimming in synchronicity!”

“But how did this happen”, she was amazed.

I just put their food in the pond in a circular motion and they follow my hand. Note when I move my hand like this, they automatically swim in circles, with coordination”

I think you should post their video on YouTube!”


Written in response to One Minute Fiction, hosted by Cranny




Long road ahead

I’ve started my long journey. I have many miles to go but I know where I’m headed. I know there will be difficulties on my way, and I might have to take detours because the way may be blocked. But I can see the destination in my mind.

I am ready!

Here I come!


Written in response to the; One minute fiction, hosted by Cranny