One letter a week- Z- Zeus the Zonkey

Place – Zoo

Emotion – zeal

Adjective – zippy

Verb – zing

My animal – Zonkey

Zeus was born in the zoo. His dad was a zebra and his mom was a donkey. He was very cute and attracted the crowds, especially children because of his zippy zeal.

One day he was zipping around in his zing and somehow of the other went out of his enclosure.

The warden was quite upset that his prized exhibit was missing. He zoned the zoo into areas and deployed many assistants to look for Zeus the Zonkey. Finally one vigilant employee found him in the enclosure of the zebras, hiding among the grownups.


Written for Deb of Nopes, not Pam’s One letter per week challenge- Z



A letter a week- Y – Yates the yak

Place – Yunnan

Emotion – yearning

Adjective – yappy

Verb – yarn

My animal – Yak

Up in the province of Yunnan in China, lived a yak named Yates. Yates had a great yearning to weave long-winded yarns. His stories were quite interesting but often too long. His friends lovingly called him Yates the yappy yak. But since Yates was a friendly and nice yak, his friends would often ask him to narrate one of his stories and they’d sit around the campfire deep into the night, listening to his tales.

Written for A letter per week- Y, hosted by Deb of Nopes, not Pam.



A Letter a week- X- Xander’s aquarium

Place – Xenia

Emotion – xany

Adjective – Xenial

Verb – xeroxed

My animal – X-ray fish


Xander loved fish. In fact, people often thought him xany because he would spend thousands of dollars collecting rare fish for his aquarium.

In his quest for X-ray fish, he was told to go to Xenia by a xenial neighbor. He shared xeroxed images of the X-ray fish with Xander and also told him the name of the dealer who would procure the fish for him. Xander was very grateful to his xenial friend and neighbor and proceeded to acquire the rare fish.

Now his aquarium was the attraction of the town.


Written for A letter a week- X, hosted by Deb of Nope, not Pam



A letter a week- W- Wally and the wandering Albatross

Place – wheelchair

Emotion – wildly happy

Adjective – wishful

Verb – wobble

My animal – Wandering Albatrosses

Wally was six years old. Being an adventurous boy he broke his leg and had to be taken places on the brand new wheelchair.

He was very interested in birds and when he was told that a wandering Albatross was nesting near their home, it became very necessary for him to see the bird for himself.

His dad knew that Wally was wishful about going and observing the rare bird despite being bound to the wheelchair. So both the father and son started for the coast early in the morning. With the help of binoculars and a bit of luck, they spotted the Wandering Albatross, sitting on a rocky outcrop looking a bit wobbly.

Dad took lots of pictures of the Albatross, one even had Wally and the bird in the same frame. Wally showed the photo to his friends very proudly.


Written for Deb of Nopes, not Pam’s Challenge- A letter a week- W

A letter a week- V- Vicom, the vivacious vamp

Place – Valley

Emotion – Vigour

Adjective – Valiant

Verb – Value

My animal – Vampire bat

Vicom was a titled vampire bat. A long line of distinguished ancestors had set a hard path to follow for him with their valiant and vigorous conduct.

Vicom valued the valley outside his abode and had vowed to protect it from all invaders, especially man. Every night he would do a flyby and if a human was detected, he would scare it away to preserve his valued surroundings.


Written for A letter a week- V, hosted by Deb at Nope, not Pam



A Letter a week- U- Ursula’s Unicorn

Place – Uber cab

Emotion – Uncomfortable

Adjective – Unguarded, unguarded, unending, utter

Verb – Undo

My animal – Unicorn

Ursula loved her unicorn and it went everywhere with her. Once when she and her mom were going to a friend’s house, she forgot it in the Uber cab. When later that night she discovered that the unicorn was missing, she wanted to undo her mistake when she had left the unicorn unguarded in the cab.

She started crying uncontrollably, making her mom so uncomfortable that she located the cab they had used that afternoon and called its driver to ask about the unicorn. Quite unexpectedly, the driver remembered them and had put the stuffed toy away safely. The next morning, to the utter amazement of Ursula’s mom, he brought back the toy to their home thereby earning their unending gratitude.

In response to A letter a week- U, hosted by Deb of Nope, not Pam



One Letter per week- T- Thor the tame tiger

Place – tropics

Emotion – thrill

Adjective – theatrical

Verb – tear

My animal – tiger

Thor, the tiger was named after the legendary Thor. But unlike the character whose name he bore, he was a tame and timid Tiger.

Instead of him getting his thrills by tearing around the tropical jungle, scaring other animals, he preferred to watch the drama on screen. The theatrical performance really was his cup of tea. And he loved to watch movies like The lion king or the jungle book where his kind was portrayed in a majestic roles.

He was really happy when he was cast in an animated movie as a benevolent tiger who would help other animals in trouble.


Written for 1 Letter per week- T, hosted by Deb of Nope, not Pam



A letter a week- S- Samual the seal

Place – snow

Emotion – smiling

Adjective – smug

Verb – slide

My animal – seal

Samual, the seal liked to slide in the snow. You would often see him smiling and enjoying his favorite hobby.

Sonny was his brother but wasn’t as friendly as Samual. He hated that his brother was so popular so he planned a prank to sabotage him.

He lured Samual to a place where the snow wasn’t firm and watched smugly expecting Samual to fall into the fresh snow needing help to get out. But Samual was no novice! He expertly navigated the snowy curves and came up a winner.


Written in response to One letter per week- S, hosted by Deb of Nope, not Pam



Rob the rabbit- Letter – R

Place – river

Emotion – relief

Adjective – rumbustious

Verb – run

My animal – Rabbit

Roberta, mama rabbit was desperately looking for Rob, her baby rabbit. He was supposed to be by the riverside playing with his siblings but he must’ve run off chasing some imaginary foe. He was the most mischievous and rumbustious of her progeny.

It was with tremendous relief that she spotted him nibbling grass near the edge of the deep ravine. She gave him a well-deserved scold and scooped him up in a big hug.

You naughty rabbit! Never wander/ hop away alone!”

In response to One letter per week- R, hosted by Deb of Nope, not Pam



A Letter per week- Q- Quarrelsome Quetzal

Place – quagmire

Emotion – quarrelsome

Adjective – quirky

Verb – quieten

My animal – Quetzal

Quincy Jones was a very beautiful but a quarrelsome Quetzal. He thought that because of his beautiful colors and features, other birds were jealous of him.

One day he accidentally fell into a quagmire and started sinking into it. In his panic, he started struggling and the result was that he sank deeper and deeper into the quagmire.

A passing quail saw his struggle and advised him to quieten his struggles. He then threw a branch his way through which the Quetzal was rescued from death by drowning in the muddy quagmire.

Thus the quirky quetzal was saved and he became quite friendly after this near death experience, specially with the quail.

In response to One Letter per week challenge hosted by Deb of Nope, not Pam