Children are the nearest thing to angels. Their sweet innocence and charming directness can not be found elsewhere.

Mercury is the planet nearest to the sun and Mars is the one which is nearest to the earth.

This the nearest I can get to writing a post on nearest!

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The way marker was pointing toward the trail. We were so keen to go up the track that nobody noticed that the post was a bit wobbly.

After a hectic half an hour of going through overgrown grass and bramble, I turned towards my friend and asked, “Are you sure this is the way to the top? ” She replied in affirmative. ” That’s what the guide at the center told me, just follow the signs and you will get to the top of the hill”.

Fast forward another futile hour and we were completely lost. No more signs posts and no one to ask the way from. “I think we should try to head back to the information center and maybe try it some other time”, my friend suggested.

As we retraced our steps we came back to the way pointer. And lo and behold, now it was pointing in the opposite direction! The post was loose and was moving its direction with the wind!

But it wasn’t a wasted trip. Though we didn’t reach the top of the hill, both of us got “plenty” of exercise. Lesson learned, just don’t ask directions, take the guide with you!

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Please stop me!

Help me someone, for I cannot 

Resist my urges anymore 

It’s like a magnet pulling me

To buy something for someone or me

I would love to but I really shouldn’t 

Well, just a quick peek maybe 

I will go in but for a while only

Won’t touch a single item

A fast foray into the mall

Then I will be done for sure

But it’s really not my fault anyway

Why put on so many sales

The thanksgiving sale

The……….Friday sale

The sale before Christmas

The sale after Christmas

How can a shopaholic like me

Resist all this temptation

‘Cause I love to buy gifts

And stuff for me too!

Shoes and perfumes, eye pallets and liners

Blushes and lip colors, dresses and gadgets

And how can I avoid…

The jewelry store displays

That are beckoning me towards them

All alluring, charming, enticing

Telling me to step inside and take a look

Just a teeny-weeny look and here I am

At the checking counter with a load

Of things I really don’t need

Of gifts probably unsuitable

Of item that are totally frivolous

But then I cannot resist…..

And lets not forget the new year’s sale

Can you resist the urge to visit the sales?

Share how you limit your expenditure during the holiday season.

[ Have left a blank before Friday as I don’t like to use the term Black Friday as it’s not deemed politically correct]

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1.”She has lost the art of conversation, but not, unfortunately, the power of speech. George Bernard Shaw

Conversation should be pleasant without scurrility, witty without affection, free without indecency, learned without conceitedness, novel without falsehood“. William Shakespeare

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Friday’s 3 Things Challenge

Rory at A guy called Bloke and K9 doodlepip

has Asked:

Name three things –

You can dunk in tea or coffee?

1. The obvious, my cookie

2. A slice of pizza, if you’re short on ketchup

3. Pop tart

You can enjoy at a carnival?

1. Rides

2. Rides

3. Rides

You can’t enjoy when it’s windy?

1. Blowing bubbles

2. Enjoying a cigarette ( though I don’t smoke)

3. Spitting

Your body can’t do?

1. Pushups

2. Sit-ups

3. Head stands

You don’t learn at school?

1. Ignoring pesky people

2. Online shopping

3. How not to get into credit card debt.

You can put onto a pizza?

1. Bubbles gum

2. Tobacco

3. Dental floss

You can eat with?

1. Fork

2. Teeth

3. Hands

You don’t suggest you do at home blindfolded?

1. Chop vegetables

2. Blogging

3. Back out of the garage

That are important to you?

1. My family

2. My phone

3. My blog

That you love to do at the beach?

1. Sit on my blanket

2. Watch the overweight people trying to swim

3. Thank God that I am not trying to swim.

That you do in the morning?

1. Morning coffee

2. More coffee

3. Morning walk

That you every time you log in to your blog?

1. Check for comments

2. Check for new likes and follows

3. Check new posts.

Head over to their site and do this Friday fun. And let us know what are your 3 things.


Creating Chaos

It was going to be his masterpiece. Working so hard on it for days now, he thought that his painting was now almost ready. Ready to be shown to the world, but first as was his norm, he asked his wife to give him, her “honest” opinion about it.

“Wow! Honey, this is really great. It surely is your best work”. He always took his wife’s praise with a pinch of salt as he knew how much she loved him and that undoubtedly influenced her judgement.

This called for a celebration to compensate for all the time he spent cooped up in his studio.He and wanted to treat his wife to dinner! They decided to order in. They both loved Thai food and the place near their home was quite good.

Since tomorrow promised to be a busy day, they went to bed early. It was quite late or maybe early morning when his wife nudged him awake. “Honey there is someone in the attic”, came her whispered voice.

Cautiously, with the flashlight in one hand and a handy baseball bat in the other , he went up to the attic, where his studio was. Avoiding making any sound he gently open the door to his studio. There was quite a din in the studio. As he flashed his flashlight around, he could see a scene of chaos! Destruction and disruption every where. The paints, brushes and oils spilled all over. And then his flashlight caught a pair of eyes.

A raccoon was in his studio, which dived for the open window as soon as it saw the light.

With his heart thudding uncomfortably, he approached his paintings which was standing near the window. He lifted the piece of cloth covering the painting. It was…….. okay! With a huge sigh of relief, he closed the open window and went back to bed. What a picture of disaster his studio looked. But thank God, his painting was not ruined.

(Raccoons are perfectly equipped for life in the city, where they can easily open doors and containers, effortlessly climb into attics or chimneys, dig their way into our properties, open garbage cans, tear packages, and eat from cans and jars)

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Walk your way to better physical and mental health

This reads like a banner for a marathon! Nonetheless, it’s a solid fact of life.

I don’t know about you but I was always a very reluctant walker. All my family would love to go for long walks. The idea of a good Sunday would be an outdoor activity, including a walk or hiking. And among these active people, I would be trying to find excuses to stay put. Walking was not my cup of tea. I would love to lounge around and spend my time in a sedentary activities. In short I was a perfect couch potato.

So why I am advocating WALKING?

The reason is simple. Necessity! It dawned on me that if I was to enjoy even average health, I need to get off my couch and step it up. So I started to walk. I would say to myself that I need not walk for long, just 10 minuets. Gradually I increased my walk and lo and behold!! I was walking up to 30 minuets a day. Admittedly it took longer to get to 30 from 10 minuets than I care to acknowledge. But , though I was walking , it was not bringing me any joy!

I would be looking at my daily walk as a dreaded chore. Then I discovered the joy of indoor walking. And what is that? You may ask!

I discovered that if I walk inside my home, I don’t have to be dependent upon the time of day, I can do my walking any time. I wouldn’t be concerned if was raining out sunny outside. And it wouldn’t matter if it was a hot day or a cold one . I would walk around the house at a brisk (ish) pace and while listening to music on my ear buds, I could walk for up to an hour and not even realize it. The other trick was to have long conversations with friends and the time would fly. I didn’t need to put on my sneakers/ walking shoes or be respectably dressed as there was no one to see me. So now I walk daily. I look forward to my daily walk and enjoy it too.

Walking, not only is good for my health but is also a mental relaxer. I can start my walk in a stressful mood or in anxiety about something but at the end of it I am totally relaxed and happy, even.

These are my personal preferences, you can walk wherever you feel comfortable. But since I found a good thing, I wanted to share it with you !

I can enumerate many health benefits of walking but I am sure that you all know them. So if you want to live a good life and want to be independent even in your old age, it’s time to start walking.

Please let me know how you are liking my posts. Would love to hear from you.





It was the water they had been drinking all their lives. The team of doctors and people from the public health department and the local offices of environment protection agency had confirmed.

The majority of the population in the small town was suffering from poisoning from the traces of arsenic and lead found in the water supply.

Kids and older people were specially vulnerable.

There were many cases of cancer of bones, skin and kidneys. The kids, affected with arsenic and lead poisoning were showing signs of slow cognitive development and other forms of developmental abnormalities.

The town people had hired a good lawyer to fight their case against the city council. The tests had shown far elevated levels of the poisonous metals in the water supply and somebody had to pay.

But the wait was a long one. Too long.The case had dragged on for so long in the courts that only a few people were alive when the judgement was announced in the favor of the claimants!

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Mysteries of kitchen

Once upon a time, my then teenage son decided to bake a cake. His teacher had given the students a recipe and had dared them to make it for their families.

Hence started an adventure. A venture into the mysteries of the kitchen which was an uncharted territory for my son.

That day’s events stayed etched in my memory(probably in the mind of all the family) for a long time.

It all started on one Saturday morning. First of all the ingredients had to be collected/ purchased. Very dutifully, I got the stuff together. Most of the ingredients needed were found in the kitchen. A few needed were picked up from the grocery store and the baking adventure was all set to begin.

My son refused any assistance in his project and the family was asked kindly to stay away from the site of action. Thankful, that I wasn’t needed to help him, I returned to my own chores and the kitchen was left to the mercy of its new inhabitant.

An hour passed and a very strange smell started to permeate the house. It wasn’t exactly a burning smell, in fact it wasn’t anything I had encountered before. With mixed feelings of trepidation and dread I headed to the kitchen.

Thick fumes greeted me as I neared. The weird smell was more pronounced now. Tentatively I entered the kitchen. A black cloud was emitting from the oven. The work counter was a mess of milk, sugar and egg mixture and standing near the open window was my chef, trying to somehow shoo away the smoke out of it.

I managed to shut my gaping mouth and suppress the harsh words trembling on the tip of my tongue. Hey! What happened here?

Well mom, it was like this….

And there started his explanation of the events preceding the “little accident” in the kitchen.

It appeared that everything was going according to the plan initially. He had done with the measuring of the ingredients and was proceeding to go the second part of the recipe: mixing and whisking!

A timely glance at the recipe reminded him of checking the oven temperature. As he opened the oven door to see if the oven was on, ( it was a gas oven) , the bowl containing the flour and cocoa powder somehow slipped from the counter and ended into the lit oven burner. The flour mixture started to burn, emitting a black smoke and the weird smell ( that had brought me into the kitchen) . In panic, my son tried to retrieve the plastic bowl from the oven but ended by pushing it forward into the burner ! The bowl started to melt as it was made of plastic.

Further panicking ensued and in effort to grab a dishcloth to do something about the flour and the bowl in the oven, he spilled the rest of the ingredients onto the kitchen counter.

The stench of burning plastic and flour was invading the whole house. All family had gathered in the doorway of the kitchen and various suggestions were being put forward as to how to proceed from there on.

The whole of the family, much to the embarrassment of the young chef, was helping to clean up the mess. We opened the back door and the windows to let the stench and smoke escape. It wasn’t a timely action as the smell had invaded the inner parts of the house, and it was a very strong smell ( burned plastic smells really bad) and stayed with us for many a days.

The great spill in the kitchen had to be cleaned and washed to take out the smell of eggs. The oven itself took a lot of elbow grease to clean and lot of time was spent on it.

After that my son never tried to cook or bake anything for a long time. And he was the butt of many a family jokes and taunts by his sisters. ( siblings can never let go a chance of roasting each other for their mess ups ) Our home smell of the disaster for quite some time. The kitchen wall even had to be repainted because of the blackening effect of the smoke.

It was quite a long time after that accident that my son could look at it with anything but embarrassment. But if you remind him of it today, he thinks that it was a funny thing to have happened.

This adventure was a costly experiment that proved that if teenage kids are not familiar with the kitchen, Don’t leave them alone in there!

Hope you enjoyed reading all about the adventure of my son in the kitchen.

Waiting for your comments and feedback.

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