Friday, 5 lines or less… Beautiful

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Using the word beautiful
Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less


Life can be ugly at times

But there are beautiful moments in it too

It is this beauty that keeps us from despair

It keeps us hopping and looking forward to each new day

And that is the wonder of life!




Thursday Photo Prompt- Keep # WritePhoto

Welcome to this week’s writephoto prompt.

This week’s prompt ~ Keep

(If you know where this was taken… please keep the location to yourselves until the prompt has ended so as not to seed preconceptions for other writers.)

For visually challenged writers, the image shows the ruined tower of a castle, seen through the cross-shaped window of another tower.


Falling in ruins

Even the strongest

Are eaten away by the decay

Of centuries of neglect and erosion

The grandeur of past left diminished

But yet a strong reminder for us

That whatever someone has built

Eons ago has endured because

It represents the strength and resolve

Of those brave people and their determination

The castle is crumbling, the keep in disrepair

But still a symbol of past glory




JusJoJan # 18- Stream of Consciousness Saturday

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Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “movie title.” Take the title of the last movie you watched (just the title, not the premise of the movie), and base your post on that title. Have fun!

2019-2020 SoCS Badge by Shelley!


Frozen 2:

It’s the last movie I watched.

Frozen hearts need thawing with warmth

Give them love unconditionally and understanding

Even when you feel that they don’t care

Deep down their love is alive, just buried

Under the burden of broken hopes and dreams

It is difficult to be close to them, I know

But it is the greatest gesture of selfless love

When you make them feel your love

Without expecting anything in return





Fandango Friday Flashback- Your blogging career

I am sharing this post from January 17th 2019, as a part of Fandango Friday Flashback.


So this interesting questionnaire has been seen around in blogosphere from Aroused. It goes like this;

Please share a brief history of your blogging career –

From what lead you to start?

I started to blog because of constant prompting for from my WordPress account. I was following a friend’s blog through my account and every time I opened my app I would be asked to start my blog. And one day, I did exactly that!

Has your motivation changed since starting?

Yes to some extent. I started to blog, with a thought to write about my struggle with weight loss and also to write about the issues women over 50 years of age face. Now I am writing about a lot of other things as well. Writing for daily and weekly prompts is one of the changes.

What has the experience been like?

It’s been an amazing experience. I have gained a lot of confidence. Made a lot of friends and my writing skills have improved a lot.

Have you learnt anything?

You don’t get anywhere if you don’t take the first step.

Has your writing style changed?

A bit. I have improved and have also written poems, which ( some of them) have received a bit of praise as well. I can now formulate my thoughts and write in less time.

Are you planning to write a novel or are you already published?

No and no!

What advice would you give to a new blogger?

I would advice, if someone asked, to do you own thing. Write what comes naturally to you. If you don’t do that, writing will become a chore.

And please don’t forget to mention some of the highlights along the way – such as the people you’ve met, things you’ve learnt 

Met a lot of amazing bloggers here on WordPress. Fandango, A Guy Called Bloke, The Haunted Wordsmith, Salted Caramel, Crushed Caramel and the list goes on. I have learned a lot from these wonderful people.

If you like to answer these questions and share your blogging experiences, head over to Aroused and do what I did; Answer the Questions!





Daily Prompts- Can I ?

Vast waters beckon me to try

Pitting my strength against its might

If I strike out by myself in an attempt

To conquer this great expanse

Can I overcome my inhibitions

And the fear that stops me from venturing

Into the unknown territory

Can I?

Or should I give up this false notion

Abandon the idea before I even try

Be the coward I’ve always been

Giving up on adventure because

Of fear of failing and being ridiculed

No ones deserve a hurrah

When they have never tested their strength

Never dreamed of reaching the wonderland

Come on!

It is time to show the world the

The backbone that I possess and the grit

That this hesitant heart hides in its core

In response to the following prompts;

Your daily word Prompt:



Story, Popular, Strike





Word of the day Challenge;







Finish The Story # 2- 2020

The Jungle

Image by bere von awstburg from Pixabay

FTS rules:

  1. Copy and paste the story as you receive it.
  2. Add the next segment or choose to finish it.
  3. Tag someone for the next installment.
  4. Have fun and let your imagination roam free.

Note about time frame: There is a one week time frame per tag to write another installment or accept/reject an invitation to contribute. If you accept but cannot contribute within a week, that is fine but please leave the tagging party a note. I check contributing posts for messages between tags to make sure I don’t miss an installment.

The Jungle

Sweat dripped from the tip of Matthew’s nose as he paused under a kapok tree, scanning the thick jungle floor for ants. He didn’t want to go through that experience again. 

“Come along, Mr. Howard,” the guide called, waving his arms. “Camp is just a few more kilometers.”

Matthew sighed and wiped his face with his sleeve. Go find yourself, they said. Travel the world, they said. You’ll have a great time, they said. He groaned as a howler monkey sounded in the distance setting off a cacophony. Sudden movement by his foot startled him. “What in the devil is that?”

Crawling out from under a large fern, a small creature with long brown and white fur paused and looked up at Matthew. 

“Hey, Carlos!” He waited for a response. “Carlos! Guide! Hey!” No response. The jungle that engulfed him had suddenly become very quiet. Nothing stirred except his imagination and growing concern that he was now lost in the rain forest, surely to be eaten by a stray jaguar or wayward tiger. “This isn’t a movie, man.” He chuckled and glanced back toward the ground where the creature was only to gasp when he saw …

To be continued

My part;

….. when he saw that it had grown quite a bit in that short time. It was looking inquiringly at him. It’s large anime type eyes giving him the feeling as if it was understanding what was going through Mathew’s mind at that moment. Mathew started to feel as if he was in a dream world. It cannot happen in real life, he thought. This is a jungle, not a Hollywood movie set. Just then the creature started blinking its eyes in a rapid, Morse code-like manner while pointing towards a clearing in the vegetation. “What the hell!” He thought and started following the creature. The guide was nowhere to be seen anyway.

It a while, they reached a circular clearing in the jungle, over-hung with thick rope-like tree vines. The creature gestured with its eyes and limbs for Mathew to climb up the tree, using one of the vines. When he reached the thick branches, he found a platform had been built there and more of the creatures roaming about there.

Tentatively he landed on the platform testing its strength. It felt solid enough to bear his weight. Mathew was not sure that he was in a dream or reality and made another crazy decision.

Using gestures and simple words he asked his new guide what was happening and where he was. To his intense astonishment……..

I am tagging;

Melanie to take this story further.



Crimson Creative Challenge # 62

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Zippers abound

Available to close any gap you want

Any unseemly hole can be closed

Just affix the zip and pull it shut

A gaping pocket or a running mouth

It is effective remedy for all cases

We have them in all the colors of the rainbow

Take your pick and I’ll throw an extra for luck




Three Line Tales, Week 207


Welcome to Week 207 of Three Line Tales.

three line tales, week 207: a man talking to a woman looking out of a barnphoto by Priscilla Du Preez via Unsplash