What do you see # 147, August 15, 2022

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Does this picture inspire you to write something?

Image credit; Stromseeker @ Unsplash

For the visually challenged reader, this image shows a hand emerging out of a vast body of water. Is it asking for help or waving to the world?

Waiting eagerly for your responses.

Thanking you all for joining this prompt.




WDYS # 146 -A Roundup post

I rested my bike against that old mural on the wall

It looked as if the two kids were riding on it

There was joy and wonder on their little faces

And just looking at them made my heart feel lighter

Life though always full of problems seemed a bit easier

It’s a sight to melt the hardest of hearts and bring joy to them


Fantastic entries again this week in response to this image. Please click on the links to read the contributions of our lovely participants.

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Fandango; The theft of joy

Radhika; In hope

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Yinglan; Welcome home

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Maya; Angels

Gal of words; It’s not mine, it’s ours

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Brandon; A picture is worth a thousand warnings

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Jude; The artist’s inscription

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Mayuri; The bliss of imagination

Pamelap; Joy riding

I am grateful to all those who have read, shared and commented on these posts.

I will be posting next week’s challenge on Monday at 12:00 pm, PKT.

Thanks for reading.




Sunday Poser # 93

Welcome back to another Sunday Poser

This week my question is;

How do you tackle a thorny problem?

Many problems in life need us to think hard. Some need tact ,others need wisdom and still, others need decisive action. When I was quite young, my father often gave me tangled yarn to unravel. He told me it built problem-solving talent and patience. Sometimes I’d spend hours untangling it and winding it in a neat ball. But sometimes, I’d lose all patience and would cut it where it was in a bad tangle and then neaten it.

All these exercises taught me how to untangle different issues in life. Some I deal with straight talk, saying as it is, while with others I use tact and diplomacy. But sometimes I use a sharp knife ( theoretical) and cut through all the complications to resolve the issue.

How do you deal with problematic issues? Do you cut the tangled yarn of problems or spend hours untangling it?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section or you can write your own post and link it to this one so that I can find it.

As usual, thanks of visiting and reading.



A few riddles to tease the brain from Rory

Rory, now hosting Earthy comforts has posed these teasers for us;

Where and what does the phrase ‘Mad as a box of frogs originate from and mean?’

Never heard of this before, and I think it’s a British thing! I guess that it means to be very noisily mad!

At what age do you think you would clearly recognise a ‘much younger version of you’ if you bumped into YOU on the street today?[example – if l bumped into any version of me younger than 15 l wouldn’t recognise myself]

For the last 25 years or so I’m more or less the way I am now. Weight-wise. Personality wise I’m like that for the last 15 years or so. A chill sort of person who has stopped being stressed out about everything. So I’ll recognize myself if I bumped into a 45-year-old me!

How would you react if you woke up one morning next to a headless horse?

I’ll think I’ve stepped into an alternate universe, like twilight zone, and would go back to sleep hoping that when I wake up again, it’s gone!

What country would you most like to visit if you were a rabbit and why?

I think I’ll stay where I am because for a rabbit to visit other countries is not easy! I’ll just go and find a lettuce farm someplace and live there.

When did Time actually begin and if you are not sure well then make something up!

I want to be the first one to tell you that time began with the Big Bang. The universe is as old as time!

How often do you forget what you just said… ?

Unfortunately, very often. I also forget what I wrote on someone’s post if they reply to my comment after a couple of days so I go back and read my comment first before replying to theirs!

Who would you rather be – Casper the Friendly Ghost or Spooky the Tuff Little Ghost and why?

I’m the friendly type, so I’ll be Casper 👻

Which came first – the banana or the orange or yellow and orange the colours?

Of course the fruit came first and man when inventing words for colors couldn’t come up with something better so they named the colors after the fruits.

Are we actually living our best lives?

I don’t know about others, but I’m doing my best to do so. Are you?

Do you think we owe the world our life, the world owes us our life, or we owe it to ourselves to live life? [Interpret as you wish]

I think we are in a symbiotic relationship with the world around us, where we rely on each other. If we try to live a life independent of the world around us, it will be a miserable life. So better to be mindful of the environment around us.




Re-share; Lucky to be free

On the occasion of our Independence Day, 14th August, I am resharing this post from last year.


Today is our country’s Independence Day. I am lucky to be born in a free country. Before independence, Pakistan and India were one country, ruled by the British. We were considered second class citizens in our own country and were denied many privileges of free people.

The date, 14th August 1947 was written in blood of people of both countries. There was a lot of needless bloodshed and for many years people could not forget the agony of those days.

The cost of independence was high but now we can live as free people. Freedom is something that is valued above almost everything in life.

I would like to share a few photos of how we celebrate our Independence Day

Founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Youngsters carrying flags, dressed in regional dresses
Public buildings lit up with traditional green and white lights

Our National Anthem;


This anthem has been sung by many of our famous singers as a tribute to Pakistan.




The rebellious red cow

My father told me the story of a red cow my grandparents had when he was a boy.

The cow was a bit of a rogue and liked to head-butt people, especially my father. He was supposed to give her food morning and evening, but it always was a challenge to do it without getting a header from her.

My dad devised many plans to perform his task safely. In those days parents were more of a practical bend of mind and kids were allowed to make their own mistakes and that was how my dad learned how to keep the cow at bay while putting her fodder in front of her. He got a sack from somewhere and would throw it over the cow’s head and quickly put the bucket with her food in front of her. There was a string attached to the sack with which he would pull it back when the food was in place and then he would make his getaway.

This photo reminded me of that story!


Written for CCC # 196, hosted by Crispina Kemp



It takes courage to keep silent too!

Mich, of Michnavs wrote this very moving post on Friday. Please do check it out!

Her theme was that people who endure heartbreak, violence and tragedies sometimes keep silent; because it is more heroic to do so. And we, the bystander can very easily say that they should share, talk about it or do something about the situation but it’s not always the best option or it can be more damaging for all concerned.

Consider a domestic abused mom who has to jeopardize the welfare of herself and her children if she speaks up or takes action against her spouse. There is always too much riding on this decision to report the abusive husband and if she doesn’t or cannot do this, we should also stand by her and give her the support she needs till she finally can have the courage to speak. Our society condemns these women because they don’t leave their homes immediately.

Our role as caring and supportive people should always be to understand the mental anguish and trauma of people/women facing abusive or other tragic situations and to be there for them in whatever decisions they take. We have to understand that a person in the circumstances can and does know better what they should do than a bystander.

We should stop the culture of blaming the victim!

Written in response to Mich’s post; The wounds we keep



How unique are you?

Unparalleled, unique and totally special

Never should you compare yourself to others

You’re special and there cannot be anyone like you

Even if you have a twin, triplet or more siblings

They all are different and unique in their own right

Savor this feeling of being one of a kind

And then be immensely kind to other around you

For they all are as special as you are!


Your prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is starts with “u.”Find a word that starts with the letter “u” and use it however you’d like. Bonus points if it’s the first word in your post. Enjoy!

Written for Linda’s SoCS- U



Lakes- still waters run deep

August 10: Water: Lakes

Writer’s Quotes Wednesdays (a Photo or Writing Challenge)

Unlike the flowing water of the river and streams, lakes are still and silent. The water is at peace, staying in one place and providing a mirror to reflect the beauty around it.

Sitting by the lakeside, you experience the quiet beauty and strength of nature which not only provides us with internal peace but also evokes a sense of gratitude for belonging to this magnificent universe.

A few lakes that I have visited, or plan to visit sometime;

Reflection Lake- Mount Rainier- Washington

We visited here in June 2019. The place and it’s atmosphere was so serene. Despite the fact that there were many people there, the sense of calm was overwhelming. The still water reflects the surrounding landscape and the beautiful cloudy sky to perfection.

Attabad Lake, Hunza/ Gilgit- Pakistan

Attabad lake was created in 2010 due to a major landslide in Attabad. It’s a natural wonder and one can still see the trees which were submerged when the landslide caused Hunza river to flood the valley and form the lake. I plan to go there one day. This photo was taken by my son when he and his wife visited this place three years ago.

Written for;WQW #30: Enjoying Great Lakes and Not-So-Great Lakes, hosted by Marsha