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Today’s Questions:

1. What is the strangest gift you have ever received?

I love getting gifts, at any time of the year but specially on my birthday. A couple of years ago a friend of mine gifted me with a cashmere shawl. The gift wasn’t strange in itself. The strange thing or I should say the hilarious thing was that I had given her the shawl the year before on her birthday and she had forgotten that!

2. Someone is feeling blue, how do you cheer them up?

Try to distract their mind from the worries playing on their mind.

3. What is your favorite quote?

Cheer up, things can always be worse. It doesn’t earn me any popularity with my friends or family. But I can’t help it. Things can really be worse!

4. What are two songs that people would be surprised to see in your playlist?

I don’t think that anyone will be surprised with my playlist because they know that I listen to a very unusual mix of music.

5. What is your favorite myth?

That star signs influence a person’s personality!

6. What book best describes your life?

Haven’t read it yet.

7. What is something you recently learned?

That if you try to learn technology via YouTube, surprise surprise, you actually can!

8. What phrase are you most tired of hearing?

If you stick long enough with your diet, you will get to your desired weight.

9. If your bathroom could speak, what would it say?

Yey! A clean up every day!!!

10. You know a secret, can you keep it?

I do try, and then I just tell it to one person, my best friend! 😛

11. What would your 15-minutes of fame be for?

Writing the best ever blog post!

12. Who is the mysterious visitor to Poe’s grave?

Absolutely no idea.

13. Fast food joints – best one, okay one, and worst one.

They  would have to be comparatively better than the rest, and that would be Dominos and the worst KFC!

14. If you could be in a tv show, which one would it be?

The Jeopardy?

15. Which would you rather be able to read: someone’s mind or someone’s heart (emotions)?

None of the above. Though I would want my kids to be able to read my heart and see my love for them there.

16. What is one song that always makes you smile (video please)

Clap your hands if you are happy


321 Quote me

Rory of A Guy called Bloke and K9 Doodlepips has come up with another quotes challenge;

Rules: 3.2.1 Quote Me!

Thank the Selector

Post 2 quotes for the dedicated Topic of the Day.

Select 3 bloggers to take part in ‘3.2.1 Quote Me!’

Note: Although this is the topic for today there is no specific deadline to it, meaning you can answer as and when.

Please Note l will be reblogging your responses unless you wish for me to NOT do so.

Topic For Today: ”Cinderella Today”

We loved the Cinderella story when we were kids. The rags to riches sort of tale always holds a fascination for people. And throw in a Prince Charming, sweet revenge of triumphing over evil step mother and you have the perfect story to idolize over.

What would Cinderella be today and would she act differently or think in a modern way? I don’t think so. The girl which was portrayed as Cinderella was a good hearted and kind one. She loved the animal as she was kind to humans. My two quotes from Cinderella are;

A fairly tale cannot be, without wishes coming true. And whose to say that if we firmly believe in something and work for it, that it won’t come true!

This is a universally accepted criteria for goodness. Have courage and be kind. Though, kindness is its own reward, in life we acknowledge that what goes around comes around. And any venture in life needs courage.

So there is my contribution to this quote Challenge.

Let me know what you think about it!

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Sunday picnic

It was a golden autumn day. A bit of chill in the air but glorious sunshine and the smell of fall. Robin and Jerry made a plan to have picnic in the nearby park. The park had a wonderful atmosphere, being surrounded by tall trees and nice trails. There were quite a few people there walking, strolling or enjoying an outdoor meal with family or friends.

Robin had been friends with Jerry, since they had started college together. With time their friendship had blossomed into love, and they were now planning to get married after graduating.

The ground was a bit damp but since the sun was shining brightly, it wasn’t unpleasant to sit on the blanket spread on the grass. The floor of the forest was strewn with fallen leaves of all hues of rust and gold.

As they were enjoying their lunch, a dog appeared. It was a cute one, a golden retriever. Jerry offered the dog a bit of his leftover sandwich.

The dog, after sniffing it, gobbled it up. As the dog was finishing its impromptu meal, the silence was disrupted by an eruption of wrath from a man. He apparently was the owner of the dog, his anger was directed at Jerry for feeding his dog ” rubbish” according to the man. Both Jerry and Robin tried to pacify the man but he was adamant with his fatuous accusation. The apology from both of them has as little effect on him as their efforts to smooth over the turbulent situation. They were attracting attention from others around them and Robin was feeling a bit embarrassed now. Thankfully, just then a boy of about ten, came towards them. At his approach, the dog ran to him. “Dad, why are you being angry with these people” he asked.

Dad, stopped his rant and looked at his son, a bit shamefaced.

“I am sorry, my dad was worried when we couldn’t find Max, our dog. He gets a bit “upset”! “

He dragged his dad away, the dog went too, giving them a friendly look.

“Now I wouldn’t want to face this guy again” said Jerry as them were packing up their stuff.

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FPQ # 4

“Is it better to know or is it better to not know?”

This the latest FPQ, posed by Fandango, of This ,That and the Other.

My answer to this is, yes. Most empathetically yes!

Knowledge is the key to understanding. Not only the world around us but ourselves too. Knowing the answers or at least trying to know is our instinct. The result is all the development in the world today.

Knowing the facts in life makes the decision process easy. It also provides the insight into the workings of all that surrounds us. That is how the technology came into being.

Knowing our own strengths and weaknesses can lead us to manage our lives in a better way. Similarly the knowledge of these qualities in others is also a big factor in how we deal with them.

Knowing about our moral creed saves us from confusion and gives us an anchor in life. It serves a basis upon which we build our faith. And is essential for our spiritual well-being.

Knowing about what illnesses we have had, have and could have is also very important for our physical survival. Know what foods are good for us and which ones are harmful. What are health promoting habits and which can be detrimental for our health are all fact that come from knowledge.

In conclusion I would say that if we want to live a life of ease and enlightenment, we should strive to KNOW!

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The miracle of Nature

The butterflies were flitting from flower to flower. The scene was so beautiful, as the colorful flowers were being serenaded by the flitting butterflies in so rich hues.

Wherever we look, we see miracles of nature, its beauty and the magnificent colors. And how it is all fitting-in seamlessly, like the choreography of a theatre play. Not one of the nature’s creation can exist on its own. Each are depended on the other, some for propagation and some for survival.

The flowers are being pollinated by the butterflies and the bees. The bees are gathering nectar from the flowers to make honey. Smaller animals are depended upon insects, vegetation and flora to stay alive . And so on and on goes this circle of survival. And has been going on for millions of years.

The mechanics of the universe are running smoothly without interruption or hitches. This vast universe has a working pattern of its own. Rules that govern the survival of the fittest in nature. At the same time, nature has provided safeguards for the weak. The young are cared and provided for by the parents. The species unable to exist on their own are provided a support system called symbiosis. Where the weaker species latch onto the stronger one. The most beautiful example being that of Orchids.

We need to observe and reflect on the perfect universe and the true feelings of thankfulness emerges from these reflections. It is inspiring to observe nature and it’s miracles!

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The dusk

It’s coming to that time of the day

That’s neither day nor night

It’s betwixt the two with the

Light failing and scene fading

Are you going for a walk along

The winding paths now dimly lit

Enjoy the last rays of dying sun

Breath in the balmy evening air

Or are your staying in

Missing out on all the splendor

Mother Nature has put on display for you?

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Daily writing challenge Dec 4

They were the young ones, waiting and watching for their mother to return. It had been a long time since she had left to gather food. They were hungry and confused as to why there was a delay today? But they were together and giving each other courage and hope.

Was it her that they could see coming?

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Daily fun three!

Here are more triplets from Rory;

Name Three …

Cold things?

Ice cream, iced coffee and snow.

Hot things?

Hot chocolate , hot coffee and hot tea.

Boy’s Names beginning with Z?

Zac, Zach and Zak.

Countries beginning with the letter G?

Greenland, Gambia and Ghana.

Animals species that begin with the letter P?

Pig, piglet and Miss Piggy.

Things that are square?

Napkin, envelope and Stamp.

Holidays you have been on?

Washington DC, Turkey, Dubai.

Words that rhyme with Pink?

Think, Rink and drink.

Urban Legends?

No idea!

Things that are pink?

Pink dresses, Pink bags and Pink Panthers.

Things to do with baseball?

Bat, Ball and Base?

Marvel Heroes?

Captain America, Iron Man, Dr Strange, The Hulk, Ant Man, Spider-Man…..

Ice Cream Flavours?

Chocolate, Peanut butter and Caramel crunch.

Things that comes from the ocean beginning with the letter O?

Octopus, Orca and Oyster.

These are fun challenges. Why don’t you try it!

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The map

The site was marked on the map and by his calculations it should have been around this location. He had dug around in a number of places now but no sign of the box, buried here centuries ago. He sat on one of the rocky projections and had a drink of water from the canteen. It was a dilemma! Had the map really changed, or had he read it wrong to begin with?

He was sure that the map was authentic. The expert at the archeology departmental his university had confirmed it. Of corse he hadn’t disclosed the history or importance of the map to him.

A nasty suspicion crossed his mind. Was it possible that the informant who had sold him the map had removed the box before he gave him the map? He started to get angry, imagining the double cross. Well I will give it one last try, he thought after he had refreshed himself with the rest and water. If I don’t find it then that sleaze ball will have to give me some answers!

He re-oriented himself and marked a new spot to dig. Digging for about half an hour, his spade struck something metallic. His excitement knew no bounds. Desperate to find the treasure, he used his hands to uncover the rusted and misshapen box buried in the rocky ground.

At last he had it out in the open. Placing the box on his knees, he forced the tiny lock. The lid was stuck and wouldn’t budge. After all it hadn’t been opened in a very long time. Using his knife, he pried open the reluctant lid and stared at the contents of the box in disbelief!

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The Ceremony

A huge crowd had gathered for the oath taking ceremony of the new Governor. The ceremony had taken place and now the Governor was going to address the press, and take a few questions too. But the officials and people managing the event were in no hurry. Working at a leisurely pace they were taking care of the different aspects of the function.

A stir near the stage captured the attention of the crowd. The newly elected Governor was coming on the stage followed by the his aides. Adjusting the mikes the man spoke to the press and the public gathered around the stage. His speech was full of empty promises, false statistics and ugly accusations levels at his opponents. He was vocal about his support for the big companies. The people had heard all this rhetoric before and frankly they were beginning to see through his empty words.

As the speech finished a number of hands from the gathered press section went up. Before he could signal to any one of the press corespondent, he was pummeled by Questions from all sides. Unable to make himself heard in this rain queries, he strode away from the center of the stage and disappeared in the back.

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