Keeping it alive

It’s the same the world over. You are entering middle age. The kids have grown up and left home, working some place else or married. Your responsibilities have lessened and there is more time at your hands. In these situations, it is often that the ” empty nest syndrome ” strikes( not dissimilar to the “Empire”) . If you are working, then there are lesser chances of this malady disrupting your life because you have already too many thing to do in your life. But if you are a stay at home mom like me, this time in our lives can bring an unwelcome change.

The trick is to take up new hobbies, missions or simply distraction in your life to ward off the ennui that can set in at this juncture. I would suggest that you can turn to one or more of the following;

1. Reading:

If you were a great reader in your pre “hectic” mothering days, then you will find that by picking up a good book( or a kindle )will be like meeting an old friend again. I found it to be a life/ sanity saver. Try old loves and find new ones. Read improving book, mystery books or even light weight fluff( books which are written just to while away the author ‘s time and your too) . Read books about health and hobbies and then take up those hobbies!

2. Watching movies:

I find that watching movies with your spouse or friends is a big mood elevator. I prefer movies with some substance to them, but go with any kind that seems promising. Even a dull or lifeless movie, in good company can pick you up. I love to watch cartoon/ animated movies ( many a times being the only adult without kids in the theater) .

3. Take up a hobby:

Gardening is a good one to pick but you have to be an outdoor person to stick to it! I am not very keen on it myself, though I , like anyone else , enjoy a well-kept garden or a flower bed. Since I have always had a knack of doing things with my hands, I enjoy knitting , sewing and embroidery. I haven’t done much knitting at embroidery yet but plan to do so. The new trend of adult coloring books is a great way to wake up the artist in you and achieve admirable results.

Will come up with more ideas in my next blog

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