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The Topic Today Is – Staycation, Vacation or Excavation?

What was the last holiday you took away from where you live?
The one I am currently enjoying here in Seattle.

Where did you go?

Seattle, Washington.

For you when is the best time to take a vacation [Holiday] as in which season, and why?
Any time is good when you have time.

Provide five links or titles [your choice] of the best comedy holiday films you have seen to date?
Don’t remember a single one. I am not good at remembering movies or songs or names!

Will post if I remember any.

Did you overspend or underspend to your allocated budget for the vacation that you took?
Typically overspend. This time I have tried to be sensible and did less ” overspending

Have you ever fallen unwell, experience jelly belly or worse on a holiday and what happened?
I think that I do usually have at least one episode of falling under the weather on my holiday trip.

Are you a mankini/bikini/teenykini or nokini holidayer/vacationer?

Last time you went potholing/skydiving/parachuting/dolphin or shark swimming and if none of those, when was the last time you swam in the deep blue?
How about…….. Never ever.

How long do you normally vacation away?
Depends upon the free time I have. This time around it’s more than three months. Free spirits, you know!

Please provide three musical tracks/song titles that make you feel in the vacation spirit?
Hurray hurray it’s a holi holi day. I just remember this from my school days. Baaaaaad memory!

Please display five images of the top archaelogical ruins Landmarks you would love to visit or have visited and please define which they are [as in visited/love to visit].

Dolmabahće palace, Istanbul, Turkey

(Been there)

Eiffel Tower Paris

( Wanna visit)

Statue of Liberty,New York

( been there)

Some place in Switzerland

( Wanna visit)

Alnwick Castle, England ( Hogwarts Castle In Harry Potter movie)

( Wanna visit)

They are not ruins, but archeological landmarks.

If you are a staycationer, what do you tend to do when at home on your holiday/vacation break that is different to the normal routine?
If I am happy, I will be happily staying at home relaxing. I am adaptable, you see. The holiday spirit is evident with sleeping in late, eating too much and visiting friends.

Last time you were seriousy sunburnt was?
Never. I avoid the sun.

Do you speak any languages if so which and how fluent are you?I try to learn a few words of the language of the country I am visiting. But not a multilingual person.

When on holiday or vacation are you the same as when at home behaviour wise or are you a complete party animal?
EXACTLY the same! I swear.

Have you when away ever upset the locals to the point that the law had to be brought in?
As it is a very leading question, I am sure that you have. But the innocent me….. Never.

Provide three images to the worst souvineers you have ever purchased thinking they were fanbloodytastic when you bought them?
Don’t have any images. But I do buy souvenirs every time I go to a different place. Fridge magnets. But they all are back home and I am on vacation 🎼🎶🎵

What is your preference, solo/group/duo or family holiday/vacation time away?
I prefer to go with family or friends. Much more fun that way.

Please name five places you have never seen that you would love to visit?

Switzerland, England, Scotland, Paris and Mount Everest.

Why do you want to go there?
Just enjoy the place. I don’t have to DO anything.

Come on fess up, l’ll not tell a soul, but have you ever seriously embarassed yourself or been embarassed by another when on holiday/vacation so badly that you wanted to excavate yourself right there and then? 

You know I am not that kinda person. Though there was this instance when a friend of mine….

Please explain …. in full detail …. if images ha ha help then go right ahead!

Well it’s better to keep mum!

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The most recent trip I took was with my daughter and grandson to the northern tip of Olympic Peninsula at the Pacific coast. It was a three day trip, where we drove along the scenic routes, enjoying the nature. There were beautiful mountains, lush green coniferous forests and sandy beaches. The weather held up and we saw amazing sunsets and dawns on our trip. The route was planned as a loop, so that we saw most of the northern Washington state.

I have visited my daughter frequently in Seattle but this was the first time that she could get away from her work to plan this trip. A beautiful way to relax and yet experience the beauty of “Evergreen state”.

The Prompt;

Welcome to AUGUST 1!


Today’s prompt is:  Where was the last place you traveled to, and why?

In response to:

Tell ma a tale in 120 Words



Whale 🐳 Watching

Today we went Whale 🐳 Watching.

The tour was booked weeks in advance. We reached Anacortes WA around 10:30 am.

Ship in the harbor:Flounder Bay

The water was a beautiful dark blue. The waves were frothy and smelled salty and fresh. I hadn’t sailed on the Pacific before and it was a thrilling experience.

We were taken on a small ship/ boat which could go fast. We were promised Whales and we were taking to the part of Pacific where they were sighted today: Canada, BC.

We traveled for almost two hours to find our Whale. It was a female Hump Back Whale. 60 feet in length and weighing a whooping 70 thousand pounds. ( and here I was thinking myself overweight! )

A round trip of 5 hours! Getting wet in the ocean spray and then buffeted with cold wind from the ocean. Quite an adventure. At least for me.

I several times wished I had a spare had to take pictures. I was using the two I have to hold on to the hand rails. There was a bounce and lift which could plunge even a person like me overboard.

These are the ones I took. Except the last one which I got from their website.

San Juan Island

Rosario Strait

Finally a glimpse

We stayed with it for about an hour during which made several dives and showed the typical Hump Back dive which is the reason for its name. But with my luck at taking pictures, I just managed to get it from a very distant angle. I made a few videos but they really don’t show the real majestic feel of this creature that we saw in real life.

A light house on San Juan

How a real photographer can take the picture

I am no travel blogger nor a photographer. But I hope you enjoy these pictures and the brief account of the trip.




My trip- Part Three

It was with much anticipation that I looked forward to my visit to the Pacific coast in the north of Washington state. The plan was to drive and stay a couple of night along the way.

In two and half days we did a loop of the Olympic peninsula, traveling around 600 miles. It was a great trip and we drove through most of the towns and ports in the area.

Port Angeles was a super amazing experience.

Feiro Marine life center, Port Angeles

Beautiful painting on the outer walls depicting life in the past.

Pier # 8, Port Angeles

A view of Port Ludlow from the road.

Gig Harbor, Puget Sound.

This serves a dual purpose, a) to give you a glimpse into our trip and b) in response to the prompt by Michael to write about a visit.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

The prompt;

This week the task is to compose a tale in which the term/word ‘visit’ features.

It could be visiting, visited, visitation……you go where the prompt takes you.

Have fun and link your responses using the linking tool below.

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Tale Weaver # 232




My trip -Part two!

Cape Flattery, Pacific Ocean, Clallam county

View from Cape Flattery

Cape resort, Neah Bay

Neah Bay

Lake Quinault, Olympic National Forest

These are the pictures from the first leg of the trip, going to Neah bay, Makkah reservation. The weather was fantastic and the views absolutely wonderful.

The beauty of nature is such that words become unnecessary.

I hope you enjoy!



The stage

There was a degree of fidelity regarding how the actual was copied

It resembled, what the original would have looked like if it existed

All the teachers and the students involved were working tirelessly

To complete the stage set before the play’s scheduled date

The had a makeshift ship on one side with oars and sails

The pirate costumes were all ready with crossbones and skulls

As the curtains opened, the bold Captain jumped from high deck

Said with a loud laugh , “Ahoy, me mates!

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A journey—— Where in the world?

The heat was intense. And he had been traveling for all day in this sand and heat. The sand was everywhere he looked. But that had to be expected as it was the largest desert in the world, the Sahara desert. The ride on the camel back was not to be compared with horseback riding. It took a lot of time to get used to it.

Finally the reached their destination, from which they would travel by road to Rabat, capital of Morocco. He was hired by the National Geographic to take pictures of the life aspects in different parts of this African nation. The job was well paid so he was willing to put up with all the discomfort it involved. It also satisfied his wanderlust. Even as a child he has longed to travel to see the world and this job provided excellent opportunity for it.

After washing off the sand of the desert, he headed out to explore the beautiful old city.

In the streets there were people gathered on different spots.He heard strains of soothing music playing which was very unfamiliar to him. But he felt as if tired body and mind were soothed by it.

The architecture of the city was intriguing and captivating. The buildings were of a fascinating design and he loved the blue hue of used in the outer paint of many areas of the city.

Written for; Where in the world

A tag created by Rory of A Guy Called Bloke.


FPQ # 8

Fandango came up with his latest FPQ #8:

“When was the last time you did something for the very first time? What was it that you did?”

Last year I went with my best friends to Visit Istanbul, Turkey. It was the first time that I went abroad with my friends, just a girls trip.

It was November, last year that I and a couple of my friends made the plan to visit Turkey, specifically, Istanbul.

There were many recommendations for traveling to Istanbul. It was cheap, the people were friendly and it was a place of historical interest. Not that we were so hooked on history but who wouldn’t want to see the palaces and churches that attract millions of visitors every year.

The trip was, all the traveling time inclusive, of a week. A friend had researched all the places we should visit, complete with a travel itinerary. We decided that we would visit only Istanbul and explore the city as much as we can.

Dolmebaché Palace is situated on the side of Bosporus straits. It was an amazing place. A luxurious and grand palace, residence of the sultans. It was the last place we visited on our trip and it wouldn’t have been complete without this visit.

Cruise on the Bosporus; It was a lovely experience with a round trip , starting from the part of river near the Topkapi palace traveling towards the golden horn and then returning to the starting point. While on the cruise, we were informed in English about the places we were passing by and their historical significance.

Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque; The historic Topkapi palace, ruling seat of the Ottoman Empire was built in 1459. It’s a fascinating place, alive with the historical atmosphere and kept is great repair by the administration. Right next to it was Hagia Sophia, initially a church which was converted into a mosque when Turkey was conquered by Sultan Ahmet in 1414, A D. It is now a museum.

The blue mosque is familiar to many as one of the most pictured landmark of Istanbul.

Grand Bazaar/ Spice Bazaar; Both are adjacent to each other in the older part of the city. Going there is like stepping back into the past. One feels as if we are in some medieval eastern city, or in a movie like Aladdin!

But though the place seemed mysterious, there was no mystery about all the shops and the shoppers. The place was teeming with tourists from every nation on the earth, haggling with shop owner about the prices. The shoes were selling everything from spices, tea jewelry to garments bags and beautiful hand crafted porcelain pieces. The famous Turkish lamps made out of multicolorEd glass and other hand painted souvenirs were in high demand.

We made a few trip to the grand bazaar and had to restrain ourselves from buying too much of these arty pieces.

A trip to Istanbul cannot be complete without visiting the Istaklal street and Taksim Square. The heroes memorial in the Taksim Square attracts a lot of photographers, taking selfies or asking passerby’s to take their pictures. Right in front of the memorial we the famous Turkish Doner Kebabs.

Istaklal street with its street cafes, clubs and impromptu dance performances was a treat to visit. All the western big brands have outlets on The Istaklal street.

The Turkish people are extremely friendly and welcoming. The food there is appetizing and flavorful. The people are quite health conscious and eat plenty of fruits, pomegranates are a notional favorite.

So this was one thing that I did last year , which I hadn’t done before.

Have you visited Turkey?

Please share your experiences in comments.

FPQ # 8