WDYS # 117 -A Roundup post

Heights give me a dizzy feeling 
I feel a slight slip and I’ll end
In the deep gapping depths of a gorge
But steeling my heart I climb high
And stand exhilarated on the top

Struggles in life are like high tops
We are afraid to take them on at first
But circumstances force us to Grapple with them
And little by little, step by step we deal with them
And overcome the challenges thrown our way

The feeling of success is sweet and uplifting
Like standing at the top of the mountain

Fantastic response again this week in response to this image. Please click on the links to read the contributions of our lovely participants.

Reena; Poised

Chris Hall; He will conquer

Ami; I shall have faith

Sri; Beyond

Sangeetha; Reached

Michnavs; Little bleep too

Lady Sighs; Miracle

Keith; I made it

Stoner on a roller coaster; Believe

Dee Min; Dream lives on

Regina; Is it courage of is it folly?

The novel reader; What do you see # 117

Myrna; Searching for God

Melanie; Don’t slip and fall

Jim; Morning stroll

Diana; What do you see # 117

Di; Walking on air

Eugi; Reverberations

Susi; Cracked

Inkdrop; Balanced

Radhika; Becoming

EM Kingston; Freedom of one man

Jude; Lost soul

Quaranjavirus; Above or below

Shashi; Arrowhead

Fandango; Shame on me

Jules; Keeping the pact

M’rid Hues; Carry me away

Nope, not Pam; What do you see # 117

Suzette; Look in

Punam; Choices

Kittysverses; Poetry

Jane; Fame

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Designer glasses

I lost my very expensive designer glasses last Sunday when I went for a walk. I retraced my steps but there wasn’t any sign of them anywhere. I was doubly sorry to have lost them because for one they were my only Ray-bans and for another they were a gift from my wife. I knew that she would be very displeased that I had dropped them somewhere.

A couple of weeks later both of us went for a walk on a bright Sunday afternoon. And lo and behold, there they were adorning a wooden sculpture that was still part of a tree. I must say they made that wooden face look quite dashing!


Written in response to CCC # 167, hosted by Crispina Kemp



Finding shelter


Sprawled on the footpath, with all his belongings scattered artfully, as if marking his territory, the old man stared at the passerby defiantly like he was challenging them.

There was that peculiar scent around him that we find around people who had infrequent access to hygiene facilities and people were giving him a wide berth!

A young woman approached him with a package in her hand and offered it to him without saying anything.

He took it keenly and opened it too find a sandwich, fresh made and aromatically appetizing.

Grateful eyes turned towards his benefactor, but no words of thanks were uttered.

She understood the unsaid message for she was once like him before she found her shelter.


Written in response to Six Sentences Story; PROMPT WORD: SHELTER, given by Girlie on edge’s blog!



All by herself

Walking up the grassy knoll, Sam took a deep breath and sat on the wooden bench placed there for people like her.

It was a beautiful day to be out. The sky was slightly overcast but the sun was peeking through the clouds and it was comfortable, sitting in the open.

John had loved such days, and sitting by herself she missed him all over again. Life went on, people came and went, she thought. Another day, another year and someone else would be sitting here instead of her.

Written for CCC # 166, hosted by Crispina Kemp



WDYS # 116- A Roundup post


Was that sun or moon in the sky, she wondered 
The birds were doing their ritualistic dance in the air
Stark silhouettes outlined by the pinkish hue
Her eyes wandered in search, close and afar
When will he come?
She was prepared to wait for him till eternity


Fantastic response again this week in response to this image. Please click on the links to read the contributions of our lovely participants.

Lauren; What do you see # 116

Kittysverses; She keeps changing

Chris Hall; Afterwards

Fiery females; You will see her fly

Reena; Let them scoff

Ami; Safe

Lady sighs; The fire it burned

Radhika; The unending wait

Maria Michaela; Freedom dance

Sangeetha; Sky is on fire

Keith; Believe it or not

Michnavs; Indigo sky

The novel reader; What do you see # 116

Myrna; The wonders of thee

Regina; Travel dreams begin in the sky

Melanie; WDYS # 116

Susi; Evening jaunt

Jim; The omen

Jules; Measuring success

Eugenia; Predictions elusive

Di; Crows of the moon

Diana; Birds in flight

Paula; When the moon hits your eyes

Marla; I the see beauty in vengeance

Maria; Who know who she was

Mrid’hues; The scattering

E M Kingston; Chicken hawks

Jude; Haiku tales and upcoming book teaser

Fandango; Howling at the moon

Nope, not Pam; What do you see # 116

Suzette; The lost hat

Inkdrop; Moondance

Sidney; Fly away

Sri; The solitary reaper

Sam; In a world that is mine

Happy Soul; She danced

Punam; Apprehension in the air

Jeff; Wish upon the birds

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Book signing

The photo is from Darius Bashar at Unsplash.com.

For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows a woman sitting at a desk writing something down in a notebook. She’s sitting inside and is framed by a window.


She had dreamed of this day for years. Writing her great novel wasn’t all that difficult, because she had a lot of stories in her. It was the publication of the book that took so much effort and time. And money too. And now she was a published author.

Her next step was to talk to a book store owner to stock her books and to arrange a book signing on the first day. Though she was a newbie, he agreed to her plan as she was very nice to talk to and the fact that she was young and pretty didn’t hurt either.

Now she sat here nervously, waiting for her first sale. Perhaps it was the beginning of a wonderful career.

Written for FFFC # 151, hosted by Fandango



Where did he go?

I knew he had already arrived at the rendezvous point because I could see the luminous footprints leading to the closed door.

It may be a messy way, but I had no other way to keep track of my invisible friend. There was a thin film of luminous paint on the soles of his shoes and now I could see the footsteps leading to our rendezvous point.

I opened the door and groped for the light switch in the darkness. As the room lit up, there was a loud cheer of happy birthday and I could see lots of my friends were gathered there to wish me happy birthday. I was pleasantly surprised, but my eyes kept on trying to find my invisible friend. I couldn’t see him among the crowd.

Where did he go?

Did he thought that I didn’t need him now that I had so many visible friends there?


Written for FSS # 25 , hosted by Fandango



At last, it’s done.

Ah! Yes, it’s all done.

Everything she had on her list to finish was ticked. Cathy was just glad that now she could just lay back and enjoy few moments of peace and quiet.

The house was clean, dinner cooked and she had even managed to wrap the presents before the family was due to arrive. Her living room smelled nice and fresh with the new pine scented diffuser she had bought.

The front door bell rang. She was puzzled, it wasn’t time yet. She got up to see who was at the door.

A surprise visit from her brother and his family, and they brought their 2 year old dog, Maxi with them too. Within a few minutes the living room was in shambles, the carpet had muddy paw prints all over it and the kids were bouncing on the sofa kicking the cushions like a ball.

Well, It was good while it lasted, but better to have a noisy, messy home than a silent and clean one.


The photo below is from Leyne @ Morguefile.com.

(For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows the crossed legs and feet of a woman seated with her legs stretched out in front of her. The photo is shot from the perspective of the woman looking into the room.)

Written in response to FFFC # 148, hosted by Fandango



WDYS # 112 – A Roundup post


We dream of heavenly intervention 

Someone to descend from above to save us

Prayers uttered in sincerity, faithfully

Heartfelt tears shed on the plight of humans

We forget that God helps those who help themselves

Before handing over all of our troubles to higher power

Take some concrete steps to right the wrongs yourself


Fantastic response again this week in response to this image. Please click on the links to read the contributions of our lovely participants.

Mich; An Angel in soliloquy

Jude; City of angles

Chris Hall; Tender is the night

Lady Lee Manila; Angel

Lauren; What do you see # 112

Mason; The descent of angels

Keith; Why do I bother?

Radhika; The unseen Angel

Reena; Petrified

Ladysighs; No Angels

Sri; Who’s the true Angel here?

Susi; Birds of a feather

Melanie; What do you see # 112

Dora; Last days

Diana; My wings are wide

Carol Anne; What do you see # 112

Eugenia; City dweller

Em Kingston; I got you

Jim; Decommissioned

Indira; What do you see # 112

Shreya; A white Angel

Marla; Eight nights, perfect nights

Di; The protector

Ami; Left vs right

Punam; Melancholia

Nope, not Pam; What Do You See # 112

Fandango; A new normal

Jules; Metamorphosis

Suzette; Quote + Haiku WDYS # 112

Pamela; What do you see # 112

Jeff; Our final prayer

Kittysverses; Almost obscure

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Perfect revenge

Cranny has given us this image;


Written for 1 minute fiction, hosted by Cranny

Be afraid, be very very afraid. I’m plotting a revenge that you cannot even imagine. How dare you sit in MY chair, take MY blanket and did all that without even feeding me MY dinner?

Just give me a few hours to come up with the perfect plan!