Daily Prompts

Want to see the diversity of life, visit the zoo

There are so many animals in all shapes, sizes, and colors

Empirical evidence that coexistence is possible

No one needs to feel more powerful or privileged than others

When you look around your garden you’ll see again

All plant life in perfect harmony with each other

Then what explains the urge of humans to feel superior

To people who are different in looks and background

How could the color of skin or race determine

What lies beneath is what is of paramount importance

A conversation in earnest needs to start among us all

Caution is required when addressing issues of sensitivity

Do speak up and share your views and concerns

Come together as one whole not pieces divided

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Garden, Determine, Conversation





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Share You’re World- 29-6-20

Melanie is the host of SYW


Must we have evidence to know the truth?

Mostly we do. Unless we can just see it plain as the day. But then that too is evidence. So I think in all aspects of the material world we do need evidence to believe if something is true or not.

The only exception is the spiritual beliefs. Here we go by what our heart knows to be the truth without having solid evidence.

How much control does a person have over their life?

I don’t think we have a lot of control over our lives. We are born in a family without given a choice. The circumstances of our upbringing are also pre-determined. As adults, we make choices and have some control over our lives but we still are affected by what’s going around us. So a safe bet would be 50-50 split.

What is gravity and how does it work?

Gravity is when Mother Earth calls you for a hug.

Or when your hair defy it by standing on your head and other body parts which could have done better by staying in their respective positions, sag down.

Can a person be happy if they have never experienced sadness?  How about vice versa?

I think we can. But would we appreciate it that much if we didn’t know the other side of the spectrum!

Would we realize that being happy is a blessing not conferred on everyone? I think we won’t value happiness that much if we didn’t know sadness.


Please feel free to share a song, a poem, a quote, or an image or photo to show what you were grateful for during this past week. 

This little guy just stayed long enough for me to take its picture.

The truth!



Relatability and resonance

Rory has asked a set of questions on his blog;

24 Hour Blog Question Directory

The Resonation of Relatability?

How important to you is it for you to have a level of resonation or relatability to the blog and bloggers you read from weekly or does it not matter and you read purely for the escapism, learning or entertainment factor and so on? 

Mostly the blogs I follow have to have a degree of relatability otherwise I don’t follow them. The thoughts and the content has to gel with me before I make visiting them a daily feature.

There are a few which are either hilarious or entertaining which also are on my reading list. Short stories, poems or funny anecdotes all to lighten up my day.

Do you like to balance your reading or focus on specific genres only?

I think my reading is pretty balanced. But I don’t go out of my way to include blogs which are totally opposite to my way of thinking. That would be just too much to swallow. But if a blogger that I follow has an opinion which is opposed to mine, I will not only read it but also try to look at things from their perspective.

Finally do you need to ‘get your blogger to get your blogger?’ or do you get the blogger anyway whatever?

This question seems to be a puzzle!

I get what a person is writing but do I completely get them?

Some I do because I’ve been following them for most of the time I have been blogging and there are some that are new and I don’t know them that well.

Reading and perusing a blog gives the ideal opportunity to know the person behind that writing.

Sense and Sensibility

Sense and sensibility is a famous book by Jane Austin. It explores the relationship between common sense and being overly sensitive to circumstances and people around you.

The theme of the story always intrigued me. I want to know that are these qualities mutually exclusive or a person can have a bit of both?

Let’s take sense, or to be exact, common sense first.

As someone said common sense is not common at all. In fact, few people are endowed with it. It is the balance which helps us decide which course of action we should take in our day to day life. How should we behave, how should we react and what choices we should make. No denying the fact that having common sense is a very useful asset. Being able to objectively weigh the pros and cons of a situation and make a decision based on that is a very valuable quality. If during these decision-making periods we lay our emotions out of the equation, we have more chances of making rational decisions and won’t have to regret our actions later.

Now if we are emotional and overly sensitive, or have “too much sensibility” then we are liable to make our decisions emotionally. Being ruled by the heart instead of the head. Being too sensitive, or having too much sensibility can make emotional upheaval a part of one’s life. One is liable to get upset easily, get hurt by things people say or do, and overall the life is pretty much beset by highs and lows. But being sensitive also means that a person will have more empathy. They will be able to understand the problems of others and identify with their pain.

But where does the balance lies?

I think the perfect balance of this equation lies in being pragmatic. Take life and emotions both realistically and when making any decisions, weigh the pros and cons in a mature way. Let your emotions or even instincts play a role in your decision making but not the major role.

Let’s say that head should make the decision in consultation with the heart!

Or sometimes, we can go with this saying;

“Close your eyes and open your mind”

I am using this photo from Glen as a part of my post.

Glen is hosting a challenge “Lynn’s Tuesday Picture Prompt.

Please go and check it out.

Share Your World- 22-6-20

Melanie is the host of SYW

the ‘it’s a crime’ version.  I’m going to ask all crime and philosophies about crime in this week’s share.  


Have you ever ‘dined and dashed” (i.e. eaten the meal and then run out the restaurant door without paying)?

What me…….

I would never even think of doing something like that. First of all, I don’t have the guts to do it.

Secondly even as a young person I lacked the sense of adventure to do something like this. And it does take guts and a sense of adventure to do something like this!

Have you ever been in a car accident and either left the scene of the accident (providing it was a fender bender and not serious) or denied culpability for causing it when you did, (if it were minor or serious)?

Thankfully, never. Though once the other person lammed it after he had rammed his car into mine on rain-slicked road. The only time I did a runner was when I flipped a bird at a man driving recklessly and on the wrong side of the road and he got so angry that he turned around and started following my car. I panicked and drove straight home and locked the gate. Thankfully he didn’t catch me on the road. I never did that again.

(Oldie which has been asked many times before)   Have you ever found a wallet or purse or some money (over $20) in the street and just taken it, thinking ‘finders keepers, losers weepers?   Or would you be ‘good’ and hand it in?  

You can guess my answer to this one too. I don’t pick up anything that I find lying around. Money or wallet. Once I found someone’s credit card on the street and since the issuing bank was a few steps away, I handed it in.

What was the last thing you stole or shoplifted?   If you never ever considered doing that, tell us your secret!   🙂


I guess I am a boring person.


I loved the posts Melanie shared on her blog about being kind.

This week I have a personal goal to share that I am very proud of.

After a looooong time, I have fitted into a jean which is a regular size, as opposed to a plus size jean. I am pretty chuffed about it.

I found these guys having a party one day. No thoughts of social distancing!



Sunday Thoughts- I’m no Superwoman!

When the will to live is strong, it will find a way to take root

If the survival instinct is the driving force, it will find a way

To prosper, to thrive and to forge ahead

I am no superwoman, I have no special powers

But I have the drive to live a good life

I struggle just like others, I face obstacles and roadblocks

Moving on and getting on with the task at hand

It is a sure-fire way to overcome hardships in life

I am no hero

I am a survivor




Tale Weaver – #280 – Tickets – June 18th.

Michael is the host of Tale Weaver



The ticket stub lay on the road, forgotten

It blew with the air here and there

The journey that it represented was over

Another day had gone and the night was looming

Tomorrow she would buy another ticket

To ride the metro all day long

No destination was planned just the ride was the aim

What could a homeless person do when there wasn’t

A place to live, a place to eat or sleep even

Here at least she could sit, get protected from elements

The hot days, cold nights, rain-drenched streets

She wasn’t alone, there were many of them

Seeking some refuge from the circumstances that

Life had pushed them into unwillingly, unprepared

( During my stay in Seattle, I find it heartbreaking to see so many homeless people wandering the streets, riding the buses all day long, and sleeping in the streets. And this is one of the prosperous cities of the USA!)

The Prompt;

This week write your response to the word ‘Tickets’.



Reena Exploration Challenge # 140 – Gaining Freedom

Reena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge

Welcome back to the Exploration Challenge!


The theme for this week is


Going by the dictionary, it is

“a holiday celebrated on 19 June to commemorate the emancipation of enslaved people in the US.”

I would take it ahead to celebrate emancipation or liberation of any kind – physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. 


Cut the chain and set me free

Lift the bonds of servitude imposed

For centuries I have been humbled

Held in captivity and used, abused

You think I am not your equal

Not fit to sit on the same table as you

You still segregate if only in your minds

Call me black or brown with distrust in your heart

My character blackened for many many years

Bear the fruit of the label I today reluctantly wear

I may appear free but invisible chains

Still bind my progress in this so-called fair world

Cut my chains and set me free

For real

It is time



Think on it Thursday- Silence!

Nova of Nova’s Namestè has asked us;

She says;

I have a question for you, do you think, silence will keep you protected? When? Or Why Not? 


Staying silent when we need to talk

Whispering when we need to shout

Does it makes it safer for us

Tyranny spreads like wildfire

If you let one part of your world burn

How do you think you will be safe

From the flames of this blaze

A blaze that can only be quenched by us

Standing together and raising our voice

As one!

Don’t stay silent

Add your voice to that of the collective conscience



Fandango’s Provocative Question #74- What, when and why


FPQWelcome once again to Fandango’s Provocative Question.

Which pre-pandemic activities are you ready to resume (or have you already resumed)? Which, if any, pre-virus activities are you likely to continue to avoid?


Since the lockdown started in Seattle, I am living with my elder daughter and grandson. What I do, when I do it, and how I do it has an impact on their lives too. So though I would love to go out, to get a nice haircut, or a hair color at a salon, I have to weigh my options against the risk of inadvertently exposing them to the Covid-19. I am also obliged to follow the house rules of my daughter and she thinks I need to be extra careful due to my underlying health issues.

So though I would like to resume a few of the post lockdown activities, I don’t. The only outings I’ve had are my two daily walks and a few times to UPS store to post Amazon returns.

For me, there is really no hurry to jump back into social life.

There is ample time to do that when things settle down. Right now I am grateful for the services like instacart who deliver to our doorstep, whatever we order. Then there is Amazon which is practically delivering anything you want. They are my go-to app for anything from Levi’s jeans to body shop products. And if I don’t want or like any of the things I order, they are too willing to take them back with a full and usually instant refund.

So I am staying at home. Being safe and keeping others safe too!

I think it is where my comfort level lies.




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