Friday Flashback- Thursday Photo Prompt- Afar # WritePhoto

I am sharing this post from November 2019 as a part of Fandango Friday Flashback

Sue Vincent is the host of Thursday Photo Prompt

Welcome to this week’s writephoto prompt.

For visually challenged writers, the image shows green fields leading to distant, snow-covered hills, lit with the pink-gold glow of sunset.


It looks too far to be attainable, I think

A long trek through difficult terrain

Uneven ground to be covered, step hills to climb

The horizon looks inviting with a crimson glow

But I am not sure that I have the sustained will

To go all the way to reach the apex of the peak

Giving up even before I set on the journey is defeatist

I chide my failing resolution and negative thinking

Buckle up and look on the bright side I say to myself

Nothing is gained if one doesn’t try to put an effort

If the first step is not ventured, the chances of success are nil




Daily Prompts- A dried rose

In this jungle of broken humanity

I search for decency and kindness

In remembrance of days of yore

I feel deprived of values we treasured

Scarred are the hearts which were bearers

Of selfless love and kindness to strangers

Now we see scalawags and pretenders

Self-absorbed and staring at their own reflections

A pouty moue evident of the disregard they have

Of the thoughts and feelings of those around them

Yes, in this jungle of broken humanity

I look for the fragrant rose which has died long ago

Now only limp shriveled buds hang their heads

In shame and in mourning of the humanity that’s broken

In response to the following prompts;




Fragrant, Limp, Scarred





Word of the day challenge;




Lynn’s Tuesday Picture Prompt # 21

Glen is the host of LTPP

Art(including pictures and images)should evoke an emotional response in those who are viewing them. That’s why art can leave such a long-lasting and poignant imprint within the depths of our psyche

Your challenge or writing prompt is this:

  • what emotions or feelings get evoked or aroused in you when you look at this photograph taken by Lynn

Remember, the goal isn’t necessarily to tell me and others exactly what the picture is.

The creative goal for all of us is “what does the picture evoke in you; what emotion; feeling; memory or whatever it may be – what does it arouse in you and to share it that with others.

Our Week 21 prompt was taken last New Years’ Eve as the sun was setting over Georgian Bay, about 15 minutes from the “old homestead.” The ending of one time period combined with the anticipation and hope that the next day will dawn fresh with a clean slate for the future.


Dawn is that time of the day

When hope wakes up with a smile

What the day may bring we look with anticipation

Joy bubbles up and spills out of our eyes

A new day is always a chance for us

To begin again and make this day

The best day of our lives so far




Daily Prompts – We all have a choice

We can choose to see an upset as an obstacle

Or consider it an opportunity to open another door

A storm can cause destruction but can also be a precursor

Of new life and growth after the old one perishes

We always have a choice in how we view our lives

Our vision can be of the wonderful that brightens the world

Or we can be overwhelmed with the dark of the horizon

I don’t mean to just pacify you with empty platitudes

But to show you a lucid dream that can very well be the reality

People ask, “What is the meaning of life?”

For me, it represents a fixed time allotted to me

That I can either spend in a way that benefits only me and mine

Or I can spend that time in a way that helps those around me

So that when I pass away, the deeds I did would be remembered

With kindness and smiles!

In response to the following prompts;




Vision, Wonderful, Brighten





Word of the day challenge;


Living our best lives;

The meaning of life

Friday Fun- Beauty

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

we all see ‘beauty’ in very different ways …
I see it in nature, in kind hearts as it radiates out

please share your version of beauty 
link it back here then explore others interpretations


Superficial beauty fades with time

The beauty of a soul never goes away

It is embedded in the kind twinkle in the eye

It is hidden in the loving smile that encourages

It is in the hand that helps secretly without fanfare

We often crave the superficial glamour in the hope

That when we acquire it we will be beautiful too

Instead of this if we look and find that inner glow

That lights up our soul with beautiful thoughts




Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 159

Reena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge


Imagine a slice of your life, or the whole personality framed on the wall. What would you like to see there?

A poem, a quote, a story, a picture or a work of art?

I invite you to write one or more pieces or post a collage you would like to see in the frame.

In the process, I might get to know you better 


There I am

Hanging around

Ready to be helpful

Do you want a helping hand or advice on some medical issues?

Or a thorny problem needing to be sorted out?

I am forever ready to be that shoulder to lean on

Or the friend that you can count on

That is how I will like you to think of me

A person who was willing to be there for you

I am always striving to kind and thoughtful

To be genuine and generous with my time and feelings

I am ready to listen

I am here for you




Daily Prompts- Live in the day

Beware, be vigilant

It creeps up on you

Takes you unawares

Tries to drown the joie de vie

Sap the buoyant spirit of soul

Can really jeopardize the enjoyment of today

It can seriously hurt your chances of having a wonderful day

Fear of impending doom hanging like the sword of Damocles

Alway like a ton of bricks, weighing you down

So be careful and shun it always before it takes root

What may happen in future will be faced when that day dawns

Right now you have today to live to the fullest

And make it the best day of your life!

In response to the following prompts;




Tap, Hurt, Twin





Word of the day challenge;




Daily Prompts- A healing thought

Dear friend;

I don’t know the extent of your illness

Nor can I presume to know much about the treatment

But I know that you are facing it like the brave person you are

I do hope that the treatment promises you a speedy recovery

And that sublime state of good health be yours sooner rather than later

Sending you healing thoughts and warm hugs

May God’s grace be with you now and always, Amen

( My wishes for friends going through a rough time due to health issues)

In response to the following prompts;




Brave, Prim, Flair





Word of the day challenge;




Saturday Symphony- Eye of the storm

Jude is the host of Saturday Symphony



In the worst moments of this pandemic, what has brought you the most joy and peace?

Where is your eye in this storm?

Share with us through any form of writing, images or art.


I carry a secret world inside my mind

It goes with me wherever I find myself

It is my safe heaven, it is my eye in the storm

I don’t need a physical place to feel safe as long as I

Have my secret world where I can seek shelter

From the upheavals and turbulence of life

From the hostility of circumstances and of people

I have created this place where I am alone with my thoughts

And where I can talk to my Creator and share my woes




Rory Asks- Have I or have you…..

A thought-provoking question from Rory;

How about you?

I am curious to know …… Have you earned your place on this planet yet and if so how?”

I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble.  The world is moved along, not only by the mighty shoves of its heroes, but also by the aggregate of the tiny pushes of each honest worker.”

Helen Keller

I believe that we all can do whatever is in our power to put things right on this planet of ours. Both environmentally and consumption wise, we need to be careful about our resources. Even turning off the tap in between soaping and washing helps save this planet’s resources.

I do what I can. Walking when the car is not necessary, turning off extra lights and fan when not needed, and switching off air conditioning and heaters are some of the ways I try to conserve energy.

I try to reduce waste and reuse things whenever I can. Not using aerosols is also very important. I get the car regularly checked up to prevent excessive exhaust emissions.

I also advise people around me to conserve water and energy.

I am trying to live a minimalist lifestyle and hope that it will do some good for the planet.

We don’t need to do great things to help save our planet. Each little deed and thought helps!

Are you doing your bit?


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