February Poetry Challenge- Tanka for a loved one

The Challenge;

Your February challenge is to write a tanka poem about a dear person or companion animal

Write a tanka poem in English or Spanish about a dear person or pet in English or Spanish. Tanka format is five unrhymed lines, syllable count; 5-7-5-7-7. Deadline: Sunday, February 5, noon CST (GMT-6). G-rated please. If you are a blogger, please publish your poem on your website with the hashtag #ffpoemapop and link to this page by Feb. 5


I love him, no doubt

While Sitting comfortably

In cozy silence

Words deemed unnecessary

Heart speaks to heart quietly


Written for February Poetry Challenge, hosted by Rebecca



Time; our friend or enemy

Each take is unique, and that is the beauty of a writing prompt. It takes each one of us on a different trail”

The hands of the clock

Revolve and come back

But the time flows

In one direction only

Like a river the waters of which

Never pass a point again

Lovers meet, embrace and separate

Time decides where,when, and how

Time is the important quotient

In the equation of life

The rise and fall of people

All depends on where they stand

In relation to ever-passing time


Written in response to RXC 266, hosted by Reena



Without God?

It is a line prompt this week. Let’s see where it takes you.

You live in a world where no Gods exist”


If I lived in a world where no God existed

It would be a world devoid of kindness and good

If I lived in a world where there wasn’t a Divine presence

I would feel like I am existing in a barren landscape

Without a benevolent God to whom I can pray

I would be lost in a sea of uncertainty and hopelessness

In fact there would be no world if there was no God

For nothing would exist without the Creator and His creations

Thankfully I bow my head in submission to God

Who created me, nurtured me and provided for me


Written in response to; RXC Prompt #265, hosted by Reena




I wish I had a grandma who would tell me stories, spoil me

But both of my grandmothers were disciplinarians in their own way

No loving smiles passed my way, no spontaneous hugs given

Always righting my wrongs, full of advice on behavior, deportment

Perhaps they both loved me and thought they might spoil me

If they showed their love too openly it might just go to my head

I have retaliated in the only way I know how

By being the exact opposite of them when it comes to being the grandmother

To my grandkids, I’m the one spoiling them, doting on them, and loving them

After all, a family is blessed with grandparents for this purpose only!


Written for JusJoJan- Family, Prompted by Jill, hosted by Linda

Also included dVerse prompt- Grandmothers, hosted by Sarah




SoCS and JusJoJan- I’m counting on it!

I am counting on it that you will

Call me or write to me when you’re away

Because you know that I will miss you every minute

I am your mother and I know you so well

I know that the thought of me wanting by the phone

Will make you pick up your phone and dial home


I ask myself that you still haven’t called?

Are you okay? Are you too busy or have just forgotten?

There is a sound and my heart breaks

I can feel the pain when splinters pierce my skin


The phone is ringing and it is you

Your flight got delayed because of the weather

And you want me to know that you miss me

My heart mends itself and the world rights itself

My baby is doing well and I need not worry anymore


A few years back, with my kids away from home, I was the one sitting by the phone, waiting for them to call. Many parents have gone through this cycle of emotions just because their child called later than expected.

Your prompt for #JusJoJan the 21st and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “count on it.” Use the phrase “count on it” somewhere in your post. Enjoy!

Written for JusJoJan and SoCS, hosted by Linda




Blessings- A re-share from 2020- March

Trust and faith sometimes can be frangible

We pay penalty for losing our hope with unhappiness

I would rather sing odes to the blessings which

I and my household are endowed with, innumerable

Nothing epic, all simple ordinary things I can count

But each and everyone one of them makes my heart stout

This gratitude starts the journey initially

And takes me to the road of marvelous discoveries 


I wrote this poem in March 2020 in response to daily prompts. It fits the prompt so well that I’ve decided to re-share it here.

Written for JusJoJan-Gratitude Prompted by Carol Anne, hosted by Linda



A True Story

Once upon a time I wanted to be a healer. I studied diligently, got into a good med school and studied there for four years. When I was just one year away from obtaining my degree, I got married because my father had found a good match for me and I took his advice, put my Studies on hold and get married.

I never completed my course and instead became a mom to three brilliant children. All are now successful in their lives and are wonderful parents.

The purpose of this story is to express my gratitude to my late father who was instrumental in my marriage and found a perfect match for me. Right now I could’ve been a doctor but instead I was a stay at home mom, looked after my family, treated their illnesses, and earned the gratitude of my family and friends for giving them the right advice at the right time concerning medical issues.

What life holds in store for us, we can never tell but whatever happened in my life was best for me!

Your prompt for #JusJoJan the 14th and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “once upon a time.” Start your post with “Once upon a time,” then write whatever comes to you, whether it be fact or fiction. Have fun!

Written for JusJoJan and SoCS, hosted by Linda




My word of the year- Faith- WQ# 1


To open this challenge, I invite you to reflect on your year once more. Instead of thinking about what went wrong, think about what went right last year and build on strength as you consider resolutions and inspiring words for this year.


What was last year all about? It tested us, our resolve and commitments. I think what held me and mine strong all through the rough/ tough times was our Faith. So I chose Faith as my word of the year and resolve to hang on to it in good and bad circumstances.


Faith is the anchor

That stabilizes your boat

There’ll always be storms

But faith will be the saving force

That will tide you over even when

You brain says that all hope is lost!

Believing in the unseen

Taking that first step on the path

Holding on to the guidance

Never a doubt in the heart

When the strength of our beliefs

Conquer our fears of what can be

We become stronger with each day

And emerge victorious in all adversities


Written in response to; WQ #1 January 4: RESOLUTIONS v WORD OF THE YEAR/LOGO REVEAL, hosted by Marsha



Poverty of soul

Murisopsis the poet of the week has asked us to write a poem of exactly 14 lines on poverty

Murisopsis’ prompt guidelines

Write a poem:

  1. Of exactly 14 lines;
  2. In any form or style; 
  3. On the topic of poverty(moral, financial, romantic, etc.).


Wealth doesn’t makes us rich

Richness of the spirit and soul needed

Needs and wants vying with each other

Others dreaming of what we have

Have and have-not in a clear dichotomy

Dichotomy dividing the society

Society in disarray

Disarray of the soul

Souls deprived of true values

Values that give purpose to lives

Lives lived empty, in a moral vacuum

Vacuum that expands to envelope our beings

Our beings empty like deflated balloons

Wealth and riches are useless, if we have poverty of spirit


Written for; W3 # 36, hosted by David



Taking a break

January 2, 2023, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about a sabbatical. Who needs one or has had one? What kind of tension could a rest create? Where can a break take your story? Go where the prompt leads!


Can I take a break from parenting? A sabbatical from being a mom?

Ah….I know the answer so don’t bother replying. Once a mom, always a mom, even when we don’t need to be. All my kids have crossed their thirtieth birthday, and officially I am not required to mother them. But….

My mother hen instincts override the reality of reason and need many a time and I carry on as if their welfare depends on my actions, till they, irritated tell me to step out of the way so that they can carry on with their parenting duties.


Word count; 99

In response to 99 Word Story- Sabbatical, hosted by Charli Mills