What do you see # 6 Roundup


A break in the overhanging canopy

Lets a beam of sunlight illuminating

My dull and dark day and changing

The whole world for me into a golden glow


Thank you so much dear friends for participating in week 6 of the Prompt;

What do you see.

We had lovely posts, stories, and poems this week as the weeks before. Please do enjoy the offerings by other bloggers on the photo.



Susi Bocks


























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Is It Wise To Start A Blog In December?

Read this new bloggers! More useful tips for new bloggers.

Renard's World


As far as I know, the majority of the people who created blogs (especially the personal bloggers) did not do any major planning as to when they wanted to launch their blog (They simply did it on a whim).

Realistically speaking, the only type of bloggers that really thinks things through, are the business-related bloggers.

The truth is that countless people are going to create blogs for the month of December (Whether or not if they succeed, is entirely up to the effort that they put out).

Also, launching a blog in the month of December can be quite challenging.

Are you one of those people who recently started a blog of your own for the month of December?

If you have said, “Yes,” you are definitely in for the ride of your life.

December Is One Of The Busiest Months Of The Year

Most people are aware of the…

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Daily Prompts- Translation please!

It is a difficult task to understand the younger generation these days. I sometimes feel as if we need a translator for communicating with them. The new slangs, terms and acronyms are totally confusing for me, and I think people of my generation.

Turns and twists on the modern day terminology are bamboozling and can mean something entirely different than what we think. Alternating between amusement and frustration I try to get what my grand son and his friends mean when they use words like “savage” “goat” “snatched” “100“!!! And don’t get me started on the acronyms! I have to google what these letters stand for. Apparently being a “savage” is a good thing and so is a “goat“- Greatest of all times! I must be spending my life under a stone or something to be so out of touch with the language of today!

The map for language used these days is obscure to me and I have lost the ability to communicate with the younger people.

I am afraid to use old complimentary phrases, however tasteful they maybe because they may mean the total opposite of what I think. One day being a Scrooge may mean something good!

In response to the following prompts;

3TC ;

Alternate, It, Turn





Word of the day Challenge;







Fandango Friday Flashback-FPQ # 4

For Fandango Friday Flashback, I am posting my post from 6th Dec, 19.

“Is it better to know or is it better to not know?”

This the latest FPQ, posed by Fandango, of This ,That and the Other.

My answer to this is, yes. Most empathetically yes!

Knowledge is the key to understanding. Not only the world around us but ourselves too. Knowing the answers or at least trying to know is our instinct. The result is all the development in the world today.

Knowing the facts in life makes the decision process easy. It also provides the insight into the workings of all that surrounds us. That is how the technology came into being.

Knowing our own strengths and weaknesses can lead us to manage our lives in a better way. Similarly the knowledge of these qualities in others is also a big factor in how we deal with them.

Knowing about our moral creed saves us from confusion and gives us an anchor in life. It serves a basis upon which we build our faith. And is essential for our spiritual well-being.

Knowing about what illnesses we have had, have and could have is also very important for our physical survival. Know what foods are good for us and which ones are harmful. What are health promoting habits and which can be detrimental for our health are all fact that come from knowledge.

In conclusion I would say that if we want to live a life of ease and enlightenment, we should strive to KNOW!

Check out the latest FPQ, from Fandango!




10 Ways To Attract New Readers

Renard has some very useful tips for us to increase our readership.

Renard's World

Ten (Photo credit: Pixabay)

Since the dawn of the blogosphere, people have been trying to come up with new ways of attracting readers (Some of the methods that they came up with worked while others did not).

As content creators, we would like it a lot if people took the time to read our blog posts (But, in order for that to happen, people need to know of our blog’s existence).

The last thing that any blogger wants is working arduously at creating content for their blog and having those well-written blog posts go unnoticed.

So, without further ado, I am going to share with you ten simple methods of attracting readers to your blog.

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Fandango’s Provocative Question #51


FPQWelcome once again to Fandango’s Provocative Question.

My provocative question today is about blogging etiquette. 

When it comes to pointing out grammatical or usage mistakes of others, McKean wrote, “Be honest with yourself: do you really care about helping the other person, or do you just want the thrill of being right?”

So this leads me to today’s provocative question.

If people find typos or grammatical, punctuation, spelling, or usage errors in your posts, do you welcome having them pointed out to you, or do you resent it. As a blogger do you let people know about such mistakes or do you just let them go?

My response;

Working on us # 26- Codependency and it’s psychological effects

Beckie is the host of Working On Us

Hello, All! Welcome back to “Working on Us” – A series that represents people with mental health illnesses/disorders. 

Help Break The Stigma Surrounding Mental Health


This week on, “Working on Us”,  We’re going to explore the psychological effects of codependency.  The definition of codependency is excessive emotional or psychological reliance on a partner, typically one who requires support on account of an illness or addiction. 

Note: The definition refers to “Partner”, this is not necessarily the case.  Family members and friends alike can be affected by codependency too.


After reading this long list of signs of co-dependency, I have realized that I suffered from this condition for most of my adult life. I always thought that it was my personality type but now I realize that it was due to the trauma of losing my mom at a young age.

I was trying to please the grown-ups in my life, would take any critical opinion as a personal insult, would sacrifice my own needs for those of others and generally behave like a doormat. I also suffered from low self-esteem and was afraid of offending others by stating my views and opinions about anything. This went on for a long time even after I was married and not living under the oppressive circumstances that prevailed while living with my stepmother. The reason I think was that I had conditioned my thinking to be codependent.

I eventually broke out of this mold I had created for myself. It was a gradual transition, not an overnight change. I think what brought me out of this way of thinking and existing was that I grew in confidence. I realized my self-worth through the encouragement of my husband and family. I was made to feel that I mattered, my opinion mattered and that I was knowledgeable. These were empowering feelings and resulted in gradually cracking the walls that I had built around my emotions and needs.

Codependency is a very dangerous thing as the person themselves chooses this way of thinking and acting. They often undermine their own interests and are punishing themselves for the crimes they never committed. Taking responsibility for the mistakes of others and trying to please everyone are few of the onerous responsibilities they burden themselves with.

I hope that anyone who has this condition, should realize that they cannot carry the weight of pleasing everyone on their shoulders, and try to break out of this way of thinking.



Facts about Codependency #codependency #NewHealthTips


The route I’m choosing this week is to write a narrative if you or someone you know is codependent.  The reason behind me choosing the narrative is because there are so many facets and directions this particular topic covers.


Healing codependency | codependency recovery | relationship problems | codepende... - #codepende #codependency #healing #problems #Recovery #Relationship


See, I told you… Codependency is a long list of several different dimensions in which to go. When submitting your narrative please try to keep it to a 1500 word cap. I’d greatly appreciate it.




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  • There are no right or wrong answers.  Write in any format you see fit.  (Answer’s, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, poem, short prose…anything, and/or narrative).
  • You can do one or all prompts.
  • You have from December 4th through December 10th to submit your entries.

  • Please reblog the original post in order to spread more awareness.
  • ( If you the blogger have a suggestion/question you want to ask in the future weeks, please submit them in the comment section of this post).
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you don’t owe anyone a second (or third or forth) chance to keep hurting you. if they loved + valued you, they would act like it... I promise. ~ xx M #narcissisticabuse #narcissist #codependency #quote #divorce #narcissism #abuserecovery




Tuesday Writing Prompt- Leaving

Today’s prompt: Write a piece of prose around the question: Write a poem or prose around the word “leaving”

I am leaving today to return one day

Don’t think that this is the last you’ll see of me

It is essential for me to grow and spreads my wings

I need to learn to fly and fend for myself

Leave the cozy nest and venture out on my own

It’s a wrench to leave you and dad but I must

The world is out there calling to me

It’s a bye for now till we meet again

Not a goodbye for you’re sure to see me soon

In response to;

Tuesday Writing Prompt- Leaving



Daily Prompts – Don’t scratch the itch

You feel irritation and want to scratch

The desire to do so gradually takes over

Pulls our mind again and again towards it

We know very well it may cause damage

But it’s hard to resist the heavy pull

Once you start to scratch this itch

It never goes away and you are at it repeatedly

The same hold true for problems in life

If you let any get under your skin to cause an itch

It will become the focus of your attention

And distract you from living your life well

The life we live in real-world is seldom enchanted

And issues pop up every once in a while

Dealing with them in a pragmatic manner

And not getting emotionally involved is the key

Don’t let the itch get the better of you

Let it know you’re the boss!

In response to the following prompts;


Name, Pull, Heavy










Blogging- Write clear and simple

Sometimes you come across a very well written post that gives you food for thought, is uplifting, amuses you or educates you. And I think most of us read blogs or books for this purpose. To gain something out of it.

Now there are many posts that though are well written in their usage of words or rhymes but expressed in such a way that you don’t get their meaning after reading them several times. And in the end, you’re not sure that you have understood what the writer is trying to say.

When you want to leave a response to a post like this, you’re not sure what to say. It becomes a difficult task and a lot of time is wasted in deliberation. If like me you are a fastidious person and leaving an appropriate comment is important to you, you may leave without saying anything. Because saying nothing is better than saying the wrong thing. Or one can join them and write something obscure!

So my word of advice to these verbose bloggers, please write simply and clearly. That would carry your message to others in a better and effective manner. Leave the use of difficulty phrases and obsolete words for the occasions when you want to confuse people! Like in a verbal duel.

It is the hallmark of a good writer that they use easy to understand words and say what they want in a clear and concise manner.

In response to the following prompts;


Leave, Response, Join





Word of the day Challenge;







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