MLMM- Tale Weaver #262 – Carry – February 13th 2020

Michael is the host of Tale Weaver.



Carrying a load on your shoulders

Stooped and bend under the weight

Lay it down and take a breather for a while

This weight is not yours alone to bear, you know

We all share in the responsibility of creating

This situation, which is the reason for your anguish

Save the planet!



Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 122

Reena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge


Credit: Daniel Salmieri in A Velocity of Being


It could be time to look up, to see

Connect with others near us

But all those I see around me are engrossed

Their devices hold their undivided attention

Who is sitting next to them, they don’t care

What amazing scenery could be seen if looked outside

It doesn’t matter to them at all

All the care for is the world held in their hands

The images and videos are of more significance

Than humans sharing their space

And yet, they call them means of communication!




What do you see # 17- February 17, 2020

First in this week, Di’s lovely and heart warming story, on the Prompt,
What do you see;


Thanks to Sadje for taking over this challenge since the sad loss of Hélène last year.

This week’s image credit is from Lisa Fotios- Pixabay
My name is Shaggy.
Every day I sit here on the bed and wait.
For him.
He’s a shy little thing, but he took to me like a duck to water as they say.
As you can see, I’m no duck.
I am special though.
Originally I was just a toy, but now I am more than that.
A surrogate if you like.
He will cuddle in close, content in his world knowing I am here to watch over him.
He snores too, though he wouldn’t admit it, but I don’t mind. He had a tough start in life.
Ignored, he was left to his own devices and trusted no-one.
Dirty, tired and afraid, they brought him home and that’s where I came in.

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Fandango’s February Expressions #16


People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones








Another milestone in walking

Got this notification from Fitbit today
I got another badge from

It always is good to be rewarded and these always come along a surprise!

You all know that I love to walk! And also like cv to brag about my walking achievements!

Why? You ask!

It is an indirect way to encourage people to walk more. For walking holds the secret key to good health.

Not everyone can walk that much, I do know. And not everyone wants to walk, I know that too. But taking a few steps every day and gradually increasing them, can make a person who is not used to walking or fond of walking, towards building a habit of walking every day.

Walking can help control many health problems like hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes, obesity and the related issues of these diseases.

So are you going to join me in a stroll?





MLMM- Saturday Mix – Opposing Forces, 15 February 2020

Welcome to the Saturday Mix, 15 February  2020!

Our words this week are:

– mend and break

– noon and midnight


From morning to noon

From noon to midnight

It’s the same dull routine

Breaking and mending, perpetually

What, you ask is that I mend

After breaking it several times

I will tell you that the promises that I make

To myself, every day and then break every day

Promise to be stronger, to be kinder

To my own self first and then to others

Then when I am faced with situations

That makes me err and blunder, I then

Forget my promise and berate my clumsy self

Putting my self-respect and ego

On the shredded and pushing the button

But I do realize my mistake and promise anew

To be more forgiving and understanding

Of the faults we all have, being just humans


In response to;

Saturday Mix- Opposing forces



The real, really me # 17

Rory is the host of The Really you.

A Guy Called Bloke Banner The Really You JPEG

The Really You!

Season 1 – Game 17

Question Fun Directory

What is or who is The Really You? No, really, as in really you? Who are you really? That’s basically what this game is about – who are you – who is – the really you!

Every week – just three questions – about you to tell us!

• If you had more time per day how would you best use it? Currently, a day is 24 hours long, but if the day was 36 hours long so 12 hours longer – how would you occupy yourself?

Knowing the propensity of us humans to waste time, I won’t be surprised to see that we still want more time per day to do all that we want to do in a day!

If I had more time per day, I would use it to do fun things, like reading, watching my old favorite movies and having fun with family and friends. Another thing I’ll do with extra time would be to read all the blogs which I cannot do due to the lack of time! This is, I suppose the answer you’ll be getting from most of the bloggers here.

Everyone says they don’t have enough time every day, each day every day – so what is enough time per day – how much time would you need in your day to get everything done?

Well though I do say that if I had enough time I would do lots more, I have to admit honestly that I can fit in everything I want to do in my 24 hours day. It just needs planning and proper utilization of my time. Time can be stretched like a rubber band or a growing mushroom! And with planning and strategy, we can fit in our activities in one 24 hour day!

Do you think that you prioritize your daily active time well and if not could you squeeze any further time out to your advantage? If you do – since you started prioritizing your use of time – do you find your day easier?

I do feel that I am getting all that I want to be done for one day, at least on most days. There are days when I fall short of my target but I have stopped stressing about it and that helps me to catch up better!

Another paradox of time; When you feel you’re short on time, things remain unfinished and tasks, undone and when you’re sure that you will get things done, you actually can!




Five things- Things that fascinate me 😀

So sorry that I am late again!

I am thinking of shifting this Prompt to a Sunday as Thursdays didn’t work for me!

So on to this week’s five things;

5 Things; That Fascinate me;

• I find the working of the universe quite fascinating. I suppose it is so magnificent that most of the people if the really thought about it, would be spellbound like me. Just the scale of it is awe-inspiring.

• I am fascinated by the kindness shown to me. Perfect strangers are so thoughtful and kind at times that I am just staggered!

• The natural beauty is another thing that never fails to amaze or fascinate me. I have visited a lot of places in which I have wonderful memories.

Tulip Festival- Skagit Valley

Lake Quinault

• Human Brain is another fascinating subject. The ideas and stories I read are all so varied and so imaginative that it is close to incomprehensible. The Prompt That I run weekly, What do you see, is a perfect example of this. Almost each and every writer sees something different in the same picture and write a post which is unlike the rest of the others!

• At the same time, sometimes I am absolutely fascinated and bamboozled by how stupid some people can be at times. They exhibit a scant disregard for their own or the safety of others. Falling from heights while taking selfies, getting into a car accident while on the phone! They are just a couple of examples of what the human brain can do.

So here are my 5 Things.

If you like you can tell me 5 things that fascinate you in comments, or you can create a post on your blog and link it back to this one. And it is absolutely okay to mention as many or as few things that you think of.


Waiting for your responses.



Daily Prompts – Isolated Incident

How quick we are to form opinions

One isolated incident is enough for us

Generalizations and sweeping statements are a rule

Not the exception with most people

Why should we debate a point when we’ve already

Formed our opinion, made a judgment

Waiting and giving a decent chance is not our way

We don’t pamper the guilty with a fair trial

We condemn them like an errant spouse, who

Fails to do one task assigned to them

And would never hear the end of it

But see how quickly Tale turn

When we are facing the same situation

Now we are raising the voice, standing up

Do listen to our story without quick condemnation

Don’t you judge me on one isolated incident!




Chocolate, Isolated, Spouse





Word of the day you’re;








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