Where did the chill went?

WQ #5: February 1: CHILLY AIR

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Let a chilly quote inspire you to share your cold experiences and photos, or write a chilly story, or poem, Feel free to borrow my photos this week if they help you feel a twinge of chill.

A winter sunset

When February arrives, we know that spring is not far behind

We dream of putting away our woolies and think of flowers ready to bloom

The angle of the sun is changing and the morning light seems different now

Just a few more chilly days and then we’ll welcome spring

I want to walk outside early in the morning but it’s still cold so I only venture out to check the temperature and to take a few pictures of the sunrise. Our weather changes so rapidly at the end of winter that we jump directly from being quite cold to “ I need to turn on the fan” weather. So whatever is left of cold weather, we should savor.

We are lucky to have all four seasons where we live. Each season comes with its own beauty. The winter season is followed by spring. Spring gives way to summer and autumn follows summer. All are welcomed with a sigh of relief as it brings a much-awaited change. In fact, my favorite season is the changing season!

Written for; WQ #5- Chilly air, hosted by Marsha



One Liner- Endings and beginnings

January ended yesterday, February starts today. Each ending marks a new beginning! Go forth with enthusiasm and welcome the new day in!


My heartfelt thanks to Linda for hosting another terrific JuJoJan this year. It makes our new year beginning enthusiastic and energetic.

Written for Linda’s One Liner Wednesday





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The first quote ties up so well with the second one.

Life is a mystery

A shimmering halo

It surrounds us like an envelope

Guiding us towards fated paths

Yet remaining a mystery still

It reveals the present only

The future kept hidden from our eyes

A sacred enigma, shrouded

That we gradually unwrap

Opening the envelop

One layer at time


Written in response to; WQ #4: Envelop or Envelope?, hosted by Marsha



One Liner and JusJoJan- Take control

Life is like looking for your phone; most of the time, it’s in your hand”

Looking outward for life, and its purpose is futile, it is in your own self that you need to look. Take charge of both your goals and happiness and you’ll achieve both.

Written for JusJoJan- Prompted by, hosted by Linda



Is there a trick to looking healthy and staying young?

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I truly believe this as I practiced it myself. Learning new things not only kept me informed all through my life but also kept my mind active. Learning also has the added advantage of driving away ignorance and arrogance. See how many benefits are there to keep on gaining knowledge all through your life.

Lucy was the epitome of a comic with elan and style. She rose to popularity when there were few, if any women in this field. She was never afraid to make herself look and act like a fool. It was the most endearing of her traits. And this advice is so spot on. Living honestly, and eating slowly would definitely make you age slowly. And when someone remarks that you don’t look your age, do agree with them ( tongue in cheek)

They say,

You’re only as old as you feel

Who are we to dispute this truth

You can be old at thirty and young at sixty

Ignore the aching bones and creaking joints

Laugh with joy at being alive and being able to do so

Life is a gift to be savored and enjoyed till we’re alive


Written for;WQ #3: Best Tip to Look Younger and Stay Healthier, hosted by Marsha



Something to awaken your interest!


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A few days back I wrote a poem about the mundane killing our interest and challenges awakening it.

To pique the interest of someone reading this post, I’d try to use language that is clear and precise. I would share my experiences to engage them and lastly, I’d keep my posts short to make reading them a pleasure, not a chore.

Enlightenment is the key

That broadens our horizons

Seek the light and don’t live

A life overshadowed by ignorance

Stepping out of the comfort zone is the first step towards gaining knowledge. All sources of knowledge challenge our preconceived ideas. Be it formal education, or learning through practical experience, we need to open our minds so that we can absorb new information, ideas, and concepts. The desire to know and understand is what keeps us motivated to learn.


Written in response to WQ# 2, Pique interest, hosted by Marsha



My word of the year- Faith- WQ# 1


To open this challenge, I invite you to reflect on your year once more. Instead of thinking about what went wrong, think about what went right last year and build on strength as you consider resolutions and inspiring words for this year.


What was last year all about? It tested us, our resolve and commitments. I think what held me and mine strong all through the rough/ tough times was our Faith. So I chose Faith as my word of the year and resolve to hang on to it in good and bad circumstances.


Faith is the anchor

That stabilizes your boat

There’ll always be storms

But faith will be the saving force

That will tide you over even when

You brain says that all hope is lost!

Believing in the unseen

Taking that first step on the path

Holding on to the guidance

Never a doubt in the heart

When the strength of our beliefs

Conquer our fears of what can be

We become stronger with each day

And emerge victorious in all adversities


Written in response to; WQ #1 January 4: RESOLUTIONS v WORD OF THE YEAR/LOGO REVEAL, hosted by Marsha



2022- Reflections on the past year

December 28: Reflections on 2022/Writer’s Choice/ or YOUR WOTY (Word of the Year)

Good and bad

Go hand in hand

Joy and sorrow

Running parallel

Life is in balance

Only answer is gratefulness

Always look ahead

Seek tomorrow with hope

Let go of yesterday with forgiveness

Let the past remain in the past

Don’t spoil your today and enjoy

Without regrets of what cannot be changed

Horizon by KL Caley

The new day dawns with hope

Lifting my heart and soul high

Let the light spread and brighten today


( I am using this image by K L Caley, because it is just perfect for this post)

Written in response to;WQW 50: Remembering 2022 With Quotes, Poetry, Photos, and Stories, hosted by Marsha

Also included WritePhoto # Horizon, hosted by KL Caley