Quotes For Life- Regrets

Regrets eat at us from the inside. Some people are pragmatic and go through life looking at things in a realistic manner. But some of us are torn apart by doubts and regrets. I always think that life gives us one day at a time so that we can correct our mistakes from yesterday, and not live in yesterday, ruing our mistakes.

The few quotes that I have put together in this post are just a few from thousands. The wise and sagacious people have found regrets are futile and there are many excellent quotes to prove that.

There is no arguing with this logic. Live for what you can do or achieve in the next instant in your life, not for what didn’t work or went wrong in the past.

Easier said then done, one might say. But if one thinks logically about it, there is absolutely no use of crying over spilt milk. Go get some more and make some tea!

Regrets lead to wasting precious time. And when we have just that much time in our lives, why waste it. This is my personal philosophy in life. A promise I made to myself when I made my first adult decision. Not to regret what is done. Just move forward from that point. The mistakes we make give us the experience which is very valuable in life.

A very practical way to look at life’s experiences. Relationships are one enormous cause of us feeling regret in life. And as we humans are an emotional species, we tend to carry this regret for a long time. But eventually we have to throw off this heavy blanked of sentimentality and see the reality. Use the experience that life teaches us and grow positively. Learn from all experiences and relationships in life.

At the end of life, don’t die with the regret that you weren’t brave enough or intuitive enough to take chances or risks.

Regret is a heavy burden. Try to set it down as soon as you can and carry on with your journey. You will go far without this weight on your shoulders.

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Quotes For life- Truth or tact

“Now be completely honest with me. Do you think………..”
Most of have faced these sort of quagmire questions where we have to choose between truth and tact.

A wrong word or a right word said in a wrong tone can cause relationships to crack. Be gentle and kind even in disagreements.


Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.

Benjamin Franklin

I think this is my favorite quote on the subject. How often we are tempted to say, “I told you so” It does take a lot of conscious effort to be tactful and choose the words carefully.


Real love amounts to withholding the truth, even when you’re offered the perfect opportunity to hurt someone’s feelings

David Sedaris
This ties up with the quote above. And just tells us that if we truly love someone we won’t be brutally honest with them. Loving means that we hide or water down the truth with a concern for their feelings.


And without a doubt, it is.


I may have selected the quotes which circle around the same theme but I feel that it is necessary to emphasize this point.

Another wonderful line I read today regarding this subject was to live in a way where we are not forced by circumstances to say something to hurt our loved ones and to not give them an opportunity to do so. I think this last condition is as important as the first one. If there is no occasion for others to hurt you than the relationships will always be cordial.

Do you think that tact is more important then truth? Or is it the other way around?

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Quotes for life- Value of human relationships

Today I am starting a series. Once a week I will post a few quotes on one subject that think needs thought and pondering.

Today the subject is;

Value of human relationships.

This anonymous quote has said the whole truth about human relationships in a few succinct words. I don’t think we can go wrong if we follow these standards.

Graham Greene a novelist of acclaim who had a reputation of philosophical thinking in his writing has pointed out a paradox. Kindness and lies! But sometimes it is a great kindness to keep the truth from a loved ones. Giving them reassurance and easing their pain and worry.

Pennebaker is a professor of psychology and his interpretation of human relationships is based on experience.

What he has said in respect to human relationships is alas too true. That is why most of us stumble on this difficult road. But the beauty of life is that there is always a tomorrow till we are alive. So mistakes can be rectified as long as our egos don’t take the center stage.

Hope these quotes have thrown some light on the complexity of our inter relationships.

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