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Eyes “there’s just so much life in your eyes,” you said. “oh, well darling, that is because i’ve witnessed my own death, and up to this moment i’m still fighting for my dear life,” i replied. “i’m hoping my eyes could save me.” “ah! no, i’m hoping you’d see it, and you’ll save me from […]

Eyes — michnavs

What do you see # 153 September 26,2022

Welcome back to another WDYS prompt


  • You can write a post on your blog and create a pingback to link to the original post.
  • Write an original story, poem or a caption.
  • There is no limit to words or format but keep it family-friendly.
  • If you post a response before next Sunday, I will be able to add it to my roundup post.
  • I will do a round-up next Sunday before the next Prompt is posted.
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Does this picture inspire you to write something?

Image credit: Arleen Wiese @ Unsplash

For the visually challenged reader, this image is of a white Lion, staring directly into the camera. Behind him, the wires of an enclosure can be seen.

Waiting eagerly for your responses.

Thanking you all for joining this prompt.




WDYS # 152 -A Roundup post

This week I posted my response on Tuesday, my mother’s death anniversary.

Fantastic entries again this week in response to this image. Please click on the links to read the contributions of our lovely participants.

David; Mother and child

Punam; Mother’s embrace

Reena; Entwines

Diana; Mother’s love

Keith; Story time

Jane; Reflection

Jim; The center of human feelings

The novel reader; What do you see # 152

Grace; Bond

Isadora; A child is born

Sylvia; Motherhood Quadrille

Eugenia; Moonlit dreams

Christine; Dear baby

Ami; Mother’s birthday

Audrine; First love

Chaya; A miracle

Benjamin; How does it feel?

Suzette; Cradle

Maria; Hush little baby

Lakshmi; Everyday moments

Yinglan; Before it’s too late

Brenda; New beginnings

Sadje; 55 years without you

Ken; Source of comfort

Sandy; Hope held close

Tessa; What do you see # 152

Hammad; A life of 14 days

Brandon; Be

Sangeetha; It was

Fandango; We’ll be fine

Carol; To my amazing mom

Inkdrop; Snug as a bug

Nancy; An aunt’s lament

Jules; Destiny’s children; bound and released

O’Nika; Love and acceptance

Goutam; Spirit of endurance

Michnavs; In heaven

Pamelap; Lullaby cuddles

I am grateful to all those who have read, shared and commented on these posts.

I will be posting next week’s challenge on Monday at 12:00 pm, PKT.

Thanks for reading.




How writers see Autumn

The Writer’s Quote Wednesday (#WQW) challenge has the theme of “Fall or Autumn” and Priorhouse is hosting this week.

What is #WQW?

  • #WQW is a blog challenge that invites bloggers to share a post that has at least one quote. 
  • Your blog post could feature photos and quotes, have gifs or a meme, it could have a short story, a poem, etc.
  • Once your post is published, Link to this post or to Marsha’s recent #WQW post here.


To me, the fall season is the best of all seasons as it heralds the end of a very long and very hot summer. In our part of the world, our summers are almost 8 months long, leaving just 4 months for the rest of the three seasons. I love when the weather changes and the sunlight becomes paler and less punishing. The leaves start to change color and we finally feel able to exist without air conditioning.

The colors of fall

Evoke the spirit of a poet in me

Making me more aware of the beauty

That this season brings in everything around me

So like the famed poets, I too want to write odes

To this season of color and change

Have you experienced the shower of golden leaves

Falling like raindrops when the wind blows through the trees

It feels like the heavens are blessing us with a priceless treasure

Perhaps to reward us for enduring the harsh summer


Written for WQW- fall, hosted this week by Priorhouse



My Home is in Your Heart

I’ve made my home in your heart

For more than 37 years I’ve been living here

Now my parents home is a distant memory

For I’ve lived more of my life with you than them

I’ve made my family with you

And being a mom for more than 36 years has been remarkable

All these years you have been my anchor

My best friend, my support and my confidant

Now invariably my thoughts return like a homing device

To you again and again, as I’ve made my home in your heart


Your prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “home.” Use it as a noun, a verb, an adjective, or an adverb. Enjoy!

Written for Linda’s SoCS- Home



Rory’s Weekend Composting prompt!

Roses are red,
thorns are sharp
to safeguard them
cut, just admire
[I have started you off now finish the poem your way in the next three lines]

What do you find odd about people?

That they don’t use the brains they were born with!

Which two questions are you asked the most on a regular basis that annoy you?

People don’t ask me many questions, but usually it’s my name, and do I work!

Who was the first Disney princess – Snow White or Cinderella?

No idea, but my guess would be Snow White?

What five questions would you ask a stranger in order to get to know them?

Their name
What do they do for living
What do they think about the current government
How are they coping these days
Do they read books

What habits do you consider really bad?

Inappropriate humor and racial/ cultural/ religious bias.

Who was the female star of Breakfast at Tiffany’s?

Oh I knew this one but the name is eluding me!

Which Shakespeare play includes the following words? “Once more onto the breach, dear friends?”

No idea!

Turkish Delight is a type of custard. True or false.

It’s a sweet made of phyllo pastry, nuts and honey.

Have you ever seen something you simply couldn’t easily explain away and if so what was it?

In one of our homes, some time ago, the outside lights were turned off in the morning and no one did it. It happened many times.

What is the difference between six and half a dozen?

You can’t say that I’ll be there at half a dozen!

What can you NOT compost?


What is a major component of Welsh Rarebit?

Rabbit! Kidding, but when I was a kid I thought that. I think it’s a certain kind of cheese?

How long is long in your eyes?

Too long waiting.

Are butterflies attracted more to flowers or weeds – what do you think?

Flowers with pollen anywhere.

One of your best friends has phoned for your help in the middle of the night to bury the body of your other best friend – do you help or not?

Nopes, I’ll call police. If I don’t do that, the next person they kill could be me!

Vatican City is a country – true or false?

Yes, it’s the smallest country in the world.

Name three things that freak you out and then explain why.

Lizards, cockroaches and barefaced liars! Do I need to say why?

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To meet another chicken 🐔

Bonus Question

What’s the worst thing that could happen to a compost pile do you think?

It starts growing monster worms, that take over the world! ( I saw tomorrow’s war last night!)

In response to Rory’s Weekend Composting Prompt



Busy for your sake

Farming – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a red tractor busy in the field.


Toiling for long days

In hot summer or cold winter

They grow food to feed us all

Man and animal alike are indebted

To the farmers who forsake their rest

So that there is always plenty to eat for us

Heartfelt gratitude to them from us all.


Farmers are seldom acknowledged for their services to the rest of the community. Thanks, KL for this image, for it reminds us to express our gratitude to them.

Written for WritePhoto- Farming, hosted by KL Caley



Practicing tying a knot

As a kid, I was a girl guide and my brothers were Boy Scouts.

The girl guides weren’t taught anything regarding camping but the Boy Scouts were taught all the skills they’d need to survive in the wild, including setting up a tent, making fire, and tying knots.

My younger brother was very close to me and he used to share whatever he learned in his lessons, so I too learned the basic survival skills, including tying different sorts of knots; nautical knots, reef knots, and slip knots.

Learning how to tie a reef knot was a useful skill as it meant I could secure two things with rope or string with no fear of the knot slipping.

The things we learn as children have a way of slipping into our deep subconscious and making them instinctive so whenever I want to secure something, I automatically tie a non-slip knot.

This word took me back half a century to the days when we were eager to learn new skills and then show them off to others to impress them.


Written in response to Six Sentences Story- Knot, hosted by Denise, of the Girlie on the edge’s blog



A head full of Dreams- Coldplay

A new song / band for me;


Oh, I think I’ve landed
In a world I hadn’t seen
When I’m feeling ordinary
When I don’t know what I mean

Oh, I think I’ve landed
Where there are miracles at work
For the thirst and for the hunger
Come the conference of birds

Saying it’s true
It’s not what it seems
Leave your broken windows open
And in the light just streams

And you get a head
A head full of dreams
You can see the change you want to
Be what you want to be

And you get a head
A head full of dreams
Into life, I’ve just been spoken
With a head full, a head full of dreams

Oh, I think I landed
Where there are miracles at work
When you got me open-handed
When you got me lost for words
I sing, oh

Oh, oh-oh-oh
Oh-oh, oh-oh

A head full of dreams
Oh, oh-oh-oh

A head full of dreams
Oh, oh-oh-oh
Into life, I’ve just been spoken
With a head full, a head full of dreams

Source: Musixmatch

In response to Thursday Inspiration- Head, hosted by Jim



Legacy of the dearly departed

A word prompt this week;



Someone dear to us has passed away

We mourn their death with sorrow and sadness

What we feel, sometimes is not what we show to the world

For not all those who leave this world, leave good memories behind

Some people make the lives of those caring for them, hell

And their passing away is at time a blessed release

From a burden that was becoming too much to carry

We can become unfriendly and cranky with illness and age

But one thing that always should be remembered by us all

What sort of legacy are we leaving in the hearts and minds

Of those who cared for us day and night till the end

Perhaps these thoughts can make our attitude softer, more generous

And our words kinder and more understanding!


Written for ;RXC PROMPT #249, hosted by Reena