One Liner Wednesday

Nothing haunts us like the things we don’t say.

This speaks to me on a personal level. Keeping quiet when I needed to defend myself from the verbal assault of someone does rankle a lot afterwards.

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One Liner Wednesday




Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge February 19/2019

The prompts are designed to be quick challenges that can be written in 10 to 15minutes, inspire you creatively, are fun, and get everyone interacting.  Please post your response to the prompt in the comments below and show your fellow posters some love and support.  All members of the Go Dog Go community, including Baristas, are welcome to participate.  Feel free to share this post on your own blogs and/or Facebook.

Today’s Prompt: Write a piece using the phrase;explicit emotion

Taking a deep breath, she opened the door to her bedroom. As expected a host of painful memories assaulted her mind. It was the first time that she had ventured here after that night. The night when her husband breathed his last in the bed he shared with her. It was in this room that he died, even before she had time to call the ambulance. They later told her that it was a massive heart attack, which resulted in his death within a few minutes. She tried to control the overwhelming emotions that were taking over her thinking. Tears were running down her cheeks. And she was experiencing these explicit emotions, her grief and helpless anger which were trying to hold her conscience hostage. She heard someone approach her from behind and felt her daughter hugging her. She stood and cried with her mother. The anger at her loss giving way to grief. It was good to cry, it was cleansing and making the heart lighter.

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Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge February 19/2019


BrewNSpew Café February 18/2019

Word/expression of the week – finicky – (adjective) – fussy about one’s needs or requirements. Showing or requiring great attention to detail. Synonyms – overcritical, difficult, awkward, exacting, demanding, perfectionist.

Thank you, but no thank you!

The title finicky is awarded mostly to people who are particular about what they want in life. Be it their personal space, their food or apparel or the way others should behave, as per their point of view.

I have known a few of these people. Most are old people, who for some reason become fixed in their ideas. They will reject the food specially prepared for them because it is a micro millimeter away from their perception of how it should look and taste. The same principles are usually applied to their other requirements in life. This problem can be a form of OCD or can be just a desire to be a non-conformist. Or it could be a desire to seem important.

The most significant aspect of this finicky attitude that these people overlook is the amount of extra work they create for themselves or their care givers. They are hard to please and become un-popular among their immediate circle. Then there is the resentment that they generate. The question that begs to be asked is, is it worth it?

If you are one of the finicky one, please ask this question from yourself. And try to lower your standards of perfection for others and yourself too. So next time you reject something on the basis that it doesn’t meet your requirements a hundred percent, look at the effort that went into making or procuring it and pause a few moments before you reject it with a , thank you but no thank you!

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BrewNSpew Café

Three Things Challenge PL#5

The chemistry set was a gift that he got as a birthday present

But his parents considered it not age appropriate for a young kid

They put it aside till he grew more sensible, maybe another year

That night he stealthily took it out of the place it was kept in hiding

And was playing with it under his blanket, in the light of the torch

Enticed by the prospect of making a fuzzy bomb, he went to work

In creating his experiment, something went wrong and it blew up

In his bed, all the chemicals in the colors of rainbow scattered everywhere

His parents rushed to his bedroom, a lot of scolding ensued and ended in tears

The set was confiscated and he was grounded for one whole week

But due to some strange coincidence, there arrived a parcel for him

In the mailbox, the very next day, and on opening contained another

Chemistry set as a gift, send by his loving grand parents for his birthday

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3TC PL#5

chemistry, blanket, mailbox




He was so taken by her fragile beauty. After a few weeks of courting her, he asked her father the permission to ask for hand in marriage. The father knew of nothing in dispraise of the young man. He was of noble birth. His family was endowed with both good name and fortune. All things considered, he gave his consent to the eager suitor to address the question to his daughter.

It was a tacit agreement that she would not be averse to this arrangement. He invited her to go for a stroll in the beautifully laid garden of her father’s estate. As they walked they conversed about mundane things. Finally he asked her to be seated on one of the benches, scattered in the shady arbor. And gathering his courage, he asked the question, to the object of his desire. “Arabella, will you do me the honor of being my wife?” She cast her eyes downwards and blushed a pretty shade of pink. “Anthony, I love you like a brother and cannot agree to marry you. I am deeply honored that you proposed to me but I am in love with someone else and hence will have to refuse your gracious offer” He was totally unprepared for this response and was annoyed by the answer. But keeping his emotions under control he asked her who the lucky beau was. Still blushing, she replied shyly that he was the young man her father had employed as the gardener.

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Oh prompt me, do; Quote me

Rory has asked us to take on these prompts so I am doing the Quote me.

Looking at this picture, the only think that I can think of is creative imagination;

Here are my three quotes on creative imagination

Dr Seuss is a favorite of mine and this quote about creative thinking, imagination and fantasy is just right for what I want to say.

Picasso was the pioneer in many ways. The abstracts he created spoke something different to anyone looking at it.

A wonderful way to describe life, the world and imagination. Thoreau was a philosopher and believed in simplistic way. And so is this quote a simple way to describe the most complex attribute of humans, imagination.

I hope I got this right.

If you are interested in attempting the prompt me, do challenges, heard over to Rory’s blog and find what works best for you.


Fandango Flash Fiction Challenge #1

Here’s my first weekly Flash Fiction Challenge. This image is from Watanska at

Fandango Flash Fiction Challenge #1

I will be posting a photo I grab off the internet and will challenge bloggers to write a relatively short flash fiction piece inspired by the photo. While there are no style or definitive word limits, I suggest trying to keep your stories to under 300 words.

If this picture inspires you and you wish to participate, please write your post, use the tag #FFFC, and link back to this post.

And most important, have fun.

Stepping daintily over the jungle floor Kira, the princess of the Druids’ came near the stream. The deer and other small creatures were captivated by the music of the flute. She was so lost in her own thoughts that she never noticed how one of the stag was venturing quite menacingly towards her. The stag, bearing huge antlers came very near to her, so near that she could feel one of the antler piercing through her dress and hurting her leg. She stopped playing the flute and in confusion looked at the stag. But it no longer was a stag. It was changing its form and a devilish figure was emerging. She uttered a scream and called for one of her people for help. But the devil had her in his hold, a sharp long knife held to her throat. The guards came running to help the princess but were held at bay by the threat of harm to her by the devil.

“What do you want ” She asked the devil. ” Just your life” he replied. Kira tried to wriggle free but he tightened his hold and almost suffocated her. In desperation she pleaded to him to spare her life. The devil pretended to consider this appeal, but he had no intention of sparing her. Right at that moment, Elfred, who had sneaked behind the devil shot his arrow though it’s heart with such skill as not to hurt his beloved Kira. The devil went up in smoke with a shrill warning that he will return soon to accomplish his mission

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Kiara’s Sunday Scribbles February 17/2019

She would rather stay in her mother’s womb

The world outside frightens her to the extreme

She has heard the stories of the cruelty in here

For what goes on out there

They say that it is dark and dangerous

The beauty destroyed by the humans

She dared not wish to be delivered

And face what goes on out there

Nobody has told her of the kindness that

Is also a part of the humanity in the world

The love, the empathy and the deep sympathy

That people have for each other should have

Laid her fears to rest had she known, but

She is just afraid of what goes on out there

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Kiara’s Sunday Scribbles February 17/2019


Three Things Challenge PL#4

My cousin had a pet

It was slimy and green

I was mortally scared of it

But he was so enamoured of

His best friend, his iguana

He called him Peter, his buddy

And so taken he was with it

That there was a separate

Folder on his phone for the

Pictures of Peter, his best buddy

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3TC; PL#4

cousin, folder, iguana



Time to write; Love and Hate [Creative Writing Prompt ]

Rachel Poli has given us this prompt for this week;

Write a story based on the prompt above.

If you use this prompt, please leave a link to your post in the comments below and I’ll share it next week. Please be sure to link back to my blog so your readers know where you got the prompt!

Happy Writing! If you want more, check out all my other Writing Prompts here!

There is a love and hate relationship between me and coffee! I love coffee, anytime anywhere but the coffee does not loves me back. It makes my heart go super fast. It keeps me up at night and on some days it can give me heartburn too. So I can say that though I love my cup of cappuccino, it hates me.

So today my story is about the coffee that I love.

Lily had agreed to meet Henry at the coffee shop near their office. They had been dating secretly for a while now. They worked together and had felt attracted to each other when they first met, but the office policy was not in favor of the colleagues having a romantic relationship so they met on the sly. But she had had enough of these clandestine meetings. She wanted to sort things out so they had agreed to meet today after work, here.

Lily was early, so she got her latté and sat at a table and waited for Henry. She waited and waited, but he didn’t show up. At last losing hope of him coming, she rose to leave. At the entrance of the coffee shop she passed a group of people, side stepping to avoid them. As she turned towards the door, a man crashed into her with considerable force. She was almost knocked off her feet when he grabbed hold of her arm, stopping her from falling down.

He was so embarrassed and full of apologies that an involuntary smile came to her face and she said that she was alright and no damage was done. But, he insisted on buying her a coffee to atone for his clumsiness. Lily told him that she already had a large coffee and was now planning to go home. He offered to walk her to her place. Lily thought that it might make him think that she was still upset with him if she refused his offer, so she accepted and they walked out together.

His name was Tom, and like her he was an sales executive. They had a pleasant walk towards her home, chatting and not even noticing that they had walked for half an hour.

At the door of her apartment, they parted after exchanging their cell numbers. When he had left, Lily suddenly thought of Henry and wondered what had become of him. Well I guess he is not that committed to me after all, she thought to herself. Smiling at a few of things Tom had said. She felt no regrets about Henry.

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Time to write [ Creative Writing Prompt]

Love and hate