Thursday Inspiration- Mistakes

Jim is our host for Thursday Inspiration

Respond to this challenge, by either by using the prompt word mistakes, or going with the above picture, or by means of the song ‘I’m Sorry’, or by going with any other Brenda Lee song, or another song from the 1960 era


Mistakes made

Regretted woefully

Promises made never to repeat

Another error, another correction

Life is a series of errors and mistakes

But if we don’t learn from them, we are fated to repeat them



Friday Fun – Harmony

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

Friday Fun – harmony

Look at this peaceful co-existence!
a kite feasting, a pelican napping, cormorant playing

soak up the still beauty of harmony in diversity

creatively share your concept of ‘harmony’ in images or verse
link back here and check out other contributions


There’s a story I heard from my granny when I was young
In a forest all animals lived in harmony and peace
The lion and the sheep all drank from the same watering hole
The life of all was guaranteed equal safety
It was utopian idea, just a story
But it is not impossible for man to live in harmony
With its kind without tearing to shreds
The bonds of humanity that bind us together



Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #116

Fandango is the host of Fandango Flash Fiction Challenge

Welcome to “Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge.”

The image below is from agevla77 at DeviantArt.

For the visually challenged writer, the image shows a man dressed as a clown with a sad expression walking outside in a wintry storm.

Sad and lonely 
Out in the cold
I who spread smiles
Now have no one to wipe my tears
Sad and forgotten
With nary a friend
I hoped they remember me
With affection in their hearts
Those, who I have spent my life cheering up
I am alone and forgotten
Hoping for a smile



Reena’s Xploration Challenge- 184

Reena is the host of Reena’s Xploration Challenge

Welcome back!

I happened to be doing the sub-titles on a video, and in the process, I re-discovered the expressions of the speaker, and re-interpreted many words. Close observation is something we miss on a regular call.

Well, I had faces and expressions on mind, so here’s this week’s prompt.

Taina Bernard on Pexels

There is no restriction on length of the piece. There is no last date either, unless you wish to be featured in the Weekly Wrap.


When you look at me what do you see
Do you see the pain behind my smile
The wistfulness behind my beauty
Can you see I want to speak my mind
But I am here just to adorn not to add
A beautiful woman who can look intelligent
But no one asks her opinion or point of view
Why have I become bitter, disillusioned, you ask
Spend a little time in my shoes and you’ll understand.




Eugi’s Weekly Prompt- Flutter

Eugenia is the host of Eugi’s Causerie

Your Weekly Prompt FlutterApril 29, 2021

It was a tiny, delicate ripple

It arose from the heart and spread out

The flutter of anticipation, the excitement of anticipation

A deep gurgle of joy, bursting like an effervescent bubble

Brought a radiant smile of joy to the face

An errant tear of happiness in the eye

It started as a tiny, delicate ripple

And encompassed the whole being in elation



MLMM- Photo Challenge #363

Nekneeraj is the host of Photo Challenge

– Erik Johansson

Use above image as inspiration for a poem or short story.


On the edge of the world

I have my cottage, away from the crowd

I live here in a suspended reality

No distractions, no noise, and no pollution

I’d invite you in, but I promised myself peace and seclusion

(This is an intriguing image, reminded me of times when I love my own company better than crowds)




Friday Fun – Bent

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

Friday Fun – bent

ok keep it family friendly … but this tree has me intrigued!
how did this tree in the middle of Black Rocks campground
get so bent and twisted 

get creative … writing, photography, poems …
get creatively bent; share it back here and read others!


I am bent over backward to make you happy

Yet you pick on every little thing and be unhappy

I tried my dear, I did my best to be the light in your life

But I give up now my love as I understand that

The only person that can make you happy

Is YOU, yourself!

( Don’t put the onus of your happiness on others, only you can be the one to decide to make your life joyful)




Crimson Creative Challenge # 128

Crispina is the host of Crimson Creative Challenge


Welcome to my weekly challenge—open to all—just for FUN, FUN, FUN


I came here after ages

Things look the same but different

The steps are a bit deeper, crumbling more

And the moss growing over them denser

A feeling of deja vu overwhelms me

Memories of being able to run up these steps

Racing with others to see who got to the top first

Now I take one step at a time, leaning on my stick

But I do make up to the top finally

I am glad I came here again




Lynn’s Tuesday Picture Prompt # 45

Glen is the host of LTPP

Art(including pictures and images)should evoke an emotional response in those who are viewing them. That’s why art can leave such a long-lasting and poignant imprint within the depths of our psyche

Your challenge or writing prompt is this:

  • what emotions or feelings get evoked or aroused in you when you look at this photograph taken by Lynn

Remember, the goal isn’t necessarily to tell me and others exactly what the picture is.

The creative goal for all of us is “what does the picture evoke in you; what emotion; feeling; memory or whatever it may be – what does it arouse in youand to share it that with others.

Our Week 45 picture is pretty much as it appears. Although, perhaps not the most dramatic in terms of subject matter, I thought the picture as it looks, has a wealth of potential and could literally go in a thousand different directions.


Empty bench in an empty park

Where are the children that used to play here

Where are their elders who sat here watching them

It’s the same everywhere, deserted parks and malls

Once busy streets are silent and forlorn

Schools and offices devoid of people, vacant

Where is everyone?

Worry not, they are all safe, sequestered at their homes

Staying away from public places and crowds

Finally, they have learned the wisdom of protecting

Themselves and others by being sensible and cautious