Your prompt for JusJoJan 2019, January 7th is brought to you by Tara! Click here to find her last post and say hi while you’re there! Tara’s word for our prompt today is “memento.” Use it anywhere in your post or make it the theme of your post. Have fun!

A small locket, holding a lock of hair

A memento to a love lost not forgotten

It is an emotional need to hold onto things

That reminds us of that golden time gone by

Beautiful memories of the past that evoke a

Nostalgia, a longing that makes the heart ache

A time that can never come back, leaving us

With a memento to remember it by


JusJoJan Jan 7th





Life is a riddle,who has the answer

We spend our lives looking for it

The partner to this puzzle is the

Joke that is played on us!

We think we can solve this enigma

But all are left looking right and left

And in a second it passes us by, like

A flash of lightning in a storm!

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Three things challenge 6th Jan

Have you ever observed the mountains

They project a majestic aura, all their own

There is a might you feel, along with strength

A sense of them being there since time begun

We try to climb to the top and in our naivety

Think that we have conquered them, where we

Only are allowed to reach the summit because

They want us to experience the serene and quiet

That can be found in the universe only when

We are totally and absolutely alone

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Majestic, serene, universal



Tale Weaver # 204 All things bright and beautiful

All things that shine and glitter

All things bright and beautiful

We want them crave them and covet them

Willing to do anything and go to any lengths

Is our life made easy or pleasant by these

Possessions and things of beauty we hoard

Or are they just reminders of things that

Once fascinated us but not any longer do

Sit back and give a thought to this issue

Wouldn’t we rather have love and joy

Peace and contentment to fill our hearts

Than all things bright and beautiful?

Written for;

Mind loves misery’s menagerie

Tale Weaver # 204 All things Bright And Beautiful



Let me offer you a cup of coffee

It’s so cold outside, join me in my

Warm sitting room and enjoy the

Hospitality of my humble abode

A bite to eat, perhaps some cake

And nice cosy chitchat to pass time

While we are together let’s talk

Don’t be a stranger and share all

That is on your mind, I can give you

Some insight as I also have been there

Where you are now, struggling all alone

So sit by my fireside and open your heart.

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Ignite a new flame and start a fresh debate

Lets bring out new ideas and discuss them

What do I think, what do you think about it

It is refreshing to talk sensibly like adults

Not resort to name calling or mud slinging

If we know how to articulate our views

Then let’s be open to air our opinions

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Three things challenge 2019# 3

A beautiful sunset

Reflected on the water

A boat with on the river

Floating and waiting by the

River’s edge for the passenger

It will be safe to cross the water

And land on the other side with ease

Enjoy the serenity and the calm that is

Enveloping the evening at end of the day

The nature has paused too, and slowing its

Hectic tread towards another day, to see

The reflected hues of the sunset on the

Water of the river, where the pinks

And the mauves are merging in

The fading orange and

Rust tones.

Written for;


river, sunset, safe


The detective was getting closer to solving

The biggest mystery that he had ever faced

The cat burglar had left his foot prints all over

And the crime scene had many other clues too

He and his trusty sidekick were hot on the trail

Following it they were almost at their lair now

Where they had stashed the loot and were hiding too

With a bang and a dash they pushed through the door

Only to stop in their tracks in astonishment and wonder

To find the thief, but it was hard to believe what they were seeing

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Delivery day

They were hopeful for a natural birth

Waiting had been difficult but the time

Had arrived finally, both were excited

All arrangements were made beforehand

Things put in order and arranged meticulously

But the delivery was delayed due to technical issues

The GPS wasn’t working and the storks got lost

And arrived a day later then they had thought

It was the first of April but the parents were delighted

No one thought that it wasn’t an unusual occurrence

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