Coming home!

Re-Sharing this poem from December 2021, written in response to FFFC!

The photo is from

For the visually challenged writer, the image shows a young girl carrying a lantern through the snow and she is heading toward a log cabin at the edge of a forest.

Trudging through piled snow high

Obstacles life throws in my way

Coming home after gaining enlightenment

Carrying it like a beacon glowing

I come back to the welcoming lights

Home pulls me back to my roots


In response to Weekly Prompts- Home, hosted by Sue W and GC

Also included; FFFC, hosted by Fandango



Without God?

It is a line prompt this week. Let’s see where it takes you.

You live in a world where no Gods exist”


If I lived in a world where no God existed

It would be a world devoid of kindness and good

If I lived in a world where there wasn’t a Divine presence

I would feel like I am existing in a barren landscape

Without a benevolent God to whom I can pray

I would be lost in a sea of uncertainty and hopelessness

In fact there would be no world if there was no God

For nothing would exist without the Creator and His creations

Thankfully I bow my head in submission to God

Who created me, nurtured me and provided for me


Written in response to; RXC Prompt #265, hosted by Reena



Icy demeanor — dVerse Quadrille # 168

Remember your quadrille must be exactly 44 words, not counting the title and must include ice or a form of the word.


Your speech drips with frigid ice

As you turn a cold shoulder

A friend you say you are to me

Yet the smallest mistake I make

Makes you behave with hostility

A fair-weather friend you are

Not one to stick through thick and thin


Word count; 44

Written in response to dVerse quadrille- Ice, hosted by Mish



Riddles in rhymes

Brandon’s prompt guidelines

Riddle me this… I would like to you to compose a riddle or “puzzle” poem.


You can make it

You can feel it

You can fall for it

It can change decisions

It can alter mindsets

It can attract you

What is it?


I am writing a riddle poem for the first time. This is perhaps too simplistic but here goes!

Written for W3 # 39- Riddles, prompted by Brandon, hosted by David



Towards infinity

I can see very far

Millions of miles away in fact

The sun the moon and all the stars

Glitter, shine and twinkle an infinity away

My eyes, though not sharp catch their light

The smallest spec of brightness captured in the dark

Like this light, hope buoys my spirits from beyond

And infinite energy that courses the veins of the universe


Written for; Moonwashed Musings Weekly Prompt – Infinite , hosted by Eugenia



Bends his head

Change, Adapt, Bend so as not to be broken. Let opportunity guide your actions.” ~ Wayne Gerard Trotman.

The crimson blushing sky heralds nightfall

It’s not the time for eternal sleep yet

There are many tasks to be finished until then

The lone wolf stands and keeps guard

Rare shells scattered on the shoreline

He sees the keeper of the secrets approach

And bends its head in acquiescence

Now the duty entrusted to him is done

He retreats and leaves others to complete

The mission that was of utmost importance


I’m re-Sharing this poem written for daily prompts in 2019.

Written for;Weekend Challenge from GC and Sue W – BEND.



Paintbrush strokes

Holding the paintbrush like a weapon

You attack the set tradition, ideals and norms

The picture you painted shakes the foundations

Of the preconceived notions of what is beautiful

People shun you at first till someone recognizes

The talent behind your colorful creation

Now they all flock to your exhibitions

Trying to get a glimpse of you

Or a chance to talk to you!


Written for JusJoJan- Paintbrush, Prompted by Paula , hosted by Linda



WDYS # 169 -A Roundup post

Looking deep into the eyes of nature

I feel ashamed that we aren’t looking

After our home as we all should have been

That we have not paid the immense debt

That is owned by each and everyone of us

A debt of gratitude to Mother Nature

For feeding us, sheltering us and nurturing us

The tears of remorse fall from my eyes

I am ashamed that we have fell so short

Of the duty that we should have fulfilled

Looking deep into her eyes, I see her sadness too


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Cindy; Eyes of green envy

“Eyes of green envy
line the insides of her Anahata chakra heart,
paves a forrest of reflected paths,
limbs scream.
She aches to find her tribe, hidden in the log mine seas.
Her eyes drip peals of emerald pearls,
rooting woven branches that sprout through the cracks
Rejoicing what’s lost…… redeemed. “

Indira; What do you see # 169

I am grateful to all those who have read, shared and commented on these posts.

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