In other words; Partners

They are always together, playing or learning

Partners in crime in a lot of cute prank playing

Such love and harmony you see seldom in kids

But they are twins and an invisible connection

Exists between their hearts that others envy

Written for;

Patricia’s Place, In Other Words





Twittering Tales #120 – 22 January 2019

Twittering Tales #120 22 January 2019

For this week, I found this lovely photo by Juan Pablo at I really like the girl’s expression in this photo. According to Pexels, she is sitting in a coffee shop. But don’t let that limit you. What do you suppose she’s thinking about, or looking at. Is that wistful look on her face the stuff of romance or is it something more sinister? I can see a bit of both. At any rate, you have the opportunity to weave a tiny story, tweet-style, in 280 characters or less. Have fun. I’ll see you at the Round Up.

She has big dreams

Dreams of success

Dreams of a deep love

Dreams of meeting

The perfect guy one day

Meanwhile she is sitting

Here and waiting

Her eyes are searching

Her mind is calculating

The time it’s going to take

To get her second cup of latte

Character count #250

Written for ;

Twittering Tales # 120- January 22/2019



Photo Challenge #248

– Levent Erden

Use above image as inspiration for a poem or short story.


If you are an artist or photographer, use this as an opportunity to showcase your own work.

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My Imagination

Do you know where it will take me, my imagination

All the ordinary is left behind in the flight of my fancy

I can be whatever I want and go wherever I desire to

All the realms are open to me, when I see with my mind

And not the sight in front of me but that is playing behind

How I love these adventures of the myself in the magic world

I fly, I soar into the space and touch the stars and galaxies

Do you see where I have been in my imagination’s journey

Written for;

MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie

Photo Challenge # 248



BrewNSpew Café January 21-2019

Word/expression of the week – cloister– (noun) – a covered walk in a convent, monastery, college, or cathedral, typically with a wall on one side and a colonnade open to a quadrangle on the other. Synonyms – walkway, corridor, aisle, arcade, loggia, gallery, piazza, stoa.

Cloister – (verb) – seclude or shut up in or as if in a convent or monastery. Synonyms – confine, isolate, sequester, seclude.

You’re welcome to join our talented writers and challenge yourselves by composing your very own creation utilizing the week by week highlighted word/expression.

You’re welcome to join our talented community and challenge yourselves by composing your own creation using the week by week included word. Please limit your post to 300 words or fewer.

The cloister was suffocating her inner self

Shutting off her oxygen and causing a shortness

Her breathing was catching in her chest now

She just wanted to tear down the walls and confines

Wishing someone, something would set her free

Of these restrictions that were clamping her soul

No one was coming, it was apparent to her now

She had to be strong, she had to take a strong stand

Get up and stand firm,

Now think to yourself

You have the might of

Righteousness behind

You and you alone can

Accomplish this for you

Written for;

BrewNSpew Café Word/ expression of the week;




Perspectives in life

The world around us appears how we see it

It’s not the same for everyone that’s true

We all have a different perspective on everything

That is how we look and see the life differently

A happy news may not gladden everyone’s heart

Because each may be expecting things differently

My joy may not be your and your sorrow

May not touch my heart in the same way at all

What is a treasure to me, may look like peanuts to you

Your millions may seem just pittance to someone else

The things that are important to one may not be to some

This life has lots of different faces all are in their own way

Important to one or the other in us but we all only can see

This world through our own perspective and no one else’s

Let me know what is your perspective on life.

Waiting for your feedback and comments



In other words; Dancing

Dancing to my own tune, in the life has been

What I have earned through in this journey

Don’t follow but lead, don’t give up the dream

Have a say in your own destiny, don’t wait to be

Called to the stage, be the lead in your own story

Written for the prompt In other words;

Patricia’s Place; Dancing



What did it mean to me!

The memories were suddenly stirred

As I listened to the notes of a song I had

Long forgotten but was still buried in somewhere

In the deep recesses of my mind, waiting to be

Replayed and relived

This song was instrumental in bringing back

All that lived in my past, those golden by gone days

Beautiful days of my childhood where we were all

Free of boundaries, away from the frontiers imposed

By our adulthood fears

This river of reminiscences, of innocent pleasures

Was not splintered and damaged by our perceptions

Of the life we see as adults where we have to look out

To avoid the pitfalls that we fear and the consequences

Of what might happen

How different life is now

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NDRW# 33


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Three Things Challenge # 11

A shack at the edge of the cliff

Looks like a gust of strong wind

Will blow it away into the deep

Deep ravine on the cliff’s edge,

The rising mist from the sea

Is pointing its ghostly fingers

Maybe there is some mystery

Which we need to discover here

Who is the resident of this faraway

Derelict hut, and what is he waiting for?

Written for;


Mist, Shack, Cliff



Three Things challenge # 10

See these books strewn all over the place

Open this one and look at the very first page

It is a picture of my dream that I want you to see

I keep it hidden from all eyes but yours and mine

I am afraid that it will be lost one day, unless it is

Locked away from prying eyes, safe in a place deep

Within my heart, guarded by the ever vigilant soul

For this is the road map of how we are going to

Built our life together in a place of peace and serenity

Written for;


Books, Lost, Road map