Thursday Inspiration #4

Photo credit: Daniel Borker

The sound of the rain falling was pleasing and soothing

The flowers were swaying in the light wind as if dancing

I felt like going out there and get all drenched in the rain

Just like we used to do when we were younger and not bothered

Now we think way too much and the consequences are a deterrent

Let go out and enjoy the rain, sing and frolic splash and dance

The prompt;

This week’s theme is rain and the picture is below. Here is the song snippet from “Drops of Jupiter” by Train:

Now that she’s back in the atmosphere
With drops of Jupiter in her hair
She acts like summer and walks like rain
Reminds me that there’s time to change

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Thursday Inspiration #4

A prompt by Paula




Not just my verse, your two, two too; Ode to the writer of the words ( Continued)

A Guy Called Bloke’s Start

I am quite the writer you know, it has to be said,
My imagination runs wild, loose and amok,
Creating literary havoc within my head,
Luckily, however, I haven’t experienced writer’s block!

Fandango’s Addition

Each morning I think about topics on which to post
But what stirs my imagination by far the most
As I try to conjure up what it is I want to write
Is using the daily prompts while keeping my writing tight.

Leigha Robbins Addition

Sometimes the words leave me to struggle

But that’s when I take the words and juggle

To fit them into their proper place

Where they do more than take up space


Sandy’s Addition

The words they come, the words they go

At times MIA, a total no show

In the end, it’s all worthwhile

When flowing freely, one big smile

Angie of King Ben’s Grandma‘s Addition

More words do I read, than write, by far
Writers are my heros, like rock stars
Through all my troubles, pain and strife
Words have comforted me, saved my life

Grandma passes the baton to Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess

Writing is artistry without a brush but with a pen,

You start with a beginning and surprise yourself with the end,

Word prompts, picture prompts, sentence prompts work on our imagination,

Where ever our minds take us, we end up with some kind of creation.


Beckie passed the challenge on to Tales From The Mind of Kristian


Here is Kristian’s addition:

These virtual worlds that we create in our heads

The possibilities, endless with more patterns to find

The plots, esoteric or quizzical with many varied threads.

Show the deepest, darkest recesses of the creative mind.


So I am going to pass the baton to Sadje of Keep it Alive

And here is my two bits;

I write for the love of writing and the need to say something

Crafting ideas and giving them expression on my space

Sometimes it is an effortless flow straight from my mind

Then there are days when nothing comes, it is all in a bind

I will pass this to Di of Pensitivity 101, a prolific writer.


Reena’s Exploration Challenge #87

Walking the empty corridors of her memories, she looks ahead

There are shadows around, darkness lurking on the sides

She is determined to face the demons of her past

Her resolve strengthened by her will to purge her dark history

To cut it out of her memory by facing her fears

To her it is the only way that she can move ahead

It needs a lot of courage, a courage that she has borrowed

From her future self, because there is no other way for her

It all came from the realization that only she can help herself

There may be people who are willing to stand with her

But she herself has to be the David who will defeat the Goliath of her fears

In response to;

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #87



The wanderer


The door opened with a welcoming smile

The vagabond was surprised and suspicious

Why would anyone show mercy and kindness

To a hobo, wandering about without destination

He had no fame to his name neither any riches

The only quality he had was the fortitude he showed

Bearing all his misfortunes and miseries with courage

He was thus not sure why he was being treated so kindly

The man, his host, stepped forward with an outstretched hand

Gave him a warm embrace and offered him food and a place to rest

To answer his enquiring glance, he said, ” Brother I was once like you”

A wanderer without a home and was given shelter by a kind soul

It is now my turn to repay this debt, my home is yours for as long as you want

Just be sure not to abuse the kindness and if it’s in your power to pay it forward

Kindness and love when shared bring about riches which are beyond material

So be kind even if it is just a little bit!



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Photo Challenge #263 — The deadly smile

Christo Dagorov

She was very beautiful

The smile so alluring

Many had fallen victim

To this deadly smile

Their souls begged for mercy

She smiled and they perished

Now sometimes she can feel

Those victims squirming

In the beauty of her smile

Marring it’s perfection

In response to;

MLMM-Photo Challenge #263

Use above image as inspiration for a poem or short story.


If you are an artist or photographer, use this as an opportunity to showcase your own work.

You have 1 week to complete this challenge.

Please credit the artist!



Fandango Flash Fiction Challenge #13 -Waiting

How long have I waited for you

It’s like the clock and I have become

One, it’s soul has permeated mine

I think in seconds and in minutes

How long will I sit and wait for you

The only thought that I have in my mind

This waiting is an onerous burden

I would not wish it on my worst enemy

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Fandango Flash Fiction Challenge # 13



In Other Words-Flamingo

Tall and full of graceful beauty

Their plumage is like a beacon

Flaming color, grabbing attention

The flocks when rise into the air

The Flamingo is a bird of paradise

The prompt;

Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less
Use the picture and/or the word flamingo as inspiration
Link back to this post

In response to;

A prompt by Patricia’s Place

In other words-Flamingo



BrewNSpew Café May 13-2019 —The Queen

Queening over her subjects is something quite natural for her

She is after all the royalty, used to being revered and idolized

When she has something to say, people sit up and listen well

Born to privilege, raised in the house of nobility yet her heart

Was that of a common person, full of compassion and love for her people

The crown has demanded a lot of sacrifices of her as well

Something she has done and bore it no grudge, for she is the Queen

(Inspired by the life of Queen Elizabeth II)

The prompt;

Word of the week

royalty –

1a) – royal status or power: sovereignty

1b) – a right or prerequisite of a sovereign (such as a percentage paid to the crown of gold or silver taken from mines)

2) – regal character or bearing: nobility

3a) –  persons of royal lineage

3b) – a person of royal rank; an elite class

4) – a right of jurisdiction granted to an individual or corporation by a sovereign

5a) – a share of the product or profit reserved by the grantor especially of an oil or mining lease

5b) – a payment to an author or composer for each copy of a work sold or to an inventor for each item sold under a patent

Synonyms – augustness, kingliness, majesty, stateliness

In response to:

A prompt by ;

BrewNSpew Café May 13-219



My state of mind

This is my world that I have chosen

Serene environment is it’s hallmark

I am it’s keeper, I am it’s maintainer

I call in all the courage that I possess

To keep my world intact and free from invasion

My world, my fortress is my state of mind

That I strive to keep free from all the negativity

No one is allowed to bring the germs of hopelessness

Into this idyllic world, my state of mind.

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Kiara’s Sunday Scribbles May 12/19

Sitting under the shade of ever spreading branches

I contemplate life and where we are standing today

The ground under me is firm and fertile with love

The tree giving me shade is extending up to the sky

The Mother Earth is ever so generous with her gifts

Are we equally kind and thoughtful with our return

Do we think enough and do enough for our mother

Or like our blood mother we take this one for granted too

Do we just take and then take some more from her

Giving empty promises in return, soon to be forgotten

Do we care enough?

The prompt;

Welcome to Kira’s weekly inspirational art piece.

Let the whole picture tell you a story, or dive into the small intricate details to make one up! Write a poem, a fiction piece or come up with a picture or drawing of your own, that you feel relates to it.

Feel free to copy Kira’s drawing, to add it to your own post!

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Kiara’s Sunday Scribbles May 12/19