In summer

Beneath the shade of Bunyan tree
Away from the blazing hot summer sun
The lily floating unconcernedly in the pond
Invites me to reflect on the paradox of life
Pure and exquisite it thrives in murky waters

Sometimes even in the swamps of mud and slime
Yet it remains pure, untouched by the muck around it
Can we too remain pure, surrounded by the grime of immortality?


Written for;Tuesday writing prompt, use the words summer, lily, and pond in a piece of writing



WDYS # 133- A Roundup post

Standing at the edge of the precipice

Looking up I see the wonders of creation

Looking down it’s dark and destruction

My perspective matters

Should I look up or down?


Amazing response again this week in response to this image. Please click on the links to read the contributions of our lovely participants.

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Maya; The withered tree

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Mad hatter

Mad hatter was late

In anger he tried to eat his hat

Alice enquired why was he so mad

And why was he talking through his hat

Hat or no hat, the tea party was a success

With hot tea, scones, jam and butter

And let’s not forget the finger sandwiches!

Your prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “hat.” Use it literally or metaphorically. Have fun!

Written for Linda’s SoCS-Hat




Treat the two images as two stages, and write about what happened in between. You can change the order as you wish, or even add more stages in between.


He had questions 
I had the answers
He wanted answers
I had bright ideas
Bright ideas that
We together made work

Collaboration is the key
A key that unlocks success
Takes a bit of this and a bit of that
The whole is something better than
The original idea and its solution

Written for RXC # 230, hosted by Reena




All through my life, 
There’s been one guiding light
That showed me the way
Through all the strife
My faith
It supported me when I was faltering
It bolstered my confidence when it was shaky
It lit up the path I needed to take in the dark
Where would I be
Without my faith, my guiding light?


Written for; Weekly Prompt –Guiding Light – May 10, 2022



A small gesture

The photograph is from aliceabc0 at

For the visually challenged writer, the photo is of a man, his back to the camera, holding a small bouquet of flowers behind his back. He’s standing a few feet in front of a young woman who is looking back at him and smiling.


I have picked flowers for you
Wild flowers, simple and fragrant
A gift of love that I hope you’ll like
But the fear of rejection holds me back
What if you didn’t want them? Me?

In response to FFFC # 168, hosted by Fandango



Carrying forward with poetry

Selma Martin shared a poem today which she had written taking the last line of another poem. She has invited us to do the same. Here’s the last line from her poem, ‘I Feel Adored’

In perfect accord
In perfect accord

Feelings of affection exist
With the surrender of love

In perfect accord

Trust exists with friendship
Truth exists with acceptance

In perfect accord

Faith exists with surrender
To the will of the creator

In perfect accord

Life needs to coexist
All creatures small and big



WDYS # 132 -A Roundup post

Young hearts dream big dreams 
I too have high expectations
Can you see the determination in my eyes
There is iron resolve in my heart
One day I too will climb the ladder of success
One day you will know my name


Fantastic response again this week in response to this image. Please click on the links to read the contributions of our lovely participants.

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My Mother- A reshare on Mother’s Day

My mom would have been the perfect paradigm of my ideal

Had she lived long enough for me to know her as an adult

Her life finished when she was just twenty six years old

I never got the chance to develop memories of her as a person

Life for her was short and her journey ended where for other, it begins

Her thoughts slide into my mind often and needless to say that

I miss the motherly touch, the words of wisdom that she might have

Imparted to me, had she been alive when I became old enough to value

The love and devotion only a mother can give to her child each and every day

Today and every day, I salute the mothers, who with selfless love give their children

All the confidence they need to face this world and to stand strong on their own

 ( I wrote this poem a couple of  years on Mother’s Day)

I have included this prompt;

Word of the day Challenge;