I am dependent upon your infinite mercy

I believe that your kindness

And wisdom will guide my steps

Show me the path to tread

Give me the courage to face

What challenges there are

In my way for I alone can’t

Be what you want me to be

Without your guidance

And without your light

I am dependent on your infinite mercy, O GOD

Written for:

Your daily word prompt





Have you met them

Have you met them

They are the knowing ones

Who are in possession of all the wisdom

They are the experienced ones

Who know how to do things right

They are the learned ones

Who have read every book there ever was

They are the skillful ones

They know the intricacies of art

They are the one who are always right

Who haven’t ever made a mistake in life

They are the creative ones

Who can design and draw like no other

They are good with animals and kids

Who can teach you all about pets and children

They are great with numbers

Who can instruct you in finance

They are such good psychologists

Who can tell you about all you mental kinks

They even have full medical knowledge

Who can treat all your ills

Have you met them

Who are they

Are they you or me

Have you met me

Have you met you

Let me know what you think of my post.

Waiting for your feedback and comments





Each snowflake is Unique

Just like each of us

All in our own way

All are different

Some like it this way

And some like it that way

There are people who think

White is black and black, white

Others would say night is day

And the day is night

All have their own creed

Their way of living and doing

One cannot be the judge of another

No one can sit on the high throne

And tell me how I should be

Or the other what to dream of

Don’t take our uniqueness away

Don’t ask us to conform

We aren’t all created in one mold

We all have something that’s only our’s

And like a snowflake we are all one in a million

Written for the onedailyprompt

Today’s word; Unique



Please stop me!

Help me someone, for I cannot 

Resist my urges anymore 

It’s like a magnet pulling me

To buy something for someone or me

I would love to but I really shouldn’t 

Well, just a quick peek maybe 

I will go in but for a while only

Won’t touch a single item

A fast foray into the mall

Then I will be done for sure

But it’s really not my fault anyway

Why put on so many sales

The thanksgiving sale

The……….Friday sale

The sale before Christmas

The sale after Christmas

How can a shopaholic like me

Resist all this temptation

‘Cause I love to buy gifts

And stuff for me too!

Shoes and perfumes, eye pallets and liners

Blushes and lip colors, dresses and gadgets

And how can I avoid…

The jewelry store displays

That are beckoning me towards them

All alluring, charming, enticing

Telling me to step inside and take a look

Just a teeny-weeny look and here I am

At the checking counter with a load

Of things I really don’t need

Of gifts probably unsuitable

Of item that are totally frivolous

But then I cannot resist…..

And lets not forget the new year’s sale

Can you resist the urge to visit the sales?

Share how you limit your expenditure during the holiday season.

[ Have left a blank before Friday as I don’t like to use the term Black Friday as it’s not deemed politically correct]

Waiting for your comments




The dream of all dreams

Dreaming of dreams

Dreams of love

Dreams of happiness

Happiness of love

Love of life

Life of beauty

Beauty of love

Love of humanity

Humanity and humility

Humility and kindness

Kindness towards all

All that surrounds us

Us and all the people

People who are in need

Need, poverty and terror

Terror for their lives

Lives that are precious

Precious, week and hoping

Hoping for us to awaken

Awaken from our dreams

Dreams of idealism

Idealism needs actions

Are we ready to act?

Written in response to the

November writing prompts




I am ordinary

I am ordinary

Nothing special

Or above average

Just plain regular

I am ordinary

No super powers

Nothing heroic

lone and typical

I am ordinary

That is how you see me

I would say so myself

I cannot change the world

I cannot do it by myself

But I need you to be

My strength my right hand

Together we can

Together we can be


Written for FOWC





When you say Adorable, what comes to the mind! Cute babies, tiny little kittens, puppies and delightful stuffed teddy bears.

heart fruit form
Photo by Sydney Troxell on

Little kittens, cuddling together in a basket

Bonny babies, sleeping and smiling 

Cute tiny puppies gazing at you

Swelling your heart with loving emotions 

All the adorable, lovable goodness 

Your eyes see and your heart melts

Hands reach out to pick, stroke and cuddle

Lips seek to kiss the sweetness  

How the defenseless and the innocent 

Drag at our heartstrings and attract 

All the tenderness and affection 

From deep inside our souls towards them

How it strengthens our faith in God

In all that is good, sweet and true 

‘Cause who can see all this innocence 

And deny the Creator, whose creations are so adorable. 

Dedicated to all the beautiful, adorable and cuties.

Let me know how you like my post.

Waiting for your feedback



Autocorrect hates my writing!

Here, I am trying to write

There, it is bent on spoiling

Who, you may ask?

This blasted autocorrect!!

I want : we are

It writes, where

I type :there

It comes out : they are

“From here” becomes : former

“Hey there” becomes : hyper

My sentences look funny

My grammar all askew

Why is this autocorrect

Turning my post in a stew?

Writing is no picnic anyway

But throw in this well-meaning gadget

It’s bound to reduce you

To tears of frustration

(It just changed tears to years)

If I disable my autocorrect

Then who will check my spellings

If I don’t, how will I finish!

Why does autocorrect hate me so?

My autocorrect doesn’t like the word autocorrect!

Do you have issues with autocorrect?

Share them and your feedback with me.






A shelter in the storm

I want to take refuge

Seek shelter in the deluge

Give me the strength

To bear the hardships

That life is throwing at me

Oh, I need to stand firm

I need to hold on to my faith

The life is by no means easy

The journey is not yet done

Sorrows and trials abound

Though there are joys too

I look to you my Lord

I seek your help

Grant me the strong spirit

To stay on your path

Make me the person

Who is not deterred

By the winds of adversity

By the disapproval of world

Make my steps firm

On the path of the right

Give me shelter

Written for FOWC. SHELTER




I love him

I love him

I love him because he is from mine

But I love him also because he is so sweet

I love him because he is caring

But I also love him when he is being stubborn

I love him because he is so clever

But I also love him when he is arguing with me

I love him because he loves Me back

I love him when he is being so wise

But most of all I love him when he is being the innocent child that he is

Naive and gullible

Believing good in everyone

Asking people to believe in good

I love him.

For grandkids!