Eugi’s Weekly Prompt- Playful

Eugenia is the host of Eugi’s Causerie

Your Weekly Prompt  Playful– April 8, 2021


Why so serious!

A little mischief, a bit of playfulness

Lightens the mood, lifts the spirits

Take that frown off your face

Replace it with a smile

Let that twinkle in the eye shine

Break out your dancing shoes

Show us a step or two

Why so serious,

Let the joy take over




Crimson Creative Challenge # 125 – Forgotten

Crispina is the host of Crimson Creative Challenge



Deep in the forest is a place that time forgot

It is surrounded by overgrowth and dense vegetation

In the middle is a clearing, a meeting place

Come join me there and we’ll talk heart to heart

No one will disturb us there in a place that time forgot




Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Canopy

Eugenia is the host of Eugi’s Causerie

Your Weekly Prompt – Canopy – April 1, 2021


Blue sky forms a canopy over my world

It’s neither blue nor does it offers any protection

But to our eyes, it’s the epitome of a beautiful day

Optic illusions that we humans accept as facts

We seek shelter in false hope and expectancy

Avoid the verity and close our eyes to reality

Enjoy the blue sky but find the courage to seek truth

Seek the authenticity, reject the hearsay



Tuesday Writing Prompt- Rain drops of my heart

Devereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda are currently hosting the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge

Prompt: “Raindrops of my heart”


Raindrops of my heart fall from my eyes

Cascading down my cheeks cleansing my soul

Washing the grime of ages with their pureness

Making it clean and new once again

Returning the innocence of my naive youth




Eugi’s Weekly Prompt- Swirling

Eugenia is the host of Eugi’s Causerie

Your Weekly Prompt – Swirling – March 25, 2021


Emotions swirling

Storms generating

Heart overflowing

Tears escaping


Emotions swirling

Heart overflowing

Smiles breaking

Joy exploding


Emotions seesawing

Joy and sadness vying

Heart and mind confused

A whirlwind of sentiments

Gripping the soul, squeezing

Every last drop of feelings




“Her” An ode to all women

March is drawing to an end!

I meant to do more posts this month about the women of this world but I got caught up in life.

Anyway here’s my next post about” Her”

(Image credit; Happy color app)

Color her in vibrant colors

She shines in gold of divinity

Exudes grace is shimmering silver

Her passion is in the shades of red

She is all sweetness in pretty pink

Compassion and care colored in green

Deep and dark blues show her integrity

Yellow highlight her joy and exuberance

Her persona is rainbow hued, vibrating with life




MLMM- Photo Challenge #359

Nekneeraj is the host of Photo Challenge

– Brooke Shaden

Use above image as inspiration for a poem or short story.


Forest’s child

Dance with abandonment on the fallen leaves

The trees stand guard on you, directing your moves

Don’t try to break free, you are beholden to the forest




Friday Fun – Contrast

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

blue skies and muddy waters … a bit like life!

we often meet strong contrasts … 
but note the blue sky is reflected in the shadow under the bridge

share something creatively contrasting in photos or writing
post it and share your link back here then look at others take


Darkness serves as a foil for light

The contrast highlights the difference

If there was no unhappiness, how would we value joy

If we never experienced pain or illness, we would never cherish health

A sunny day is all the more dear to us because of cloudy days

Spring is more enjoyable after dreary winter months

One without the other loses some of its value

Contrasts teach us to appreciate all good things in life




Crimson Creative Challenge # 123

Crispina is the host of Crimson Creative Challenge


Welcome to my weekly challenge—open to all—just for FUN, FUN, FUN



I stand guard here

No one can pass by me, unaware


Don’t do that

I am a dragon not a pet

I don’t take kindly to your familiarity


It is better now

You’ve learned to behave, how

To pay proper courtesy to a majestic being like myself