WQ- Midpoint— What are my goals?


Logo by Donna @ Retirement Reflections

It’s not like I did set definite goals for myself this year

I like to be flexible and go with the flow as I age

Promising myself to be better than yesterday is an easy one to pledge

But extremely hard one to achieve as it encompasses a lot

Always striving to do better, to be kinder, to be stronger

Making an effort, always to delete the negatives and enhance the positives

These are my goals for now and till the day I live

And I’ll keep on working on them irrespective of time, date, and year

A commitment given to me by me should be honored

For if I can’t fulfill a promise made to myself, who else deserves it more?


In response to; WQ- Midpoint/ Writers choice, hosted by Marsha



Finding magic

in pursuit of magic, spray-painted on a pink wall

photo by Karly Santiago


In pursuit of happiness and magic, we wander here and there, lost to what is really around us.

What is around us is ignored because we think magic and happiness will arrive, announced with loud fanfare, drums, and confetti.

Magic of happiness slowly creeps into our hearts when we leave it open to receiving blessings when we are grateful and mindful of our good fortune.


In response to Three Line Tales, hosted by Sonya



Showing some enthusiasm- W3 # 55

Punam’s prompt guidelines
  • Write an acrostic poem on any one of the following words:
    1. Discipline; 
    2. Enthusiasm;
    3. Meditation; 
    4. Tumult; 
    5. Trouble.


Enter into the fray eagerly

Never give up in any situation

Try and try again if success eludes you

Hold on with both hands, don’t let it slip

Understand the importance of perseverance

Stand tall, stand firm with élan and vigor

Indeed, you have to show them your spirit

Although you may fail many times, don’t give up

Slowly but surely you will attain your goal

Medals won’t adorn your chest but you’ll have that sense of satisfaction


In response to W3 # 55, hosted by David



Narcissi- How I love them


II. Brandon’s prompt guidelines

Sweet April showers, do spring May flowers.–Thomas Tusser (c. 1524 – 1580)

  • Now that May has arrived, I’d like you to write a descriptive poem about your favorite flower; 
    • Write about its fragrance (if it has one), its look, and/or how it makes you feel; 
    • It can also be a metaphor for growth, romance, or renewal; 
    • There’s no restriction on form or device.


Delicate beauty

Often underrated

I love it’s fragrance

Takes me back to my childhood

For every year near my birthday

I’d see bouquets of narcissi on the

Flower stands, in hand of vendors

Offering them to passersby cheap

Just one whiff of it’s intoxicating scent

And I’m ready to open my wallet

Narcissi, adorning my living room

For weeks till I’m ready to replace

The old bouquet with a fresh one


In response to W3 # 53, prompted this week by Brandon, and hosted by David



Color of hope

April 24, 2023, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about the color of hope. Who is in need of hope and why? How can you use color to shape the story? Pick a color, any color. Go where the prompt leads!


She was gradually losing her sight. What was once sharp and clear was now blurry and out of focus. She had the means to get treated but the doctors she consulted, didn’t have the answer she wanted. They told her to make peace with this coming disability as there was no option to cure it.

She walked among the spring flowers to imprint their beautiful colors of hope onto her mind forever. She saw beautiful works of art to absorb their beauty in her heart.

When she finally lost her sight, she had beautiful memories forever in her heart.


Word count: 99

Written in response to 99 Word Story, hosted by Charli Mills



dVerse- Poetics- Let music speak

I choose these two lines from the list;

Sunny April Afternoon

Fruitloop Daydream



Absorbed in the magic of the sunny April afternoon

Was rudely awoken from my fruitloop daydreams

By the jarring note of discordant twittering

Birds instead of singing sweet spring melodies

Were in a war over the territory and birdseeds


I ask…..

Can’t you serenade me with sweet birdsongs

Why like humans you choose to go to war

Come now my little feathered friends, let’s forget the worldly woes

And sing together to celebrate the spring and it’s magic!


Written for: dVerse poetics, hosted this week by Punam



Completely, decidedly, markedly!

For the visually impaired the image is a heavily wooded dark forest with bright sunbeams peeking through the trees.


I’m quite decided when I reach a decision

The way of action is completely and markedly set

Feeling that I’ve weighed all pros and cons

I proceed ahead with a determined glint in my eye

Oscillating or dithering is not my style at all

Once I believe in taking steps in certain direction

It’s a go ahead with full steam, operating on all engines


Written for ;Moonwashed Musings Weekly Prompt – Markedly – April 11, 2023, hosted by Eugenia



The awakening of nature and renewal


A newly blooming Amaryllis in my home

Spring comes bringing with it

A fervent hope of renewal

We want nature to bloom

We hope that nature wears

Bright new colors to delight us

What we don’t think about

How to renew and remake ourselves

Why it’s necessary to rethink our priorities

If we want to survive and our home to prosper

We need to renew our relationship with

The nature that’s been sustaining us

For the last so many millenniums

With the blessing of Almighty

We all can renew our outlook and faith

We all can find happiness in the tiniest of joys

Every new day is a brand new opportunity

To start life afresh, to forget the failures of yesterday

And live today as the first day of the rest of our life!


In response to; WQ #14: Awakening Our Hearts Is Beyond Our Power, hosted by Marsha




Reality or an illusion?

We have a picture prompt this week.

Was it a trick of the light or was it real?

It looked like the bird had laid a golden egg

I was no Jack on the beanstalk vanquishing the giant

Birds laying golden bounty wasn’t what I expected

Was it a hallucination or just wishful thinking

In a state of disbelief, I challenged my sanity

Touch it, test its reality- I must

Or perhaps…..

I will leave it here, a golden possibility

To hark back to in the days of future

When everything will look muddy and gray

And remember that I once saw a golden egg

Nestled in a nest made of straw that looked like gold!


In response to; RXC Prompt #275, hosted by Reena