Nothing is permanent

Have you ever wondered about the transitory nature of everything

Here today gone tomorrow explains this perfectly

The powerful, the beautiful, the famous, or even the rich people

All suffer from a downward trend in their fame and fortune with time

The only thing that is permanent in life is change

Stop expecting things to stay the same, everything changes

Be adaptable, and embrace transition openly


Written for Moon Washed Musings Weekly Prompt – Transient, hosted by Eugenia



On the ledge

Standing here on the verge of a big change in her life, she looks deep inside her heart to find the courage to take the next step.

Life has given her a big opportunity, disguised as a challenge and she had recognized it for what it was, but to go forward she needed guts and chutzpah.

She remembered her dad’s oft-repeated saying, “nothing in life worth having comes easy”, yes! she promises herself to at least give it her best shot.

The next morning she went to her CEO and accepted the promotion and the relocation that came with it. “Will you be alright living in Kenya, all by yourself? “he asked with genuine concern.

Yes, she said I have thought about it and find it an acceptable option, after all, that’s what I signed in for, to help the poor and needy” she replied with confidence.


Written in response to Six Sentence Story- Verge, hosted by Denise



Saturday Symphony # 34- Love affair

In the beginning, man lived as one with the nature

There was no conflict, no war between the two

Then when humans got greedy they started ravaging

The environment to earn riches, destroying the nature

Now the developed world is starting another love affair with nature

Luring it into a false sense of security, but always busy

Cutting its roots, stealing its treasures, and still harming it

If only humans returned to their true love of nature

The genuine love that would mean making sacrifices for it

Maybe man and nature can once again live in harmony

And our beloved, one and only home can be saved


Written for Saturday Symphony, November edition, hosted by Jude



Making things easy for oneself – De- cluttering

This week the weekly prompt from Sue W and GC is Easy


I wrote this post in 2019. It is all about making life easy and streamlined.

I recently read a great blog about the beauty of simplicity. So I am trying to make my life simple and easy by de-cluttering it.

This is the season for making new plans and implementing life changes. So if you want a streamlined life, free of a lot of extra stuff, both literally and figuratively, go for a purge.

De-cluttering space ;

I think that sorting our clothes, books, pictures, and all other stuff that is unorganized not only frees up the space but also gives us the comfort of knowing that we don’t have anything which we are not using.

The extra clothes, outdated, out-sized and worn out all can be sorted into the categories of;


Give away( disposed of)

Stored away for next season

One piece of advice, I found to be practical is to give away or donate clothes that don’t fit anymore. If we keep them in hopes of fitting in them again, that day sometimes never comes.

Books and photographs are more difficult to organize. We seldom feel like parting with books, old or new. Some can be donated to the lending libraries but most books we would love to keep most. So the trick is to store them on shelves and not in boxes or crates. A cheap bookshelf is easy to get and will keep the books within your reading range. Nowadays we usually don’t have pictures in hard copies. But if you do, take some time to organize them in albums or scrapbooks, with a small note saying when and where. It may be useful to add who, in the case of old photos. This is a time-consuming process and should be attempted when you have free time on your hands.

Knickknacks and other miscellaneous things can be either stored away or kept in the appropriate place

De-cluttering digital space;

The digital space we have is limited, no matter how many gigabytes of it we have because all things add up. Make a point to free up the space on the laptop, phone and tablet/ iPad, etc by deleting old documents that you no longer need. If you feel like me that the moment you delete anything, you will have an urgent need of it, then you should buy a portable hard drive( a really large memory stick) and transfer your data onto it. iCloud, OneDrive, and other online storage facilities are excellent to store data that you don’t want to part with. Uploading pictures to online data storage helps free up the space on your digital devices and may even do away with the necessity of getting a new one with more storage space.

De-cluttering mind;

The most useful and important part of de-cluttering is that of our minds. Worries, stress, and concerns about the future eat away the peace of mind. We can be so distracted by all that is going on in our brains that we may not perform our jobs properly. There are a few tips to de-clutter our minds;

Set priorities; do what is important first. Leave the unimportant tasks for later.

Learn to let go; you cannot do everything, and achieve all that you want. So if you are unable to do something, let go of the feeling of failure and move on.

Take a deep breath; deep breathing gets more oxygen into our bodies and helps us relax.

Make decisions; being decisive takes a load off your mind. But don’t go back and rethink your decisions.

Share with loved ones; as they say that a burden shared is a burden halved.

Limit the amount of media, social media, and digital devices you use; we all know now that too much information, can bring chaos to our minds, so limit the amount of TV, Facebook, or other media/ social media you use and give your brain a breather.

Unwind; at the end of the day, unwind. Physically unwinding and relaxing can make our minds relaxed.

Photo Credit; Google for all images

These are a few of the tips to make life simple and free from clutter.

Hope that this is useful to some of you.

Waiting for your feedback and comments.




WDYS # 160 -A Roundup post

What is faith

They say it’s believing the unseen

I say that God is all around us, everywhere

What’s a prayer

They say it’s asking God for help

I say a prayer is affirmation of our faith

That God is there and is listening to our pleas


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I am grateful to all those who have read, shared and commented on these posts.

I will be posting next week’s challenge on Monday at 12:00 pm, PKT.

Thanks for reading.




Keep an open mind

Both eyes and minds should be open

If we want to get anywhere in life

Put a lock on free thinking and you’ll stay stagnant

Close your eyes and you’ll literally be blind

If you are blessed with a mind capable of thinking

Don’t cripple it’s abilities by wearing a cap of darkness over it

If your eyes are functioning properly, why pretend to be blind

How we go through life, what we achieve here

Depends wholly on our attitude throughout our time on earth

Never waste the opportunities that come your way

Or close the doors life/ fate opens for you!


Written in response to; RXC PROMPT #257, hosted by Reena



A little white lie

November 14, 2022, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that includes a lie. What is the lie? It can be subtle or blatant. Who tells the lie and why? Is it an unreliable narrator? Go where the prompt leads!


What does it matters, it’s just a little white lie

That’s how it starts my dear and then one becomes two and two becomes too many. Lying becomes a habit that is hard to get rid of”

But nan, I meant no harm. I just didn’t want to hurt Mel’s feelings by telling her I won’t come to her party, I’d already promised Cindy that I’ll hang out with her”

Then my sweet, you should tell her the truth, gently. If we start to hide behind lies, we will lose our true selves!

Okay nan. I promise, never again!”


Word count; 99

Written for 99 Word Story- A lie, hosted by Charli Mills of the carrot ranch



Sharing my world and views- 14th November’22

Di is our gracious host for SYW


1. Does the weather affect your mood?

Not really! Hot weather may be more uncomfortable, but it doesn’t affect my mood. When my thyroid disease wasn’t diagnosed, I used to feel miserable in summer, sweating and getting angry about the smallest things. After my diagnosis and treatment, I turned human again instead of an angry Hulk!

2. If a stranger smiles at you or says ‘good morning’ when they pass you in the street, do you return it?

Oh yes, definitely. Unless….. it’s a creepy guy trying to be too frank! I also say Salam with a smile when I feel the other person is receptive.

3. If you had a choice of just one of these things to eat, what would it be and why?
Chocolate, a sweet pastry, a plate of chips/fries (this is not a forever choice, just one instance).

Chocolate, always.

4. If you could go back to when you were a specific age, what would that be? Why?

I am very comfortable in my skin right now. I would never want to go back to my past life. And though I have many old age ailments, the biggest benefit I have of my current age is that I’ve come to terms with what I am, and who I am and this is the best feeling in the world.


Today was day 8 after my surgery, and my stitches came out. They have healed well. I have to be careful how big a sip I take but the pain in my stomach is reduced to bearable. And I’ve lost 4kg in one week! Yay

Thank you Di for these interesting questions.



Water- Our precious resource

For Friday Faithfuls today, I am asking how concerned you are about water. Are you worried that you might be running out of clean water? Are you experiencing increased evaporation due to warmer temperatures? Did you ever, or do you now live in a place or ever visit an area where they warned you against drinking the water? Do you live in a place that has restrictions on the amount of water that you are allowed to use? Do you have any suggestions about what should be done to ensure that we will have enough water in the future?


Water is the source of life.

Wasting fresh water is to my mind the hight of stupidity. And not only that, it’s shortsighted in the extreme. The climate change/ extreme weather has made rainfall unpredictable and the rising temperatures have dried up many fresh water resources.

On a personal level, I try to conserve as much water as I can. We don’t have bathtubs in our home. We all take quick showers. The tap should be off when brushing teeth, soaping hands or face. We have faucets which can be turned off by pressing on the handle.

The cars, driveway and other outside structures are not washed daily, or even weekly. Watering the lawn, flowers is done manually and just enough to keep the soil moist. We can be fined for washing our cars.

We don’t drink tap water but use bottled water as it’s not deemed safe for drinking. though we aren’t restricted on water usage, we are billed for the water we use and that is also a deterrent on wasting water.

As I said in the beginning, water is the source of life on our planet. Be very conscious of it and the fact that it’s scarce in many parts of the planet. Conserve water so that others may have it.


Written for Friday Faithfuls- Water, hosted by Jim