Some thoughts on turning 60

  • 1. Being born is a blessing
  • 2. Dying is the natural end
  • 3. Spent the time in-between wisely
  • 4. Don’t take anything for granted
  • 5. Health, wealth, loved ones, all can go
  • 6. Cherish your good times
  • 7. Learn from the hard times
  • 8. Every thing happens for a reason
  • 9. Enjoy the time you have
  • 10. Try to learn something new every day
  • 11. No knowledge is useless.
  • 12. Lend a helping hand or an ear to someone who needs it
  • 13. Being kind is its own reward
  • 14. Never tell anyone anything you want kept secret
  • 15. Give away things you don’t use
  • 16. Buy only what you need, not want
  • 17. Reading enriches the mind
  • 18. Making things brings satisfaction
  • 19. Don’t get attached to things
  • 20. Don’t hoard money for a rainy day, enjoy it while you can
  • 21. Fine things are okay but comfortable things are better
  • 22. Aging is a privilege denied to many
  • 23. Tell the people you love them often, who knows when it will be the last time you say it or they hear it.

Today, November 23, 2021, I have turned 60 years old. So I have listed 23 thoughts to share with you all.




Stormy journey- PCF # 13



You know your destination

And prepare for any eventuality

But when a tsunami strikes

Changing the whole scenario

The journey becomes harder

As you lose your bearings

The way is lost in the giant waves

That touch the sky

Obscuring everything

You flounder in the deep water

Hoping to catch a glimmer of light in darkness

Nerves of Steel are needed to keep going

Or perhaps a heart that never looses hope?


Written in response to PCF # 13, hosted by Paula

“Take your inspiration this week from Valspar’s “journey” and/or “tsunami sky.” Tag your post Paint Chip Friday, or PCF”



That’s life

Staying alive our priority 
Health and wellness our main concern
We cling on to life in desperation
Kicking the bucket never inviting

How many billions have parishes before us
Nobody lived for eternity here
There is a way to live beyond death
Do some good that survives your demise

Live well when alive, not just survive
With spirit, gusto, enjoying each and every moment
And die without regret of leaving things unaccomplished
No one gets out of life, alive!

Written in response to Thursday Inspiration hosted by Jim.




Think how beautiful our worlds would be

If we shared in our good fortune with those in need

Food won’t ever go to waste and no one would go hungry

Millions of tons of wasted food feeding hungry bellies

Resource would be properly utilized, there’d be no paucity

Energy, electricity, gas, all shared with people around the world

Money, not an object but the desire for a unified humanity

Joys and happiness shared among our fellow men, women

Sorrow and grief divided and halved when shared

Think how beautiful our world would be?

“Great satisfaction comes from sharing with others.” ~ Unknown.

Written in response to Weekly Prompts, by Sue W and GC



Stay on the stepping stones!

Carefully placed flat stones in the boggy land served both as way markers and safe passage. The travelers were advised not to step anywhere else but on the stones and follow the leader till they were out of the bog.

Jennifer was a rebel and following instruction was an anathema to her. Midway through the path, she stepped off the stone and onto the soft ground. When her friends heard her scream, they looked to see her sinking slowly into the bog.

No one dared step off their stone to help her. The guide leaped from her stone with a strong staff in her hand. She asked for volunteers who made a hand chain and gradually Jennifer was pulled out of the soft ground.

She went back home the next day but before that, she went and apologized to the organizers for being such a stupid, thoughtless fool. Perhaps she learned a lesson.


Written in response to KL Caley’s Challenge, WritePhoto

Some stones are located in the grassland which is surrounded by hills.
Stones – Image by KL Caley

(For visually challenged writers, the image shows some stones located in the grassland which is surrounded by hills)



Looking through the fog

Fog, be it real or mental, obscures our vision.

Today Marsha, the host of WQWWC asks us to share our views about FOG in light of quotes.

The fog of illusion, the fog of confusion is hanging all over the world.”

Van Morrison.

When the mind doesn’t sees what the eyes behold 
A confusion of thoughts limits our field of vision
In this temporary blindness we think that we are powerless
And sometimes surrender to the circumstances without struggle
A little pause to reflect
A time to let things settle
Often give us the clarity that we desperately seek

There it is, fog, atmospheric moisture still uncertain in destination, not quite weather and not altogether mood, yet partaking of both.”

Hal Borland.

Fog is lost in uncertainty of its nature 
It has no clue if it’s a cloud or just moisture
This confusion is enough to mislead others too
Is it a mist, a vapor, or just a passing cloud?

We put labels on everything, and tend to think of things in black and white. Life is full of shades of grey. There are many realities between the two extremes. A foggy day illustrates to us how things look from a blurred perspective.




Long road ahead

I’ve started my long journey. I have many miles to go but I know where I’m headed. I know there will be difficulties on my way, and I might have to take detours because the way may be blocked. But I can see the destination in my mind.

I am ready!

Here I come!


Written in response to the; One minute fiction, hosted by Cranny




Laugh out loud to lighten the load that you carry. Cares and worries all take an insidious toll on our health and when we find something to laugh about we can blow them away with a roaring laugh.

I am a huge fan of spreading joy and laughter. When you smile at someone, they usually smile back at you. You both feel the joy a spontaneous smile brings to our hearts.

Telling jokes to make people laugh is a wonderful skill that I, unfortunately, don’t possess. But I can act the fool. Or pretend to. Sometimes I retell incidents with a humorous twist to make people laugh.

Always value those who make you laugh. They are a priceless treasure.

Written in response to Tale Weaver- Laughter, hosted by Stephanie Colpron



SoCS – Trying

My word today is from ;

The madness of crowds by Louise Penny

We are trying most of the time

And some times are trying for us

Trying to get things right is important

But we don’t succeed in all our efforts everytime

I always give myself, and others too

Full credit for trying even if we don’t always get there

For what is life but an effort which we make

From the time we are able to the time when we aren’t!

Written for SoCS, hosted by Linda. This week she asks;

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “close eyes and point.” Grab the closest printed material to you when you sit down to write your post, open it up (if it’s a book, flyer, etc.), close your eyes, and point. Whatever your finger lands on, use that as your prompt. Have fun!