Blues- Soothing and calming

My brain can’t capture completely

The beauty of the blue sky, white clouds

The silver moon, shining mid afternoon

Just looking up gives a sense of peace

Calms the agitated nerves and feelings

Looking skywards, once in a blue moon

I’m lucky to witness nature in all its splendor!


In response to: Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge – Blues, hosted by Sue W and GC



WQ- Midpoint— What are my goals?


Logo by Donna @ Retirement Reflections

It’s not like I did set definite goals for myself this year

I like to be flexible and go with the flow as I age

Promising myself to be better than yesterday is an easy one to pledge

But extremely hard one to achieve as it encompasses a lot

Always striving to do better, to be kinder, to be stronger

Making an effort, always to delete the negatives and enhance the positives

These are my goals for now and till the day I live

And I’ll keep on working on them irrespective of time, date, and year

A commitment given to me by me should be honored

For if I can’t fulfill a promise made to myself, who else deserves it more?


In response to; WQ- Midpoint/ Writers choice, hosted by Marsha



Leave it alone

Stop doing it

Leave it alone

How many times

We have said it

Or have others say it to us

But we all have things

That once take a hold of our mind

Keep on worrying us unceasingly

And despite us telling ourselves

To let it go, leave it alone

We still keep on thinking about it

Perhaps a dose of amnesia can make us forget it?


Your prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “left alone.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

In response to Linda’s SoCS- Left alone



Yellow- Belly snake

The word snake holds an irrational fear for me from my childhood, and I never wait around to check if the snake is poisonous or benign, I just utter a loud scream and make a run for it.

But some snakes are hard to identify as they are in human form, pretending to be good caring friends or relatives, all the while scheming and plotting to inject their poisonous fangs into you when you least suspect it.

What to do about these yellow-bellied reptiles who want to destroy your peace of mind without you giving them the least cause to do so?

After going through hard experiences, I’ve learned that nothing works better than just cutting ties with these toxic people completely and not letting them convince you of their good intentions ever again; sounds difficult as you may be related to them, or have relationships of long standing with them, but believe me, it’s the best course of action for you and your sanity.

Just saying a saccharine sweet adieu to them will lift a burden from your soul.

Walk away from them and look out for their types in your future life, being beware of them in advance!


In response to; Six Sentence Story- Yellowbelly, hosted by Denise



Finding magic

in pursuit of magic, spray-painted on a pink wall

photo by Karly Santiago


In pursuit of happiness and magic, we wander here and there, lost to what is really around us.

What is around us is ignored because we think magic and happiness will arrive, announced with loud fanfare, drums, and confetti.

Magic of happiness slowly creeps into our hearts when we leave it open to receiving blessings when we are grateful and mindful of our good fortune.


In response to Three Line Tales, hosted by Sonya



Honorable- What we strive for?

Logo by Donna @ Retirement Reflections

WQ #21: May 24: HONORABLE

This quote reflects my feelings 100%. I too think that being honorable, kind, and helpful are the goals that we should strive for in life. Living to be the person that others admire and look up to would make not only our lives fulfilling but also make us a person who inspires others.

The road to success is paved with hard work, long hours, honorable intentions, and a humble heart. When you lose your humility, life becomes a steady decline from dreams to nightmares.

Carlos Wallace

Standing up for what’s right

Giving up your time to do the honorable thing

Working hard to achieve humility and kindness

These are the goals worth pursuing in life

Not everyone thinks like we do

No everyone has the same values as we do

We often feel let down, disappointed

When those we trust, betray our trust

Guard against this feeling of betrayal

Cultivate your own values deep within


In response to; WQ #21: Being Honorable –, hosted by Marsha





I’m curious; what’s in this envelope

My inquisitiveness is pushing me to take a peek

The prudence wants to step back and let it be

Life is like a sealed envelope for us in the beginning

Revealing its secrets to us gradually, one at a time

But sometimes the envelope remains sealed till the very end

And it’s only when we are done with most of our living

That the secret of what life is all about is unveiled to us

A sealed envelope though tempting/ inviting us to open

Can very be like Pandora’s box, that, once opened

Spills out things that we wished were still hidden!


In response to; RXC- Prompt #281, hosted by Reena



Recalling elusive memories

Today, let’s explore memory! Write a haibun that alludes to memory, any way you construe it.


I’ve written about my late mother in my posts recently. She passed away when I was just two months short of my sixth birthday. In the naivety of a child in the 1960’s I had no idea what death was. When I was told the news I asked my dad, when will she be coming back?

The tragedy of loss at a young age is that you don’t get to mourn that loss at one time. I mourned her at every stage of my growing up. I have vague memories of her dressing up to go out in the evening with my dad, wearing a white sari and silver earrings.

Her image dream like

The figure lit by shadows

Her perfume lingered


Elusive vision

I wish I remembered her

She slips from my mind


I hope I’ve done this right. I’ve challenged myself to try different poetic challenges hence this attempt.

In response to; dVerse haibun Monday- Memory, hosted by Frank this week



Sunday Poser # 133- Embracing new ways?

Welcome back to another Sunday Poser

This week my question is;

Do you prefer old ways or new technology in your day to day life?

By old ways I mean using a wristwatch, using a diary to keep appointments, or a calendar hanging on the wall to note events that you’d like to remember.

All this can be easily done by your smartphone. But some people prefer to do it with a paper and pen.

I do wear a watch! Always have. Though recently a fitness tracker has taken its place. But I’ll still flick my wrist to check the time. On my bedroom wall a calendar is hanging on it I’ve circled important appointments and events. For taking notes I do use the phone but for my A to Z challenge, I noted down all the topics in a small notebook.

What do you prefer in your daily life? High tech gadgets keeping a record of your routine or you like to do it manually?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section or you can write your own post and link it to this one so that I can find it.

As usual, thanks of visiting and reading.



Alone but not lonely

Being alone is different from loneliness 

I am never lonely, because I’m always with myself 

But being alone is a state that I cherish sometimes 

At times, company is good, and family or friends welcomed 

But then too much noise, too much hustle-bustle 

Makes me crave a bit of solitude and a bit of quietude 

Where I can hear myself think

Where my heart, my soul talks to my Creator

If I don’t get my much-desired me-time, I make it for myself 

By sitting alone in the quiet of the night and thinking, deep thoughts!


I am sharing a poem I wrote a year ago for RXC

In response to dVerse, open link night, hosted by Björn