Fandango provocative question # 11

Fandango has put another of his thought provoking questions to us;

Do you believe that terminally ill people should be allowed or encouraged to end their lives via physician-assisted suicide? If so, under any circumstances or should there be restrictions? If not, why not?

This is not only a very loaded question, it carries a lot of emotional weight behind it. I am frankly undecided as to how I should respond. Or if I were in the situation, what would be my choice. I have seen people who are terminally ill, as I am sure, most of us have. The hopelessness and the agony they are undergoing is very hard to see. Yet, euthanasia or assisted suicide is against the law in most countries and lot of states in the US. So the advocacy for this step would also have to face the legal implications for taking this step. Another argument is that we don’t know if a cure for the condition can be found to save that life. And when it comes to taking and implementing the actual decision, many of these people back down. Because taking a life or asking someone to do the deed is after all not a decision to be made lightly.

Optionally, if you were diagnosed with a terminal condition, would you consider physician-assisted suicide for yourself?

Following from the above discussion, I would not consider euthanasia. I would rather trust that God will ease that difficult time for me and my family. For me taking of any life, even my own is against the laws of God and would be an act of cowardice. Hope that I never come to the stage where this becomes an option.

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FPQ # 11




My fitness tracker II

I started my walking journey three years ago. It all started when I brought my fitness tracker, Fitbit. I have to admit that I have not been able to achieve all my fitness goals. I thought that I would but I am still quite a way to my targets. These basically are my weight targets. The target that I have achieved are my walking goals.

My tracker, makes me get up and walk for 250 steps, during at least five hours a day. It reminds me that I haven’t achieved my daily steps goal. If I am a bit short on getting to my goal for the day, there is an encouraging message on my app. And similarly, if I go 25% beyond my goal, I get a well done message. These all motivational messages and prompts keep me on my toes, literally. So when I got my summary for the year 2018, I thought I would share it with you all, as a way of acknowledging the help I get from my Fitbit to achieve my walking goals and also to let people know that if I can walk that much, you can too. We just need the proper motivation.

There are numerous benefits of walking for you. Health, both physical and mental is greatly improved by taking a walk, at least five days a week. There is a boost in the mood levels and confidence of people walking daily. Walking stimulates the blood flow though the brain and you can get many new ideas and maybe solve problems irking your mind.

So put on those walk shoes, which are sitting in your closet and head out. Or if it’s too cold or hot, rainy or foggy, stay indoors and walk in the house. I walk indoor if it’s not a good time to walk outside. The aim is to walk, so do that. Whatever the weather or time.

I wrote this post a while ago, about my fitness tracker and how it helps me with keeping track of my steps, sleep and intake.

My fitness tracker

You can check out this post about walking too!

Walk your way to a better physical and mental health





Extreme Weather

The extreme weather has brought heavy rains and snowfall. The copious amounts of water collected in low-laying ares has immersed the roads and parkways. In some areas there has been snow, which never used to get any and some parts of the planet are experiencing temperatures which are unprecedented. We have to take all this unusual weather patterns into serious account now and take action to prevent further deterioration to earth’s atmosphere.

But who is to instigate these changes? Who will be taking the lead? On individual basis we all can do our bit. But we do need the governments of leading countries, which have high carbon emissions rates to take some constructive decisions. Are we willing to cut back on our usage of fossil fuels?

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What do you see January 22-2019

What do you see, January 22-2019

Photo prompt by Hélène Vaillant



Open the door;

Opening the door takes courage and a great degree of initiative. You have two options in life. One is to stay where you are and wait for things to improve, get better and all that should happen on its own. No input from you required. The second option is to act. Act decisively and take that action that your mind is telling you to take. How do you want to live?

Open the door and step forward

Or just stay where you are in dark

Have the courage to explore the new

You don’t know where you are going

What are you going to find on the other side

Will it be better or even worse than before

But you cannot know unless you open

That door and find out for yourself

Maybe the magic of tomorrow is there

Waiting to shower its beauty and blessings

On you, only if you open the door and explore




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What do you see,

Photo prompt by Helénè Vaillant



BrewNSpew Café January 21-2019

Word/expression of the week – cloister– (noun) – a covered walk in a convent, monastery, college, or cathedral, typically with a wall on one side and a colonnade open to a quadrangle on the other. Synonyms – walkway, corridor, aisle, arcade, loggia, gallery, piazza, stoa.

Cloister – (verb) – seclude or shut up in or as if in a convent or monastery. Synonyms – confine, isolate, sequester, seclude.

You’re welcome to join our talented writers and challenge yourselves by composing your very own creation utilizing the week by week highlighted word/expression.

You’re welcome to join our talented community and challenge yourselves by composing your own creation using the week by week included word. Please limit your post to 300 words or fewer.

The cloister was suffocating her inner self

Shutting off her oxygen and causing a shortness

Her breathing was catching in her chest now

She just wanted to tear down the walls and confines

Wishing someone, something would set her free

Of these restrictions that were clamping her soul

No one was coming, it was apparent to her now

She had to be strong, she had to take a strong stand

Get up and stand firm,

Now think to yourself

You have the might of

Righteousness behind

You and you alone can

Accomplish this for you

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Perspectives in life

The world around us appears how we see it

It’s not the same for everyone that’s true

We all have a different perspective on everything

That is how we look and see the life differently

A happy news may not gladden everyone’s heart

Because each may be expecting things differently

My joy may not be your and your sorrow

May not touch my heart in the same way at all

What is a treasure to me, may look like peanuts to you

Your millions may seem just pittance to someone else

The things that are important to one may not be to some

This life has lots of different faces all are in their own way

Important to one or the other in us but we all only can see

This world through our own perspective and no one else’s

Let me know what is your perspective on life.

Waiting for your feedback and comments



JusJoJan # 22

Your prompt for JusJoJan 2019, January 22nd is brought to you by Pamela! Click here to find her last post and say hi while you’re there! Pamela’s word for our prompt today is “curiosity.” Use it anywhere in your post or make it the theme of your post. Have fun!

Touching and feeling

Exploring and finding

Only our curiosity

Can bring the answers

We seek to learn here

The world is a boring place

For the unimaginative one

For without the urge to explore

And giving in to our curiosity

We would be no better than

All the inanimate objects around us

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JusJoJan # 22




Time to write

Write a story using the word listed above.

If you use this prompt, please leave a link to your post in the comments below and I’ll share it next week. Please be sure to link back to my blog so your readers know where you got the prompt!

The sky is the limit.

There was something so appealing in looking up to the big blue sky. The view from the jungle of skyscrapers was a restricted one. A tiny patch of the blue would be visible when you craned your neck backwards and looked all the way up. But one day he will get there. To the top. Where the vista opened up and one could see for miles, in either direction.

But he was afraid that his dreams may not see the light of the day. You see he was just a kid. Thirteen years old. He was working as a part-time helper to the hot-dog stall owner after school. He would help in the making, packing and serving of the hot-dogs to the clients. In return he was given enough food to fill his ever hungry belly. And the stall owner, being a kind-hearted soul would help him with his studies in between the rush hours.

Enrique was an orphan, but he had big dreams. He wanted to become one of the hot-shot lawyers who he saw working in those offices. Dreams, that he realized finally one day. Now he owns his own law firm, with his office in the same building in front of which he used to work. He now goes to the hod-dog stall every day to buy his lunch. And you can find him helping the old man with his orders on a few occasions.

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JusJoJan #21 Jan

Your prompt for JusJoJan 2019, January 21st is brought to you by Lady Lee! Click here to find her last Just Jot it January post and say hi while you’re there! Lady Lee’s word for our prompt today is “echo.” Use it anywhere in your post or make it the theme of your post. Have fun!

Echoes from yesterday

Life sometimes seems a replay of itself. We see and feel that the happening of today are the same as that of yesterday. This echo from our past has a dejá vu effect on our minds. Specially when we see what our next generation is going through. The basic problems that we faced in our growing up years are the same that the people today are facing. Especially in the emotional context. The insecurity and other challenges we faced are the same today. Theses echoes from our past do remind us of our own feelings back then. Reliving the past, one thing becomes very clear. We all go through a certain set of issues in our lives which make and shape our personality. These twists and turns of the fate bring us to this present point in our lives. And we are a product of our past life. So the advice I give to my kids is that face up to life’s challenges as they will toughen you up for what is coming ahead. Echoes from the past are a reminder that we also were there and how we overcame our troubles, trials and tribulations to get here.

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JusJoJan # 21




Share your world 1/21/19

Melanie from the sparks from a combustible Mind has asked these questions in the recent edition of Share your World;


What’s the closest thing you’ve experienced to real magic?

I have experienced the magic of love, the miracle of change brought about by true affection. This to me is true magic. People reversing their direction and character because they loved someone. And this love is not necessarily the romantic kind.

Who is the messiest person you know? And why? 

One of my friend, (no names)is the messiest person I know. She was my roomie in the med school. It would be a chaos in the morning when we used to get ready for going out. She would be hard pressed to find any of the stuff she needed that day. This would result in further mayhem. You can imagine the scene in our shared room.

If you could know the absolute and total truth to one question, what question would you ask?

I would like to ask the question which is in every one’s mind . Why did people vote for Donald Trump! 😛

What benefits does art provide society? Does art hurt society in any way?

Art is the soul of a society. Without art the society is soulless and barren.

What’s something positive you’d like to share?  Can be a smile, a joke, or music..anything that gave you a lift this week!



Head over to Melanie and answer them. Share your world and thoughts.