Thought provokers # 9

Rory of A Guy Called Bloke is asking;

Thought Provokers

Last game for season 1


Is there anything that you wish you had spent more time doing five years ago?

At my current age and physical fitness, I wish I really had given serious consideration to learning yoga five years ago. I might be able to do it now but with two titanium knees and with instructions of not sitting on the floor, I doubt that I can learn now.


What would you regret not fully doing, being or having in your life?


Aside from my weight issue, I don’t think I have that many regrets in life. Regrets are sure shot destroyers of happiness and peace of mind. So I try not to have regrets and accept things as they are now. Much easier this way.


What do we all have in common besides our genes that makes us human?


Most of descent human beings have a compassionate side to their nature which sets them apart from the non- humans. (I won’t say animals because man has proven himself to be more viscous and cruel than any animal can be) The ability to feel the pain of another and try to alleviate it is a human characteristic.


What’s something you know you do differently than most people?


I don’t know that I am much different from others. But maybe I am more clumsy than others or maybe I am too direct! I really cannot say.


If life is so short, why do we do so many things we don’t like and like so many things we don’t do?


An interesting question. We don’t do a lot of things because we think we have a lot of time to do them later. And as for doing things we don’t like or want to do, it’s basically through the pressure exerted on us by those who are in charge of us like teachers, parents and well-meaning family and friends. We do say that life is short, but we really don’t act as if we believe in this!


Have you ever regretted something you did not say or do?


If I said something in anger, I definitely would have regretted it. Though it is difficult to remember it now. As for regretting not doing anything, I don’t think so. The thing is that I don’t have a very sharp memory so I don’t remember many things in the past. And I guess that’s a good thing!


What is your greatest fear and has it ever come true?


My greatest fear is to be at odds with my intrinsic family. And it has come to pass a few times but I am always the one to make the first move and try to resolve the situation. Even saying sorry when I am not the one who is carrying the blame.


What is the difference between innocence and ignorance?


A child is innocent or a person who doesn’t know the realities of life. An adult who chooses not to know is ignorant. The innocence is an endearing quality and ignorance is not at all.


Which is more real; perfection, happiness or beauty and why do you think the way you do?


Perfection is a myth. No one is perfect in this world. We each have our flaws, either hidden or apparent. External beauty is a gift of God, and it is real as far as the skin. Inner beauty is what is created by a kind heart and good nature and that is truly real and long lasting . As for happiness, if you attain it, it is real but it’s never a happily ever after.


Do you own your things or do your things own you?


Oh, I think I own things. The day you are owned by your possessions, that’s the day you become a slave to them. Even becoming a slave to your gadgets is not good. And if I use the cell phone too much, it is only to let it know who is the BOSS!


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Thought Provoker’s #9



Reena’s Exploration Challenge #80


There is no restriction on the length or format of thepiece. Write a post on your blog, and link it up here with a pingback, orcopy-paste the blog link in Comments.

I eagerly await your responses.

She was standing in the checkout line

A tentative smile thrown her way was met blankly

I turned aside, a bit flustered for being too forward

Going out of the store, I saw her again, carrying her grocery

She looked behind her to make sure her kid was following her

A worried frown on her face that melts into a sigh of relief

When the little guy rushes forward to clutch her hand

All oblivious to others who were near them

It got me wondering,

How quick we are to judge people

Putting labels, assigning blame

Weaving stories in our minds

When we don’t know the road they have traveled

When their faces don’t show us the scars

They are hiding behind the brave facade

The spirit can carry the scars, that we don’t comprehend

It’s true that there is a story behind every scar

And sometimes there is a scar behind a stoic face


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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #80


321 Quote me—— Truth

A tag created by Rory, of A Guy Called Bloke

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Li of Tao-Talk has nominated me for this tag. Thanks a lot Li.

Here is my selection;


“The truth.” Dumbledore sighed. “It is a beautiful and terrible thing, and should therefore be treated with great caution.” 
 J.K. Rowling, 

And if not with caution, always with respect.


“All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.” 
 Ernest Hemingway

That is specially true for those who write. Write the truth so that you are never ashamed of what we write.

My nominees are;

1. Jim, of Random writings on the Bathroom wall

2. Lens daily diary

3. Dorothy’s Page


Quote me321

Thought Provoker March 26/2019

Rory has posed more questions to tickle your mind;

Thought Provokers


When was the last time you tried something new?

Three weeks ago, I tried falling down and breaking bones in my right foot. Didn’t like that at all and will refrain from doing so again. EVER ,if I could help it.


Do you ever get excited about happiness?

Yup! Who doesn’t?


Do you question enough or simply accept everything? As in if l said Jump – would you say no or how high or why?

Definitely, Why! I don’t accept anything blindly. I need reasons to do something. Unless it’s coming from someone I trust impeccably( that they have good reasons for asking me to do something).


What is your preferred blog reading style – do you like light hearted, emotional and heart-felt, comedy, learning about things, philosophy, something that you bite into and guage some depth from … what?

All of the above. But too long post are usually deferred till I have time to pursue them later.


What belief do many people you know hold onto, that you yourself  cannot believe under any circumstance?

That there in NO GOD! I have firm faith in the Almighty God so I can never follow their belief.


When was the last time you were excited about life, what were you doing or had experienced to make you feel this way?

I get excited about life all the time. It’s something to do with my nature. So it could be something perfectly ordinary or it could be a special occasion. I need an excuse to be happy and excited.


Is happiness just a myth do you think?

It’s very much a reality. Just done expect happily ever after. Life has moments of happiness and then moments of peace, interspersed with ordinary life.


When life is all said and done, will you have said more or done more?

I probably would have said far more than done! That me, lots of talk and a bit lazy on the actual performance.


These very interesting questions are waiting for you at Rory, AKA Bloke’s blog.


Enjoyment of leisure time

This post is about the enjoyment of our leisure time that can blow away the cobwebs of fatigue and overwork.

Each phase of life have three basic components in it. Work, play and relaxation. The ratio of these components change as we go through life. As children, we have to put in almost equal time in all three categories; School work, playing with other kids and getting our minimal of eight hours of sleep. As we go into adult life, the work takes over part of relaxation and play aspects. And when we get to the retirement age it’s mostly play and relaxation with little bits of work thrown in.

In our prime, that is most of our adult life, in abidance of these un-written rules of the society, we are often lost in the haze of our ambitions and we breach or trespass the laws of self-care. We over-burden ourselves with too much work and responsibilities and we forget to dance in the ballroom of life. Rather we become like prickly cactus, shunning company of friends and enjoyment of simple pleasures of life. There is no well-being attached to becoming workaholic and it definitely does not earn you brownie points with your family.

Maintain a balance and give equal importance to have good quality time, relaxing and enjoying yourself when you are not working. That will improve you health and relationships for sure.

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Word of the day Challenge;


Opposites Attract Challenge #23

Today’s word: abidance

Antonyms: breach, contravention, infraction, infringement, nonobservance, transgression, trespass, violation


Ballroom, Cactus, Well

Share Your World 3-25-19

Melanie of Sparks from the Combustible Mind has asked these questions in Share Your World;


What is the best pick me up that you know of?  To shake you out of the blues?

For me personally, food….specifically chocolates, coffee, lots of carby sweet deserts with coffee. But I also analyze my problem which are pulling me down and try to work out a solution to them, if I can. If it’s out of my control then I ask God to help me sort it out. After that I am satisfied that I have done what I could. And then I have FOOD!

What would be the title of your memoir?

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall!

Where do you like to go when you eat out?

I like variety, so I try different places, but being on a diet I usually have to stick to Bar B Q or salads.

Do you believe in luck?

I believe that it’s fate. We work towards a goal and put in our best efforts. Then the result depends on the will of God. He will give us what is best for us.

Gratitude Question:

Aside from necessities, what is one thing you couldn’t go a day without?

Can I say my phone? Aside from my family, and the health of my family. It is one thing that keeps us all connected to each other.

Melanie has asked very interesting questions. Why don’t you head over to her blog and answer this Share Your World!



How to retain and enhance mental acuity

Human brain is very much like a computer. There are mini circuits which create memories and more often they are used, the powerful becomes the memory.

There are many tricks to keep those brain cells active.

Use it;

It’s like muscle. It gets flabby and looses its power, if not used constantly. The more you use it the better it gets. How to use your mind? The following are some of the ways you can increase the use of your brain.

1.Remember it;

Memorize things. Memorize numbers, addresses , poems or anything that takes your fancy. Make it a fun game and do it slowly. Getting stressed out is not the aim here.

2. Play with it;

Playing mental games, like chess or card games where you have to use strategy are good for invoking brain activity and making us think harder. It keeps us from going into a limbo.

3. Read and write;

Reading books, with new ideas and writing are excellent ways of keeping your mind thinking. Writing not only makes the creative juices flow but also strengthens the brain neuron networks used in the process. Writing and reading are such activities that are using many areas of our brain and each gets stronger with writing. If you check out the history of most prolific writers, they not only have longer lifespans but are also active mentally till a ripe old age.

4. Have a good laugh;

Laughing is a process which not only lifts the spirit and the mood. It also gets the blood flowing and increases the brain activity. Laugh alone, or better with those you love, be they friends or family. “Laughter is the best medicine as said by wise people.

5. Evoke emotions:

Emotions use a different part of our brain. Reading, watching movies, stage or theatre shows and listening to music are some of the activities which evoke emotions. Cry or laugh, they help us feel alive. These pull us out of apathy and keeps the brain and mind alive and kicking. And don’t watch or read too much of somber type of content, it can leave you too sad and nullify the good effects of this exercise.

6. Relax;

Go on a vacation, a cruise or just relax at home. A good relaxing time does wonder for the mind, body and our morale. All in one ticket to feeling better.

7. But not too much;

Relaxation should also be sought via physical activity. Walks, swimming and any other form of exercise that you can do without straining yourself physically should be taken up. Experts say that it is the ultimate elixir of youth. Both physical and mental health gain enormous benefits by exercising daily. If you are not used to exercising then start with light exercise and gradually increase the intensity to the levels which are compatible with your age and fitness levels. It’s always a good idea to get a green signal from your doctor before embarking on a plan which is new or too strenuous for you.

8. Take some responsibility:

Keep yourself busy by volunteering to look after some household chore, a pet or do some work in the nearest hospital, elderly home or even a daycare center. Taking responsibility of some work develops a positive self image. It makes us feel useful and we feel that we are accomplishing something worthwhile. I have seen when old people are relieved of their duties, thinking that a favor is being done to them, they grow old and lost very quickly. The reason for this is that as long as they are carrying responsibility of something, even self care, they remain alert and their mind keeps on working to remind them of their job/ chores.

9. Hope that you got good genes.

This is a big plus. But we cannot choose our ancestors, or our genes. We can however prevent growing old before our time by looking after ourselves.

Hoping for your feedback and comments;


Time to write: Animal [ Creative Writing Prompt]

The animals looked at each other in wonder

The behavior of the humans was beyond them

They quickly judged and awarded the titles

Called those who were cruel or callous as”animals

But the animals were never unkind or cruel for fun

They would kill and hunt but only to feed themselves

None of them will resort to violence or senseless killing

Because someone didn’t looked or behaved like them

They would only get aggressive to protect their families

Not as a sport or to collect trophies to show to friends

And humans would call those who are cruel as “Animals”

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Time to write; Animal [ Creative Writing Prompt]



Fandango Provocative Question #19

“Do you believe in fate and/or predestination? If so, what or who is the source? If you do believe in predestination, is there anything anyone can do to change their predestined fate?”

I believe that we all have a role to play in this universe. It is the reason for us being born. What that is, we sometimes know and sometimes we are oblivious to it. You can call it fate or destiny. But human beings are born with free will. They have their minds equipped with reasoning capabilities and the ability to use knowledge to make decisions. Our decisions lead us to the direction we choose, good or bad. We are responsible for our actions and the choices we make. It cannot be blamed on destiny, fate or preordination.

And bonus: “If you believe God is the source, and God has already determined the future for each of us, why should people bother to pray?”

God has created us, given us the power of free will, the ability to judge what is right and what is wrong. Our course in life has not been determined and neither is the fate set in advance. When we pray we ask for a change in our current situation, and God in His infinite mercy gives us what is best for us. Sometimes we ask for things which don’t have good consequences for us in the long run, hence the adage; “Be Care full of what you wish for” So praying helps because even if our wishes are not granted it brings peace to our heart.

In response to;

Fandango Provocative Question #19