Doing the dishes

January 30, 2023, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about the dishes. It can be the every-single-day activity, a precious collection, or any other interpretation of dishes as objects or activities. Who is stuck with the dishes and why? Go where the prompt leads!


We all have different approaches when it comes to doing the dishes. I like to wash them as they are dirtied, a piled up kitchen sink is not acceptable.

My eldest daughter uses the dishwasher, rinsing them when she has enough for a load and then running it. She says it conserves water and time.

My youngest loves washing dishes by hand. She says it relaxes her and she’d insist on doing them whenever she gets the chance!

The rest of the family, like my husband or grandson, are still under the tutelage on how to wash the dishes!


Word count; 99

In response to 99 Word Story- Dishes, hosted by Charli Mills



Vaulted ceiling, glittering

The vaulted ceiling of sheesh ( mirrored) mahal in Lahore fort

The lights were reflecting in the high vaulted ceiling of the old building, each refracted at a different angle and it glittered like the jewels it was meant to depict.

We were visiting an ancient historical palace in our beloved city of Lahore, the palace was in a fort built by the Mogul emperor Akbar in mid 16th century, with our daughters and their children.

The guide had his cell phone in his hand and he held it over his head, the torch of the phone generating so much light as it hit and reflected from the tiny mirror fragments arranged at angles.

He told us that this place was lit by candles and oil lamps in olden times, which had the same effect as his tiny phone torch had, a magnifying of light reflected so many times, and the kings sat there and enjoyed the evening entertainment, probably ladies dancing to amuse them!

Even though we think ourselves so much advanced technologically, we haven’t created anything so marvelous in these times.

With gratitude, we saw this marvel of ancient architecture and the fact that it remains in good repair despite so many centuries that have passed since its construction.


Written in response to Six Sentence Story- Vault, hosted by Denise



Abandoned/ historical buildings- Lahore Fort

I would like to introduce you all to such a historic landmark building of my home city, The Lahore fort. This holds that special charm, that beauty, and magic about it! It is not an abandoned building persé but a historical landmark, which indeed is a work of art!

The main entrance of Lahore fort( Shahi Mahal)

This magnificent fort was built in 1556 by the Mughal emperor Akbar. It is a wonderful example of Mughal architecture and there are beautiful examples of both Muslim and Hindu styles of motifs.

Bara Dari-( 12 doors) an open courtyard where the Mughal emperor used to meet people.

Even though this is not very well maintained, it has stood the test of time quite well. It boasts of beautiful and well-laid gardens and multiple decorative halls.

Gardens outside the Sheesh ( mirror) palace

Anyone who visits Lahore has to visit this historical treasure

Hope you enjoyed this mini trip to one of my favorite places in Lahore. A place of secrets, and of timeless beauty where the imagination can take you back centuries.

Written for; WQW 46: Are Abandoned Buildings Compelling Art?, hosted by Marsha



Still reading books…..

This week Fandango asks;

In the days before the internet, before WordPress, before Facebook and Twitter and TikTok and YouTube and binge-watching on Netflix; in the days before having the world at you fingertips with newsfeeds on mobile phones, before…well you get my drift…I used to devour between three and five books a week. Mostly novels.

With all of the distractions mentioned above, do you read books as much nowadays as you used to ten, twenty, or thirty years ago? Why or why not?


Let’s not go back not 20 or 30 years ago but only about 4-5 years. Before I started my blog, I was still reading a few books a month.

If I don’t find a new author, I’d re-read old favorites. Books have become quite expensive these days so I’d buy from old books stores or borrow from my aunt. She’s also very fond of reading.

My issue, as I see it that I like to read books from authors I know. Spending money on a book by a new author and then not liking it is a waste and I don’t want to do that. When my daughter gifted me kindle, it became easier to buy books that aren’t available in the stores here. I found a new writer, Louise Penny which was recommended by my daughter, and loved her books. I also found new writers via recommendations from my WordPress friends, some written by them like Paula, Jeff, Mason and Mich.

When I started blogging, my time for reading books was cut down. Now I only can manage one or two books a month. Some months not even that. There are a few half read books on my kindle that are making me guilty as I haven’t finished them yet. Marilyn’s 12 foot teepee and Ritu’s marriage unarranged are among them.

Reading books is great, but so is reading blogs. So I spent my time reading the blogs I follow. And of course writing my own posts too. But I do need to go back to reading more books.


Written in response to FPQ # 191, hosted by Fandango



Sunday Poser # 107

Welcome back to another Sunday Poser

This week my question is;

This week my Question is regarding your reading habits;

Do you like to reread old favorite’s again?

I am very fond of some of the authors I grew up with. So yes I like to read my favorite books again and again. I put a gap of a few years in between rereading the same books, but you are likely find me rereading Agatha Christie, Georgette Heyer, Conan Doyle, Tolkien, P G Woodhouse, and even Barbra Cartland!

There is a charm to revisiting old books as they remind us of our younger days. Just like watching old movies.

Do you have favorite authors that you like to read again and again, or perhaps movies that you like to watch repeatedly?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section or you can write your own post and link it to this one so that I can find it.

As usual, thanks of visiting and reading.



Our Bones

October 24, 2022, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about bones. It can be any genre or tone. Is it spooky, irreverant, poignant? Go where the prompt leads!


Most humans have 206 bones, the largest in our thigh to the smallest in our ears.

The importance of healthy bones becomes apparent as we grow older. Broken bones, deformities, and arthritic bones/ joints are what make us realize that we are aging.

Three fractures in my left foot, 3 years ago were a warning to me. Luckily it healed well In the stipulated timeline. But now I’m very careful and I have vitamin D, and calcium supplements to prevent further damage to my bones.

I would advise you all to look after your bone- health to live healthy lives.


Word count: 99

Written in response to 99 Word Story- Bones, hosted by Charli Mills



Afternoon tea with my best friends

October 3, 2022, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about any ritual involving tea. It can be a daily afternoon tea prepared specifically or the reading of tea leaves in a cup. What do you know? What do you imagine? Is your story deep and ponderous or bright and flash? Go where the prompt leads!


I love having afternoon tea, but love it more when shared with a friend. A cosy chitchat over a cuppa and perhaps something to go with it.

We have a very nice cafe/ restaurant here, very aptly called English tea house. They are famous for their afternoon tea platter. Freshly brewed tea, a plate of goodies, both sweet and savory to go with it, and a nice ambiance to boot.

But what I love better than that platter are their scones with jam and clotted cream, in the true British style, served hot from the oven ( or perhaps microwave! )


Word count; 99

I’m a foodie, so this post is all about consuming tea. 😋😛

Written for 99 Word Story, hosted by Charli Mills of the Carrot Ranch



Eating healthy= Respecting your body

September 7: Food: Healthy Snacks

Writer’s Quotes Wednesdays (a Photo or Writing Challenge)

We all own ourself this duty;

To keep our bodies healthy!

What we put in our bodies is what makes us; Strong and healthy or sick and weak. Who says a healthy diet has to be boring or not tasty.

Try food combinations that can give you the maximum advantage and yet are tasty and appetizing.

Eating white meat, especially fish is healthy, adopt this habit

Shun red meat and organ meat as it will make you sick

Add fresh and green vegetables to your diet in oodles

Grain and lentils are good to keep hunger at bay

Don’t use too much white food like flour-based pasta, sugar, or salt

Fresh fruits fulfill the requirement of vitamins and minerals

Staying healthy is very much a choice and so is choosing an unhealthy diet

It is your only body: look after it for there isn’t a replacement

Healthy eating is often associated with food that is considered not appetizing. But many healthy snacks are yummy too.

Nuts, and nut butter, but do make sure they don’t contain corn syrup.

Cheese and yogurt are rich in calcium and proteins and make great snacks.

Fresh fruit like apples, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries all are great healthy snacks.

Dried fruits like cranberries, figs, and peaches, or fruit chips like banana chips, and apple chips are good to eat and satisfy hunger too.

Cucumber or carrot sticks dipped in yogurt dressing are a savoy alternative when hungry.

Potatoes, boiled, mashed, or baked are perfectly healthy options too. Just hold the butter or sour cream.

Suffice to say, we can always make healthy eating choices, provided we have the will and knowledge to do so. So go on, treat your body to some good food.


Written for;WQW #34: Eating Your Way to Good Health, hosted by Marsha



In my free time- Saturday Symphony- August Edition


This month, share a little of the things you do in your free time; or that time you force to be free.


We race against the clock everyday to finish today, before tomorrow becomes another today.

I live a life free from responsibilities. Only the ones I volunteer for are entrusted to me. The rest of time is mine to spend or waste as I like, ‘cos I’ve earned this right reaching the age of sixty.

Cooking is not my passion

Nor is gardening or housework

I delight in doing laundry because it’s the easiest of the chores

Reading books I love is what I’d like to do all day

Or perhaps write for my blog and my blogging family

Listening to music as I read or write

Finding new songs to hum along

Watching television is a strict no-no

But perhaps a movie recommended by friends or family

Going to theater was something I loved to do

Enjoying the immersive experience with popcorn to go

But alas that activity is on hold for the moment

Waiting for things to improve health-wise

Playing with my grandkids is a blast

Provided it’s not too taxing for my injured foot

These are some of the ways I like to spend my time

What about you?


In response to Saturday Symphony- In my free time, hosted by Jude


#Saturday Symphony

Energy crisis

The image is from

For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows a woman standing on a stone dock by a lake tossing morsels of food into the air. She’s surrounded on the dock, in the air, and on the water, by various birds and waterfowl going after the food.


After the shock of seeing the amount of her latest electricity invoice wore off, Tammy decided that, in order to save energy going forward, she would find a boat and live on it.

She contacted many people who dealt in selling boats and also went online to research the pros and cons of boat living. Her research convinced her that it was a good decision. She put her house on market and started looking around for a nice boat to buy.

Today was her first day on her new boat. She took some bird food with her to celebrate with her new neighbors.


Written for FFFC # 181, hosted by Fandango

Also included FSS # 59, hosted by Fandango