Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Preserving Food

Sue W and GC are the hosts of Weekly Prompts

“I feel blessed to have had such a background, where animals, food raising, harvesting and canning were a natural part of life.” – — Trina Paulus

Wednesday Challenge – Preserving Food From GC and SueW.

This week, my partner Susan and I invite you to write about PRESERVING FOOD.


When I was growing up, my paternal grandmother was around a lot. She was a woman who never wasted anything, least of all food. So whatever food was in excess at home or cheaply available in the market, she would preserve it to be used later.

Her forte was jams and jellies. Apple, apricot, and guava were made into jams and distributed among the family. She was a wonderful cook and anything she made, tasted great. I would assist her as all of that chopping had to be done by hand. And she was obsessed with cleanliness so either she did it herself or I was allowed to do it. I remember my fingers getting discolored when I would cut apples.

I learned the process by watching her. She wasn’t a very literate woman so she followed her own recipes. And they always turned out so well. When tomatoes were cheap we would make tomato ketchup and at the beginning of summer, we would pickle green mangoes with limes and chilies in mustard oil. This pickle, known locally as “achar” is such a yummy treat that it makes the blandest of food heavenly.

When I was a young mom, I made lots of jams and jellies. Strawberry jam was the easiest and the yummiest one. Now I am either too lazy or too old to do it.




5 Things- My favorite cold remedies

Tanya is the host of 5 Things

Today Tanya asks us for our favorite 5 home remedies for the common cold.

• Honey;

I believe honey to be very effective in fighting a cold and scratchy throat. Either by itself or in warm milk does wonders for the cold.

• Hot beverages;

Tea, coffee, green tea are all helpful when under the weather from cold. They warm up the body and elevate the mood pulled down by being sick.

• Soup;

Even the doctors recommend soup when we are not well. Any soup would do as long as it’s not too spicy. But tomato soup and chicken soup are specially good.

• Vitamin C;

I find vit-c lozenges useful in cold. Oranges and orange juice are excellent source of vitamin C as well.

• Turmeric and ginger tea;

This is not my favorite but it is very effective. Boil ginger root in water for about 10 minutes and add a bit of turmeric to it. Add honey to make it drinkable. Both ginger and turmeric are anti-inflammatory and give relief in cold or cough.

These are my go to remedies for the common cold. What are yours?



Friday Flashback- Do’s and don’t’s of ketogenic diet

I am sharing this post from 23 October 2018 as a part of Fandango Friday Flashback

Most people who try to follow Keto diet are confused as to what they should eat and what to avoid. Here I have compiled A list of dos and don’ts of Keto diet.

In one of my previous post, you can read it here, I gave an outline of my initial daily food intake.

Now I want to help people who have started Keto diet and haven’t much information about how to go about it.

1. Meals and their timings:

It is a vital part of Keto diet to eat your meals according to a fixed schedule. Now don’t get the idea that this would tie you to an unreasonable routine. By a schedule, I mean that the time between each meal should be around the same, daily. Now if you have breakfast early in the morning, you don’t have to have it at the same time every day, but make sure that the time difference between dinner and breakfast stays (almost )the same. And apply the same principle to lunch and dinner.

2. If you are not hungry at mealtime, don’t eat. The idea of 3 meals a day or short frequent meals is not good for health. Frequent eating releases Insulin, which will hinder your weight loss and can make you Insulin resistant.

3. Appetite management:

It is natural to feel hungry initially when you start on Keto. The Macros of Keto as I explained in my previous post are:




You can add non-starchy vegetables to this.

Vegetables allowed on Keto: 

Eat as much as you want:

Green leafy vegetables like ;

Spinach, Iceberg, Rocket( Arugula), Mustard greens, Collard greens, Kale. Lettuce

Cruciferous vegetables like;

Cauliflower, Broccoli, Cabbage, Brussels sprouts.

High water content vegetables like;

Squash ( all types), Peppers( all types ), Cucumbers, Eggplant, Turnips, Zucchini, Celery, Asparagus. Mushrooms, Olives

Eat less of these:

Tomatoes, onions, green beans, okra, carrots

These vegetables will not only fill up your tummy but will also provide essential nutrients like Potassium, iron vitamins, especially vitamins B and C. 

Start your meal with a large plate of salad. The daily recommended amount of vegetables/salad per day is around 7-10 cups. Divide it into two servings one with lunch and the other with dinner. If you find it difficult to eat that many vegetables, then you can try a veggie smoothie.

     Avoid completely

Potato, peas, lentils, beets, yams, corn.

All the products made out of potatoes and corn also must be avoided.

4. No snacking:

This is a difficult habit to stick to, especially in the beginning. But to get your body into ketosis, you must stick to this important rule. If you feel hungry in between meals:

a. Increase your intake of fat in your meals

b. Have a glass full of water with a tablespoon full of Apple cider vinegar in it. You can also add some lemon juice to it. It will lower your urge to eat.

Hope that these tips will make it easy for you to follow Keto Diet.

I will follow up with another post of foods allowed on keto!

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Friday Flashback – Chasing happiness

I am sharing this post from September 2018 as a part of Fandango Friday Flashback.

(It’s one of my early posts. I think you will see a difference in the style of writing. I made no changes!)

Who doesn’t want to be happy? We all do! But what exactly is happiness? Happiness is described as a state of being happy!!! And then again, what is being happy? Happy is equivalent to a state of joy or pleasure


So now that we know what is the emotion that is happiness, how to achieve it? And why do we have to attain this state of mind?

The usual expectation people have about a good life is, that it is a happy life. I agree with you and so would about 99% of people in this world. But what makes a person happy is a big variable. If riches are one person’s idea of a happy life, a good home/ marriage would be another ‘s. A great and fulfilling job can be the ideal happy life for someone else. And so on and so forth.

We usually base our expectations of being happy on certain conditions and circumstances in life. Nobody would expect to be happy just because he/ she felt like it. Except for a CHILD!!! And here lies the difference which is between adults and children. We are gradually programmed to co-relate the happiness with other things in life, like success, money, a good home, or a congenial environment. This conditioning changes our perception of joy and pleasure. A child can be happy for no reason other than he/ she is feeling buoyant. Children have not yet learned that they need certain conditions to make them happy. I guess what I really want to say that the pure unadulterated feeling of joy or happiness need not be an elusive phantom to be chased all our lives. Joy can be found in everything around us, we just need to perceive it. A beautiful vista, a bird’s song, the laughter of a child, or a loved one can bring us untold joy, only if we open our hearts and minds to it.

The onus of being happy should lie on our own shoulders. ( Or in our own perceptions). Don’t give others this job. Decide to be a person who can look for joy and pleasure in little things in life. Don’t wait for earth-shattering events to experience the highs of pleasure. Find your happiness in the little day-to-day event. For example:

1. Getting up at time in the morning

2. Finishing your daily chore on time

3. Having a good meal

4. Listening to your favorite song

5. Reading an inspiring book

6. Seeing a good movie

7. And my favorite, have a good talk with your bestie!


These are a few of the things, ( I am sure, once you start thinking on these lines, you can find many more) and situations where joy and happiness are just waiting for you to find it!

Another thing much ignored in today’s life is the feeling of contentment! It is much more valuable than transitory happiness. Contentment or peace can bring never-ending happiness as it means that we are satisfied with our lives. We are now at that place in life where little disappointments have no power to disturb us. We have done a good job and are proud of it!

Wishing happiness and joy to you all.

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The real me # 6 -Again?

Rory is the host of The Really you

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The Really You!

Season 1 – Game 06

Question Fun Directory

So I thought that one I answered last week was the sixth one. But here’s another #6! I guess I didn’t count properly.

What relaxes you more – a hot shower or a hot bath?

With my artificial knees, I don’t take the risk of slipping in the bathtub. So it is always a shower. Besides I like my warm/hot showers. It also saves on time and water.

If you are looking for immediate satisfaction in the stimulation department, what is your go-to? [Answer how you see fit]

Food brings instant satisfaction. When tired, getting into my own bed is also relaxing. A good book or a stolen piece of chocolate would do the trick too.

What exercise do you take on a fairly regular basis?

I have written about it so often that I think everyone now knows that I like to walk. I won’t say that I love walking, that would be stretching the truth a bit far. But I am now addicted to walking. If I don’t get my 12000- 13000 steps daily, I feel bad. Like I have been naughty. So I contrive one way or the other to walk.

My Fitbit helps me in keeping a track of my steps, calories burned and heart rate, etc. It is a good help towards maintaining my health.



MLMM- Tale Weaver – # 250 – Cup of Coffee – 21st November

Michael is the host of Tale Weaver.


Taking a cup of coffee I walked carefully as not to spill it anywhere. As usual I had filled it to the brim. My OCD kicking in as always. Things have to be a certain way for me. Not in everything but somethings have to be done in a way that I like them to be.

Carefully I placed the cup of coffee on the table and grabbed my iPad to check on my blog. So engrossed I became in the blog that I forgot all about my coffee. It sat there getting cold. As I looked up I saw now almost chilled coffee and thought about getting up to get a fresh cup. But then the blog called me again and I just downed the cold coffee in one long gulp.

Putting my cup down I wondered for a moment that I was so particular about getting my coffee just the way I like it and then practically ruined it by neglecting it. Is this true for our life too?

We get so worked up about the things we want in life, how we want them and when we want them. But once we get them, we often ignore the hard-won prize! It is there. It is done, accomplished. Now we look something else to see our sights upon. When will enough be enough? When will we stop and enjoy all that we have worked hard for? Or we will spend all our lives in quests after quests, just living for the next goal?

As someone wise said to stop and smell the roses. We should take a break and enjoy what we have achieved in life. We should re-assess the goals we have set for our life so that we don’t die with the regret that we didn’t get to enjoy all that we had worked so hard for.

Take a break and have a hot cup of coffee!

The Prompt;

This week create a story in which the word ‘cup’ features. What associations do you have with it?



Working on us # 24- Managing Your Mental health during Holidays

Beckie is hosting this series to create awareness about mental health,

Working On Us

Hello, All! Welcome back to “Working on Us” – A series that represents people with mental health illnesses/disorders. 

Topic: Managing Good Mental Health During The Holiday Season:

Question Prompt:

1. Do you have a stable relationship with your family and/or friends during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season?  If your answer is (YES), please give us an example of what the holidays are like with family and/or friends?  If you answered (NO), Please explain to us why not?

2. Do the holidays trigger certain memories of people, places, and things?

3. Do you have a favorite holiday, if so which one and why?  (Note: This does not have to be based on the current holidays coming up either).

4. If you stress out during the holidays, what is the best way that you handle stressors?

5. Do holidays tend to make you melancholy?  If so why? and how do you go about dealing with the depression that takes place?

6. This is a question that anyone can answer if they feel so inclined… Do you think that the holidays are shoved down our throats every year a little quicker with each passing year?  (Meaning, Halloween finished October 31st, and Christmas stuff was on the shelves October 15th), Does this trigger an emotion in you too early?

7. Does your family/friends show understanding and compassion during a moment that might be hard to handle on your own?

8. Do you even bother celebrating the holidays with family/friends?  If you answered this question (NO), what is it that you do during the holiday?  (If you answer, I try to sleep through it… It’s a fair answer).

9. Do you avoid holiday music and TV specials during this time?

Prompt #2

If you don’t feel comfortable answering these questions, you can write a narrative of your favorite holiday memory and the worse, but please explain why?


• Write your own post and create a pingback to the original post here.

• There are no right or wrong answers.  Write in any format you see fit.  (Answer’s, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, poem, short prose…anything, and/or narrative).

• You can do one or all prompts.


I really admire how Beckie is promoting mental health awareness and has opened up a discussion on many taboo subjects.

Holidays are always tough for most people, for those who are and those who aren’t suffering from any mental illness.

Holidays mean getting together of family.

Family members are often at odds with each other.

Family members who haven’t met each other for a long time.

And lastly, family members who have expectations from others, which are not likely to be met.

This is a recipe for stress if not outright disaster.

In the past, I would always invite my family and my husband’s family on holidays to have dinner together. But though I have an okay relationship with my brother and his family, the siblings of my husband were not so congenial. The dinner itself would be stressful but the gathering of so many people would invariably result in ruffled feathers of one or more people. There would be perceived slights to which either the older generation or their children would react. This went on until my father and my husband’s parents were alive. They expected us to host this dinner annually. After their passing away I gradually tapered off this tradition and now we just get together with our kids, with no pressure on them to come if they are busy elsewhere. Life has become so much easier this way!

The problem with family is that we expect too much. And too many people means too many egos. So I have fixed this problem by making the meal totally informal and just close family invited.

As for the commercialization of holidays and celebrations, this is such a sore point for me, as I am sure it is for a lot of us. They literally shove the days down our throats and want to make money by selling us stuff that we neither want nor need.

Someone, please make them stop!!!

I hope that in this narrative, I have answered most of the questions of prompt # 1.

Thanks, Beckie for another good topic.



How physical activity helps us in living our best lives

Wendi of simplyWendi has started a new series of questions;

How to live our best lives

kettle bell beside adidas pair of shoes

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

 Wendi says;

Welcome friends and thank you very much for stopping by today.  This week my question has to do with physical activity.  This is a tough area for many people with chronic illness since there are some that respond poorly to exercise.  No matter what illness label you hold, fatigue is always a side effect making exercise something that takes a lot will power to overcome the desire to climb back into bed.

We read, watch, and are told that exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle which can lead to guilt and disappointment when we cannot participate in the physical activities that we were once able to enjoy.

So, this week’s question is;

What physical movement do you participate in? 

I have written about this before but since I feel very strongly about this topic, I will share my views again.

I have an autoimmune disease that affects my joints. It’s a type of rheumatoid disease known as “ Sero-Negative Rheumatoid Arthritis” It has affected my knees to the extent that I had to get knee replacement surgery on both of my knees in my early fifties. Lucky for me that I was diagnosed and the prescribed treatment has agreed with my system and there is a regression of the disease. So now I am taking my meds regularly and am following a regimen to keep my joints healthy.

After my surgery, my doctor had given me strict instructions to walk. No running, no treadmill, just walking. His advice was to walk at least half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening. Or a mile at both ends of the day. He also advised me to keep my weight in the average range for my height. That would, he told me, would make the artificial joints last longer.

As most of you know, my weight has not cooperated with me, yo-yoing back and forth. But I keep on trying. But one thing that I have held on to is my daily walk. I walk every day, winter or summer, rain or shine. I have made things simple for myself. No special time, place or grear for my walk required. I walk whenever I have had my breakfast, and I walk inside my house. Littraly inside. There is a longish passage where I walk making numerous round trips. My Fitbit tracks the time, distance and steps I have taken. It also helpfully tells me the calories I have burned. I repeat this walk three times a day. The total time is from 100 to 120 minutes. I walk around 4-5 miles with 12000- 13000 steps a day. Since I break it into three segments, I sit down if I am tiring too much and resume the walk after a short rest.

The advantages of this system are;

I can walk even if it is raining outside or too hot.

I can be as early ( a midnight walk like last night) or as late as I want ( noon time walk in Summers)

There is no fixed time, so I can accommodate my other chores or activities around my walk.

There is no hassle to putting on walking/ running shoes, special gear or driving out to a walking track etc.

This system works for me. I fell better after walking, much more energetic and happy. We all have our limitations and should find the activity that suits our physical health. Taking care of our physical health ensures that the coming years are kind to us.

My advice is to find what works for you. Push yourself to the extent where you can tolerate the activity without pain. Pain is a red light. Stop at pain.


Five a Day — Putting My Feet in the Dirt

A reblog from ~M of putting my feet in the dirt. Such a good way to face each day. I loved it so much.

Do these 5 things daily!

I recently came up with an idea for a way that my family and I could improve our lives and also help others in the process. I call it “Five a Day.” I feel like so often, we try to do so much at once to make positive changes in our lives, and then we […]

via Five a Day — Putting My Feet in the DirtI


To live our very best lives- How to manage a bad day.

Wendi of Simply Chronically Ill has asked a question.

brown and white bear plush toy

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

So, without further ado, here is the first question:  How do you handle your very bad days?

Here is my response;

As you have said, Wendi, we all have our good and bad days. That’s life!

Even if one is not suffering from any illness ( but who doesn’t) we still have days when things go haywire. Nothing falls into place or goes according to the plan. What do I do when I am having a bad ( to put it mildly) day?

I have the following steps to combat this sort of situation;

1. I give myself the permission to be unwell. It is human to be sick or ill from time to time. We should go easy on ourselves and take it slow. Relax, take the meds we need and pamper yourself too. After all if we aren’t kind to ourselves, who will be.

2. We are responsible for maintaining our health and keeping ourselves happy as well. Don’t look to family, spouse or children to provide you with care during an illness. Be strong for yourself. Take your meds on time. Take the supplements and get rest. Don’t wear the martyr’s mantel and try to do everything for others when you are unwell. People can take care of themselves if we can’t do it for them.

3. Always, and I stress it, always do something only for yourself. If not every day, then at least once or twice a week. This helps lifts our morale and gives the much needed “me” time.

4. Keep yourself busy. If you’re not well, then try to keep your mind busy by reading some book you love, watch a movie or tv series. Or just meditate and listen to music.

So here are a few suggestion that can make a bad day, menagable.

If you want to answer Wendi’s question, head to her site about.

We all benefit from our shared experiences.


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