The things People Say- Game 1

Rory is the host of The Things People Say

The Things People Say!

Today’s Eaves Dropped Conversation Snippet is …

“I don’t care how wet it is … it’s too big for the hole!!”

… So, what can you do with this – if you didn’t know the story?


This snippet of conversation was overheard when Sir Galahad offered to lay his ceremonial coat over the puddles caused by the torrential rain in the path of the damsel in distress.

But she was a quiet contrary miss, and wanted to splash around in the mud. She really didn’t like this interference in her enjoyment and shouted to Sir Galahad to remove the coat, which was covering the hole in which rain water had accumulated.

I don’t care how wet it is … it’s too big for the hole!!”

Sir Galahad, completely abashed and demoralized, took his coat and went in search of someone more appreciative of his gallantry.




Crimson Creative Challenge # 62

Crispina is the host of Crimson Creative Challenge.



Zippers abound

Available to close any gap you want

Any unseemly hole can be closed

Just affix the zip and pull it shut

A gaping pocket or a running mouth

It is effective remedy for all cases

We have them in all the colors of the rainbow

Take your pick and I’ll throw an extra for luck




Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #49 – My left Brain


FFFCWelcome to “Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge.”

The image below is from MarinaPriest at Morguefile.229AE3EF-59EC-4EFB-A4AC-DFC4828417A7(For the visually challenged writer, the image shows a large silver brain in a wooded area surrounded by trees.)


I had a lot of difficulty in remembering

Everything and anything and was puzzled

Then I realized that I had left my brain

Behind in the pasture for a bit of grazing





JusJoJan # 14- Publish & Daily Prompts- My new book!

Linda is the host of JusJoJan

Today’s prompt was generously donated to us by Ritu. Thanks, Ritu! Make sure you visit her blog to read her post and say hi. And follow her while you’re there!.

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 14th, 2020, is “publish.” Use the word “publish” any way you’d like. Enjoy!


Just hot off the press, my book is published recently

I am offering you my latest creation

It’s a fruit of intense labor, my blood and sweat

If you chart the working hours that have gone into it

You will surely realize that I had to move

Many stationary mountains to get this done

It’s a story of an adventure that super heroes had

They saved humanity from mortal danger

And it all ended in a wonderful finale

With happiness and joy reigning supreme

I can assure you, it’s a completely origin tale

Not a single idea has been ever written about

I can also autograph a copy for you

If you just pay the price for the copy

I will even pose for a selfie with you

I do hope you are buying a few copies for your friends too


In response to the following prompts;


Tub, Flash, Chart











The Sunday Whirl- Wordle # 437 – Birthday Party

BWarren is the host of The Sunday Whirl


Hope loved pie, but she loved to pop balloons even more. It was her sixth birthday and her mom had gotten her a bunch of colorful balloons and a pie instead of cake( because she loved pie). But she was careless of her bunch of balloons which got stuck in the branches of the old tree in the yard. To make matters worse, the kid from the next-door family started throwing pebbles at the nest in that tree. He wanted to get the robin’s eggs. The pebbles hit Hope and she started having a tantrum. Laying flat on the ground, she vowed to stay there till the balloons were rescued and the kid was made to leave the party. This was a disaster off the charts and her mom didn’t know what to do. She offered the pie to anyone passing by but found few takers. The birthday party which started with joy ended in tears. But Hope’s mom learned a valuable lesson. Don’t hold the party in the garden if you aren’t going to invite the neighbors.



What’s your story # 2

Another of Rory’s game;

What’s Your Story Then?

Series 1 – Game 2 – 07/01/2020


Word Story – What’s Your Story Then? Created by A Guy Called Bloke

Once Weekly Writing Prompt

Word Story

What’s Your Story Then?

Word Story is simplicity itself … with a twist!

All you need to do is write a piece of flash fiction of no more than 300 words on the Prompt of the Day  using words you create from the Word of the Day!

Word of the Day;


Prompt of the Day:

Voices Rant On!


















The droning voice kept on talking. Tess wasn’t even sure what the conversation was about anymore. It started with the weather, as usual, rain sun and snow. Moving on to sports, races, and football.

Then a younger guest started to rave about the latest pop star. The tone of his voice rose with each word of praise. He could have written verses in that guy’s praise. After ten minutes of this, she had enough. She got up from the couch and started to pick up the used glasses. The tray was heavy, felt like it weighed a ton. She excused herself to get away from this inane monologue but that young man followed her into the kitchen, intent to give her the life story of his favorite pop star. She had to control her impulse to throw a stone at him to make him stop. This was not her version of fun. In case that wasn’t clear, she stepped out of the back door and stood in the garden to give her ears some rest. What a con it was by her aunt, asking her to help with a small party and then just leaving her to the mercy to these non-stop chatters!




Really real me- Entertaining myself

Rory is the host of The really you.

A Guy Called Bloke Banner The Really You JPEG

How much Television [alternatively films through the PC/DVD’s or Streamed TV] do you watch per week, month or year?

Ah…. let me see….. I don’t really watch much tv these days. But sometimes I put it on for the background noise. Would that count as watching tv?

There was a time before I started my blog when I would watch at least a couple of hours of shows daily but now I neither have time nor the desire to waste my time.

How do you keep yourself entertained?

Blogging is my biggest entertainment nowadays. I listen to music and when I have time I read books. I am easily entertained!

How do you prevent yourself from becoming bored and do you suffer from boredom a lot?

I don’t suffer from boredom much. But when it does strikes, I do a few of my favorite things;

Calling a friend

Walking and talking to a friend on phone

Walking and listening to music

Catching a movie, with or without a friend

Going window shopping


Remember it’s easy to entertain yourself because no one knows you better.



JusJoJan # 4- Stream Of Consciousnesses Saturday- January 4, 2020

Linda is the host of SoCS and JusJoJan

Welcome to the duel Daily 2020 Just Jot it January Prompt and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt for SATURDAY, JANUARY 4TH!

Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “ow.” Find a word that contains “ow” or use it as a word in your post. Have fun!

2019-2020 SoCS Badge by Shelley!


How else can we say what you want if not now?

A meow or an ew can express our feelings well

Low or bow, tow or sow

Mowing all the ows can be interesting

Or we can bring an owl into the snow

A glow of joy on the rapid flow of words

From your mind onto the paper

May it never slow down ever!

All this may not make much sense, but it sure fits the Prompt for SoCS and JusJoJan.

Thanks for reading this non-sense!



First Fibbing Friday of 2020

Di of pensitivity101 is the host of Fibbing Friday

Below are 10 questions, the answers to which are entirely up to you.
The idea though is to fib a little, a lot, tell whoppers, be inventive, silly or even outrageous, in your response.

Ready? Here we go…………………..

It’s obvious what baked beans and baked potatoes are. But what is a baked Alaska?

Alaska is a state in the north of USA, and though it doesn’t get too warm in summers, still when the temperature rises above 40F, people say that it’s Baked Alaska!

What is a TLA?

Tomato 🍅, Lettuce 🥬 and Arugula. ( it’s a salad)

What was boombangabang?

The noise that little Charlie made when he fell down the stairs with his drums.

How would you describe a cornice?

It’s that nice ear of corn that tastes perfect with butter.

Who will be on the back of the new £20 note when it comes into circulation in February?

The youngest child of which ever of the Royals who are procreating.

Where will you be able to buy sky hooks?

At the sky shop.

If two’s company and three’s a crowd, what’s four?

Four are too many.

Why are squares on a checkers board alternately black and white?

They had to match the check pattern on the coast of the player who first invented the game. Luckily he wasn’t wearing polka dots!

What happens to all the holes cut out of ring doughnuts?

I promise you that I didn’t touch a single one.

Why did the rabbit go up the hole, round the tree (right to left) and back down the hole?

He was looping back on himself. Not his fault entirely, just that he had watched too many Mission Impossible movies.



Daily Prompts- Afternoon tea

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay


Hosting her very first afternoon tea was both a frightening and exhilarating experience for Jane. Her mom was fond of saying,”all well-brought-up girls should know how to host a garden tea party”. If Jane was honest, she would admit that she knew very little about the etiquette of this soirée. But to admit this would mean a loss of face among her society friends.

She got everything ready before the arrival of her guests. The wafer-thin sandwiches, sugar cookies, and little tea cakes all appeared appetizing. She was confident that she had matters under control. It was Susan who burst her bubble of happiness when she frigidly pointed out that people in high society did not dunk their cookies in tea. Jane gave her a sheepish smile and hid her anger behind a benign gesture. She vowed to avenge herself when Susan made any social faux pas!

That night, when slipping into her bunny slippers, she renewed her vow to become the best society hostess ever.


In response to the following prompts;

Daily Writing Prompt #1

Your challenge today, should you accept it, is to take a trip down memory lane to a time when manners reigned supreme and write a Fantasy of Manners tale.


Bunny, Saying, Sheepish





Word of the day Challenge








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