JusJoJan #23 ; One-liner Wednesday

Never criticize someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes, that way, when you criticize them, they won’t be able to hear you from that far away plus, you’ll have their shoes.

JusJoJan # 23; One liner Wednesday




Three Things Challenge # 23

I am a rockstar , I am

But I have a bit of trouble

That tendency I have of

All the time getting into

Trouble and messing up

In a pickle, you might say

Just like yesterday, I did

Got caught on the beach

Trying to surf without aboard

Or swimming without the trunks!

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rock star, beach, pickle




“Come on over, I am taking you all to show you my new hi-tech laboratory” The voice of the speaker was filled with pride. The pride was justified as it was a piece of noble architecture. All beautiful angles and arches. The interior was even more impressive. A great display of top of the range equipment adorned the laboratory shelves and tables.

” What is your area of interest?”one of the visitors asked.

” I am working on a number of projects here. But my most favored project is researching the cure for a type of disease which has been discovered recently “

“Which disease is that?” Asked the same person.

“I am researching the cure for loss sensible and reasonable thinking process by otherwise sane adults, under the influence of social media” In fact it is magnified to such an extent that they start behaving like imbeciles.

All the visitors were lost for words. One of them took out his phone and updated his Facebook status.

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Mitigating circumstances

What do you mean, it was a mixup? How can you cook this instead of the five course dinner I ordered? she demanded. The woman was besides herself with anger. There was a number of gourmet pizzas arrangement on the kitchen table, ready to be cooked and served piping hot to the guests. The chef hired for catering the party tried to explain the mitigating circumstances behind the mixup but she was so busy berating him that it was difficult to get a word in. Her tirade laced with calumny and insults was making the matters worse.

“Hey, Tracy” intervened her husband in a calming manner. “There has to be an intelligent solution to this problem. Let’s think and work out something before the guests start arriving” ” Sir, if I may” the chef tried to offer his opinion again. “Yes, go ahead” said the husband, gesturing his wife to listen to the poor guy. ” Sir if you could tell your guests that today is a theme party tonight and today’s theme is Italy, then if we serve gourmet pizza in all the different flavors of Italy, they will think it is great fun”

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NDRW # 40;


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First line Friday

Mind loves misery’s Menagerie

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Your line for this week is:

“Well I think it’s funny!”

” Well I think it’s funny” the words coming from her husband were nothing unusual. She was used to these cryptic utterance. It was always the same thing. Walt, her husband of twenty-five years was always misplacing his things and would insist that somebody had taken them or had put that object somewhere else, by malicious intent. ” And what is funny? ” she said in a resigned tone. ” I had put my reading glasses on this table right here and now they have disappeared ”

She suppressed her irritation and reach out and picked up the pair of reading glasses from the side board and asked him, ” are these the ones you are looking for?” ” Yes, exactly. Where did you find them? Who has moved them?” She sighed in response to this barge of questions and said quietly, ” they were on this side board all along, since the time you left them there. You should try to remember where you put your thing, dear”

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First line Friday’s


The opportunity

An opportunity has come my way

To get mega rich very very quick

All I need to do is to spend a dollar

Buy a Lottery tick and wait for my luck

Though this waiting is an onerous burden

I have a feeling my luck is going to change

It cannot remain like it is now, frozen in time

Since my twelfth birthday when I had won

The teddy bear in the roaming circus, that time

I hope that my dreams will not be shattered

Like shards of a glass, when the winners are

Announced and my name is not among them

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NDRW # 38


Oh no way……..

Rory of A Guy Called Bloke, has come up with new questions! Not very nice as far as I can see.

Questions – panic NOT folks, nice ones … well sort of!

Been chased by a wild animal

Oh so way. A ferocious dog, once. I would call it a wild animal, the way it was chasing me.

F@&ted in an elevator or other such enclosed space

Oh, NO way!

Read a book upside down

Oh so way! Who hasn’t tried doing it as a kid. The real question is was I able to understand any of it?

Been in handcuffs  … your interpretation …

Oh no way!

Started a fight

Oh so way, but in my defense, I was a mere child. Didn’t know any better.

Fallen asleep in/on the toilet

Oh no way.

Sent food back to the chef in a restaurant

Oh so way. The food wasn’t cooked through so had no other option but to send it back.

Changed a tyre

Oh so way. When I learned to drive a car, I also learned to change the tyre. But that was the only time I actually did change it.

Fallen asleep on a date

Oh no way.

Been caught doing it … your interpretation …

Oh no way.

Flirted with someone half or double your age

Oh no way.

Do you see the expressions on this guy’s face? This is me after reading some of these questions!

Sorry applied a bit of censorship!


What in the name of…….

What would you do, when faced with this situation? A bad parking, taking up all the space. What was this person imagining, did he owned the whole lot. Or that there will be no repercussions and nobody will deliver a rebuke for usurping the rights of others and blocking somebody’s way. Even if there was a vital reason for this deed, there were other ways to leave a car. Not blocking another car’s way! Or had the apricity of the mild climate had somehow deranged their senses.



NDRW # 14




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The Alphabetical Questions

Another quiz from Rory, A Guy Called Bloke

Alphabetical Questions

Can you answer these questions and then can you make a 9 lettered word/s by using the first letter of each answer?

Now l know there are 26 questions, so there are lots of first letters from the answers here, there should be plenty of words you can make with 9 letters.

Here is an example …

Q – What does a dermatologist study?

A – Skin

So the first letter of the word Skin = S 

So what am l actually looking for?

Well that’s down to you – you can make a post should you wish displaying both the answers to the questions and your 9 letter word/s [If you can make more than one], or alternatively you can simply pop your answers into the comments section below.

Now to many this might sound easy, however as the games progress over the next few weeks, you might not receive 26 questions, but less and then the fun will begin.


Quiz Question


Which French author wrote Around the World in Eighty Days and Journey to the Centre of the Earth?



Which Italian city lies at the foot go Mount Vesuvius opposite ancient Pompeii?



What is the largest planet in our solar system?



In which country was Adolf Hitler born?



Which singer played the Goblin King in the 1986 film Labyrinth?



Jugendstil was the German form of which art movement?

Art Nouveau


What is the world’s longest railway?

Trans-Siberian Railway


In which American state is Fort Knox?



If you birthstone is turquoise, which is your birth month?



What will never make a silk purse?



How many subspecies of tigers have become extinct since World War II?



In the 1993 film, Mrs Doubtfire, who plays the title role?

Robin Williams


Which country produced Gruyere cheese?



Which film featured the Von Trapp Family?

A life of music


What is the county town of Dorset?



What is a Shih-tzu?

Dog breed


In tennis, what does the initial L in LTA stand for?

Lawn Tennis Association


Which two bodies of water are connected by the Straits of Florida?

Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico


What type of song is a doxology?



Who was the legendary son of British king Luther Pendragon?

Uther Pendragon


Which two letters are worth ten points in the board game Scrabble?

Z and Q


Who was the captain of the Pequod in Moby Dick?



Name the mythological character sentenced to fall in love with his own reflection as a punishment for his pride?



What name is given to a baby whale?



For which film and television role is Leonard Nimoy best known?



On which island did the mutinous crew from the Bounty make their home?



This is one tough challenge. More like term paper.

Now to the nine lettered word. Hmmm, let’s think!



If you feel up to it, try this challenging challenge.