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This week Di is asking;

This week’s questions:

Do you like to sunbathe on the beach or by a pool?

There are two things that would prevent me from sunbathing;

As a Muslim, we, the women don’t bare ourselves to the eyes of others when in public.

Secondly, as an Asian, I don’t need to sunbathe as I’m already born a rather nice shade of brown.

Have you ever used a fake tan or a sun bed?

See above!👆

Have you joined or wanted to join a gym?

That’s an interesting coincidence as I wanted to join to the gym just yesterday but it was lunch break there. So maybe today or tomorrow, I’ll join the gym to exercise my knees and shoulders. As per the instructions of my orthopedic doctor.

Good health permitting, would you prefer to go hiking or take a walk in the woods?

With my knees, I prefer the level ground. So I’d rather walk on a straight path as opposed to hiking. There aren’t any words around here so a simple footpath or roadside has to suffice.


Birdsong is Nature’s symphony when you’re feeling down”

I find peace in nature. Early morning when birds are twittering and a light breeze is blowing, I love to walk outside.

Thank you Di!



A big donut


I want a donut too, just like the ones the kid on the shore was eating!” Bleu sulked and pleaded simultaneously.

Mom was amused. “Fish don’t eat donuts, my love”, she told her strapping big son.

Please, please, please……..” Mommy loved Bleu and gave in to his pleading. But where to get a donut big enough to satisfy her son. He was a baby dolphin, and a human sized donut wouldn’t even register in his mouth.

She spotted a lifebuoy floating near the surface, and quickly made a dive towards it. Grabbing its rope in her teeth, she pulled it free and offered it to Bleu. “Here’s your donut my dear

In one big bite, the lifebuoy deflated and Bleu thought he had eaten it. Both the mom and baby were happy.


In response to; CCC # 238, hosted by Crispina Kemp



Leave it alone

Stop doing it

Leave it alone

How many times

We have said it

Or have others say it to us

But we all have things

That once take a hold of our mind

Keep on worrying us unceasingly

And despite us telling ourselves

To let it go, leave it alone

We still keep on thinking about it

Perhaps a dose of amnesia can make us forget it?


Your prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “left alone.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

In response to Linda’s SoCS- Left alone



When you try to overtake time

This week Reena has given us these 2 images to work with;

Setting the alarm every day

I try to overtake the morning hassle

Perhaps getting up earlier would help

Five minutes early, every morning— I try

Sometimes it happens, other days — not

A constant struggle to fit 25 hours natural rhythm

Into the 24 hours given to us for each day

Keeps us on our proverbial toes, always struggling

In trying to overtake this tick-tock, I run ragged

Maybe one day I will win this race against time


In response to; RXC #282, hosted by Reena

Animal behavior

You can take one (or two, or a whole menagerie) and incorporate them into a poem.

  • ape
  • badger
  • beetle
  • bug
  • dog
  • ferret
  • goose
  • hare
  • hog
  • horse
  • hound
  • lark
  • parrot
  • pig
  • rabbit
  • squirrel
  • weasel
  • wolf
  • worm


Bugs, bug me no end

I detest the worms worming into my space

Beetling away to stay safe from these crawlies


Squirrels, squirreling away food for later

Wolfing it down when hunger strikes

Don’t be a pig, show some restrain


Like a parrot you parrot what I say

Aping shows a lack of originality

Oh, it was a lark, you say, we’ll see

I’ve had enough of this animal behavior

Try to be more like a human you’re born to be!


In response to: dVerse- Acting like animal, hosted by Sarah



Salt and Pepper- Quadrille


What’s life without spice

Salt and pepper make the flavor

With time you tone down the heat

A bit less spiciness makes the tummy easy

And when you feel, it’s time to let age show

You don’t mind supporting the salt’n’ peppa look too!


Word count; 44

In response to dVerse Monday Quadrille- Pepper, hosted by Punam this week.



WDYS # 187 -A Roundup post


Our family

Loving and caring

Sometimes infuriating

Yet like a child, so endearing

They bring joy when we are sad

They bring comfort when our heart aches

Pets, a family that we treasure


Beautiful, heartwarming entries this week in response to this image. Please click on the links to read the contributions of our lovely participants.

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Suzette; Angel wings

Ken; The forlorn looking pooch

Sandy; Grin and bear it

Grace; Walk the dog

Ganga; A pet baby

Maya; My travel Buddy

Aboli; Grin and bear it

Michnavs; Hush

Jules; Braveheart?

Indira; Money matters

Nancy; Dog day afternoon

Punam; I can’t take it no more

O’Nika; You think you have problems

Fandango; Do you think I’m sexy

Melissa; Pout

I am grateful to all those who have read, shared and commented on these posts.

I will be posting next week’s challenge on Monday at 12:00 pm, PKT.

Thanks for reading.




Tanka Tuesday # 321- Charm

Write an acrostic poem with a syllable count of 8, 9, or 10 syllables per line (all the same, or a mixture of syllable counts, is fine).











Coloring the life with rainbow hues

Handsome persona captivating

Attracting without trying hard

Reason enough to fall a pray to

My heart is learning to fly without wings


In response to Tanka Tuesday, hosted by Colleen



My lost and found bag

While I love traveling overseas, even on my own, the thing I didn’t like, perhaps I should say hated was connecting flights.

Some airlines book your luggage to the end of your journey and that’s the most convenient way to travel but with some airlines, you have to retrieve your luggage and book it for the next flight.

On these journeys, losing the luggage is quite common and I had this experience when of my two bags, one went missing and I stood staring at the carousel going round and round with few bags on it which no one wanted, but my bag was nowhere to be found.

I waited for perhaps half an hour, as most people from my flight had left the arrival hall and just a few people were around, it was then I picked up enough courage and went to a help desk to ask about the whereabouts of my luggage.

It turned out that due to several flights arriving simultaneously, there were too many bags and they had offloaded some of them on the side of the arrival area, and I finally was reunited with my lost bag.

I finally made it to my next flight with a few minutes to spare, phew!


In response to; Six Sentence Story- Carousel, hosted by Denise