Gossip girls

Women whisper at a table in a crowd
This week’s photo is credited to Fill1970 on Pixabay

It depicts two women seated at a table in a restaurant or at a gathering with one telling the other a secret. People mill about in the background.


Tall claims, or obstinate views

Grind on my nerves because of their fallacy

The evening enjoyment is bound to be ruined

When one is faced with the harrowing prospect

Of listening to gossip about everyone present

Spare someone you ask, perhaps your best friend?

Oh no, I have the juiciest titbit about her, you’re informed!


claim | obstinate | grind | harrowing | bound

Written in response to FFFC # 204, hosted by Paula this week.

Also included Greg’s blog 5 word weekly





Don’t show those canines!

It’s the latest fad

A smile whiter than white

Teeth even and aligned symmetrically

Not one out of line, crooked or discolored

So what about canines you say over lapping?

Pull them out or file them to fit in least that

Someone may think you are a direct descendant

Of the fame count of Transylvania, looking for some red nectar!


Written for JusJoJan- Canine, Prompted by Dawn, hosted by Linda



SoCS & JuJoJan- Throw in the towel

I’m not one to easily throw in the towel

There’s a stubborn streak in me that stops me

From giving in, admitting defeat until I’ve given it my best

Be it a difficult life challenge or a simple DIY project

Or perhaps when I’m looking for something I’ve misplaced

It’s not that I’m very egocentric or arrogant

It’s just that I’m a tiny bit mule-headed often

And saying I can’t do it comes hard to me

So I’ll keep on it till I get the job done

Or realize that it IS really beyond me

Then I will throw in the towel, and sponge too!


Your prompt for #JusJoJan the 28th and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “throw in the towel.” Use the phrase “throw in the towel” somewhere in your post. Enjoy!

Written for JusJoJan and SoCS, hosted by Linda




I wish I had a grandma who would tell me stories, spoil me

But both of my grandmothers were disciplinarians in their own way

No loving smiles passed my way, no spontaneous hugs given

Always righting my wrongs, full of advice on behavior, deportment

Perhaps they both loved me and thought they might spoil me

If they showed their love too openly it might just go to my head

I have retaliated in the only way I know how

By being the exact opposite of them when it comes to being the grandmother

To my grandkids, I’m the one spoiling them, doting on them, and loving them

After all, a family is blessed with grandparents for this purpose only!


Written for JusJoJan- Family, Prompted by Jill, hosted by Linda

Also included dVerse prompt- Grandmothers, hosted by Sarah




Riddles in rhymes

Brandon’s prompt guidelines

Riddle me this… I would like to you to compose a riddle or “puzzle” poem.


You can make it

You can feel it

You can fall for it

It can change decisions

It can alter mindsets

It can attract you

What is it?


I am writing a riddle poem for the first time. This is perhaps too simplistic but here goes!

Written for W3 # 39- Riddles, prompted by Brandon, hosted by David



The trip to the castle


For visually challenged writers,the image shows an arrowslit looking out over a body of water, with an ancient stone wall and curved tower just visible.


The visit to the ancient castle wasn’t going well. The kids were cold, tired, hungry, and cranky. Sam was resentful that Jeff hadn’t listened to her suggestions about bringing a picnic basket for the kids or stopping by the refreshment kiosk to get the children something to eat and a chance to rest.

As far as Jeff was concerned, he was having the time of his life. Being a history buff and especially interested in this particular castle, he was oblivious to the misery others were feeling around him.

When he saw the arrow slit he was overwhelmed with excitement. Sam remarked sarcastically that her husband’s mind was like this narrow opening, nothing go in except what he wanted or liked. After delivering this cutting remark, she took both the kids and stepped out of the claustrophobic confines of the tower of the castle.

We are headed towards the hotel, you can stay here and enjoy more history or come with us to enjoy what’s left of our vacation, together as a family” After sending this text, she looked hopeful towards the castle’s exit. Sure enough, a sheepish-looking Jeff exited the castle and they went toward their hotel, in a more cheerful mood.


In response to WritePhoto # Arrowa-slit, hosted by KL Caley



Is there a trick to looking healthy and staying young?

WEDNESDAY QUOTES Logo by Donna @ Retirement Reflections

I truly believe this as I practiced it myself. Learning new things not only kept me informed all through my life but also kept my mind active. Learning also has the added advantage of driving away ignorance and arrogance. See how many benefits are there to keep on gaining knowledge all through your life.

Lucy was the epitome of a comic with elan and style. She rose to popularity when there were few, if any women in this field. She was never afraid to make herself look and act like a fool. It was the most endearing of her traits. And this advice is so spot on. Living honestly, and eating slowly would definitely make you age slowly. And when someone remarks that you don’t look your age, do agree with them ( tongue in cheek)

They say,

You’re only as old as you feel

Who are we to dispute this truth

You can be old at thirty and young at sixty

Ignore the aching bones and creaking joints

Laugh with joy at being alive and being able to do so

Life is a gift to be savored and enjoyed till we’re alive


Written for;WQ #3: Best Tip to Look Younger and Stay Healthier, hosted by Marsha



W3 # 38- Computer generated poems

A unique prompt from Denise DeVries this week;

Using some type of computer aid, write the first line of a poem. Then, follow it with between two and 18 of your own lines. You may use one of the links below or another site you like. Tell us which tool you chose.

  1. Random Word Generator
  2. Word Contraction Generator
  3. Poem Generator

I generated this poem using the last device, poem generator;

Guests laugh wild and fierce
Silver lines before the dawn
Ants march voiceless now

All night revelries, 
men and beasts acting strangely
the insects quiet spectators
Day reluctantly dawned 
excesses have taken their toll
hosts and guests all withdrawn
Resolves made to avoid 
participation in such celebrations
no, never ever again!


This is what I can come up with. Reads weird to me. What do you think?