JusJoJan and Stream Of Consciousnesses Saturday- January 23 2021 – Point the finger

Linda is the host of JusJoJan and Stream Of Consciousnesses Saturday

Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “close eyes and point.” When you’re ready to write your post, open a book, a newspaper, or whatever is handy and close your eyes and point. Whatever word or picture your finger lands on, make that the basis of your SoCS/JusJoJan post. Enjoy!

I had this book at hand. It belongs to my granddaughter who is 21 months old. The word I got was “Downstairs” ( from the poem; Wee willie winkie)


Upstairs, downstairs all day long

Burning so many calories I can’t count

Then the knees started creaking, the back protesting

No more running up and down the stairs for old me

I moved my headquarter downstairs permanently

Now I only go upstairs if I want to look at the view

Admittedly, the terrace affords a lovely panorama

Beautiful enough to move my old bone to climb the stairs





Sunday Writing Prompt – Two Minds at Loggerheads – January 17

Michael is the host of Sunday Writing Prompt

This week consider the concept of Two Minds at Loggerheads.

“Loggerheads as in minds in conflict from which there doesn’t seem a simple solution.”


I said yes

He said no

I say we go

He says we stay

I say let’s go right

And he says go left

After so many years together

We have started behaving like siblings

Arguing for the sake of arguing

And opposing each other for the fun of it

Are we always at loggerheads or just pretending?

You guess and let me know too!




Tale Weaver/Fairy Tale – #311 – How To Be A Prince Charming – January 21st

Michael is the host of Tale Weaver

You have been asked to contribute your thoughts to the yet to be published “Fairyland For Dummies” on what is required to be a Prince Charming.


How to be Prince Charming in easy steps;

• Be nice clean and presentable, not everyone can be handsome

• Oral and personal hygiene is very important, even if you are a royalty

• Learn to ride a horse and how to wear an armor

• You should be a good dancer

• Impeccable manners are a must

• Remember she is a delicate beauty in need of your chivalry

• Pick up that glass slipper, and don’t, ever lose it or drop it

• It’s okay to kiss her if she looks dead at first glance. She is just waiting for that.

These are a few tips to start with. The rest of the guidelines can be found in;

“Fairyland For Dummies”




Tale Weaver – #310 – Tired and Run Down – 14th January

Michael is the host of Tale Weaver

With a new year upon us and the stresses of 2020 behind us, (or are they), consider the new year and what it brings to us.

For many of us older folk, being tired and run down is often a daily event.


Normally , I wouldn’t admit to being tired and rundown!

Nopes, not at all I’d say even when I am. But today, or rather since yesterday I am feeling very much tired and rundown and grumpy too.

The reason is that I got what I wished for. That’s why it is dangerous to wish for things before one thinks them through. I was wishing that I could just stop eating so much and go back to my weight losing habits.

I suffer from these bouts of hyperacidity and stomach discomfort when I became careless of my intake of coffee, tea, and spices. That’s what happened to me and now I am not happy with my tummy.

I can’t have coffee or regular food. I am taking a bland diet and meds to deal with this episode. I’m hoping that there is some positive impact of this incident and I may have lost a couple of pounds. Hopefully!

So I am feeling out of sorts and tired. I hope this passes away soon.




The Friday Four – Game 8

Rory is the host of The Friday Four

Do you ever simply stop and wonder ‘Where has time gone to?’ or is it something that never bothers you?

In the past I would be rushed for time, running after it to get my chores done. But not anymore. Now I am a lady of leisure and very seldom short of time. So if it passes away quickly, all the more better.

If you had a warning label, what would yours read?

Beware, free advice ahead!

What fact amazes you every time you think of it?

How divided the human race is today. We should have been more united because we should be more aware of the similarities between us all.

What kind of activities do you enjoy doing and what would you never do?

I love blogging, walking, listening to music, and playing with my grandchildren.

I would never ( voluntarily) do scuba diving, parachute jumping, mountain climbing, or any other high-risk activity. I wouldn’t want to do anything to make myself incapacitated!




Thursday Inspo – Umbrella

Paula is the host of Thursday Inspo

Umbrella rain boots

Welcome to Thursday Inspiration!

This week’s theme is umbrella and the image is above. Here’s a snippet of song from Train’s “Umbrella.”

Now that it’s raining more than ever
Know that we’ll still have each other
You can stand under my umbrella
You can stand under my umbrella


How many umbrellas do you own?

None, when I need them!

How many have you bought?

Ten maybe more

Where do they all disappear to?

The same place where my socks go to. A land where it never rains.




The Chocolate Box Game 1

Rory is the host of this new challenge

1 Who was your favourite cartoon character when you were a growing up?

Tom and Jerry

2 Have you ever had a crush on someone as an adult?

All the dashing Hollywood heroes. Sadly it never lasted long.

3 Night or Day Time which is best for you and why?

Night works best for sleeping and day for working! 😛

4 Have you ever had sex in deep snow as opposed to a light frosting?


5 What are three of your weirdest quirks?

• Trying to plan trivial details in advance

• Getting all my chores done in a certain order

• Too much blogging ( according to my family!)

6 Can you sum up your personal life for the year 2020 using only 7 words?

An eye-opener, realizing personal goals, saddening for the loss of life

( Way more than 7 words)

7 What’s the most embarassing position you have ever been stuck in?

I don’t think it was the most embarrassing position, but it was quite so when I lost the key to my apartment by letting it fall into the elevator shaft. I had to pay $75 for replacement and lost a lot of time in getting a spare one from the management. After that, I never took the key out of my bag before coming out of the elevator.

8 Some words simply roll off your tongue as if they were honey, what are three of your favourite words?

• What

• Yes

• Nopes!

9 What sweety things do you like to consume for pleasure?

Dark chocolate with fruity flavors. I recently discovered dark chocolate with black currents. It’s so good.

10 Do you currently have a favourited song and if so what is it?

It keeps on changing almost every week.

Right now it’s Blinding lights by The Weekend!


11 PJ’s, Tee shirt and shorts, Naked or Other – What is your preference?


12 What is your most favoured breakfast dish?

Anything that someone else makes for me!

13 Which colour is best worn to display your passion with life?


14 If you had to be soaked in a liquid that wasn’t water, what would you choose and why?

Ice, after I am dead!

15 Underwear or Commando?

Of course, underwear.

16 Which bed size do you prefer for whatever – Single, Twin, Bunks, Double, King, Queen or Other – and why?

King size! I like the room.

17 How quick are you to react to no warning, last minute moments?

I go with the flow.

18 You have just woken up …. the first thing you do is?

Grab my phone to check my sleep stats!



Reena’s Exploration Challenge – 168

Reena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge


Well, there are more terms and conditions in this prompt than any other episode of the Exploration Challenge. Enjoy the difference 🙂


A breakdown in domestic water supply


  • President of a municipal corporation
  • A harangued home-maker
  • Founder of a fund-raising startup
  • Seller of water tankers 
  • A poet/writer


Work-from-home scenarios, Covid, weather or whatever you can think of.


Write a story as small as a sentence, or as large as 500 words, or somewhere in between. I promise to read the entire piece.

If you can tell a poetic tale or write a ballad, you are most welcome to do it.

The story has to be from the perspective of any one of the given characters. The other characters in the piece can be one or more of those listed here, or any other character you can introduce in the plot. No restrictions on those self-driven bots which take over your thoughts.

Create a post on your blog, and copy-paste the link in Comments. In case you are using a pingback, do check back to see if it has worked.


I stare at the faucet with hope in my heart

Will it reward me with a gush of clean water

Or will a dribble of cloudy brown liquid will come

When I’ll turn it on early in the morning for my ablutions

Should I tell it a story of a brave faucet that overcame all odds

Or recite to it a loving ode written in its praise

I need water………….

But I have no technical skill only my poetry

To induce or encourage it to pour out a handful of clean water

It’s a struggle to be on time if there is no clean water to assist me

In my morning rituals!




JusJoJan January 10 2021 – Cheese

Linda is the host of JusJoJan

Every one say Cheese!


The photographer clicked and winded up his equipment and left. The parents waited eagerly to see the results of that day’s efforts.

The pictures were sent via mail. They were in a thick cardboard envelope to avoid damage.

When they finally saw the family group photo, the only emotion they felt was disappointment. The photo felt so contrived and artificial. One could say the expressions of them all were quite cheesy!



JusJoJan January 8 2021- Twisted

Linda is the host of JusJoJan


“Haha, I love your twisted sense of humor”, Carla said laughingly. In her heart, she cursed that sick sense of humor her husband was so proud of. Why would he make these jokes at the expense of their family or friends and think it was funny. It wasn’t just him, their teenage son Josh was also developing the same streak. Very often, she and her daughter Amy would exchange rueful glances when both the father and son were making fun of some unfortunate soul.

Then karma struck a beautiful blow! Jim, her husband, was given a promotion and was transferred to another department in the same office. His boss was notorious for ragging and making fun of others. Spending 8 – 10 hours in his company made Jim realize that the way he uses friends as his target for jokes was really bad because now he was the butt of most of his boss’s jokes!