Summer colors

Marsha’s patio sign with all the summer colors on my patio this year -part of my tiny landscaping efforts


Azure blue hue
Summer intensifies
Clouds like poems floating high

Obviously L.M. Montgomery wasn’t talking about the month of June in a hot, tropical country. In colder western climates, summer is a welcomed, sought after season. For us, in hotter climes, this would equate to spring season where everything is just perfect. The weather, the duration of the day and the beautiful flowers all around us.

The seasons do not matter 
As long as you are by my side
The sun need not shine
As long as your glowing self is next to me


Written for; WQW #23: Summer Colors/Summer Solstice hosted by Marsha



My cart

This week’s Wednesday challenge on Susan and GC is the word CARTS.

Today I went grocery shopping. I loaded my cart with enough stuff to last the coming month of July. I was leaning more on my cart because walking has become painful for me now. And I am going to get it fixed.

This Saturday, I’m going for surgery on my left foot to fix the fallen arch and arthritis in my ankle. It’s not a particularly long or painful operation ( that’s what I’ve been told) but it comes with a tough proviso! I am not supposed to put any weight on it for at least 6 weeks.

This has put me in a state of worry because how will I go about my daily chores on just one leg. I feel hopping isn’t a good idea because I am overweight and already have an artificial knee.

I’ve decided to let things be and hopefully, this issue will be sorted out when the time comes. I am ever the optimist.

If anyone has had any experience in this regard, please do share it with me. Also need your prayers and best wishes.



Written for;Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Carts, hosted by Sue W and GC



Right on the nose

Tomorrow was a big day for Salma but she was so stressed out that she couldn’t stop eating sweets, especially chocolates.

Her mom told her again and again that she better stop or on her wedding day, she will have an acne eruption all over her face, but as we all know, when a person is under stress, chocolates help us to relax so the chocolate binging went on.

On the day of the wedding, when Salma got up there it was, right on the tip of her nose a red pimple had appeared.

Mom….. she yelled loudly as soon as she saw her face in the mirror causing her mother to rush to her bedroom but there was little that could be done to the offending zit, except asking the makeup lady to disguise it the best she could.

When the groom made his appearance, he was holding a hanky to his nose, and when he lowered the hanky, a pimple could be seen on his nose too which he couldn’t cover with foundation.

The guest all enjoyed this sight and exclaimed that the bride and the groom are very well matched!


Written for Six Sentences Story- Eruption, hosted by Denise of the Girlie on the edge’s blog



A letter a week- L

Place – lagoon

Emotion – lethargy

Adjective – lamentable

Verb – launch

My animal – llama

You might have heard the story of a royal Llama, called Kuzco. Due to his lamentable lack of sympathy and proper manners, he was turned into a Llama by an evil advisor, Yzma, who wanted to rule in his stead.

He ended up in a lagoon, lonely and wet, in desperate need of a friend. But his inherent lethargy and lack of empathy stood in his way of making a friend.

Finally he made a friend, Pasha who launched a campaign to restore Kuzco to his human form and to rid the nation of the evil advisor, Yzma.

Catch the whole story in; “Emperor’s new groove” by Disney


Written for Deb of Nope, not Pam challenge- A letter a week

Creating a storm in a teacup


Have you heard the word, “ Alarmist”?

I’ve met a few of them and surprisingly, or perhaps not, they are related. Perhaps it runs in their genes!

They create storms in teacups and mountains out of molehills. The term, “what if” looms large in their thinking and every sort of negative scenario becomes not only possible but also imminent in their minds. This happens especially in the middle of the night when they consider it their duty to wake people sleeping and ask them worriedly, what if this happens or what if that happens?

You might have guessed that I’m talking about my husband and someone closely related to him.

I tell him all the time to relax and wait to see if that situation actually develops. And more often than not, it never does.

Written for;Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Alarms, and Weekend Challenge- Middle, hosted by Sue W and GC



The ghost alley

Photo credit Sarah Whiley

Use the above image as inspiration for a poem or short story.


They call it the ghost alley

Blue luminous ghouls floating

In the air, providing thrills

Children are especially fond of

Dragging their parents to see them

A harmless prank to enliven the

Humdrum life of busy people


Written for Photo prompt # 418, hosted by Weejars




Blue as the sea

“Blue, green, grey, white, or black; smooth, ruffled, or mountainous; that ocean is not silent.” ~ H. P. Lovecraft

It’s the first weekend of the month, so it must be time for our June colour challenge. This month partner GC and I have chosen Nautical Blue as the colour.

Over the deep blue sea

My choice for nautical blue is this song that my grandkids love.

In response to ;Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge – Nautical Blue, hosted by Sue W and GC



Ironing as a hobby!

Ironing was never something that I liked. Perhaps because it’s mostly hot in our country and ironing is hot work. In college, we were doing women guard training and had a military-style uniform that had to be starched and ironed by your truly every week, and I hated doing it.

But ironically, when my kids were in school, the guy who used to do the ironing for us left unannounced and I was left with this job, at that stage I started enjoying ironing. I’d take out the semi wet clothes and iron them to a great finish. As we wear mostly cotton here it was way better to let the clothes dry completely and then iron them.

I used to put on music and let my mind wander while ironing. I solved many problems this way. I think as far as mindless activities go, ironing is one of the best one.

Your prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “iron(y).” Use “iron,” use “irony,” or use both. Use them any way you’d like. Bonus points if you use both. Have fun!


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