Orange juice, anyone?

My idea of an indulgent breakfast was to start with a glass of fresh orange juice, followed by eggs and toast, and coffee or tea to finish it off.

This was when drinking juice was thought to be better than having the whole fruit.

But scientists change their minds quite frequently and they came out with this new advice, eat the fruit, all of it. It’s better than just the juice as it contains a lot of benefits when eaten whole.

So though sometimes I indulge myself with a glass of freshly squeezed oranges and kinnos, I mostly eat the fruit whole. This has the advantage of more fiber more vitamins and due to the presence of fiber, its glycemic index is lower too, which means it won’t make your blood sugar spike!

Written for Six Sentences Story prompt; Juice, hosted by Denise of Girlie on the edge’s blog



January 13th, 2022- Following the protocol

Covid protocols are in place for our own safety.

Why do people prefer to get ill, to wearing a mask? I will never understand this type of thinking.

Last Sunday I met a lady who was working at the local McDonald’s. She was wearing her mask on her chin. I asked her to cover her mouth and nose and she declined, saying that she felt suffocated. There were others there too, mask-less.

What people don’t understand is that Covid not only kills but also makes a person very ill and the illness can prolong. It’s not only death they should be worried about, but the disability brought on by getting ill. It

Anyway, since I cannot make others do as they should, I follow all the safety protocols of Covid and so does my family.

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Today’s prompt; Protocol, given to us by John



Fandango Story Starter # 12 & Tuesday Writing Prompt- At this time…….

Fandango is the host of Fandango Story Starter

It’s time for my weekly Story Starter prompt.

This week’s Story Starter teaser is:

At a time when most people were struggling…


At the time when most people were struggling

When death was knocking at the door, indiscriminately

What tomorrow will bring no one was sure of

It was a battle of survival for people everywhere

There was no glory in staying alive, just misery

How could anyone be happy to have outlasted

When their loved ones had perished in that epidemic

The tragic reality was that these lives could’ve been saved

If people had listened to reason, been more cautious


I have included Tuesday Writing Prompt in this post as well.

Today’s prompt: Use the words tomorrow, death, and glory

The pandemic is still here, making people ill, taking lives. We still need to be cautious, we still need to get vaccinated. Please take all the care that you can.




I got a temporary fix

A present from my granddaughter, because her “Nano” had an injection!

Apparently, people with flat feet are more likely to get arthritis in their foot joints. My arthritic foot was making walking an agony for me for the last few months. It would start to ache when I walked more than 30 minutes.

I saw an orthopedic surgeon few days ago and he advised a steroid injection in my foot.

Last Saturday, I got the injection. It did hurt at that time because my foot didn’t like its space invaded by a large bolus of medicine. It ached that day and into the night. But by next morning, it was way better. And by third day, the pain was almost gone.

My doctor told me that the effects of this steroid injection can last from few weeks to many months. I’m hoping it’s the later and I would need a repetition of this procedure after many months. In case it doesn’t work for long, they have another option, to fuse together the bones which are arthritic. That would reduce some type of movement in my foot but would cure the pain.

Let’s see how it goes.