The delicate shades of pink 💖

“Pink isn’t just a colour. It’s an attitude too.” ~ Miley Cyrus

December is here and with it our final monthly colour challenge for 2022 – Pinkish.


Delicate pink blush

Tinting the dawn sky

Spellbound I watch it

Till the sun sucks the pink

Spreads it all over the sky

And then the golden sun rises

The pink returns in the evening

The process reversed in sequence

The orange and pink vying for dominance

Till all is swallowed by indigo sky

And then the stars start to sparkle

Another day is done and sun will rise tomorrow!


Written for ; Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge – Pinkish, hosted by Sue W and GC



You Don’t Have to Be American to be Thankful

This week’s prompt is: Being Thankful


On last Thursday I wished my American readers a very happy thanksgiving. In the comments many wished me back. When I explained that I don’t celebrate thanksgiving, a blogger said that we all have something to be thankful for so we all should celebrate thanksgiving.

This indeed is very true. We all have so many things to be grateful for and when we express them or write them down, we realize their significance more.

Things I’m grateful for are, in no particular order;

My health, and my faith

My family and their health

All the luxury, like home, transport, food, availability of affordable health care

The ability to read and write, and blog

My friend old and recent who have been by my side through thick and thin.

My blogging friends who I feel are like my family

My country Pakistan where I’m free to be myself.

Independence of thought,enlightenment and awareness.


Written in response to;Throwback Thursday #65 – You Don’t Have to Be American to be Thankful Today, hosted by Maggie this week.



There’s enough

Empty plates

Depressed thoughts

There’s enough on my plate

I can give some food to you

So that your plate is as full as mine

Sharing the resources of this planet

We all can sleep at night, bellies full

No need to be greedy and grab it all


We have enough food on this planet to feed everyone. But in poor countries, people sleep hungry and in rich nations, food is wasted. Equitable distribution of food sources can insure that everyone has enough

Your prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “on your/my plate.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

Written for Linda’s SoCS-On my/your plate



Counting our blessings

Giving thanks is essential for each one of us

We all are so blessed with countless blessings

Where does one start to enumerate all the gifts

If we look at our own self we can never be thankful enough

For what we have been given to experience this world with

Then we have our family, our friends, and our community too

The health and wealth, the joy and the laughter all treasures

The words we read, those that we write, and the songs we sing

The seasons we experience the seas that we sail on and

The beauty that we are able to see and perceive all around us

A happy🍁🍂🍀🌷 thanksgiving to you all!🍂🍁🌺

Written for WQW # 45; Thanksgiving, Gratitude, hosted by Marsha



Happy birthday


It’s my birthday on 23rd November

I will be turning sixty one that day

My husband gifted me something special

He paid for the surgery that will ( hopefully ) change my life

Now it’s my turn to make good on this special gift

Watch what I eat and drink and be mindful

That my health now resides in my own hands


Written in response to One Minute Fiction, hosted by Cyranny



Beauty beyond compare

It was a warm spring morning

I set out on my morning walk

The breeze was playing with the leaves

The sunshine casting dappled shadows

On the pavement where I was walking

I breathed in the fresh air and said a prayer

Thankful to be alive and to enjoy all this

Incredible beauty, beyond compare


Written for Moon washed musings Weekly Prompt – Dappled, hosted by Eugenia



Energy that I used to have!


With deep nostalgia, I remember the amount of energy that I used to have!

Raising three kids, looking after the home affairs, finding time to exercise regularly every day, and meeting friends in the evening was the norm rather than the exception.

Now in my sixties, I am done after doing a quarter of what I used to do during the day, feeling like a need to lie down or at least plonk my backside in a recliner with a cup of tea or decaf coffee.

People tell me that growing older teaches us to value our free time and to use it wisely to rest our bones in between the daily chores.

Perhaps as I grow older, I should stop comparing myself to my younger self when I used to move around like a pet on zoomies but should appreciate the grace a slower demeanor brings to me.

Well, as long as I can look after myself and my home without asking for help from others, I should be grateful for the energy I do have still left.


Written for Six Sentences Story- Energy, hosted by Denise