What are you telling me?

Telling me that you are pious and worthy

Is just like telling me I should be revering you

If you are better than the rest, it would serve no purpose

To flaunt the fact in our faces but quite the reverse

Being good also means to be humble and considerate

For me, I am just grateful that I never look at myself

From this angle and count myself lucky that I at least can

Be counted among the ordinary people of ordinary morals

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Thursday Photo Prompt- Clarity #Writephoto

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a seashore with a clear, turquoise sea, bordered by small islands and a rocky headland .


Looking at this vast expanse of ocean

I find the clarity that was lost somewhere

My vision was clouded with the doubts

Which play on the mind when we lose sight

What is important and what is just trivial

Now I see that life is wide open challenge

No need to fear what comes next just do

Whatever you think is the right thing to do

The destiny is in your hands all along

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Thursday Photo Prompt- Clarity #Writephoto

A Prompt by; Sue Vincent



Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 96 – Lost & Found

Welcome to a new challenge!


Being lost in myself

I didn’t see what was around

All the time absorbed in my life

An existence which centered around me, only

My sorrows, my problems, my sickness and my woes

It is an intensely absorbing issue, the issue of my ego

But then

I found there are others

That I don’t exist in a hollow

I share my life with millions around me

If I have problems, they have troubles too

If I am suffering they have worries too

The amazing thing that really opened my eyes

That when shared , troubles and problems

Become less, become bearable as

We find that we are not alone

All is never glory or sweetness

But when we see that there is

Much around us to be grateful for

We find a sense of proportion and

The heart feels blessed and thankful

Now I have found myself

In a new, brighter way

The prompt;

The two sentences for the prompt this week are fairly simple, and yet not so simple.

This is where I lost myself

This is where I found myself

Choose any one and base your piece on it. It is not necessary that the words appear in the piece. It is a theme to be followed.

As usual, there is no restriction on the format or length of the piece. You can get as creative and innovative as you want.

Write a post on your blog, and link it up here with a pingback, or copy-paste the blog link in Comments. Tag it Reena’s Exploration Challenge for easy access in the Blog Roll.

I eagerly await your responses.

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Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 96



Kira’s Sunday Scribbles July 14-2019

They said that the mountains were high enough to be spared the effects of pollution that the greed of man has spread everywhere. But it wasn’t true anymore. The rich and wealthy had found ways to exploit the resources of these pristine places. They paid the governments to be allowed to exploit the nature and to cover up their crimes they threatened the ordinary people there to keep their mouths shut. Anyone who dared to raise their voice against this misuse and exploitation was quietened using other methods.

And what were we doing to prevent all this? We stood there and watched. Nobody did anything as we thought it didn’t effected us. How wrong we were!

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Kira’s Sunday Scribbles July 14-2019



Writing Prompt #28 – Freedom

The freest people on earth are………

Are we really and truly free?

We are enslaved by the chains of our own making

There are the expectations and conventions that bind

Then we conform to our customs and traditions equally

How to break the bonds the imprison our minds and dictate

How and what should our actions be to make us truly free

To be what we want to be and soar high away from restrictions


Is it really a true desire of our heart to be free

Or is just a notion that is embedded in our mind

A recurring myth that we can be really free and

Not be beholden to the society around us for approval

Who do you think are the people who are free on this earth?

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Writing Prompt #28

A Prompt by Sarah Elizabeth Moore



In other words- The beach

Image by seth0s from Pixabay

As I stand on the deserted beach, my eyes go towards the horizon

Without even trying the universe teaches us a valuable lesson

How insignificant we are when compared with this grandeur of nature

Where the grains of the sand or the stars in the sky cannot be even counted

Why do we suffer from the illusion of being significant and important here?

Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less
Use the picture and/or the word(s), the beach as inspiration
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In other words- The beach

A Prompt by; Patricia’s Place



A rare grace

The tactless remark fell into the cacophony

Causing a hushed silence which was deafening

She blushed with embarrassment but there was

No way to retrieve the words that were scattered

Into the universe like leaves which are blown

By the autumn winds to the four corners of the world

The object of her remark showing a rare grace smiled

And diverted the remark like an arrow which had missed its mark

Engaged her in a conversation, earning her gratitude

What a generous gesture it was she felt doubly humbled

A lesson learned and forever ingrained in her mind

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BrewNSpew Café July 15- 2019

There is a tempest raging in my head

There are conflicting emotions warring

The critic wants to be let lose to wreck

The power of negativity and find faults

While the optimist wants to see sunshine

And roses everywhere and be pleased

With everything that it finds around it

Who should have an upper hand I ask

Or should both learn to exist in harmony

A balance where I can see the faults and

Correct them, count the blessings and

Exists in a plane of reality not in utopia

The prompt;

Word of the week – tempest (noun) – a violent wind storm. Synonyms – squall, storm, gale, hurricane, tornado, typhoon, cloudburst, monsoon, snowstorm, blizzard, windstorm.

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BrewNSpew Café July 15-2019



One Liner Wednesday July 17,19

Everything that is made beautiful and fair and lovely is made for the eyes of one who sees


For those who do not look or don’t want to see, there is no beauty in life. And for those who have eyes open for all that is wonderful, they can find beauty in even a single leaf or a blade of grass. Keep your eyes towards the sunny side!

In response to;

One Liner Wednesday July 17-2019

A Prompt by Linda G Hill



An escape

An escape from the daily saga of dramatics

Life can overwhelm you so that is what we need

Once in a while to hide in a quiet place to think

Reflect on where we are going and what we want

Even if our ambitions and ideals are not lofty

We may have ordinary goals in our sights

We should be following them with full enthusiasm

And be proud of our achievements for not everyone

Can be a superhero, but we are the heroes of our story

So have a rest, contemplate life from an outsider’s view

And then forge ahead to get to the finish-line that’s waiting

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