Orange juice, anyone?

My idea of an indulgent breakfast was to start with a glass of fresh orange juice, followed by eggs and toast, and coffee or tea to finish it off.

This was when drinking juice was thought to be better than having the whole fruit.

But scientists change their minds quite frequently and they came out with this new advice, eat the fruit, all of it. It’s better than just the juice as it contains a lot of benefits when eaten whole.

So though sometimes I indulge myself with a glass of freshly squeezed oranges and kinnos, I mostly eat the fruit whole. This has the advantage of more fiber more vitamins and due to the presence of fiber, its glycemic index is lower too, which means it won’t make your blood sugar spike!

Written for Six Sentences Story prompt; Juice, hosted by Denise of Girlie on the edge’s blog



My 5 favorite cupcakes and muffins

This week Tanya invites us to share our 5 favorite cupcakes and muffins

Banana and walnut muffin;

An off-shoot of banana bread, they are really good when made at homes. The ones in stores lack enough bananas and nuts.

Blueberry muffin;

Blueberry muffins, made with lots of fresh blueberries are really a treat to enjoy anytime of the day.

Chocolate cupcake;

Chocolate cupcake, with any type of chocolate is a winner every time. White, dark, or the best one is 3 chocolate one with milk, dark and white chocolate on the top of it.

Strawberry jam filled cupcake;

There’s a bakery in Lahore which makes jam filled cupcakes. These are so yummy.


Scones with jam, clotted cream and a nice cup of tea are the best for winter afternoons.

These are my favorite cupcakes/muffins. What are yours?



My 5 favorite weekday breakfasts

This week Tanya asks us to list our favorite 5 every day breakfasts

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Peanut butter and banana sandwich ;

Toasted bread with peanut butter spread and sliced bananas make the perfect breakfast. It’s both nutritious and filling. And I like it too.

Croissant with coffee;

Croissant warmed up spread with a bit of jam and butter and a mug of hot coffee makes a breakfast that’s super tasty. But I can’t have it every day because the croissants are high in carbs and not good for me.


Love to eat leftover naan from the night before. I toast it in the toaster and have it with cream and jam. This also is an occasional indulgence as it is very carby.

Chicken muffin;

Sometimes when I am up early, I order a chicken muffin from McDonald’s with hash brown and coffee. It’s strictly not a workday breakfast but it’s also an occasional indulgence.

Cheese sandwich;

Simple and convenient, two slices of multigrain bread, a dab of butter and a slice of cheese makes this the obvious choice on busy days.

Written for Tanya’s 5 things Tuesday



5 Favorite Sunday breakfasts

Tanya had invited us to share our favorite Sunday Breakfasts

Channas with kulcha;

Though the traditional desi breakfast is halwa puri, all the family is interested in the chana ( chickpea+ potato curry) and eat them with a breakfast version of naans, called kulchas. Kulcha is a plain naan with sesame seeds and it has a wonderful toasty taste!

Continental breakfast;

Fresh seasonal fruit juice, perhaps some cereal as a starter and later warm croissants, butter and jam followed by strong coffee. I love this because there are no eggs here. And I am a carb junkie!

French toast with special chai;

There is a restaurant which does a special version of French toast. They make them twice as thick as ordinary toast and these are probably baked to make them super soft on the inside and fully cooked on the outside. You can get Nutella stuffed French toast too. The restaurant serves these yummy treats with special chai, a mixture of spiced tea and earl gray.

Aaloo paratha and masala chai;

As I mentioned earlier, I am a carb junkie so a paratha stuffed with potatoes is my idea of a great breakfast. Mint chutney on the side, served with milk-tea or masala tea completes this awesome breakfast.

Spanish omelette with café latte;

Since I’m not overly fond of eggs, an omelette comes at the bottom of the list. I like spicy Spanish omelette, with jalapeños, served with salsa and sour cream. I like this breakfast with a big mug of Latte.

This mouthwatering post is in response to Tanya’s 5 Things Tuesday