Eating healthy= Respecting your body

September 7: Food: Healthy Snacks

Writer’s Quotes Wednesdays (a Photo or Writing Challenge)

We all own ourself this duty;

To keep our bodies healthy!

What we put in our bodies is what makes us; Strong and healthy or sick and weak. Who says a healthy diet has to be boring or not tasty.

Try food combinations that can give you the maximum advantage and yet are tasty and appetizing.

Eating white meat, especially fish is healthy, adopt this habit

Shun red meat and organ meat as it will make you sick

Add fresh and green vegetables to your diet in oodles

Grain and lentils are good to keep hunger at bay

Don’t use too much white food like flour-based pasta, sugar, or salt

Fresh fruits fulfill the requirement of vitamins and minerals

Staying healthy is very much a choice and so is choosing an unhealthy diet

It is your only body: look after it for there isn’t a replacement

Healthy eating is often associated with food that is considered not appetizing. But many healthy snacks are yummy too.

Nuts, and nut butter, but do make sure they don’t contain corn syrup.

Cheese and yogurt are rich in calcium and proteins and make great snacks.

Fresh fruit like apples, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries all are great healthy snacks.

Dried fruits like cranberries, figs, and peaches, or fruit chips like banana chips, and apple chips are good to eat and satisfy hunger too.

Cucumber or carrot sticks dipped in yogurt dressing are a savoy alternative when hungry.

Potatoes, boiled, mashed, or baked are perfectly healthy options too. Just hold the butter or sour cream.

Suffice to say, we can always make healthy eating choices, provided we have the will and knowledge to do so. So go on, treat your body to some good food.


Written for;WQW #34: Eating Your Way to Good Health, hosted by Marsha



Some dark chocolate to cheer me up!

“Enliven your senses with the ultimate chocolate”

That’s what this pack of dark chocolate with chili says on the top. I love dark chocolate, especially flavored with something unusual. And chili 🌶 is definitely not often associated with chocolate.

Like all good things in life, Dark chocolate should be taken sparingly because too much of a good thing is not good. I have yet to learn to control my greedy heart and do at times take more than 2 squares, which causes me to stay awake at night. But it is “Lindt and who can say no to Lindt!

You might have guessed that these chocolates, ( there are/were 5 of them) were a get well present from my kids. By the Grace of God, I am much better now and it’s been 4 while weeks since the surgery. Just 2 more to go and I will be allowed to walk on the operated foot.

I hope it is pain-free and works as it is supposed to work!

Your prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “the first 2-5 words at the top of the closest printed matter.” Open (if necessary) the closest printed matter to you. Use the first 2-5 words at the top of the page any way you’d like in your post. Have fun!

Written in response to Linda’s SoCS



My favorite healthy foods


Peanuts and peanut butter are my favorite way of consuming nuts. I do like cashews, almonds and walnuts too. Then there are the very costly nuts like macadamia, pine nuts, and hazelnut which aren’t easily available here. I’d gladly eat them if they were given to me as a present!


I love most fruits, specially the summer fruits. Mangoes, Melon, watermelon, guavas, bananas, apple! All separately or together in a fruit salad make a wonderful dessert.


We all need the calcium from dairy, especially as we are growing older. I like milk in all its forms but cheese is very convenient to eat and has more calcium as compared to other forms of dairy. My favorites are cottage cheese, feta and ricotta cheese, especially in salads.

Whole wheat roti/ naan

I love carbs and whole wheat roti/ naan are great to satisfy hunger and keep the blood sugar in check. Our local diet of roti ( flatbread) with daal ( lentils ) or vegetable curry makes for nourishing and balanced diet.

Dried fruits;

Raisins, dried figs, dehydrated cranberries, dates, and dried plums are good when one is craving something sweet and low cal.

Written for 5 Things Tuesday, hosted by Tanya



A to Z challenge K for Kebabs

Personal experiences, incidents and smiles

Though I am mostly a vegetarian, I like kebabs once in a while.

Thanks to Indian and middle eastern restaurants all over the world, most people are familiar with kebabs.

But we, the inhabitants of the Indian sub-continent are aware that there are kebabs and then there are kebabs. There are many types of kebabs, all taste differently and all are made differently.

Shami kebabs; These are made when mince( chicken or beef) is cooked with split chickpeas till they are softened and completely dry. After mixing an assortment of dried and fresh spices, round Patties are made and fried after dipping in egg wash.

Seekh kebabs are the ones most people are familiar with. Chicken or beef mince is mixed with onions, spices, and chilies and marinated for a few hours. It is then put on skewers and cooked on open flame.

Chapali kebabs; These are made in a way similar to seekh kebabs but instead of grilling on flame, they are fried in oil till done.

There are other varieties of kebabs;

Kafta kebabs

Bihari kebabs

Chicken cheese kebabs……

So you see that kebabs have their own section in the cook books.

Have you tried kebabs? Which ones you liked best?



Sunday Poser # 71

Welcome back to another Sunday Poser

This week my question is;

What’s your favorite dessert?

This week I want to ask a question to which the answer is not only easy but delicious too.

My favorite dessert is a recently acquired taste for salted caramel cupcakes from a new patisserie near our home. My usual go to dessert always used to be chocolate based so this is a new taste addiction for me.

I love this light fluffy cupcake piled high with a lot of creamy salted caramel frosting. The balance between the cake and the frosting is just right.

The cupcake I love is in the middle! 😋

What about you, what is your favorite dessert? How often do you indulge your craving for this dessert?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section or you can write your own post and link it to this one so that I can find it.

As usual, thanks of visiting and reading.



Bread and butter

bread basket
Image from Pixabay
Of all the goodness the dining table holds
My first desire is to reach for fresh warm loaves of bread
Leave the meat and delicacies for others who crave them
My heart and stomach love those fresh rolls, muffins, and biscuits
It is easy to give up most of the good things
But don’t ask me to forsake my favorite form of carbs
Sometimes a desire flickers in my mind to stop this madness
But as it is often said, you cannot forgo your true love!


Written for PRFP# 4, hosted by Paula

Welcome to the Random Friday Prompt! This week, let’s write about an item on our grocery list ~ how about bread? If that doesn’t work for you, choose another item. Poems, flash fiction, personal essays… all are welcome, and there is no time limit

Also included RDP; Flickering




My cooking adventures

This week Lauren has invited us to share some of our coming adventures!

This week’s prompt is: Cooking Skills

First of all I must admit that I’m not a dedicated cook. I cook when I have to. In the past I had a love for baking which has also frizzled out with time.

My culinary journey started around age 13-14. I and my younger brother would go to the kitchen when the elders had retired for the night and we cooked up treats for ourselves. French fries, pakoras, parathas, French toasts…. We made whatever we could find the ingredients for at home and then we cleaned up leaving no trace of our activity. These were our secret forays in cooking, unauthorized you can say.

I discovered my mom’s cookbooks when I was in grade 9-10 and the mouth-watering pictures in those of cakes and pies etc made me interested in baking. I started trying out these recipes for which I could find the ingredients. Remember it was around 45-50 years back and we could only get basic ingredients.

I tried out different cakes, pies, desserts , donuts etc from these cookbooks. Gradually I became quite good at baking. I tried making breads, buns, rolls, muffins and cookies, which were quite good too.

When I got married I could bake pretty well but couldn’t cook traditional Pakistani food. My mother in law taught me basics of cooking curries etc and since she was a great cook, I too learned to cook well. But it was not my passion and I used to cook only when I had to. We always had someone to help in the house, and it included cooking. On special occasions like Eid or a birthday, I’d make a meal but since I wasn’t very keen on cooking, my interest soon diminished.

Right now I live with my elder daughter and am in charge of menu planning and occasional cooking. My specialties are haleem, biryani, chicken tikka masala, and parathas. I do bake an occasional cake or brownies but due to diet considerations, these are rare occasions.

As for mistakes during cooking, they are not very entertaining but numerous. The kids always eat if I’ve cooked a meal and even praise it. I remember in school we had to make pistachio ice cream once and it was so horrible that it had to be all thrown away!

Thanks Lauren for this lovely journey back in time.



January 22nd, 2022- JusJoJan+SoCS- Icing on the cake?

I am not fond of icing on the cake! Provided the cake is tasty on its own. And if it’s not good enough to eat on its own, eating it with super sweet and calorie-rich icing is just pointless.

There are a few instances where icing is a must to enhance the flavor of something that already tastes good! For example, cream cheese icing on red velvet cake/ cupcake. Or a fruit compoté on top a cheesecake, and I wouldn’t call it icing, except in the broader sense of the meaning.

As for brownies, I don’t call a brownie with even a chocolate glaze, a brownie. A brownie is soft, fudgy, and has no icing on the top.

Written for Linda’s SoCS and JusJoJan

Your prompt for #JusJoJan and my very first birthday-Stream-of-Consciousness-Saturday is: “icing on the cake.” Write about the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the phrase “icing on the cake.” Enjoy!




Orange juice, anyone?

My idea of an indulgent breakfast was to start with a glass of fresh orange juice, followed by eggs and toast, and coffee or tea to finish it off.

This was when drinking juice was thought to be better than having the whole fruit.

But scientists change their minds quite frequently and they came out with this new advice, eat the fruit, all of it. It’s better than just the juice as it contains a lot of benefits when eaten whole.

So though sometimes I indulge myself with a glass of freshly squeezed oranges and kinnos, I mostly eat the fruit whole. This has the advantage of more fiber more vitamins and due to the presence of fiber, its glycemic index is lower too, which means it won’t make your blood sugar spike!

Written for Six Sentences Story prompt; Juice, hosted by Denise of Girlie on the edge’s blog



My 5 favorite cupcakes and muffins

This week Tanya invites us to share our 5 favorite cupcakes and muffins

Banana and walnut muffin;

An off-shoot of banana bread, they are really good when made at homes. The ones in stores lack enough bananas and nuts.

Blueberry muffin;

Blueberry muffins, made with lots of fresh blueberries are really a treat to enjoy anytime of the day.

Chocolate cupcake;

Chocolate cupcake, with any type of chocolate is a winner every time. White, dark, or the best one is 3 chocolate one with milk, dark and white chocolate on the top of it.

Strawberry jam filled cupcake;

There’s a bakery in Lahore which makes jam filled cupcakes. These are so yummy.


Scones with jam, clotted cream and a nice cup of tea are the best for winter afternoons.

These are my favorite cupcakes/muffins. What are yours?