Sticky situation

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For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows a woman sitting in the passenger seat of an older-model, turquoise Chevy convertible parked in front of pink motel or apartment building. She’s looking back over her right shoulder. Who is she looking for, I wonder.


Anthony advised her to forget what had happened and warned her to not say anything to anyone. Sylvia was already fed up with Anthony so she stomped out of their motel room and went to wait for him in their car.

She couldn’t wrap her head around the fact that Anthony was dealing drugs. No wonder he could afford such a flashy vintage car! He was always dressed immaculately in expensive suits. And he did give her fancy and costly gifts and jewelry. But she came from a law-abiding family and knew what was right and what was wrong.

Suddenly a shiver traveled through her spine. What if Anthony planned to get rid of her as she had seen him with his drug dealer friend. She decided to get away from him.

Stepping out of the car, she took out the small Swiss army knife she carried in her bag and slashed all of the tires of the Chevy.

Grabbing her bag she hailed a taxi and headed for her parent’s house. She felt she’d be safer there. Her dad, a retired cop would give her the best advice regarding this sticky situation.


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The price of returning home!

orbit | surf | breeze | cycle | familiar

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The stiff breeze brought the familiar scent of the surf and the ocean to Jason’s nostrils. It had been eight years since he had stepped foot on the hallowed grounds of the place he was raised in.

He was pushed away from the people he loved because his parents had agreed to sacrifice their love for him in return for the guarantee of his survival. This cycle had been going on for generations in his family due to a curse that was placed on his great-grandmother by a witch.

All male, surviving offspring had to be separated and placed away from the family’s orbit before they attained adulthood. It was the same with Jason.

His return today violated that contract. But he had made this decision to return keeping all the pros and cons in his mind. For one he was now in possession of a powerful counter-spell that was supposed to break the original spell. For another, his mom was dying and he couldn’t keep away from her.

He was just praying that this spell would break the curse as he had just learned that his wife was expecting a baby boy.

It was time to test that spell.


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Tuesday Writing prompt: Write a poem using the words “eight”, “hallowed”, and “sacrifice





Book signing

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For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows a woman sitting at a desk writing something down in a notebook. She’s sitting inside and is framed by a window.


She had dreamed of this day for years. Writing her great novel wasn’t all that difficult, because she had a lot of stories in her. It was the publication of the book that took so much effort and time. And money too. And now she was a published author.

Her next step was to talk to a book store owner to stock her books and to arrange a book signing on the first day. Though she was a newbie, he agreed to her plan as she was very nice to talk to and the fact that she was young and pretty didn’t hurt either.

Now she sat here nervously, waiting for her first sale. Perhaps it was the beginning of a wonderful career.

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No ordinary noise!

At first, I thought it was only the dog making noise, but it was something more. In the background of the constant barking, I can now discern the noise of the storm.

The way Rocky was barking, I felt he was on the edge. Perhaps the storm that was brewing was making him nervous. I got out of my cozy, warm bed and went to him in the living room. He was standing near the window and barking. I could hear a note of fear in his voice. I took a long look at the waves crashing on the rocks outside and I understood his anxiety.

This was no ordinary storm. It was building up and we may not be safe in our little cottage. I called my friend Jeff and asked him if I could crash at his place for the night. Jeff told me to come immediately as he thought that this was going to be a rough night.

I was glad next day that Rocky woke me up during the night. He in fact saved my life. My cottage was badly damaged by the storm and if we both were in there during the night, we may not have survived it.

Despite being temporarily homeless, I was very grateful to Rocky for saving my life.

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The egg is on your face!

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For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows a promotional prompt constructed to look like a giant cake cone-like base filled with vanilla soft serve ice cream or frozen yogurt. It’s situated on the sidewalk with what might be a convenience store or a gas station behind and to the right.


She overheard the couple whispering in the adjoining room and realized that they were planning a surprise for her. And not a pleasant one at that.

It was lucky that she had decided to use the restroom at the gas station and could hear them plotting to take her car and abandon her somewhere she wouldn’t have access to communication.

Sara was sorry that she had agreed to give them a lift to next city but she was also glad that she was made aware of their nefarious plans. She made a quick call to her brother who was also a police officer and came out of the restroom, all smiles as if she was ignorant of what was being planned.

Marty and Donna prepared to get into her car when Sara pretend that she had something to buy from the small store next to the gas station. The couple waited next to her car, exchanging meaningful glances.

In the store, Sara got the call back from her brother. They would be waiting in an unmarked car a little way further and would follow her car.

Predictably, the man, Marty overpowered Sara just outside the town and made her stop the car, taking her handbag and phone from her waving a black gun in front of her face. The unmarked police vehicle stopped next to them at that moment, taking both the criminals into custody. Sara hoped they got stiff sentences.


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The big day

Josh had this dream since he was five. To make people laugh.

When he was growing up, he would unintentionally do things that would make people around him laugh. He liked this so much that he would often act the clown to make others laugh or smile.

As he grew older, he discovered that he did have a knack for picking up the perfect one-liners that would be hilarious. Gradually he honed his skill. In college, he’d frequent the late night clubs where the owners would allow him a little time on the stage for his routine. slowly he built up his repertoire and was getting known among people for being a good comic.

Today was his big chance. He was going to audition for a slot in a local channel for a stand-up comic.

He hoped that he didn’t lose his comic streak in stress. The test audience was in stitches when he finished. He got the job.


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The photo below is from Ross Sneddon at Unsplash.

For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows a man sitting on a stool in front of a red backdrop as he prepares to either be photographed or to be interviewed on camera.



I am sorry- Short Story

I heard a voice calling out my name from inside the house, and when I opened the door mom was waiting for me, hand on her hips and an angry frown on her face. “You were supposed to be home an hour ago. I’ve been calling your name and you didn’t come”.

I didn’t try to make any excuses as I knew mom was going to see through them. “ Sorry mom, I lost track of time. I will be home on time next time”

She was pleased with my admission of my mistake. She hugged me and gave me my dinner and told me to be home before dark. “There are bad people about Jonny and you should be more careful my child”

That was the last time I was late for dinner.

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What next?

Will it work?
Marla wondered

She had put so much effort into the presentation and hoped that she would get the job.

She wondered why she felt so gloomy and shouldn’t she be happy that she had done all the hard work and now the ball is out of her court.

She decided to call her friend Sheron and go out for a meal and chat.

There is just that much planning one can do. Now it’s time to relax.

She dialed Sheron’s number.


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For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows a woman in what might be a gallery or an artist’s studio staring forlornly out of a window.



Fandango Flash Fiction# 138

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The photo below is from and is used with permission.

For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows a young man in a tuxedo in the foreground. He’s carrying a small, white sewing machine in one hand and has a big smile on his face. Meanwhile, behind him is a brown UPS truck askew on a hill with three policemen and possibly the truck’s driver talking.


The UPS truck wavered and climbed up the grassy hill before coming to a halt. Peter was aghast at the accident and the heated arguments that were taking place behind him.

Luckily the photographer had taken the shot before he became aware of the drama behind him. He turned around and handed the sowing machine to an assistant and asked the photographer if they had to do the shoot again. The photographer was happy with the results and said that he could photoshop the extra people out of the shoot and Peter was free to go.

Peter turned towards the arguing parties and added his penny’s worth of opinion to the whole cacophony. He enjoyed arguments and this seemed a very interesting one.




Three Line Tales # 296

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You’ll find full guidelines on the TLT page – here’s the tl;dr:


They looked everywhere for her, all the search parties came back without any news or clue about her.

It was Sam, her German Sheppard who finally discovered something that would give a hint of her whereabouts.

Deep in the forest, in an abandoned cottage, they found her handbag and phone and in the backyard, there was a freshly dug piece of land.