Changing with gentleness

April 11, 2022, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story using the phrase, water falls. Where is the water coming from? How does it shape a story? Who does it involve? Go where the prompt leads!


Some say that gentleness is wasted on the hard-headed, hard-hearted people, but like the drip of the water falling slowly on stones, it does have an impact.

People quote the example of Sara’s dad, Ethan. He was a proud haughty man and Sara was the exact opposite. Over the years, after her mom passed away, she changed her callous father into a gentle man just by being herself, a sweet kind person.

When he shouted, she replied calmly, when he was angry, she was unperturbed. He’s now grateful to her for showing her how to be a good person.


Word count; 99

Written for Carrot Ranch’s prompt- Water Falls, hosted by Charli Mills



Excuse me!

The photograph is fromFandango’s iPhone photo archives.

(For the visually challenged writer, the photo is of people in the audience for a live performance by a musician and a man is getting ready to take his seat)


“Excuse me!“


“I think you’re sitting on my seat”

“So what, you can sit on some other seat”

“But I paid extra money for this one. Center of the row, right in front of the stage”

Hard luck pal. I was here first

“Five people had already died trying to take what’s mine pal! Better be ready to face the consequences!”

“Hey, all you have to do is to ask politely, I’ll move to the next row”

Jim took his rightful seat trying hard to hide his smile. The line about five people worked every time!


Written for FFFC # 164, hosted by Fandango

Also included; FSS # 41, hosted by Fandango




On board

Are you on board with the new plan?, my husband asked me hesitantly.

He knew that I wanted to be the one making the choices and not everyone else, but in the holiday spirit I gave a lukewarm consent.

As we tried to finalize the details one thing or the other fell through, if the hotel booking was confirmed, then the airline tickets were canceled due to bad weather.

After trying for two weeks, my husband and the rest of the family just gave up for the trip was not happening due to one reason or the other.

When I saw everyone pulled down with disappointment because our first-ever trip to the north-most resort wasn’t happening, I came up with a backup plan.

Let’s all go to the capital and just relax for the week we were planning to go to Skardu, there won’t be any stress as everything can be arranged satisfactorily beforehand”, this being my idea, I was most enthusiastic about the family vacation.


Written for Six Sentences Story- Board, hosted by Girlie on the edge’s blog- Denise



Far away

Distance – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writers, the image shows an island across a stretch of water. Upon which you can see some ruins and a white lighthouse.


“Over there, can you see it?”

“Where? I can’t see anything like what you described!”

“Don’t you see that grand castle on the island? I can even see the guards on the parapet, going about their business”

Are you sure we both are talking about the same island?” Alex asks his grandfather in exasperation.

As he turned to face his grandfather, he realized that though his grandfather was looking towards the island, the faraway look in his eyes told him that he was looking into the past. A past where he was a young lad, and perhaps the ruins of an old castle stood on the island. Memory and imagination were taking him to a place, where Alex couldn’t follow.

Yes, grandpa, I do see the castle now”.


Written in response to WritePhoto # Distance, hosted by KL Caley



The typewriter


Image Credit: Okalinichenko

What does this image inspire in you? Let it all flow out. Create order in what appears to be disorder.


The old typewriter sat forlorn in the attic, neglected. Mom wanted to throw it or give it away because, let’s be practical here, she said, who uses a typewriter anymore? But dad was adamant that it should not be touched. This was an ongoing battle among them. Having heard my dad’s defense of this machine so many times, my curiosity was piqued. I decided to check it out.

Though it was old, the typewriter still gleamed in the dull light from the attic window. I touched the keys and they moved smoothly, without any issues that most old machines have. On a whim, I inserted a page in it and typed a few words. To my amazement, the typewriter came to life, it’s keys moving on their own and rapidly it typed out something. I took the page out and read the poem it had typed.

My tools
The stories I can tell
Employing these 26 letters
Will hold you spellbound wanting more
Stories of love and betrayal
Stories of joy and heartbreak
Tales of adventures amazing, inspiring
Accounts of journeys unusual
History of mankind, freedom struggles
But I keep silent
My stories are locked
Inside my metal shell
Keep my secret
Tell no one!

The secret is safe with me. But I often go up to the attic and ask the typewriter to tell me a story!


Written for RXC # 225, hosted by Reena

That old place

There is that old place deep in the wilderness

Memories it holds of my bygone days

I visit it in my dreams, never in real life

The guilt I feel at abandoning it eats at my soul

Better let it stand forlorn, neglected and alone

The good the bad that lives in its walls

Swirl inside that old place in solitary peace


Written for CCC # 178, hosted by Crispina Kemp



Rhythm in six sentences

Swaying side to side and tapping her feet to the rhythm of the song

She raised her voice trying to emulate the throaty voice of the singer

She has no talent but enthusiasm she had aplenty

Her friend in the room next to her’s stuffed her head under her pillow

The loud beat of the music still reverberated throughout the floor

“Please turn down this racket, some of us are here to study!”

Written for; Girlie on the edge’s blog Prompt, Six Sentence Story, hosted by Denise



Baby ducks vs Me

April 4, 2022, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story to explain “baby ducks ate my lunch.” How did that happen? Who is the protagonist? Where did the baby ducks come from? Go where the prompt leads!


Mom always gave me something to eat when I went out every day. I placed my packet on the bench for safekeeping.

I didn’t pay any heed to the fact that it was now spring season and all kind of baby animals were making their appearances. Our goat had her kids and the duck who had been guarding her clutch of eggs for the last four weeks was now parading around with a row of fluffy ducklings in tow.

Imagine my shock when reaching for my lunch, all I found were baby ducks busy nibbling my sandwich and cookies.


Word count: 99

Written for Carrot Ranch’s Prompt, hosted by Charli Mills



Wise decisions

When they wanted to change their old car for a newer model, they very wisely opted for an electric car. It was more expensive but they would recover the extra cost quickly with low running cost of the car.

Next came the decision to buy bikes for keeping themselves fit in their old age. Regular cycles were all good but perhaps they would do better buying electric bikes as they required less effort to paddle, specially uphill.

Today they paddled up this park which was a steep climb. After parking their bikes the husband and wife sat on the park bench with a scenic view and relaxed.

I think you have to admit that I have become very wise in my old age”, said Fandango to Mrs. Fandango. Mrs Fandango smiled and agreed with her husband!

The photograph is from pcivdwiel at

(For the visually challenged writer, the photo is of an older couple sitting on a park bench on the top of hill overlooking a blue sky with fluffy white clouds. Next to them on their left are two electric bicycles)

Written for FFFC # 163, hosted by Fandango




Kids love colorful stamps. Even a toddler can use them without difficulty. I looked for washable colors when I bought this set for my daughter.

When I went into the family lounge where she was “working” everywhere that she could reach were colorful stamps of ducks, cats, fishes, bunnies, and of course, ponies. Her hands and clothes were also stained.

And that claim of washable ink wasn’t 100% true either!


Written for CCC # 177, hosted by Crispina Kemp