Lipstick Lover

Slowly she slid the red lipstick on her moist lips. It was a beautiful, red. Just like the post box on the street.

She had her “little black dress” on and was waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up for the party from her apartment which she was sharing with her friend.

As if on cue, Sam, her friend walked in her room and surveyed her critically.

Isn’t wrong of you , using this lipstick?

“Wrong? Why should it be wrong? Red goes perfectly with black dress. You don’t know what you are talking about!”

I didn’t mean the color choice, you know that.

“Sam, I am in a hurry, please say what you mean and don’t play the guessing games with me.”

Well I simply meant that you shouldn’t have shoplifted the lipstick just because you liked the shade! I know that you’re a lipstick lover but that doesn’t justify stealing!

Written for the

November writing prompts

Lipstick Lover




Lamp post part II

The man leaned forward towards the driver and said in a tired voice, ” Sir I would be grateful if you can help me find my dog ” .

Your dog! The young man exclaimed in surprise. Where and how did you lose your dog?

I was walking him when he suddenly ran away from me and I have been looking for him ever since, replied the man.

Reluctantly, the driver stepped out of the car. He was not comfortable but since he had offered, there was no going back. He started to move out of the light circle and looking into the night said, “I think your dog must have gone home. You should go back and see”. The words had hardly been uttered that there was a low, throaty growl behind him. He instinctively turned in a defensive stance. But it was too late! The old man’s dog had found him!

Happy Halloween!

Lamp post

The pale light from the lamppost was casting a small yellow circle on the deserted road. The man limped towards it in hope to be seen by any passerby. Suddenly a car coming from the direction of the city came into the view and screeched to a halt near him. The young man driving the car leaned out the car window and said “Hey! Old man, do you need a lift somewhere? You look like you can use some help? ”

Can you guess what happens next?