Sunday Photo Fiction – Jan 12 2020- Mr Tree

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Finish The Story # 2- 2020

The Jungle

Image by bere von awstburg from Pixabay

FTS rules:

  1. Copy and paste the story as you receive it.
  2. Add the next segment or choose to finish it.
  3. Tag someone for the next installment.
  4. Have fun and let your imagination roam free.

Note about time frame: There is a one week time frame per tag to write another installment or accept/reject an invitation to contribute. If you accept but cannot contribute within a week, that is fine but please leave the tagging party a note. I check contributing posts for messages between tags to make sure I don’t miss an installment.

The Jungle

Sweat dripped from the tip of Matthew’s nose as he paused under a kapok tree, scanning the thick jungle floor for ants. He didn’t want to go through that experience again. 

“Come along, Mr. Howard,” the guide called, waving his arms. “Camp is just a few more kilometers.”

Matthew sighed and wiped his face with his sleeve. Go find yourself, they said. Travel the world, they said. You’ll have a great time, they said. He groaned as a howler monkey sounded in the distance setting off a cacophony. Sudden movement by his foot startled him. “What in the devil is that?”

Crawling out from under a large fern, a small creature with long brown and white fur paused and looked up at Matthew. 

“Hey, Carlos!” He waited for a response. “Carlos! Guide! Hey!” No response. The jungle that engulfed him had suddenly become very quiet. Nothing stirred except his imagination and growing concern that he was now lost in the rain forest, surely to be eaten by a stray jaguar or wayward tiger. “This isn’t a movie, man.” He chuckled and glanced back toward the ground where the creature was only to gasp when he saw …

To be continued

My part;

….. when he saw that it had grown quite a bit in that short time. It was looking inquiringly at him. It’s large anime type eyes giving him the feeling as if it was understanding what was going through Mathew’s mind at that moment. Mathew started to feel as if he was in a dream world. It cannot happen in real life, he thought. This is a jungle, not a Hollywood movie set. Just then the creature started blinking its eyes in a rapid, Morse code-like manner while pointing towards a clearing in the vegetation. “What the hell!” He thought and started following the creature. The guide was nowhere to be seen anyway.

It a while, they reached a circular clearing in the jungle, over-hung with thick rope-like tree vines. The creature gestured with its eyes and limbs for Mathew to climb up the tree, using one of the vines. When he reached the thick branches, he found a platform had been built there and more of the creatures roaming about there.

Tentatively he landed on the platform testing its strength. It felt solid enough to bear his weight. Mathew was not sure that he was in a dream or reality and made another crazy decision.

Using gestures and simple words he asked his new guide what was happening and where he was. To his intense astonishment……..

I am tagging;

Melanie to take this story further.



Three Line Tales, Week 207


Welcome to Week 207 of Three Line Tales.

three line tales, week 207: a man talking to a woman looking out of a barnphoto by Priscilla Du Preez via Unsplash





JusJoJan # 17- Jade eyes

Linda is the host of JusJoJan

Our Prompt today is; Jade

And was provided by;



Looking into her Jade green eyes

I lost my heart and my soul

For she was an enchantress who had

Cast a spell to capture my wayward heart

How could I, a mere mortal resist

The charm of those bewitching Jade eyes




Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #49 – My left Brain


FFFCWelcome to “Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge.”

The image below is from MarinaPriest at Morguefile.229AE3EF-59EC-4EFB-A4AC-DFC4828417A7(For the visually challenged writer, the image shows a large silver brain in a wooded area surrounded by trees.)


I had a lot of difficulty in remembering

Everything and anything and was puzzled

Then I realized that I had left my brain

Behind in the pasture for a bit of grazing





50 Words Thursday # 54- Open house

Deb Whittam is the host of 50 Words Thursday

The Rules:

  • Find the muse within the photo or line provided and follow where it leads. It can be a story, anecdote, poem. Anything!
  • The Story must be between 50 and 250 words, in 50 word increments. (so 50, 100, 150, 200 or 250 words)
  • Link back to this post with the tag 50WordThurs so that everyone can find it, or post your response in the comments below.

I’m looking forward to what these prompts inspire, so here’s the picture:


“It was Heather who had made the whole thing work.” – Death of a Gossip – MC Beaton


It was Heather who had made the whole thing work. She had worked the garden and made sure that everything was just the way it was supposed to look. It was no easy thing making sure that each and every detail was accurate according to the pictures she had found in her grandfather’s desk.

The overseas guests would be arriving soon. The inaugural tour to this historic house had attracted quite a large number of bookings. It was apparently all the rage to visit ancient seats of nobility in Britain. After Downton Abby, everyone wanted to see them for themselves.


Word count: 100



Three Line Tales, Week 206


Welcome to Week 206 of Three Line Tales.

three line tales, week 206: children playing chess with a pair of girls in the foreground; chess friendsphoto by Michal Vrba via Unsplash




watchinganxiouslytalkingothermaking.Natasha’s mom went over and asked if there was a problem, she got a sunny smile from her daughter and this reply, ” Mom we were talking about our barbies. Jen also loves to play with Barbie dolls”


Crimson Creative Challenge # 61- Waiting

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Ken was anxious. The train was running late. Would she come?

Her letter had said that she was taking this train and would be arriving today.

It has been seven years since he had seen her last. When he had boarded that plane, headed towards Middle East. He had gone despite Cathy imploring him to stay. He wanted to earn some money before they married. And he had. Now he was ready to get married and start a family.

But will she come?

The train came thundering into the station.

He waited.




MLMM- Wordle # 162 -In the drawing room.

Wordle #162

Word Art.png

Delible- capable of being deleted✔️


Winding the scarf around her alabaster skin, she stood on tiptoe and gazed in the mirror. She affixed a bright smile to her lips and entered the drawing-room. It was necessary to preserve appearances. Emotions that simmered under her calm veneer were only a little visible on her face. She wanted her aunt to recognize what she was feeling behind her smile. The honeysuckle sweet and dulcet voice that she used to greet her hopeful suitor should have made him at least a bit weary. But it appeared that either he did not hear the sarcastic tone of her voice or was not concerned that he was easily delible in her heart. She had to muffle her mirthless laugh at the ease with which she was making a fool of them all.


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MLMM- Wordle #162




What’s your story # 2

Another of Rory’s game;

What’s Your Story Then?

Series 1 – Game 2 – 07/01/2020


Word Story – What’s Your Story Then? Created by A Guy Called Bloke

Once Weekly Writing Prompt

Word Story

What’s Your Story Then?

Word Story is simplicity itself … with a twist!

All you need to do is write a piece of flash fiction of no more than 300 words on the Prompt of the Day  using words you create from the Word of the Day!

Word of the Day;


Prompt of the Day:

Voices Rant On!


















The droning voice kept on talking. Tess wasn’t even sure what the conversation was about anymore. It started with the weather, as usual, rain sun and snow. Moving on to sports, races, and football.

Then a younger guest started to rave about the latest pop star. The tone of his voice rose with each word of praise. He could have written verses in that guy’s praise. After ten minutes of this, she had enough. She got up from the couch and started to pick up the used glasses. The tray was heavy, felt like it weighed a ton. She excused herself to get away from this inane monologue but that young man followed her into the kitchen, intent to give her the life story of his favorite pop star. She had to control her impulse to throw a stone at him to make him stop. This was not her version of fun. In case that wasn’t clear, she stepped out of the back door and stood in the garden to give her ears some rest. What a con it was by her aunt, asking her to help with a small party and then just leaving her to the mercy to these non-stop chatters!