Brightness greets my day

California blooming like crazy after months of non-stop rains. Even deserts are covered with juicy bright flowers. The photo was made on Diamond Valley Lake in 2017
photo by Sergey Shmidt

Being cooped up inside all day, writing that was part of my job, gave me the desire to venture out in nature, to enjoy the sunny day, and think deep thoughts.

So I informed my boss that I had an errand to run and during my lunch break, I grabbed a sandwich from the deli across the street and headed towards the park near my office.

The sight of intense blue sky and golden flowers swaying in the spring breeze acted like a tonic on my tired brain and boosted my wilting mood, adding a zing to my step and a lightness to my step; this walk was just what I needed.


In response to TLT, hosted by Sonya



A secret tryst


“Meet me where we used to play when kids

Don’t tell anyone or bring anyone with you

I want to capture that elusive feeling of camaraderie

That I shared with you all through our growing up years

Will you come?”

Jason held the note from Cathy in his hand, pondering!


In response to One Minute Fiction, hosted by Cyranny



The first salvo!

March 20, 2023, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about shots fired. Where is this story taking place? Is there urgency or surprise? Who is there? What happens next? Go where the prompt leads!


The first salvo was fired under the guise of friendly advice, the pointy spindle hidden in the syrupy sweet advice, given presumably to ‘improve’ her habits and social graces.

Their evil was obscure, hiding in a whine and teary face.

She was no sleeping beauty, being exposed to these backstabbers since she was old enough to understand their hidden agenda. She’d rather they clobbered her on her head with their true intent, rather than poison her mind with sweet venom.

Indeed, foes in disguise of family were worse than an honest enemy.

T’was time to expose their lies!

Word count; 99

In response to 99 Word Story, hosted by Charli Mills

Also included Five word weekly, hosted by Greg

indeed | spindle | whine | salvo| clobber





Tension at the party

When I entered the sitting room there was a sudden tension in the air and I could feel the temperature of the room dropped several degrees as all eyes turned towards me, their expression hard to decipher.

As I greeted everyone present there I received a nudge from my father-in-law who was discreetly pointing towards my elderly mother -in-law sitting by the window, giving me a grim look.

I was genuinely puzzled as I didn’t remember doing anything to offend anyone here, in fact, I had flown directly from my business trip to my in-laws’ home where the family had gathered to celebrate my wife’s mom’s 75th birthday.

I received another nudge from my esteemed father-in-law and saw that he was pointing toward my colorful Hawaiian shirt and was making a disapproving face.

As I looked at my shirt and then at my mother-in-law’s dress, the penny dropped for me; both of them were exactly the same pattern and color, oops I had stolen the limelight from the birthday girl!

My wife walked towards me, grabbed my arm, and dragged me out of the room, “ you must change your shirt immediately, look how upset mom is” she commanded and like a dog dismissed for bad behavior, I headed towards my allotted bedroom to do the needful!


Written in response to Six Sentence Story- Tension, hosted by Denise



Grandma’s stories

Things were different back in the day when I was young”, this was the invariable beginning to grandma’s stories.

The kids would sit open-mouthed and eyes wide open in fascination at how things used to be when grandma was young.

Once mom also heard a bit of the story in passing and later had it out with grandma. “ Mom, the stories you tell to the children make them think you must be centuries old! The things you describe to them would be true in YOUR grandparent’s time but not in your childhood! Why?”

Grandma smiled, “ If I tell them that I was a computer engineer in my youth and that I invented a few of the gadgets they play with, imagine how disappointed they would be. The stories I tell them to make them think that I’ve lived in a different world than theirs. That’s why they listen so attentively!”

And grandma carried on with her stories till all the kids grew up!


Written for FSS # 88, hosted by Jim this week



In a trance

She kept staring at the stroboscopic light like in a trance

Her mind wandered light years away like she was in another universe

What was she thinking, what was her mind seeking, they wondered

Was the hypnosis working? Will the secrets be unlocked by this experiment

Will they find the right wavelength to unlock the hidden thoughts?

The light kept blinking off and on, and she kept staring at it like in a trance


Written in response to; RXC- Prompt #272, hosted by Reena



Art therapy

The image for this week is a mixture of colours, possibly paint with shades of yellow, green, blue, grey and white on a black background. The image is cropped so that the drop appears as a semi-circle on the right of the image.


The spring equinox has always been a time of renewal for all life, and I especially enjoy the moderate temperatures and the colorful array of flowers that delight my sight whenever I go out.

I set up my easel and placing a blank canvas, proceed to mix colors, all the while my mind is busy in introspection on the meaning of life.

The swirling blues and greens help me meditate, awakening reflections that calm my agitated mind and peace replaces where there was chaos before.

My therapist is happy with my efforts and praises me for sticking to my art therapy.


introspection | reflection | equinox | awakening | renewal

Written for Greg 4 line fiction

Also included Greg’s five weekly words





Smooth like silk

It was a special occasion, and she had decided to treat herself, indulging in a shopping spree, and a relaxing afternoon at the spa.

The hair treatment, though expensive left her hair feeling silky smooth and falling like a waterfall.

As she arrived home her sister remarked how good she looked, adding that why did she bothered so much about her hair as she always kept them covered, and no one except her sister and mom saw her without her headscarf.

She smiled at the typical question that her sister had thrown at her, “I do it for myself, I don’t need a man to admire my beauty because I don’t seek approval from anyone else.

In the evening she cut the cake, celebrating her thirtieth birthday, and felt peace within herself for all that she was and all that she had achieved. Five years ago her divorce had left her shaken and stranded but she had rebuilt her life with hard work and determination and now she was in a space where she could see success ahead.


Written in response to Six Sentence Story- Silk, hosted by Denise



Waiting for my friend

Mehrab Sium via Unsplash

The image for March 2nd, 2023 is a wooden table and chair set in a field of tall grass against a blue sky. On the table, there is a closed book and a cup and saucer with cookies.


Sitting on my wooden chair, I wait for my friend to come and join me.

Every day we meet in this open field, among the nature and refreshing air.

We talk about life, about our dreams, our past, and our future- everything a friend can talk about to another friend whose mind is attuned to your own.

People often ask me why I sit here all by myself, alone and engrossed in soliloquy, and I can only tell them that it’s sad that they can’t see my friend, a friend who never fails to show up!


In response to Greg’s 4 Line Fiction- 2309




A place forgotten

There’s a secret place

A place forgotten by time

Enclosed in a crumbling wall

It lays vacant and seemingly abandoned

Look closely and if you’re lucky you will

See the tiny elves, pixies and garden fairies

Jumping in the piles of dried golden leaves

Running around trying to catch each other

But… Shush…… be very very quiet

Because one squeak from you and they’ll

Magically disappear as if they never existed


Written in response to CCC # 225, hosted by Crispina Kemp