Sunday Photo Fiction May 19-2019

Dark ominous clouds were gathering on the horizon. They thought that is was the usual passing storm. Sally in the back seat wanted something to eat but the adults were in a hurry to get home before the rain started.

“Hey mom, can’t we go in there? I am so very hungry”

“But sweetheart we will be home in no time and we can have dinner then” mom tried to reason with her.

Just then huge drops of rain started to fall, with a loud clash oof thunder which literally lit up the sky.

Dad said in a resigned tone” we better wait this out out at the dinner, it looks like something unusual “

Sally squeaked with joy.


Welcome to 2019 and Sunday Photo Fiction! Each week I will post a new photograph, taken either by myself or donated by a member of the community. The challenge is to write a story using 200 words or less based, on the prompt. When you are done, post your story and the photo prompt on your blog. Make sure you give proper credit when using the photo. 

It’s a bit dark and stormy here in Oklahoma City, much like the photo below. Thanks to first-time contributor Terri Smeigh for today’s prompt.


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A prompt by Susan

Sunday Photo Fiction May 19




Finish the story #11 -The recruit


1. post the story as you receive it

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3. tag another person to continue the story (unless you finished it)

4. Have fun!

The Recruit

As started by Teresa of The Haunted Wordsmith

Adam was like any other eighteen-year-old boy and soon found himself standing in the middle of the training bay being subjected to the drill instructor’s ridicule. It wasn’t his fault the quarter didn’t flip on the old mattress, but he accepted his punishment anyway. He didn’t have another choice.

Ever since the revolution began, more and more troops were needed. There were even whispered rumors of lowering the age to thirteen if you were from a poor family. The government paid dearly for your life. That money could help support the family.

After completing fifty push-ups and parading around the bay in his underwear, Adam and the other recruits headed outside for training. The morning was dedicated to basic weapons and enemy language skills. Many of the recruits were already fluent, but the training was the same. Adam excelled and only realized his mistake when he was called into the Commander’s office that afternoon.

“Take a seat,” Commander Flint said, pointing toward a chair in the corner of the room.

Adam did as he was told and caught his breath as two governmental agents entered Flint’s office. One look from them and Adam knew he was in danger.

“That him?”

“That is Private Adam Ripple, yes.”

“Come with us,” an agent ordered, flashing his sidearm and a warning glance.

Adam stood. “What is this all about?”

The agents stared at him. The one nearest him replied, “…….

Part Two – By Kristian

“You’re a bit of an anomaly, you know?”

Adam couldn’t help feeling a bit cynical. He knew he wasn’t anything special. He was just a kid from the wrong side of the tracks, sent into the army to get him off the streets and to help fight this war that many now felt was unwinnable.

“Me? Apart from an ability to get myself into trouble, I can’t see what makes me any different from any other shmo around here. I’m pretty ordinary.” Adam laughed nervously.

One of the agents bent down and pushed the dark glasses down his nose, fixing Adam with an Icy blue stare. “There’s many a true word spoken in jest, lad. Two things mark you out. Your ability with languages which is by far the best we’ve seen in some time, and the fact that you could blend in anywhere. You’ve finished at this prestigious military academy” he paused to glance out of the window at the makeshift camp, to emphasise the sarcasm in his words. “You graduate as of today. Tomorrow you’re going underground.”

The agents grabbed an arm each and practically dragged him out of the commander’s office and into the back of a black van.

Before he knew it he was……

Part Three — by Li, of Tao-Talk

…hooded with a dark opaque fabric.  Adam gasped for breath and had to gather his calm or he would suffocate in the hood.  They drove for about a half hour then he was led along by two to what sounded like a helicopter.  The ‘copter lifted up and started forward.  Just as he was about to relax for a minute he smelled ether and lost consciousness.

Adam woke up with a splitting headache, lying on a cot in a small, spartan room. It had the feel of a hospital about it, and every so often he thought he could hear a voice over an intercom. The air seemed fresh. Filtered. When the government agent said he was going underground, did he mean it literally? There were no windows and no other sounds except the intermittent intercom echoes.

After what seemed like hours, but he wasn’t sure, the door opened and a woman who looked to be about forty came into his room. Her dark hair was in a granny bun, and she was wearing a white lab coat. She was startlingly ugly, with pasty white skin that looked like it hadn’t seen daylight in a long time. She smiled at Adam and he was surprised again to see that her teeth were pure white and even. Her smile brightened her face and was her best feature.

“Hello, Private Adam Ripple. I’m Dr. Bluebell. You’re probably wondering why you’ve been nabbed from basic training, thrown into a van, drugged, and are now being held against your wishes in a small spartan room. I’m going to be frank with you and tell you that the government needs your help. The fate of the planet is hanging in the balance.”

Adam rubbed his ears, then slapped his face over and over again. He did this in dreams when he wanted to wake up, and it worked every time. When nothing happened, Adam knew this was real.

His eyes met Dr. Bluebell’s, who had been watching him. “OK, Doc, I’m no hero, but I’m no coward either. If Earth needs me…”

Part Four By Crushed Caramel;

Dr Bluebell flashed that same becoming smile that improved her face and passed Adam a large folders she had been clutching. ” Here is your assignment Private Ripple, please familiarize yourself with it” With that Dr Bluebell spun around and departed the room leaving Adam alone.

Mel passed the baton to Cheryl, The bag lady

Part Five By Cheryl AkA The bag lady

As she left the room, Adam opened the folder to see what he hoped would be there, an overseas assignment. He hadn’t traveled the earth much and if it was all going to hell, he wanted to see as much of it as he could. Adam thought he would make a good spy if that’s what it took, after all, he had seen all the James Bond movies, all the others he could find, but kept the fantasies to himself. Basic training was hardly a picnic, but if he could endure that and still be chosen for a special assignment, he was excited.

There were forms to fill out, many contract clauses calling for complete secrecy for any mission he completed. Adam signed quickly, felt no need to view “the fine print”. It was his naïveté and abilities that made him the perfect candidate. After filling out every paper, Adam returned to Doctor Bluebell’s office. “Right, then” as she took the folder, “now it’s time to meet the big guy.” Adam was wondering who the “big guy” was, thinking it was a Major or Colonel, and then laughed to himself as “M” came to mind. A huge door slowly cranked open and there he was…

My contribution;

Staring at an unbelievably handsome, and young man. He felt his jaw dropped to the floor. He felt that something was not right here. It seemed that young man was too perfect. He started to observe him more closely. The “big guy” as he was referred to, was definitely not a human. His movements were jerky and mechanical. His voice was clipped and sounded a bit like recording.

“Private Adam, I am talking to you”

Adam focused his attention to what was being said to him.

” This is a very dangerous assignment. Your skill at languages is going to be very useful for us. We will be sending you to the enemy territory as a undercover spy. Your job is to glean as much information as you can about their attack plans. At no time you should try to get in touch with us. We will contact you ourselves.

Adam took all this in with mixed amount of excitement and apprehension.

He was really going to be a spy!

He was told to go to the barrack. On the way back, Adam addressed Dr Bluebell,

“Excuse me ma’am I couldn’t help notice something different about our commander” he couldn’t help but say ……..

I will ask Di, of Pensitivity to take the story further.



50 Words Thursday # 20

Image by Cari R. from Pixabay

I always want to frighten them more.

(Shirley Jackson, We Have Always Lived In The Castle 38)

The castle is open to the public on every Monday. People queue up, pay an entrance fee and are given a guided tour by one of the oldest employ of the family, their trusted butler. Special places of interest are the towers, especially the north tower which is the highest. It faces the woods at the back of the estate and the view from there is quite gloomy. But there is a story attached to this which is a major tourist attraction. The butler tells the tale of the suicide of one of the daughters of the family long ago, embellishing it with gory details. He has introduced a villain in the story, of his own making and has also added other details to make it more believable.When asked why he would make an already tragic story more so, he would say brazenly “I always want to frighten them more

Word count:150

In response to;

50 Words Thursday #20

A Prompt by Teresa of The Haunted Wordsmith



Thursday Photo Prompt—Wicker #Writephoto —Three sisters

They have been standing here a long time

Their aim was to deter the pestilence from destroying

The old city and the fertile fields surrounding it

The city and its people have long moved away from this place

But they are standing here as a reminder of what they were

The three sisters, or some called them the three witches

Their appearance is of dried sticks and lifeless bodies

But in the heart of these creatures lies the ancient power

No one can harm them or move them from their place

And if you stick around at the time of the blood moon

You can see their bone chilling dance when they come to life


For visually challenged writers, the image shows three figures that seem to be female and made of branches, with their hands joined.

A prompt by Sue Vincent

Thursday Photo Prompt–Wicker #Writephoto



Job hunting

“How is the job hunting going Alex?”

She shrugged her shoulders in a nonchalant manner and didn’t say anything in reply.

“You are so well educated, a graduate of a top ranked university. How come you cannot find a job which suits your qualifications?”

Alex stared at her father in a resentful manner. She was not a little girl anymore and didn’t like to be taken to task for the way she lived her life, even though she still lived at home with her parents.

” Dad you know I have emailed my CV to so many of my acquaintances and I am waiting to hear back from them”

” Well I think it’s an anomaly, you not getting a job. All your friends have managed to get good ones” Dad was in a jesting mood.

At that moment, her mom walked in and Alex turned to her for some support.

“Mom you know I am right in not accepting just any job. I was at the top of my class. I can only take a position that is in accordance with my qualifications”

Mom gave a cynical smile and said ” Well honey, you should wait till Bill Gates steps down and then you can take up his job”

Alex stomped her feet in frustration and walked out.

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Photo Challenge #263 — The deadly smile

Christo Dagorov

She was very beautiful

The smile so alluring

Many had fallen victim

To this deadly smile

Their souls begged for mercy

She smiled and they perished

Now sometimes she can feel

Those victims squirming

In the beauty of her smile

Marring it’s perfection

In response to;

MLMM-Photo Challenge #263

Use above image as inspiration for a poem or short story.


If you are an artist or photographer, use this as an opportunity to showcase your own work.

You have 1 week to complete this challenge.

Please credit the artist!



What do you see May 14-2019

She was hurting. The arthritis in her knees was so bad that it was difficult to climb even one step. But every day, she would go up these steep, perilous steps. Every single day without break. People marveled at her perseverance and asked her why she did it. Why was the plant growing on top of the tower so important that she would take this hike without fail. She just smiled a sad smile and went about her business.

Then one day she didn’t come. Her daily visits were so punctual that one could set one’s watch by them, and her absence was noticed by all. They went to her home and found it empty. Concern for her safety rose to the level that they searched everywhere in the small town for her. But she wasn’t to be found anywhere. In the end they decided to look at the top of the tower where the flower was growing. A hardy gentleman was given this task. With lot of huffing and puffing he climbed the stone stairs and got to the top. There she was. Laying as if asleep. When he lifted her hand it was lifeless. And the flower was dead too. It looked as if the two were joined in spirit. The death of one meant the death of the other.

There are now many stories why the old woman used to tend the flower on the top of the tower, but nobody knows for sure. The secret died with the old lady.

In response to;

A prompt by Hélène Valiant

What do you see May 14-2019



MLMM—Wordle # 133

Glancing constantly at the vade mecum, he thought that the destination was nearby. Joseph was an energetic young man, so he thought nothing of leaving the roadside and trudging twelve miles in the wilderness to seek the treasure. Blowing bubbles from the gum he was chewing, he forged ahead. He did not visualize any setback in his mission. He had met his long time friend Nick at the premiere of a movie who had shared the map and the location of the treasure with him. Nick had relinquished the map to him on the condition that he will share the proceeds with him, fifty fifty. As odds were stacked in Joseph’s favor, he agreed readily. Just as he was getting near to his destination, a black cobra bit him in his calf, emptying all the neurotoxins in his blood. Joseph died a painful death, embodying the saying that greed never does anyone any good.

In response to;

MLMM–Wordle # 133

Using the following words;

1. Bubbles
2. Seek
3. Setback
4. Premiere
5. Twelve
6. Stack
7. Relinquish
8. Embody
9. Roadside
10. Neurotoxin
11. Vade Mecum (n)) a handbook or guide that is kept constantly at hand for consultation.)
12. Energetic



Weekend Writing Prompt 105-Denial

You can shake your head in denial but I can see the truth in your eyes. I just left a tray full of cookies on the counter top and now there are few vacant places. The trail of crumbs is leading your way and I can even smell the chocolate and vanilla on your breath. You know mom have special powers to detect when their kids are laying, specially if they have chocolate smears on their faces!

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Weekend Writing Prompt 105–Denial

The challenge is simple: each week you will be given an exact number of words you can use to write a poem or piece of prose.  You can use any format or style you like; go wherever your inspiration takes you.  The only rules are these:

• your poem / prose must contain this week’s word.  The word does not have to count towards the exact word count total – it can be in the title, or the first letters of the lines of a poem can spell it out – you can be as creative as you want as long as it’s there somewhere.

• the length of your poem / prose must match the number of words stated in this week’s challenge.  No more.  No less.


50 Words Thursday #19– The trophy room

And here are the words:

`What do you call yourself?’ the Fawn said at last. Such a soft sweet voice it had! – Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll

Fawn and her mom were visiting great uncle Gerald. He lived in a huge house and had retired from the army around thirty years ago. The whole of the family stood in awe of him because of his hot temper. Though now that he was nearly ninety, he still had the power to intimidate others by just looking at them. Fawn’s mom was her favorite niece so she was invited to spend the Easter break with uncle Gerald.

Fawn was exploring the house when she cam upon the trophy room. She was horrified by all the stuffed animal heads mounted on the walls. It was barbaric and revolting to her delicate sensibilities. And amidst all this evidence of cruelty, she saw a beautiful Myna in a cage. As she went towards it, the bird started to sing .`What do you call yourself?’ Fawn said at last. Such a soft sweet voice it had!

The bird’s song was so melodious that it gladdened Fawn’s heart. But she still couldn’t ignore the hunting trophies on the wall. And the bird was caged too. She decided to take up the issue with uncle Gerald. Cage in hand, she went to find him.

Word count =200

In response to;

50 Words Thursday #19

Hosted by Kristian

The Rules:

• Find the muse within the photo or line provided and follow where it leads. It can be a story, anecdote, poem. Anything!

• The Story must be between 50 and 250 words, in 50 word increments. (so 50, 100, 150, 200 or 250 words)

• Link back to this post with the tag 50WordThurs so that everyone can find it, or post your response in the comments below.