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He laid all his accessories in front of him in a methodical manner. The laptop was open and signed into his account. His watch, headphones, his cellphone . It was all there. Now what? He asked himself this question for the twentieth time and as the last nineteen times, the answer eluded him.

He had made the important decisions of investing the company’s capital in the new startup and though it had looked very promising, that startup had sunk without a trace. Now due to his unwise decisions, his company was in hot water. The blame was all his but he didn’t want to leave under such a cloud. He had built the company up from its very start. And now one bad decision had brought it to the edge of disaster

He rose quietly from his desk, and just walked out of his office, down the elevator and out of the building for the last time.

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The unexpected happening


Jane was sitting and working on her laptop in a street side bistro. A slight cough intruded on her concentration. As she turned around, a man was standing behind her. Jane gave him a curious look. Something seemed strange about him. “May I help you?” She asked. “I am the representative of a pet food company, I was wondering if you would like to try our brand of pet food for your dog?”The man explained and tried to give a can of dog food to her. “But, I don’t have a dog or any pet for that matter” Jane clarified. “So this dog isn’t yours” He asked. “Which dog?” “This cute little guy sitting near you” replied the man.

Jane looked around, she didn’t see any dog, cute or otherwise near them. She began to think that this man was playing a practical joke on her. She forced out a laugh and said ” I think you are trying to trick me into some sort of prank, there is no dog around here that I see” The man looked incredulous, ” What do you call this?” He was pointing to a spot in front of her. Jane looked down and said that there was nothing there. ” Nothing! This is nothing?” He stooped down an in an instant he had picked up a small, unique looking dog from the pavement, into his arms! The dog licked his hand with a tiny pink tongue and gave a small bark. Jane didn’t know what to believe. This man had, to her mind conjured the dog out of thin air!

Jane was amazed and bewildered at the same time. She had to believe the evidence of her own eyes and she knew that it wasn’t possible to just imagine the dog out of thin air.



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First line Friday

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“Well I think it’s funny!”

” Well I think it’s funny” the words coming from her husband were nothing unusual. She was used to these cryptic utterance. It was always the same thing. Walt, her husband of twenty-five years was always misplacing his things and would insist that somebody had taken them or had put that object somewhere else, by malicious intent. ” And what is funny? ” she said in a resigned tone. ” I had put my reading glasses on this table right here and now they have disappeared ”

She suppressed her irritation and reach out and picked up the pair of reading glasses from the side board and asked him, ” are these the ones you are looking for?” ” Yes, exactly. Where did you find them? Who has moved them?” She sighed in response to this barge of questions and said quietly, ” they were on this side board all along, since the time you left them there. You should try to remember where you put your thing, dear”

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Tell the story

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The battle;

The monster was hungry. It was several days since it has any food. The gnawing hunger pangs were adding to his already boiling anger. But the army standing in front of him wouldn’t let them get to the food they so desperately needed. The armies of men and elves were going to defend the city and stop them from getting their hands on the tasty morsels.

Well, they will wait. It will be just one day more. The men weren’t so strong and though the elves were great marksman, their numbers were few. What these monsters didn’t know that the men, when challenged with keeping their own kind safe would acquire the bravery, power and strength of a hundred times the normal. The next day brought a crushing defeat to the army of the invaders and the city was saved from those hungry, scavenging flesh-eating monsters.

( Inspired by the Lord of the rings)

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Tell the story

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JusJoJan # 14

Your prompt for JusJoJan 2019, January 14th is brought to you by Janet! Click here to find her last post and say hi while you’re there! Janet’s word for our prompt today is “reflection.” Use it anywhere in your post or make it the theme of your post. Have fun!

The mirror hanging on the wall

Shows a reflection of a person

Dignified and somber, thin and tall

There is a seriousness in his eyes

A frown on his face, forehead lined

Regret and sadness clouding his mind

He regretted the events of the past years

How he was wishing to undo all that had

Happened in the past , but wishing never

Made things go away, he has to take action

He made a decision to take the steps

Arrange details and act on the words

Spoken with true resolve, and determination

He orders his foreman to arrange the release

Of all the slaves in his bondage and on his land.

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The lost letter

My visit to the attic to look for something stowed away there ages ago was rewarded by finding a box of old photographs and letters. I sat on a worn and slightly broken chair, and started to go through the contents of the box. The photos were a sepia tint, indicating that they were at least 40-50 years ago. I was familiar with some of the people in the pictures. My grand parents, uncles , aunts and cousins from both side of the family. Some of the people were totally unfamiliar. I was wondering who they were. The photos were telling a story that these were very close to the rest of the family. Then why didn’t I know them? I was wondering about this when I remembered my uncle once told me of an unpleasant incident in the family elders. That resulted in an enmity between the brother of my grand father and himself. I felt sad that this unpleasantness had split the brothers and we now didn’t even knew them.

I then looked through the old letters. One of the letter was still sealed in its original envelope addressed to my grand father with the postmark on it. I turned it over and tried to read the date on the postmark. To my surprise, it was dated more than 50 years ago. I felt that since my grand father had passed away long time ago, there would be no moral issue in my reading the letter. Very carefully I pried open the envelope and extracted the single sheet of paper from it.

It was a very interesting and surprising letter. After reading it, I felt so sad at the circumstances that resulted in estrangement of the two brothers. It was written by my grand father’s brother, to him. He, in the letter told him that he was terminally ill and wanted to beg forgiveness for the unpleasantness he had caused the family. He wanted a reconciliation with his brother and his family.

But the letter was never opened. It had sat there for such a long time, and all the people concerned had died. The rift in the family was never healed. I got down from the attic, with the resolve to accomplish this mission. I will go and find that branch of the family and will try to heal the rift.

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What do you see Jan 8/2019

The green glow from the globe was illustrating the part of the library it was standing in. He was standing in the shadows, holding his breath. What was happening? He thought to himself. Suddenly the globe started to spin, the light it was emitting was also changing colors and now a whirring sound could be heard coming from it.

He was now afraid. Better leave the place, he thought. But before he could move, a strange thing started to transpire. The light coming out of the globe changed in character. It now looked like thin film like streams were coming out of it which were taking human forms in that quiet corner of the library. Peering from his hiding place, he saw the human, ghost like forms flitting in the space near the light emitting globe. Very soon, a whole party of people were milling around, talking to each other. He thought that there was something familiar about some of these ghosts. After thinking hard, he realized that he had seen their pictures. The were the ghosts of the authors of the books in that section of the library.

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What do you see Jan 8th by Hélène


FTS # 2


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The story so far:

Teresa’s Part

The Final Hunt

Anne and Gladys waved as the men left for their hunt. When they were out of sight, they both laughed knowing full well that none would have the heart to really shoot anything. They liked a boy’s day out as much as they liked a girl’s day in.

“So,” Fred said as they passed the gate into his family’s hunting grounds. “What do you think the girls are up to today?”

Alec laughed. “Talking about us, what else.”

Sam nodded. “Yep.”

As they walked through the fields into the tree line, the dogs’ ears’ picked up. Boy whimpered and cowered close to Fred’s legs Toby’s fur stood on edge as he stared into the woods and growled.

“Easy there,” Alec said, trying to calm him.

Sam kneeled and unzipped his gun as quietly as possible. Suddenly, both dogs were on alert as a …

Morpethroad wrote:

small, bespectacled man stepped through the bushes. The dogs were going berserk by now straining at their leashes. It was clear the dogs sensed a danger the men did not see.

The man walking towards them was squinting as he approached as he had the sun in his eyes.

“Good afternoon,” he said as he drew near, “your dogs won’t bite will they? I do have a fear of them.”

Sam stood with his gun in his hands unsure of what he was seeing and hearing. The place they were in was a piece of rugged bushland, no one lived there because it was the family’s hunting grounds and it was considered unsafe to even camp on the land for any reason at all.

Fred was trying his best to hold onto his dog, and Alec held firm on Toby’s collar. Once the small man came within a few feet of the hunting party, they could see…

Pensitivity101 continues:

he was holding something in a plastic bag.
Fred lost his grip and Boy lunged at the man who dropped the bag on the ground and threw his arms up to protect his face.
Fred was afraid they would have to shoot the dog but Boy wasn’t interested in the man at all, just the bag, which he snatched up and obediently brought back to his master.
The little man was shaking with fear as Sam reached out his hand to help him up.
‘You realise you’re trespassing don’t you?’ he said.
The man straightened his glasses and collected himself.
‘I’m sorry about that, but we’d received a report………..’
‘We? Who is we? and what are you doing here? You could have been shot!’
Fred had taken the bag out of Boy’s mouth and stared at the contents in disbelief.
‘Guys? I think you need to look at this…………………….’

My contribution;

Sam and Alec stepped forward to take a look at what was in the bag. Fred’s hand ,clutching the bag was trembling. The bag contained a severed hand, the digits were shaped like a claw. But it was like no human had they had ever seen. It was like it belonged to someone very big and skinny.

Whe……, Ahm …Where did you find this? Alec uttered the question through vocal cords which were refusing to cooperate. Sam and Fred were looking askance at the stranger. The whole situation had taken on a nightmarish quality.

The man, again made an attempt to introduce himself. “I am Bennett, from The Agency of Alien Detection, TAAD. We received the alien activity signals from this area and a party has been investigating the situation. This is part of the remains we were able to recover. Do you have any information regarding this?”

The three men stared at him with gapping mouth and glazed looks. Who would in their right mind would believe this man. But the evidence was in their hands.

Sam took the bag from Fred and was going to examine it closely when…….

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The Bag Lady to take the story further.

FTS # 2


Supporting the underdog is something we, the average people love to do. The top ranked, the no 1 and the best teams are always supported and expected to win. But there is fun in cheering for the underdog.

People who start as the un-advantaged, often have the benefit of surprise. Since their chances of success are not rated as high, they have the advantage of playing or competing without the stress which is the part and parcel of top rated teams and players.

An underdog, when motivated and encouraged can upset the best teams and players. The reason is that they don’t have anything to lose. Whereas the top teams have the pressure of expectations and hence are playing in a disadvantage.

Captain Underdog for you guys!

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After the accident

The accident was nobody’s fault. Just the sort of unforeseen things that happen out of the blue. Alex was wishing with all his mind that this hadn’t happened, but it had. He wasn’t exactly careless in his driving, but he was just so preoccupied that his whole attention was not on the road. The recent bereavement that he and his family and suffered due to his father’s passing away, was like a thick fog ,enveloping his mind. He did see the guy on the motorcycle cut in front of him, but try as he might, the car bumped into the poor fellow. The cyclist was thrown a few feet off the road, his left arm broken but thankfully no other serious injury was done to him. His helmet saved head injury which was a cause for gratitude for both of them.

The paramedics were quick to reach the scene and took the injured cyclist to the hospital. Alex followed in his car. After examining the patient and setting the broken bone in his left forearm,the doctors prescribed rest for him for a couple of weeks. After he had taken care of the paperwork for the insurance purposes, he inquired if he could talk to the patient.The nursing staff was quite helpful and arranged for him to meet the guy.

Alex was very profuse in his apologies and the cyclist, Jason, very generously admitted to the accident being partly his fault too. They both parted on good terms, and Alex promised to take care of the newspaper delivery which Jason did every morning, till his complete recovery.

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