Stream of Consciousness Saturday Feb 2/19

Here are the rules:

1. Your post must be stream of consciousness writing, meaning no editing (typos can be fixed), and minimal planning on what you’re going to write.

2. Your post can be as long or as short as you want it to be. One sentence – one thousand words. Fact, fiction, poetry – it doesn’t matter. Just let the words carry you along until you’re ready to stop.

3. I will post the prompt here on my blog every Friday, along with a reminder for you to join in. The prompt will be one random thing, but it will not be a subject. For instance, I will not say “Write about dogs”; the prompt will be more like, “Make your first sentence a question,” “Begin with the word ‘The,’” or will simply be a single word to get you started.

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8. Have fun!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “affirm.” Either ask someone for a prompt word or, if you can’t, turn on a TV or a radio and choose a word from the first sentence you hear. Enjoy!

I am a bit confused. Should I write about affirm or ask someone for a prompt! In affirmation of the prompt that I got from my daughter sitting next to me , watching a lego movie was spin, I can write a post giving it a spin to fit in with both the prompts.

The need to affirm or agree,

Maybe fall in with the wishes

Or feelings of someone next to me

Can I do that with a clear conscience

Or do I need to pull the wool over the eyes

Of my inner self, maybe taking it for a ride

Or putting my own spin on it, whatever will

Suit the purpose of writing, can it be done

Or more importantly, should it be done

Do we agree just to agree, or do we genuinely

Feel that our thinking is of the same ilk

Can I re-affirm or would it be better to deny

Sorry, but I don’t agree with this though

That you want me to endorse!

Written for;

SoSc Feb 2/19

Affirm/ Spin




An Admirable Notion


An admirable notion,

To save all the ocean

From the garbage and

Oil spills and plastic

That are spoiling its beauty

The fish are dying and

Losing their beautiful habitat

To the greed of the human race

Who are exploiting the treasure of the seas

Let’s be concise and direct to explain

That we have been busy polluting

The vast oceans that are life-giver

To the marine life and plankton

It is now the time to learn this fact

We have to get smarter and give back




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Three Things Challenge #32

Jasper rushed into the classroom, apologizing to his teacher. “I am so sorry to be late to the class , but I couldn’t help it ,sir” he said in a rush. His teacher , cast aa skeptical glance at him, ” And what was it that you couldn’t help? Let all hear the reason that you are fifteen minutes late, when you know that today was the assignment presentation ” Jasper gulped down his nervousness and started to explain the circumstances which had made him late today of all the days.

” Sir, my dog ate my assignment ” he said and the class erupted into a loud roar of laughter and cat calls. ” Your dog! That would the fifth time that he did it then” his teacher obviously not believing a word of Jasper’s statement. “I am sorry, but this is no excuse, it is going to be a visit to the principal’s office for you Jasper!

But Sir,…….

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sorry, late, no excuse



I am so Glamorous!

I am at the zenith of my life right now

It is full of beauty and glamour and show

I am toeing the line, I am no heretic I can say

I am trying to fit in the mold made for me by you

Not a deviant, nor a rebel, a conformist, that’s me

The personality that I had has been long buried alive

Underneath this camouflage that you have heaped

On my soul, suffocating my life and all my dreams.

Photo Credit; Unsplash

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In other words: Secret Treasure

Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word(s) secret treasure
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Buried deep in her heart was something that no one knew

A secret treasure of memories that she had hidden away

Even her own mind was deceived the way she had sheltered it

The gems, the pearls that had made her childhood glow

Safely guarded by a memory that was quickly fading now

Written for;

Patricia’s Place

In other words;

Secret Treasure



JusJoJan # 31

Your prompt for JusJoJan 2019, January 31st is “your favorite thing/part/blog post of last year or last month.” Talk about what you did or discovered that gave you happiness and/or success. Have fun!

My favorite post or part of last year/ last month!

Last year on sixth of September, I started my blog. It will the favorite thing, on a personal level for me.

It was something I thought I would do, seeing that my friend Dr Tanya was doing it successfully. But had no concrete date or plan in mind. And one day, just like that I made my first blog post and I became a blogger! As much as it was a surprise for me, it was to my family too. I hadn’t exhibited any desire to write since I had finished my education and I wasn’t even sure that I can write.

My idea was to write about the issues being faced by women over the age of 50. It would include their social, personal and medical issues. Also, since as a person who has always struggled with weight, I have become something of an expert at diets, methods of weight loss and so the hits and misses in this area were to be a part of my blogging agenda.

My writing/ blogging experience is a growing experience as well. I have discovered new things about myself, new abilities and the fact that if I challenged myself, I can go out of my comfort zone and write short stories, flash fiction and poems too! You can imagine my surprise. The most surprising thing was that I was sharing these endeavors with anyone and everyone who cared to read them. I am basically a shy person so this sharing was quite something new for me!

This my favorite part of last year. What is your’s?

Please share either in comments and your feedback. Or you can do a post on the JusJoJan, and write it there.

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JusJoJan #31




“Let me introduce you to the love of my life. Her name is Dainty“Mark was showing off his new sailboat to his friend, Peter. “Wow, this is a beauty” Peter was thoroughly impressed. ” And when are you going on your maiden voyage?” Mark smiled joyfully and told him that he is going on coming Sunday. “I want to satisfy my wanderlust, go and sail across the ocean and visit the places I always wanted to” . Peter wanted to know all the details of Mark’s up coming adventure. ” Hey buddy, please stop this barrage of questions. I will give you an itinerary of my trip. In case there is no news of me for next month, you can report my disappearance to the authorities” Mark said jokingly.

It was exactly a month later that Peter got in touch with the maritime authorities reporting a missing man and boat while sailing the Pacific Ocean.

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One Liner Wednesday 30 January 2019

(i) Make it one sentence.

(ii) Make it either funny or inspirational.

(iii) Use our unique tag #1linerWeds.

(iv) Enjoy yourself!

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An interesting way to see the past!

“The best thing about good old days is that we were neither good nor old”

Many a times we fall in this trap, Ah, those good old days. Well we have a tendency to wear rose colored glasses when we look back and see every thing as perfect or semi-perfect. Each aspect of our lives has good and bad sides to it. Enjoy the now, don’t fret about the future and forget about the past.

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One Liner Wednesday

JusJoJan # 30




Three Things Challenge was # 29-2019

A beautiful painting hung in the foyer. The guests to the hotel were usually very interested in it and often stopped to admire it. The hall porter had the story pat. It was the painting of the elf queen, Sallavana. She was the beloved wife of the King who ruled in the middle ages. This piece of art was painted by the court appointed painter, Jacob. As the story went the queen fell in love with the painter and they tried to leave the castle in the dead of night but were caught by the king’s guards. The king banished the painter and imprisoned his queen in the dungeons. It is said that the queen perished in those dungeons, alone and friend less. The castle was later converted to this beautiful luxury hotel. The ghost of the queen is said to haunt the castle on moonlit nights.

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story, elf, art



Photo credit: Google photos

The perfect place to relax

It looks so inviting,

Hanging between a couple of trees

Perfectly balanced and in a symmetry

Creating the ambiance I am looking for

Come and join me in this corner of serenity

A heaven for taking a well deserved break!

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