My Mother- A reshare on Mother’s Day

My mom would have been the perfect paradigm of my ideal

Had she lived long enough for me to know her as an adult

Her life finished when she was just twenty six years old

I never got the chance to develop memories of her as a person

Life for her was short and her journey ended where for other, it begins

Her thoughts slide into my mind often and needless to say that

I miss the motherly touch, the words of wisdom that she might have

Imparted to me, had she been alive when I became old enough to value

The love and devotion only a mother can give to her child each and every day

Today and every day, I salute the mothers, who with selfless love give their children

All the confidence they need to face this world and to stand strong on their own

 ( I wrote this poem a couple of  years on Mother’s Day)

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JusJoJan January 28 2021 – Storm

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If I am safely sheltered in a dry secure place, I love storms. The rain and thunderstorms, that is. Not the ones at sea.

Sitting by the window and looking outside at the pitter-patter of the rain, the fragrance of earth slowly soaking the water (petrichor), and the forks of lightning the sky in a spectacular way, it’s a visual and sensual treat.

I’ve never been on the sea in a storm, but what I’ve seen in the movies or tv, it sure is a scary experience. The mere dimensions of them make me glad that I never faced any.

Then there are the storms in teacups. Many people I know are fond of creating these sorts of storms. Any little issue or problem is blown up beyond recognition into a massive thing. I’m glad I am not one of those people. It gets so exhausting to deal with them.





JusJoJan January 25- Specs

Linda is the host of JusJoJan

“You need specs the optometrist told me kindly. “I knew it I said, but people didn’t listen to me!” I was validated at last. All the blurred images and muddled words now made perfect sense.

I tried on different pairs and finally chose a cat-eyes shaped one. I thought it was trendy and cool. But other sixth graders thought it was hilarious. They called me different names, four eyes being one of them. But I liked my specs. I seldom broke a pair during my school life and was happy wearing them while I was awake.

By the time I was in college and close to turning 18, I heard about contact lenses. Now I wanted those desperately. I lost interest in my specs and began to pester my father to get me contact lenses. Finally when I started med-school, I got my wish.

Nowadays, I wear just my glasses for reading only. I got cataract surgery a few years back and now my vision is almost 20/20. It felt so strange not to wear specs first thing in the morning. Sometimes out of long ingrained habit, I still reach for my non-existent specs on waking up!




JusJoJan January 24- Trigger

Linda is the host JusJoJan

Circumstances trigger fear and depression

Broken dreams or abandoned hopes all contribute

Giving in seems easy and the natural thing to do

But resisting the pull of dark waters need resolution

Just stand under the cool arch of the majestic sky

And just look up to see how vast is this universe

We are so insignificant here but we all have a role

Like tiny cogs in a huge machine, we all do our job

Let not this wormhole swallow you alive

Listen to the appealing song of life and hold tight





JusJoJan January 18 – Wish

Linda is the host of JusJoJan


If wishes were winged horses…….

We would fly to the sky and look at the stars

I wouldn’t ever grow old, just remain a girl all my life

The temper of life would be mellow, like softly flowing music

My body would draw nourishment from all my favorite food

Yet never gain excess weight or get out of shape

If wishes were winged horses, we could fly

Circle the earth and then check out the planets and the sun

Capture the energy of the universe and conquer our inertia

Too bad this is just a fantasy and I can only sit here and wish

It’s easy to wish, let’s all wish for a beautiful harmonious world for us all!




A repost- Three Things Challenge; January 1st

I am sharing this post from 1st January 2019 as a part of Fandango Friday Flashback


I am not a theorist, in fact I am not a philosopher at all

I go with the fact and get to a conclusion to satisfy the mind

Fact can be funny in a way that sometimes contradict one another

But my shop sells facts only and no theory or conjecture is allowed

The sign at the door says, ” Please leave all fiction and bring facts only”

Then we can sit over a cup of tea and sort out all that bamboozles us

One fact can fit in the reality, but where to put the other that negates it

There must be missing link which I haven’t foreseen, to make a bridge

The true picture will be painted by linking all the points to each other

Much like a dot to dot picture we give our children to play and draw with

In response to; 3TC:

Theorist, funny ,shop




Daily Prompts- Calm

Whenever the hectic pace of life gets too much

I imagine myself in a place that’s tranquil and calm

There is preponderance of quiet there, serenity is prevalent

I dip my feet in the still water, shunning away

The impertinent din of everyday life from myself

I ponder upon the mysteries of birth and death in this calm

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Place, Feet, Imagine





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Daily Prompts- In the dark

The design motif was repeated almost everywhere

The ornamental hedges were shaped accordingly too

As he walked through the vast gardens, he felt overawed

He wasn’t their equal, with his modest income

Why were they interested in him he wondered

In the evening vapor, he felt lost and trapped

I hope they aren’t vampires or cannibals he thought

The image where they would gobble him up

Like a tender morsel flashed in front of his eyes

“Hi, Mr Brown, where are you lost? Came the voice from the gloom

My father is waiting to introduce you to your pupil

Pupil? He asked hesitantly

Yes weren’t you told that you’d be teaching my younger brother?”

A sigh of relief escaped his lips, now at ease

He was needy but not a doughty person by nature


In response to the following prompts;




Ornamental, Modest, Equal





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Daily Prompts- Who’s fault was it?

It wasn’t anybody’s fault

She really thought she had seen him

Take the money from someone’s bag

But it turned out to be just a figment of her imagination

And he never forgot or forgave her for that unjust accusation

Years later they met under different circumstances

At a gathering in the city center, they bumped into each other

The intricate frill of her shawl got tangled

With the curls on the crown of her head

He gave it a strong tug making her roar in pain

Now they were quits, both had hurt each other

It was a mystery to their friends, why they fell in love later

In response to the following prompts;




Intricate, Unjust, Center





Word of the day challenge;


Daily Prompts- Looser

He proclaims his victory, brazen faced

Oh! the temerity of this guy is unbelievable

He is holding on to the undeserved reward

Thinking this bright and shiny trophy is his

This is stunning news for all sane people

Steps need to be taken to unstick this mess

And put him somewhere dark and deep for a while

In response to the following prompts;




Bright, Reward, Stun