Blogging—— Playing the prompt game!

Doing the daily, weekly and monthly is a good way to grow, as a writer?

It is a debate I have with myself.

Write short stories, poems or creative posts on one prompt or multiple prompts!

Should I do this or should I stick to what I had planned to write when I started my blog? That may not appear as a very complex decision but it perplexes me. It has me thinking about the quality of blog posts I am publishing every day.

The pros:

1. You are never short of ideas. Some kindly blog writer thinks and post a daily prompt for our inspiration. We just take up that word or phrase and write about it. The take half the effort out of creating a blog post.

2. It sets the tone for the day. Many days, I feel my posts are carrying the same themed posts.

3. It makes for a variety in your daily posts because the inspiration is coming from some one else’s mind, you escape the monotony that can come from ideas created by one brain, day in and day out.

4. It gives you an excellent excuse to write about some subject totally unrelated to the basic theme of your blog. These prompts can also take you mind to areas of literature where you haven’t gone before. Like writing in different genres. Without these prompts, I would never would have written a horror, sci-fi or a love story. I might never have written a poem!

5. Picture prompts deserve an extra point as they work on your imagination in a totally different way. The actually represent a story and you can see it in your mind how this story will start, and finish. I find pictures very conducive to thinking. In fact if I cannot find anything to write about a word or a phrase, I pick out a picture from the internet and that makes it easy for me to tell my story or write the poem.


1. You can end up posting too many times a day, overburdening yourself and your reader.

2. You can loose your original aim of starting the blog in the first place. This can be a bad thing if you have specific goals in mind regarding your blog. But it can also give you new direction for the future of your blog.

So what do you think is the way to go? Prompts daily, weekly or monthly? Or none?

Waiting for your feedback and comments;




We Are One: Spread the Word

An excellent thought provoking post By Troy Headrick.

Pointless Overthinking

we are one

By Troy Headrick

I realize that this blog is not primarily a place for political writing, but bear with me for a paragraph or two.  Though this piece is going to have a political start, it’s going to end up being about culture and human relations and teaching.  In it, I’ll even make a recommendation about actions we need to take during this scary political moment in world history.

I had a piece written for Pointless Overthinking that I planned on posting today, but then something happened this past weekend that made me reconsider.  If you’re not an American and don’t consider yourself very political, you may not realize that President Trump—I always shudder when I type “President” before his name—is terribly corrupt and acts like a dictator wannabe.  Because of this, he’s been investigated, by all sorts of investigative bodies, since the day he took office.  This past weekend…

View original post 563 more words

Blogging—- Am I posting too many times a day?

A question popped in my mind today, Am I posting too many times a day?

I post around 4-5 times a day on most days. Sometimes less some days more, but rarely more than five times.

When I stared to blog, I would post once every two to three days. Then it got to every other day and then daily. Then I started doing daily prompts, which were from different blogs and I would either write individually on each prompt or combine them up to two, three in a post, if they would work together.

After this I discovered many blogs offering weekly prompts. This increased my posts to two or three times a day. As I added more prompts the number of post increased to three and four or five on some days.

The up side;

All this is not only good fun but also it is giving my skill of writing a boost. For a person who hasn’t had any practice at writing before starting this blog( at least not regular, every day type of writing) this is a very important practice. The more you write, the more you can write. Words come easily to your mind, there is a flow in the thought process and also in the writing itself.

The down side;

1. I have posted less on the topics which are the ones I wanted to. The topics which I have declared as my niche topics, i-e, issues of women over the age of 50, diet and health and ketogenic diet. These posts are pushed back and I post every ten days or less on my dedicated topics.

2. I want to post content which is meaningful. Just writing posts or poems in response to prompts does not satisfy my inner urge to write something which conveys a message. So should I just write meaningful posts or maybe fun posts once in a while are okay?

3. Am I overburdening my readers with so many posts? Do these posts jam up your reader or produce excessive email notifications? This is the question I need an answer to. Can you guys give your feedback?

Waiting for your feedback and comments.



Thought Provoker’s March 14- 2019

Thought Provoker’s by Rory of A Guy Called Bloke


How have you educated yourself today?

If by educating myself, you mean I have learned something new, then I have to say that I did learn something about The battle of oranges held in a town in Italy, from a post by Efi, a blogger I follow. I had some exchange of views about it because I feel that to use food, even to mark a festival is a waste and not right.


What is the biggest frustration you’re facing now?

Right now, I can’t have my daily walk due to my fractured foot bones. It is having a bad effect on me as I had cultivated this habit of daily walk over the last three years and I am afraid that I may not be as regular as I was even after the foot is healed.


What gives you meaning?

You mean, gives my life a meaning? That would be my faith and my family. These are the two strongest anchors in my life. In my day to day life, my writing gives meaning to it.


When was the last time you had an exciting idea that kept you awake most of the night? Are you pursuing that idea today?

I don’t recall when I was so excited by an idea that kept me awake all night. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t sleepless nights. Insomnia strikes frequently.


Do you trust your own instincts?

Yes I do. I think that instincts are based on the analysis by our subconscious mind, which stop us from doing something or pushes us towards some action. We just think that it is a hunch or instinct but it has a cogent reason behind it, which we aren’t consciously aware of.


Who are you becoming?

I am trying to become a good human being, a good blogger and hopefully a good writer. Other than that I may be becoming more overweight than I want because of this forced inactivity.


What inspires you?

I am inspired by good people, good writing and by reading great books.


If you would like to answer these thought provoking questions, head to A Guy Called Bloke, AKA Rory and do it.


Thought Provoker 7 March 2019


Rory, A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepips has posed a few questions:

Thought Provoker’s

Ten questions below, however you only need answer four. Pick the four you wish to address and answer, the choice is yours.

What is one life lesson that you have had to learn the hard way?


Not to have expectations from anyone, even family or perhaps specially from the family.

What can you do today that you were not capable of a year ago?


Writing a blog, befriending a lot of people on this form and acquiring a virtual family.

What is the difference between living and existing?


Living is when you take responsibility of how you are spending your time in the world. Existing is only surviving day-to-day, leaving the decision-making to others or the fate/ Karma.

If the average human lifespan was 40 years, how would you live your life differently?


I would be dead since last seventeen years so no worries there.

Are you more worried about doing things right, or doing the right things?


I like to do the right think, correctly.

What impact do you want to leave on the world?


I want to be remembered with fondness and in kind words.

To what degree have you actually controlled the course your life has taken?


I made a lot of my life decisions, but life also made some of the decisions for me!

Beyond the titles that others have given you, who are you?

I hope that I am a mature, well-balanced woman who wants to have a good impact on those around me.



If you like these questions, hear to Rory, AKA Bloke and submit your answers.



Thought Provoker’s February 27

Another question filled post from Rory, A Guy Called Bloke

Thought Provoker’s

How Much Sleep Do You Get Per Night?

What’s sleep?

4-6 Hours per night

6-8 hours per night

Other – if so – which?

I could say, What sleep? And there are nights which this I true. But then there are some days I sleep up to 7 hours. It’s my luck which decides how much sleep I get!

What Embarrasses You The Most?

Getting Caught Out


Saying Something Wrong

Don’t Get Embarrassed

I used to be embarrassed by my social/ verbal faux pas, but I have grown beyond that. I do get embarrassed sometimes but not that often. You can say that I have become a tough cookie!

Which Of The Following Behaviours Do You Find More Insulting?


Offensive Language



Other – if so – what?

Maybe all of them! It depends how I am feeling, to start with. If I can understand the reason why the person on the other side is behaving in an insulting manner, I usually can overlook it. If it is without rhyme or reason, than they should look out!

Who Do You Trust the Least?





Other – if so – who?

Let me know your

You missed a very important category! Politicians! Those I would not trust AT ALL! The rest are ok, mostly trustworthy.

If you like to answer these interesting questions, head over to A Guy Called Bloke and give your feedback.


The Friday Four February 22/2019

There is no rest for the wicked! Rory is at his questioning best again:

The Friday Four

Rory, AKA Bloke says;

Ah questions, questions, questions – what is it about you and questions Rory?

Simple, l just like asking questions.

Some relatively simple ones today for this Friday however…

1] How often do you update your ‘About Section’, in your blog and do you consider it an important aspect to your blog and if so – why?

I just found out, through another blogger’s post that you have to have an About section! How ignorant of me. So I just made an about section recently. Do you have to update it too? 😱

2] Which do you prefer and why and what entices you to become involved with them?

a] Competitions

b] Challenges

c] Quizzes

d] Prompts

All of the above. I have started to challenge myself with new challenges and am enjoying myself with all these. The allure of these ( all of them) is that since I don’t think of them, it challenges my mind from a totally different angle. And since I attempt different prompts daily, I have a wide variety of subjects that evoke the creative instinct of my mind.

3] How often do you ‘reblog or share other blogger’s posts?

I am not very apt at this re-blog part of my blogging. I should do better and till now I only have re-blogged the posts that ask us to share them or something that speaks to me deeply. I am also hesitant about taking the liberty of re-blogging and usually ask for permission from the blogger first.

4] What prompts you to do so?

As I said in my previous answer, I have reblogged either on the request of the original blogger or if it is something that touches my heart.

If you guys want to answer these questions, head to Rory and Doodlepips and answer these questions.


Tuesday’s Thought Provoker

Rory of A Guy Called Bloke’s;Tuesday’s Thought Provoker’s

Is Social Media Ruining Genuine Friendship & Encouraging More Loneliness?

Yes, It’s Damaging Us

No, It’s another format

No Opinion

Actually, I Think

That social media is both good and bad, like a good cop bad cop rolled into one. If you use it to stay in touch with friends and family far away and in a sensible way, it is good. If the use is just for displaying a false lifestyle and generate envy among your so called “friends ” then obviously it is totally meaningless. My one bid concern is for the young generation who are so much influenced by social media sites like Facebook. That negative influence is totally undesirable.

Why Do People Bully Others?


Avoid Own Problems

Look Cool

For Fun

It’s basically a mental sickness. Maybe the underlying cause is lack of self esteem of insecurity.

Which Stigma/Taboo Is Worse?

Mental Health

Self Harm



I would love it if there was a stigma attached to bullying, but it isn’t. The tendency towards self harm or being suicidal aren’t stigmas per sé but something that needs to be avoided, by giving due consideration to mental health improvement.

Do You NEED People In Your Life? How Many People Do You Meet With & Talk

1-3 per Day

4-9 Per Day

10-17 Per Day

18+ Per Day

 It depends on the day, sometimes it’s just family and some days a lots of people when I socialize.

These are my answers. If you are interested, head to Rory’s blog and answer these questions.


Share your World February 18/2019

Melanie of Sparks of a combustible mind has asked;

I will post four or five different questions each week for you to answer.  There are two ways which you can participate.

1. Create a SYW  post.  Then post the link to your blog in my comment box or leave your answers in the comments box of my blog.

2. To make it easy for others to check out your post, title your blog post “Share Your World”  and link it to this post.

3. Remember to Follow My Blog to get your weekly reminders.

4.  Ping-backs are activated and are working well.  For instructions on how ping-backs work, in case you weren’t certain, please click here.


If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?

I would read. I haven’t had much time to read lately so I would catchup with my favorite authors. I will also do some blogging too.

What job would you be terrible at?

I think any job where I have to prevaricate intentionally. Lying is not my cup of tea and I will slip up definitely.

When was the last time you climbed a tree?

Maybe when I was a young mother. Teaching one of my kids to climb a tree.

Do you count your steps? 

Like literally? I do that every day and try to walk at least six to eight thousand steps. If you mean the steps towards performing some task, I do that too. To make sure that I do not mess up!

Bonus question (just because it’s really silly)   What’s the dumbest way you’ve injured yourself?

I was in grade five and was trying to open the lid on a tin, which was tightly stuck. I used a screwdriver with too much force and it slipped and got embedded in the fleshy part of my palm. It was so painful that it hurt my whole hand for a week, though the external wound was a small one. It taught me not to try to be over clever with tools.


I am grateful for all that is right I’m my world this week. I hope that this sense of gratitude becomes a part of my positive thinking permanently. I want to be able to say thanks each and every day, regardless of what sort of a day it is, because there are no guarantees in life and each day that we live and enjoy life’s infinite blessings with our loved ones, is a good day!

Thank Melanie for these questions and this series of posts. Hope that things get better at your end. Lots of warm wishes.



The Advertisement

Yesterday I saw an advertisement in the daily paper

For the sale of a recliner that promised the ultimate relaxation

For resting weary bones after hectic day of hard labor

And I can just envision myself laying on it lethargic and depleted

And that vision in my mind is the key for the enthusiast response

That it evoked, pushing me to lift the phone and dialed the given number

Written in response to the following;

Your daily word prompt;






Word of the day challenge;