Tell The Story Challenge # 13

Tagged by Teresa of The Haunted Wordsmith to tell a story about the picture above.

Sally was an illustrator of children’s books. She loved to read the stories that were sent to her for illustrations and then she would visualize the world where that story was taking place and draw or paint the picture. It was a satisfying occupation. She knew that very few people noted the name of the illustrator in the credits and this line of work would not make her famous or rich, but she was happy with her chosen field.

Her latest project was from a new author. He wanted her to paint a picture depicting a light house at the edge of a village near the sea. On a whim, Sally added a rainbow to her picture. When she sent the copy of the painting to the author, he wasn’t pleased about the painting at all. They had a bit of discussion and Sally agreed to make another painting according to very specific requirements of the author.

The painting with the rainbow was left hidden under an old cloth, in the attic. A few years later she suffered a fall and had to be treated in a nursing home as her family lived away from her. The lady her family hired to look after Sally’s cottage discovered the old painting hidden in attic and was very taken with it. She mentioned it to Sally’s brother Mark when he was visiting his sister in the nursing home. Mark’s interest was piqued and he came to Sally’s house to see the painting. It really was a very nice piece of art. With Sally’s permission he showed it to an art gallery owner, who agreed to get a quote for it.

Sally came back home, she was greeted by the very heartening news that not only her painting had sold for a tidy sum of two thousand dollars, but the gallery had commissioned her to do more paintings for them on a similar theme.

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Hope that you find time and inspiration to write a story about this prompt.




Have you ever considered?

Rory, an inquisitive Guy or Bloke has asked;

Have you ever considered … the impact you have on people?

So do you think you do and can and if so, is that important to you?

Once you have answered that, tell me how you think your blog does impact upon your readership and what purpose that serves?

Then tell me, do you think having an impact is an integral part to blogging?

I am going to answer all your questions in one go. People blog for different reasons and so are looking for different things that give them satisfaction in their efforts. I write my blog because I have something to say. That something can be something that what I am feeling or it can be a short story, a poem or a funny post in response to a prompt. As far as the question of having an impact on others, I sure can not answer that, the readers can.

But if what I write has an impact on some or any of the people who are reading my blog, I would want it to a positive impact. I would love to feel that something I wrote has helped someone with an issue or problem they were facing. Or maybe it brought a smile to their face or entertained them.

When I started to write my blog, as I said in my tag line that I had planned to address the issues and problems facing women over the age of fifty and my other area of interest, diet and health. I do write on these occasionally, but I also write on other topics. So having an effect on others would be a natural desire on my part. As I said I really cannot say if the readers are gaining anything positive from my blog but as far as I can see, reading something is bound to have an effect on the person reading it. We are after all shaped by what we see, read and experience in life.

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Rory A Guy Called Bloke


Places in my heart – my daughters – Desiderata-Max Ehrmann

Gina, from Singledust has shared this incredible poem. I am sharing it with you all. Very inspiring life advice!


First published @ Singledust on April 7th 2016

IMG_20160403_202507outside our old house


I came upon this poem some years ago and shared it with my young daughters.

Today I share it here for those who need some inspiration just when you feel your day is a little too dreary to start, your troubles a little too heavy on your shoulders and all you need is a tiny ray of sunshine to fill all the dark corners of your soul to remember there is still so much goodness in this world around us.

I also share with you the sun rising over my home on the equator.

“Desiderata” (Latin: “desired things”) is a 1927 prose poem by American writer Max Ehrmann. Largely unknown in the author’s lifetime, the text became widely known after its use in devotional and spoken-word recordings in 1971 and 1972.

Go placidly amid the noise and…

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Triple Questions; How, Do, Can

Rory has asked more questions about blogging and blogosphere;

Triple Questions

How do you motivate yourself to keep your Blog up and running?

Blogging is my new passion. I have to stop myself from spending all my free time blogging. It is self- motivating! So it is the first thing I do, ( almost) in the morning after waking up and the last thing I do before sleeping. For my blog posts, I get inspiration while on my daily walk. I also think actively for ideas for my blog. So till now, I haven’t run out of ideas for my posts. But the daily prompts are a big help in inspiring me to write on different genre and different modes.

Thanks to the inspiration and encouragement given to me by my fellow bloggers, I have managed to write 500+ posts!

Do you find that there are Bloggers who have impacted your blogging experience and if so how?

Definitely, there are a lot of bloggers who have not only influenced my writing but have given me such a lot of encouragement. I am indebted to my fellow bloggers for providing the inspiration on a daily basis. They are giving us prompts to write. Now that I have gained some confidence, I have taken up writing for different challenges too. There are many experienced bloggers who also provide us with weekly prompts for writing flash fiction, short stories and poems. Then there are bloggers who are the binding tread of our part of blogosphere. People who have united us as a community or I should say like a family.

Can you name some of your favourite bloggers and then explain why they are your favourites?

There are quite a number of bloggers who are my favorite in this community.

Fandango, of This That and the Other has become like the patriarch of our family. Giving us daily prompts, and weekly provocative questions.

Rory of A Guy Called Bloke is doing multiple jobs, much like our administrator. He gives us a few challenges during the week. He discusses the blog issues with us and together we have almost sorted out the issue of spam.

Teresa of The Haunted Wordsmith is another of my favorite bloggers. She is inspiring as she is a prolific writer. Another of the prompt giver and has a huge community spirit. I love reading her stories and the books she has written.

The following are some of the blogs that I admire and follow. There are many more that are not mentioned here which are great blogs too.

Lisa of All About Life

Ursula of An Upturned Soul

Kate of Aroused

Hélène of Willow poetry

Eugenia of BrewNSpew


Mel of Crushed Caramel

Brian of Bonnywood Manor

Britchy of Bitchin in the kitchen

Tanya of Salted caramel

Jo Hawk

Winnie of Musings

Linda Hill

Tom of a Slumdog Soldier

Chris of Luna’s online

Nova of My Nameste

Punam of Paeansplugged

Patricia’s Place

Paula of Light Motifs

Di of Pensitivity

Kristian of Tales from the mind of Kristian

Melanie of Sparks from a combustible mind

Willow of Patience of Willow

Writings and Reflection

Gina of Single Dust

Jim of Random writings on a bathroom wall



The bag lady

Two on a rant

Beth of I didn’t have my glasses on

These are the questions posed by Rory AKA Bloke. If you want to give your input, head over to his blog and answer his questions.



A wonderful poem, shared by Kelly ofDaily Life’s Journey. Words that inspire.

Daily Life's Journey

Recent pic of Sunset in Boracay, Malay, Aklan Philippines

“At the end of life,

what really matters is not what we bought

but what we built;

not what we got but what we shared;

not our competence but our character;

and not our success, but our significance.

Live a life that matters.

Live a life of love.”

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Tell a story challenge #12

I was tagged by Melanie of Sparks from a Combustible mind to tell a story about this picture.

The gentle summer breeze in the field blew the dandelion seeds in all directions. The child playing in the long grass reached out it’s chubby hand trying to hold them in his star fish like hands. With a delighted squeal, he caught one and showed it to his mom. She caught the little hand in her own and gave the sweet boy a smile full of love and understanding.

“I also loved to chase after these when I was a kid” she told him. “Remember to hold them gently so that they don’t get crushed. We want them to grow into new plants next year”

Will this field be here when he grows up, she was thinking as they both headed home. As charming as tradition is, time changes a lot of things.

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Tell a story Challenge #12

Photo prompt by Melanie.

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If you accept, write anything that comes to your mind regarding this picture.



Fandango’s Provocative Question #13

“Do you believe that size matters? Please explain your response.”

I think you need to be more specific, size of what? If it’s ego, definitely it matters. The bigger the ego, the bigger of an ass a person is.

If you are talking about physical size, I guess it matters to the person themselves but shouldn’t do so to others. Like being a big person has many disadvantages to that person.

If it’s the size of your wealth, than it should not matter to anyone else but you, in an ideal universe. But it does to those who like to take advantage of it.

If it’s the size of the house you live in, it would matter to the person responsible for maintaining and cleaning it.

And for the size of your blog, or the number of followers you have, it will again be a question of what sort of personality you have. If it lifts you up to know you are reaching that many people, than it will have a positive impact on you. If it’s just for your ego satisfaction then it really doesn’t matter, because an egocentric person will find something else to gloat over.

For the rest of the sizes, each to it’s own!

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FPQ #13



Tell the story Challenge #11

A lock on the door of the cottage indicated that the Snow White and the seven dwarves were away from home. But what should the UPS guy do? The parcel was addressed to Ms White and required a signature before being handed over. He crossed the street and knocked on the castle of the famous Evil Witch/ Evil Step Mother. Ms Evil had no idea of Snow’s whereabouts. Or she said so. The UPS Guy was not convinced that she was not aware of the movements of Snow. After all everyone knew that she had the magic mirror and could look up Ms White anytime she wanted. So he insisted that she should find out. The Evil Queen was very annoyed by this demand and told him that since everyone had cell phones now, Snow preferred not to be spied upon by the magical mirror, but if need be, she should be gotten in touch by her mobile phone. The poor guy, trying to follow the conversation asked for the cell number of Snow and called her on the phone.

The only message he got was that “All networks were down due to heavy snowfall!”

Written in response to Photo Prompt by;

SanaH of A pause for the nature

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Getting To Know You Challenge

I was tagged by Tanya of Salted Caramel to answer the following questions, as a part of Getting to know you!

The Questions:

1. Name a moment in your life when you felt you were most courageous.            

Having borne three children, I think is the bravest thing that I have done in my life.     

2. If you had to choose only one breakfast cereal for the rest of your life, which one would it be?                                                                                                                         

None! I am on a carb free diet so no cereal for me, unless it is a carb free cereal. Which I think hasn’t been developed yet.

3. When have you felt the most scared?                                    

See answer to question number 1, when I gave birth, I was always scared for a number of reasons. The health of the baby being the number one area of concern.                                             

4. If you could sing like any musical artist, who would you choose?                          

I love the voice of Adele, I wish I could sing like her.


5. Do you collect anything?              

What can I say, I have loads of cosmetics, bookshelves full of books, closet full of shoes! I am cutting down and de-cluttering my life. So the plan right now is not to buy anything new!


6. If you could live inside a tv show or movie, what would it be?                  

Star Trek, the original series. What fun it would be to visit new galaxies and planets all the time.


7. Have you ever had a reoccurring dream? If so, what was it?                                  

I don’t remember my dreams long enough to realize that this was the same one I have had before!


8. What’s your Zodiac sign?                                                                                                            

I am a very clumsy ♐️ Sagittarius! I believe that people born under the same star sign share some common character traits.

Thank for the tag, Dr Tanya.

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Lisa of All About Life

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