Keeping it alive II

In one of my previous post;

Keeping it alive

I talked about keeping your interest in life strong and healthy. When the empty nest syndrome strikes, we are prone to become a bit depressed and lose the keenness with which we used to perform our day-to-day duties. The pick and drop of the kids, rushing to make the game practice session or dropping them at their friend’s place. They are all grown up now, busy with their lives, studies or job etc.

So how should you, the previously busy mom, employ your now free time? I have a few more suggestions:

1. Volunteer work

Now talk about the good work. So this is the best use of your time. If you have your own transport and are in good physical health, going to an old people’s home , a hospital or even at local school or library is a great way to utilize your free time and earn brownie points for helping others. All these institutions require volunteers to help guide the people in their care. The work is not hectic and you can choose how much you can do. Sitting and reading to an old person or a sick child can be of tremendous importance, both to them and you.


If you ever had a yearning to write, now is the time. Start simple and small. If you start to write a book from the word get go, you might find it a hard task to accomplish. Writing a blog or a travelogue is a good start. I myself am spending my spare time in writing a blog( this one😜) and I find it a rewarding experience. Writing a diary is not only a good idea but also therapeutic, in case you want to vent out somethings out of your system. Just writing them down is a way of getting over them.

3. Art work, painting etc

If you are the creative type this should be your hobby. Painting with any medium like oil , water colors or chalk , all are relatively easy to learn ( if you haven’t done them before) and give yourself the artistic freedom to choose what you like best. One thing about painting is that the results are instantly visible. You don’t have to work at it for weeks. A few brush strokes and you can see what you are creating. Some people are good with charcoal or pencil sketching. It will be fun to see what works better for you.

4. Photography.

As now almost everyone has a smartphone equipped with a pretty good camera, the need to invest in expansive cameras has been limited to the professionals only. So go out for a nature walk and capture whatever strikes your eye. I assure you that if you are bitten by the shutterbug, you will enjoy this tremendously. Or you can photograph cityscapes, waterway or other interesting things. If you want to take pictures of people, other than your own self or friends and family, it is always a good idea to ask first! You don’t want to offend anyone or get into trouble.

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A roller coaster ride

Or I could title my post:

Time, oh, time, where art thou?

Or rather where art thou running to!

Have you ever felt that time is racing away from us? A week starts and than it’s Friday again. The months are merging and the year 2018 has almost ended.

I remember the last day of 2017 making a new year’s resolution and before I know it, it’s the time again to make resolutions for the next year.

People say that it’s a good time that passes quickly. As per Einstein’s theory of relativity, that should be so! But I feel as if it’s a roller coaster ride and time is just flashing by.

And this “Cyclone ” is just appropriate too. Or maybe a whirlwind! I keep on planning to do this or that but find no time to do it.

Appointments are kept, but with lot of planning. But promised visits and get together keep on being postponed because we can’t find time! And where does this time goes to? How can we find it, hiding from us!

Would organizing and planning stop this flight of time? Or is this a by-product of today’s fast paced life? Managing time and prioritize our daily life maybe holds the answer!

How do you manage to make time for all that you want or have to do?

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Great Expectations

This post isn’t about the Charles Dickens book, The Great Expectations.

It is about our expectations in life.

If I want to keep this post short, then this quote basically says it all! When we impose our version of how things should be on others, we form expectations. And people will not fulfill these expectations because in most cases they aren’t aware of them and usually have no desire to do so. This causes us to be disappointed, we blame others for failing to do something which we expect of them.

That should be our mantra. If we have zero expectations then anything that another person does for us becomes a source of happiness and engenders appreciation. We mostly think that family, friends, life partners and children should be doing what we presume to be their obligation. And when this doesn’t happen, we get into a negative and complaining mode, instead of realizing that the idea in the first place was an imposition on the other person. This also takes away the gratefulness and appreciation from our hearts, filling them with discontent.

And when we let go of all that we think should happen we are free to appreciate and enjoy what does happen. Life is a series of events, some expected and many more totally unexpected. We have to learn to take the good with the not so good/ downright bad and the happy with sad and unhappy.

And lastly don’t let what people think of you be your image. The reverse side of expectations is trying to live up to them. Nobody can fulfill another person’s expectations to the tee. We have to set our own standard of success and not influenced by what the world sees as success. Set you goals and work towards them.

Let me know what you think on this topic.

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FPQ # 3

Another provocative question from Fandango!

FPQ #3

“Is morality objective or is it subjective? If you believe it’s objective, what is its source. If you believe it’s subjective, how do you know whose concept of morality is correct?

Morality, by definition has to be objective, though in some cases it can be subjective at a cultural level.

The basic definition of morality is that it is a system of distinguishing between right and wrong. Any action which is right has to be right on the absolute principles. A wrong has to be wrong as considered by all people. If something is right for me, it cannot be wrong for another and vise versa. There is an inbuilt moral compass in all the human beings which tell right apart from wrong. A small child knows when it has done something wrong and would try to hide it. Our compass gets corrupted as we grow into adults in a society when moral values are askew due to our own interpretation of what is right and what is wrong. So as far as absolutes are concerned, morality is objective.

However there are different cultural values in different societies concerning, the social aspects. These differ from one culture to another. It would include modes of behavior which are acceptable in a culture but frowned upon in another. For example the social norms that are prevalent in western societies are different then those in some eastern cultures. So what is acceptable  for the people from one culture can be unacceptable for those from other societies.

The judge of behavior always has to be one’s own self. But based on what the inner compass is indicating.

That is my take on morality. Your’s may be different, so take up this FPQ and share your views.

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FPQ # 3



321 Quote me: Celebration of Life


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Celebration of Life

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My selection;

“Life has meaning only in struggle. Triumph and defeat is in the hands of God. So let us celebrate the struggle!”

Stevie Wonder

Life is never easy for anyone. There are trials and upsets. Each victory is accompanied by a loss. So staying focused on the end achievements and celebrating our journey is the most important part of this struggle.

Oprah Winfrey made it big going through a struggle a few of us can imagine or are willing to take on. People may not always see her as a hero, but I do. I admire her guts and her persistence. She achieved what she envisioned. And her quote about praising what we have in life, speaks to me on a fundamental level.

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Salted Caramel

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Sprinkle not!

What are the odds? Your fries have received a heavy sprinkle of salt when they come out of the fries. So is this a bad thing?

The recommendations of AHA, ( American Heart Association) is to take around 1500 mg of salt, which measured in teaspoons is three fourth of a teaspoon or 3.73 grams. The maximum limit should not exceed  3600 mg which is 6 grams of salt, makes one teaspoon.

Why should be monitor our salt intake?

To put it simply, too much or too less salt, or its main component, Sodium can interfere with the electrical conducting system of the body. Excess usage of it can increase blood pressure too. An extremely low intake can play havoc and cause a malfunction in the cardiovascular system and the muscular system.

So , as the doctors recommended, stop sprinkling salt on your veggies, salads and fruits.

Eat healthy, to remain healthy!

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From the corner of my eye

My eyes are looking ahead. But I can see a glimpse of something from the corner of my eyes.

What is that I can espy in my peripheral vision, is it real or false. Actual life or a distortion of the picture?

Is it the 360 degrees view or something that I need not focus on?

Or is it the important reality that I need to turn my head and look straight on?

There is a movement I can detect, a motion that I sense occurring, but not really looking at it, I cannot say

My view is partial, the canvas is incomplete so should I step back and look at the bigger picture


Can I

Evaluate the facts

If I don’t turn and face them squarely

It’s a need, a requirement

If I want to have a full panorama, I have to look all around me and see what I can barely detect from the corner of my eyes !

What do you see in your periphery?

Do you think it is important to see the full picture?

Please share your feedback and views in the comments


Respecting others is respecting oneself.

And respecting yourself is respecting others!

Times are changing. The expectations from younger generation to show respect to older people has started to fade away. One human being, showing respect to another, who is a colleague, a senior or junior to him/her is a phenomenon which no longer is in practice? Or are these all isolated incidents with no Co-relation to actual life?

What sort of behavior we expect from people around us. Do we hold them to the same standards which we practice ourselves? And what are our standards? Do we really know how we will react in any given situation? And do we know how to answer these questions?

Well that was a bushel load of questions! And where to look for the answers?

How do we respect ourselves;

This would be the first step. A healthy respect for our own selves, tempered by a dose of critical review of our habits and attitudes is good. Self adoration and whitewashing our negative personality traits is not recommended. So our respect for what and who we are has to be based on reality, not on an allusion.

It follows the same principle as loving or liking our own personality. If we don’t like, love or respect ourselves than how can we expect others to do so?

Image result for free images Respect

Respecting others;

Having developed a healthy relationship of respect with ourselves, we now move to the reason for giving considerations to those around us.

A human being is the best creation of God. All human deserve to be shown courtesy. All are equal and have to be treated as such. There is more regard shown to those whom we acknowledge to be superior to us due to their age or experience. But worldly things like wealth, position or power do not entitle people for extra consideration as most of them seem to think.

How do we interpret this in everyday life;

First of all we define our own standards of behavior. All of us admit that giving respect is a way to receive it. A person with good values is seen as someone to be honored and venerated. That is what we teach to our kids and the young ones, because kids learn more from seeing than listening. Taking it from this point, we show our regard and esteem for others and they will do the same.

Image result for free images Respect

That is how I see this issue. How do you look at it? 

Please share your views and feedback in comments


321Quote me

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My selection of the Quotes :


Curiosity, imagination and creativity are the building blocks of innovation. I think that Walt Disney did something which could never would have happened if he hadn’t used his imagination in a creative way!


Anyone who has used any of the products produced by Apple, cannot deny that the imagination behind the creation of this mega empire was what made it happen. Steve Jobs, imagined and then created.

We need imagination to dream and create.

My Nomination:

1. Brian of The Bonnywood Manor

2. Monaminga

3. Jim of Random writings on the bathroom wall

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A Birthday Wish

If you could get any present for your birthday, what would it be?

I was asked the question recently. It’s my birthday tomorrow. So my husband asked me what would I like as a present. And that made me think! An interesting thought. What if we were asked what we wanted every year on our birthday and be granted whatever we asked!

What would be one thing that I would really desire for my gift? A long healthy life? Unlimited wealth? Or bushels load of happiness?

What is the most important thing that I would want? Or that you would choose?

We all have our priorities in life but there are somethings that we all desire.


Good health is usually is the number one on every one’s list. Specially if weor a loved one had a run in with sickness or ill health. We all usually desire to live a healthy and long life. We wish the same for our loved ones. To be self reliant and enjoy the benefits of good health to the end of our days is one thing above all others that most of us want.


Happiness may not be the second most desired wish for everyone but most of us would pick this as our second most coveted treasure. Being happy and peaceful, makes life beautiful and worth living. We have to create our own happiness. It can’t come from outside. But we all wish to be happy, we wish joy to others and more benevolent people wish all the world around them to be happy.


Now who wouldn’t want heaps of moolah! Loads of money would be welcomed by 99.99% of people. And the rest, the 0.01% won’t sneeze it either! But seriously, even if we all don’t desire to be fabulously wealthy , most of us are desirous of being comfortably well off. To make our end meet or to put it simply, not to be bothered about money matters.

These are the most important and top of the list things that most people will desire. But no one can grant us Health or Happiness, though there are some people who could grant us our wish for Wealth by willing it to us or maybe giving it as a gift. But that is an extremely rare thing to happen.

So now we come to what we can give to each other and receive as gifts?

My question to you all. What would you like for your birthday?





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