One Liner Wednesday April 17/19

“The rain is famous for falling on the just and unjust alike, but if I had the management of such affairs I would rain softly and sweetly on the just, but if I caught a sample of the unjust out doors I would drown him”      

Mark Twain

It’s April and the April showers are showing their face in many a place. Rain is inconvenience to some and life giver to others. Some people enjoy rain and some get sick of it. Mark Twain had his own way of looking at rain!

Let it rain

Let it rain…….

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One Liner is April 17/19




Reputation —— A reblog



It lay in tatters, besmirched and tarnished

A few words thrown carelessly, without thought

Was all it took to blot what was spotless before

The words are now traveling with the winds

Scattered like pollen dust, everywhere

That is all it takes nowadays, to spoil and blacken

The character and reputation of a person

It doesn’t matter if they are guilty or not

Just spread the rumors and you have done the harm

Now even if you beautify, and adorn the same

Put flowers, ribbons and tassels to make it look pretty

The harm that has been done, can seldom be undone

People are good at remembering the faults and flaws

It would take another lifetime to build it again.



My peace of mind is my decision

How often it is that we are affected by something someone has said or done?

In doing so, we give the power over our emotional wellbeing to others.

It is neither the responsibility nor the burden to be carried by someone else. We and solely we are responsible for our emotional well-being and happiness.

It is a tall order; To be unaffected by the stuff going around us. We are vulnerable emotionally and psychologically by the vibes we get from others, specially those whose opinions matter to us. We are sub-consciously seeking emotional support and validation from our friends and family. And instead of support if we are given a dose of indifference or criticism we react by feeling discouraged and unhappy.

What we don’t consider in this situation are the following factors:

1. The other person is not aware of saying or doing anything untoward.

2. They may have troubles of their own which make them oblivious to the problems you are facing.

3. They may be meaning the words in a different sense than what you took them for.

4. Maybe they did mean what they said but overreaction on your part are just making matters worse.

These are tricky issues which originate when we build our hope and expectations around others. We need to build a wall around our feeling, so that we are not hurt by any or all the remarks uttered by others.

At the end of the day, if we are unhappy, we suffer. So take the reigns of your emotional well-being into your hands and understand firmly that it’s your own job to keep yourself happy and not of anyone else.

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Remember the pain!

When you are feeling irritated or bored with life, remember the pain!

why, and what pain you would ask?

This idea came to me when a thought crossed my mind. I was feeling bored and the ennui had me wanting to do something to end the rut. But then I remembered the time when I was going through a lot of physical discomfort and pain of fractured foot bones. At that time I would have been ecstatically happy to be rid of the encumbrance of the heavy cast on my foot and the pain I was experiencing.

Why then, when we are no longer hurting, we forget that pain and start to crib about little annoyance of life. At present I feel wonderful. Free of any discomfort or pain. I should be exuberant. I should be thanking my lucky stars to be rid of that pain or any other pain or injury that I have suffered in the past. But what would my mind do: it would think up things that aren’t there. Instead of being grateful, it is looking for excuses to be dissatisfied. This is human nature. To be dissatisfied with our current circumstances. Maybe it’s something that pushes us to look for excellence in life. To become more than what we are now. But it also breeds a discontent. It makes us unmindful of the blessings we have. And this state of ungratefulness is something we should consciously avoid.

That is why I asked you to remember the pain, or any thing in the past which made life difficult. So that now, when you no longer are suffering from it, you and I should be grateful.

How do you express gratitude?

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What is your strength?


We all have our weaknesses and strengths. It’s like the nature has equipped us with tools to handle the problems life throws at us. Sometimes we turn our strengths into a weakness due to the fact that we don’t trust our instincts and are over cautious and timid in our approach towards life problems. And there are some bold and daring people who turn even their weaknesses into their strengths. How?

If you have an instinct for sensing danger, you can profit by it if you trust in this power of yours. But if you don’t trust this instinct then it becomes a hurdle or a weakness for you as you will be afraid to trust your intuition and would find making decisions difficult.

But suppose you have a personality trait that most would consider a weakness, like naivety. In some people this can lead to trusting the wrong people and suffering due to it. But if you trust yourself and turn this trait into a power of positivity, you will believe the best of people, and by doing so you can bring out the best in most people. Because it is human nature to try to live up to the expectations of others. So this way a weakness can become an asset.

What is your strength? What do you think is the one thing that has helped you in living a better life? And inversely what has dragged you down! The encumbrance which you wished you could do without.

I think that my biggest strength is the ability to see the bright side and to laugh at the silliness of life. My weaknesses on the other hand is my tendency to worry myself sick over what can be!

Share your thoughts about what makes you strong in life and what are your weaknesses.



Tale Weaver #217–Pensive

This week consider the word pensive.

Pensive:  (adjective) engaged in, involving, or reflecting deep or serious thought: a pensive mood.

What ideas come to mind when you consider this word?

Go where your muses take you and have fun.

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Alone with my thoughts

Pensive and immersed

I think about the universe

The mysteries that we cannot

Fathom with our limited thought

I wonder about the miracles of nature

And I marvel about the beauty that is created

It reinforces that there is someone who is so powerful

To create all this magnificent universe and all that is within

I bow my head to the almighty

I humble myself in prayer

To God, our creator




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Tale Weaver #217-pensive


Life in a few Quotes

The other day I came across these quotes about life that I would like to share with you all.


Einstein was not only a great scientist but a philosopher too. He had a lot to say on life and how we should treat it. According to him, movement is the sign of living. keep on moving forward, keep your balance and live!


Helen Keller proved to the world that you don’t need eyes to see or have hearing to listen. A pathfinder and a pioneer, she is an inspiration to us all. And how wonderfully right she is. Open your hearts and feel, for life will be empty without that.


Roald Dahl is probably the best writer of children’s books of the twentieth century. He brought magic to his stories and to the life’s of children. He is absolutely right that you cannot find magic without believing in it. So go for magic. Make your life extraordinary and magical.


When we are overburdened by regrets of how we should have done things differently, this is the way forward. Start you life from today as the first day of your life. Change the ending instead of wishing a different beginning.


Dr Seuss, another writer who had his hand on the pulse of life. He wrote children’s books but the wisdom in these books is for us all. Said simply and with child like clarity, he has given us a lot of life’s valuable gems of advice. Value everyone and everything that impacts your life. Don’t let moments pass away to be remembered later with regrets.


Oprah Winfrey is the epitome of how to succeed in life with just what you make of it with your hard work. She is a roll model and an ideal for many people in the way she overcame adversity and made her way to the top. She has shown us that living the life of your dreams is a possibility.


If you don’t have the ability to laugh then it’s very likely that life for you will become a chore. Lighten up and learn to smile, laugh and even or maybe most importantly, laugh at yourself too!


Whoever has said these beautiful lines has uttered the ultimate truth of life. What goes around comes around. Live life as you want and treat others as you want to be treated. Spread love and joy around because no one knows what the future holds for any of us!

Hope that these quotes have given you something meaningful to think about.

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Articulating the apology, the eyes drenched with tears

The he is penitent and regretting his actions is a given

How can he undo the damage that his words have wrought

Can he go back and erase the thoughtless actions and words

He ask, but already know the answers

Once it’s out of your mouth, the words are carried on the winds

The actions once performed don’t get undone just by wishing

We need to get in contact with our inner self

And correct our approach towards others

Respect for all, no matter what is their opinion

And being careful when uttering our words

That might hurt others and cause deep scars

And each action weighed carefully before implementing

Can relieve our conscience of this burden of guilt

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Kiara’s Sunday Scribbles March 31/10

Welcome to Kira’s weekly inspirational art piece.

Let the whole picture tell you a story, or dive into the small intricate details to make one up! Write a poem, a fiction piece or come up with a picture or drawing of your own, that you feel relates to it.

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Trying but not achieving

Trying and falling short

Trying and yet trying again

It is not a guarantee that we would achieve success in everything that we attempt, but it is a guaranteed thing that we will surely fail if we don’t try anything in the first place. Have the courage to step out and take the first plunge into the adventure. The success may come or it may not. But you would have tried and that is what counts at the end. We tried!

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Kiara’s Sunday Scribbles March 31/19