A journey into the unknown

First of all, something about these very unusual and interesting prompts from ~M. Putting my feet in the dirt.

I followed and wrote from her November list and the phrases are unique and interesting, to say the least. Her December prompts are not any less. They spark the imagination and lead us to new ideas.

Destiny awaited, they had no other choice.

How had they arrived here? It was all a blur in her memory. She turned towards her husband, whose hand she was still holding. Where are we? She asked Ben. I am not sure, or even how we got here, came Ben’s bemused reply. It made no sense. The last thing Rita remembered was getting into the taxi which was their transport to the hotel they had booked for their week long vacation in Sidney. And now they were standing on the edge of a highway, where vehicles were streaking past at very high speed.

The buildings weren’t anything like they had ever seen before. They couldn’t recall seeing a cityscape like this in pictures even. It was all very confusing. There were some flying transport in the air. The only explanation that came to her mind was that it was a dream.

But it wasn’t. It was the reality, they were here, wherever it was but it was real. The city in front of them was real too and so was the high speed cars whizzing past them. Rita and Ben weren’t a venturesome couple. In fact they were quite sedate in their habits. That was why it was more of a shock to them to find themselves in this situation. They were feeling a great disconnect, and surreality in this situation.

Ben honey, what do you think has happened to us?Rita asked in a fascinated voice. I don’t know but I have a feeling that taxi was no ordinary taxi! Replied Ben. Could it be some sort of time machine, which has brought us here into the future? Rita said. Ben grabbed Rita’s hand tightly and stepped forward. Destiny awaited them and they had no other choice, but to face it.

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December Writing Prompts;

Destiny awaited them and they had no other choice



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Do you need to ask someone for advice?

Choose a sapient person to consult.

A fool can lead you astray and land you

In deep trouble of not own your making

If a wise head sits on your shoulders

Then you can be the sapient giver

Of advice that would be right on target

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What’s the hurry

Have you noticed that everyone is in a hurry these days? Parents are in a hurry to send kids to school, the teacher are in a hurry to make the children understand all that they need to learn. Children are in a hurry to grow up. Young people are in a hurry to achieve greatness and acquire money. Have we , in our hurry to get from one place to the other, stopped enjoying the journey?

Can we take our life in a leisurely manner? Can the journey of life be entertaining and relaxing?

Why does it has to be caught in a frenzy of events, one colliding with the other. Overtaking each other at times and falling out of synch at others! Like the atoms in an object are constantly at motion, we are too.

If we look back to a time when our grandparents lived , we see a life of slow orderly pace. People had work. They had plenty of time for entertainment and hobbies. All the life was a well conducted symphony. In harmony and slow-paced.

So what has changed? Is this new, the norm and things will progress from here to new heights to hyperactivity? Can we slow down the pace and relish each and every moment as it passes or is the celebration of life, this fast and full speed ahead journey?

I have asked a lot of questions but I don’t have the answers. Do you? Can we take a moment to stop and smell the flowers? Enjoy the leisure of doing nothing, sitting and dreaming on the park bench watching the grass grow! All clichéd phrases but valid questions.

Waiting for your feedback and comments


More thoughts on Blogging

Here in the blogging world we share not only our views on different aspects of life but also on blog writing itself. Yesterday coincidentally, there were two posts on the subject of the content that is written on daily basis. One blogger thought that there is an excess of posts and the posts themselves don’t contain any worthwhile content. The other one was of the opposite opinion, though not in answer to the first one.

As some of you might have read my post yesterday on the etiquettes of award nominations. So today I have another question, coming from those bloggers, how many times should a writer post on his/ her blog a day? In other words, should there be a limit to the number of times we can post on our own blog? Another question related to this , what sort of content we should be posting?

Here is what I think;

1. It is a free world ( at least in the blogosphere) and people who have their blogs , (either free or paid by them) it is their space, and they have full freedom to post as many time a day on their space as they want.

2. What sort of posts should be put on the blogs. Anything that the readers of that blogger want to read and that person wants to post! Why should someone object on the content of my post or that of someone else? If you are not happy with what someone is posting, you can simply not read it.

3. Bloggers love to write. They are here to write. And the content they post should be of their own choice. If my love is writing serious stuff, I will do that. If someone loves writing poetry then that person can write poems to their heart’s content. There are blog writers who write amazing stories and flash fiction, they should be free to indulge in their passion.The stories some of us write may not be award-winning or very profound, but this is the way to develop the writing talent. The proficiency comes with practice. Words become our tools of expression and we develop a friendship with the Lexicon. Our posts may not enrapture our readers or cause a ripple in the universe, but we are trying to get there. And we will, given enough practice.

I will be grateful for your feedback in comments . Let me know what are your thoughts on this. And I hope that this post doesn’t cause offense to anyone. That is not my aim. Just sharing my thoughts.

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Rory’s Three more Things!

Daily fun three by Rory of A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepips

Name Three …

Things that every person should do at least once in their life?

Get born, get education and do something for someone else without the thought of reward.

Harry Potter Films?

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Deathly Hollows and Deathly Hollows part two.

Things that are flat and green?

A green leaf, a flat rock with moss on it and a green plate.

Things that IMP is short for?

Important, Its My Pleasure and Internet Messaging Program

Flightless bird species?

Emu, Penguin and Ostrich

Things you are doing today that you’ll not be doing tomorrow?

Enjoying Monday matinee,Doing Monday Crosswords and Having Monday blues!

Foods that taste foul to you?

Meat, Oily Fish and Organ meat.

Things that are bright?

Phone screen, An Electric Bulb and an idea!

Things that are bouncy?

Bouncing Ball, a bouncy walk and a cheerful spirit.

Things that are sharp but are not knives?

A sharp tongue, teeth and broken glass.

Things that you are thankful for?

My family, a peaceful life and my blog and the blogging family.

Animals that start with the letter Z?

Zebra, Zebra Shark and baby Zebra.

Countries that you would to visit?

France, Egypt and Greece.

Of the craziest things you have ever done?

Took a bus by myself when I was just four, made crank calls to random numbers when I was around ten, with my younger brother as a partner in crime and I can’t recall any more crazy pranks that I did.

Things that you would like to write about but haven’t?

I have drafts about the self care posts I want to do, some about the medical problems women above 50 face and some childhood memories. And I will do them, one by one. Soon!

Items on your bucket list?

No buckets and no lists. Take every day as it comes.

Bad habits of today’s society?

Trying to solve conflict by confrontation and war, Passing Judgements on others and trying to fit people into categories and labels!

This my take on today’s three things. Head down to A Guy Called Bloke and try this fun challenge.


Special Birthday

Today was special, and no one was allowed to forget it. It was Mindy’s fourth birthday. There was going to a big celebration. All the kids from her pre-school class were invited and of course with either one or both parents. Then there were the neighbors and kids from the families around them. Her grand parents, from both sides were coming too!

Her mom, Sara, had everything under control. A catering firm was handling the whole party , eating and decorations etc. she just needed to pick up the cake . It was from a bakery downtown that was famous for their delightful cakes and other goodies! Mindy had selected the cake herself. It was a four tiered cake, so beautiful to look at and would be delicious to eat.

To be ready on time was an obsession with Sara so she went to pick up the cake quite early. The people at the shop had told her that it would be ready by eleven in the morning. She drove to the bakery and parked near the entrance so that the cake could be transported easily. Near the shop there was an enclave. A man was crouching down on the floor, his hand were shaking with cold. He was wearing threadbare clothes and nothing to protect him from the cold weather. Sara’s attention was immediately caught by the him. She stopped near him and asked if he was okay, or did he need any help. The man straightened up and look at her. There was a very sad expression in his eyes. He thanked her politely and told her that he was fine and was in no need of help. Sara could clearly see that he was in some sort of distress but how could she help him in any way, if he refused it?

She turned and entered the bakery to fetch the cake. While the shop assistant was putting the cake into its custom-built box, she mentioned the man sitting near the shop entrance. The shop assistant said that the man has been sleeping here at night for some days now. He always refuses any food or offer of help. And he is usually gone by the morning. Today he is lingering on but still declining to take any help from anyone. Sara was now very intrigued by this situation. She decided to try again and went outside to talk to him. “Sir, if you don’t mind me asking, are you in pain or are you sick?” She asked him hesitantly. “Thank you, miss I am just cold, not sick” , he replied. ” I sleep here at night and I didn’t used to be cold because I had my dog with me who kept me warm. My dog, Max died a couple of days ago. So I have to sleep on my own. That is cold and lonely too” Sara’s eyes filled with tears at this sad story. She had always felt that it was a sacred duty of the state to look after people in such circumstances. ” Sir if you would like, I have a shed at my home where you can sleep at night. And if it is okay with you , our garden needs looking after too. You can lend us a hand with that in exchange for a small salary?” He agreed to the generous offer made by her and Sara came home with the cake, carefully carried by the man.

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Sunshine bloggers award #5

Monaminga has nominate my blog for another Sunshine Bloggers Award.

The Sunshine Blogger Award is an award for bloggers who are creative, positive, and inspiring – people who spread “sunshine” to the blogging world!

The Rules:

1.Thank the blogger/s who nominated you.

2.Use the “Sunshine Blogger Award” logo on your post and list the rules.

3.Answer the 11 questions the selector asks of you.

4.Nominate 11 bloggers you want to give the award to.

5.Ask the bloggers 11 questions of your own.

Thanks a lot Monaminga for nominating me for this award. I am truly grateful to you. She is a unique blogger. You should visit her blog. I am sure you will love it. Sorry that it took me a long while to do this blog post.

Here are her questions for me;

1. What’s your favorite place in the house, why ?

It’s the lounge, I sit, write and relax here.

2. Do you have a pet ? What is it ? If not why ?

No pets. Once we had a few chickens as kids but they all died. So no more pets.

3. What is the first thing that you do when you wake up ?

Grab my phone and look at all the various notifications.

4. Where do you see yourself in ten years ?

Sitting here in my couch and blogging, that is if I am still around.

5. Tell us a joke.

I went on a diet and lost all the weight I have gained in the last thirty years, ha ha ha ha!

6. What was the last movie you saw ? How did you like it ?

Crimes of Grindelwald! I loved it. Not because it’s a very good movie, but because I love the whole Harry Potter saga! And J K Rowling!

7. What do you think about Woody Allen’s movies ?

Nothing much of them.

8. How do you live your spirituality ?

I meditated every day.

9. What’s the best advice you’ve been given ? Who gave it to you ?

My father used to say, “You can not cross the bridge before you come to it” I try to follow this advice and not worry about a problem before it arises.

10. What / Who are you most grateful for in your life ? Why ?

I am grateful for have an excellent man as my father who guided me so well in life till he lived . I am also grateful for my husband who supports me in whatever I am doing in life and my kids, because I love them so much.

11. If you could take only one thing on an isolated island, what would it be ? Why ?

My smart phone with all the apps for Kindle, food delivery etc!

My Questions;

Which one, do you feel is your best post?

How do you get inspiration for writing?

If given a choice would you choose traveling by train or ship?

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Which would you say is the best part of your life?

How was life in childhood for you?

Are you a coffee person or a tea addict?

Food that you cannot resists?

What should be the first thing a child be taught?

How are you enjoying blogging?

What are your ambitions for your blog?

My nominees;

1.Culture shocks

2.Jade M Wong

3.Live etc

4. Meditation in Motion

5.Message in Stanza

6. Musings

7. Optimistic Soul

8.Racquel Writes

9.The Wild heart of Life

10.Two on a rant

11.A dad trying to cope

As I know from my past experiences, that some of you won’t be able to accept the award. But congratulations to you all. I am hopping that some of you would accept and pay it forward!




Have you ever wondered what are your dreams made of

What do you see and what are you dreaming of

Is it an adventure or a nightmare that you see

Or is it something kinky or naughty that you catch yourself doing

Or are you dreaming a vision of greatness and world peace

Do you share the dreams when you are awake

Or do you bury them deep into your subconscious mind

It is possible to put all that we dream into words

To put it all into the open that lies in the heart of our heart

Or do you treasure these dreams and hope that they come true

One day!

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Dreaming, possible, peace




To play or not to play

I am going to write about something, I need to understand and want you to give me your feedback on.

My blogging journey is about three months old, give or take a day or two. So I am just a baby in all the affair of this world. The rules are simple but there is something that I cannot fully understand.

What are the etiquettes governing the award nominations?

I love getting nominated for the various awards. I feel very encouraged and honored to receive an award. For me it is a sign of acceptance and recognition. I very happily accept these awards, thank the person who nominated me and whenever I can manage, I do the required acceptance post, with the Q &A, nomination and any other requirement that it may have. So far so good.

The confusion starts when I nominate someone for the award, as I am supposed to do. It has to be around 8-11 people. Not knowing all the rules of this nomination business, I nominated blogs from my limited knowledge of them and waited in anticipation for their responses. And here came the confusion!

Some people acted as anticipated, they accepted the award and went on with the whole process. But some Bloggers didn’t even acknowledged the nomination. And yet there were others who politely refused the award saying that their blog was ” Award Free

That was okay, well and good. But how does one know who to nominate and who not to? That is my question today, for which I would appreciate feedback from you all.

And I have a feeling that there are more Bloggers like me who are in this quandary.

I would be happy if this is clarified! I am going to nominate that blogger with a :

Clearing the confusion Award!

Waiting for you guys to throw some light on the issue.

Note; This is a light hearted post. No offense is intended!


Heartbroken but not defeated!

My heart is shattered but not my spirit

My dreams are broken but not my love

My plans are in disarray but not my resolve

This has been a severe blow

But it hasn’t knocked me off course

The ship is still afloat and able

The journey may be difficult but not impossible

It’s dark and no star can I see

But the day is not that far away

Dawn is just breaking on the horizon

The way ahead is hazy but I can discern the shore

Hope is the driving wind in my sails

Resolve are my oars, pulling me towards

The safety and security of the land that is

My goal and a refuge

I may be heart broken but I am not defeated yet!

Let me know what you think of my post. Is it better to give in to grief or to soldier on, trying to reach your goals anyway?