Blogging Insights # 10- Looking Back at your blog posts!

Dr. Tanya asks;

Retrospective Introspection

I read/heard somewhere that reading your own work is a form of narcissism. I would much rather call it self-evaluation or self-assessment.


How old is your current blog/website? 

I started my blog on 6th September 2018. Though I had a WordPress account six months prior to that I didn’t use it for blogging, just reading blogs.

Do you ever look back at your site i.e. read through your old posts?

I didn’t use to do it. But then Fandango started his Friday Flashback series and since I had crossed my one year mark, I decided to join in. It was a very interesting experience. I found many of my previous posts very interesting and some I didn’t even remember writing. The reason, I think is twofold;

a) I write most of my posts at the time of posting. That is, there is not a long time spent thinking or writing. So it’s a spur of the moment thing.

b) I write 4-5 blog posts every day and so it’s no wonder that I forget that I even wrote a few of them.

The pleasant surprise was that I found them quite good!!

How long ago did you update your about page?

I never made an “About me page till I think six months into blogging. And at that point, it was Renard who in one of his posts stressed upon the importance of an About me page. So I created mine. So far it is relevant to what I am writing on my blog so I have no plans to change it.

If you were to start a new blog today, what would you do differently?

Nopes! I am happy with the way my blog is developing. It is growing as am I. I am learning new skills and experimenting with new genres. I have recently started out I should say, re-started Helen’s Prompt, What do you see. It has been well received. And I am thinking of making it a regular feature.

Besides, I have this philosophy in life that whatever we do we do for a reason. So good or bad, right or wrong, it all has a purpose. I think when I have made mistakes, I have learned from them. So it’s all to a good end.



Fandango’s Provocative Question #51


FPQWelcome once again to Fandango’s Provocative Question.

My provocative question today is about blogging etiquette. 

When it comes to pointing out grammatical or usage mistakes of others, McKean wrote, “Be honest with yourself: do you really care about helping the other person, or do you just want the thrill of being right?”

So this leads me to today’s provocative question.

If people find typos or grammatical, punctuation, spelling, or usage errors in your posts, do you welcome having them pointed out to you, or do you resent it. As a blogger do you let people know about such mistakes or do you just let them go?

My response;

Blogging- Write clear and simple

Sometimes you come across a very well written post that gives you food for thought, is uplifting, amuses you or educates you. And I think most of us read blogs or books for this purpose. To gain something out of it.

Now there are many posts that though are well written in their usage of words or rhymes but expressed in such a way that you don’t get their meaning after reading them several times. And in the end, you’re not sure that you have understood what the writer is trying to say.

When you want to leave a response to a post like this, you’re not sure what to say. It becomes a difficult task and a lot of time is wasted in deliberation. If like me you are a fastidious person and leaving an appropriate comment is important to you, you may leave without saying anything. Because saying nothing is better than saying the wrong thing. Or one can join them and write something obscure!

So my word of advice to these verbose bloggers, please write simply and clearly. That would carry your message to others in a better and effective manner. Leave the use of difficulty phrases and obsolete words for the occasions when you want to confuse people! Like in a verbal duel.

It is the hallmark of a good writer that they use easy to understand words and say what they want in a clear and concise manner.

In response to the following prompts;


Leave, Response, Join





Word of the day Challenge;







Blogging Insights # 9- Blog related stress

Dr. Tanya asks;

Blogger Burnout

You must have come across this term in posts about blogging. Today’s topic is completely opposite of last week’s Blogging Insights when we discussed being grateful for blogging. This goes to show what a diverse field blogging is, its various aspects being limited only by the number of bloggers.



1. What, in your opinion, is “Blogger burnout”?

As the name suggests, blogger burnout is when someone has been writing more than they can handle. We don’t come with an infinite capacity to write, so if we exhaust our Creative ideas, we come to a standstill. The ideas or the stories don’t flow out of our proverbial pen and we are left staring at the blank page/ screen. It is not a desirable place for a blogger to be in.

2. Have you ever suffered from blog-related stress?

When I started to blog, I was totally overwhelmed by it. The writing part came fairly easy to me but I was always behind the reading part of the blogging. And we all know that the reciprocal activity of reading and commenting on the blogs of our fellow bloggers is how our blog grows. It took me a few months to develop a system where I could read and write on my blog and yet have free time to pursue my life. Now I am not stressed out by blogging. I also plan ahead and usually have a few posts on the ready to be posted if I feel unable to write on any day!

3. What steps could you suggest to keep blogging from becoming a stressful activity?

•My best advice is to fit in blogging in your lifestyle in a way that leaves you time to relax and follow some physical activity as well. A long walk with a music can do wonders to relax your body and mind. Some people prefer jogging, gym training or swimming. Anything that gets the blood circulating through our body, is beneficial for us. So fit in whatever form of physical activity that you like in your daily schedule.

•Plan ahead for the week. If you have a daily or weekly posting schedule, plan a few posts and schedule them in advance.

•If you miss a day out two or even a week, The blogging world will survive. So no need to be stressed out if life takes priority and you don’t have time.

•If you have a personal blog then there is absolutely no need to feel the stress about the views, comments or likes because these keep on fluctuating with time and date. However, if you have a business blog, then you should plan for all and any eventualities.

These are my views about stress related to blogging!

How about you?



Blogging- Where are you all, my silent friends?

When I started to blog, gradually the number of my followers grew. It is an exciting process, especially if one is new to the blogging world. But the thing that I learned to value the most, as most of the others here in this world, were the comments. They give real meaning to our writing.

As my following grew the number of comments also grew. But a not so surprising phenomenon also occurred at this time. I say not so surprising as I heard other bloggers write about it. As the number of likes increased, the people commenting on my post did not grow in the same proportion. In fact, the new people who followed seldom comment.

The bloggers who comment on my posts remain almost the same. They are the ones who are supportive and genuinely interested in my writing.

But what about the rest?

Why are these new friends so silent and hesitant to share their opinions?

I know that this is not just my issue but I would love to know where these 1600-1700 people are who follow my blog. Why do they bother following the blog if they neither like nor comment on my posts? And lastly, why would they want to follow without interacting?

The maximum number of likes I have ever gotten on any of my posts is still less than a hundred.

Who will solve this mystery?

Can anyone enlighten me!



Blogging Insights # 8- Are we grateful for our blog

Dr. Tanya asks;

The spirit of gratitude is in the air with Thanksgiving being celebrated in different parts of the world. It is a good idea to be grateful every day for all that you have and all that you are able to do. But in the rat race that is modern life you tend to forget this, so it is good to have a seasonal reminder. Today’s blogging insights questions center around gratitude.


1. Are you grateful for your blog?

I sure am. It is precious to me in so many ways.

It helps me write my thoughts in an organized manner.

I can say whatever I want since it is my blog. So if I want to rant or vent about something I can do so without any guilt.

In fact, I think I get a psychologist and psychiatrist rolled into one for just $4 per month. A great deal I would say.

Writing and reading are the activities that keep my mind active and hence I do what is in my power to avoid dementia. Because the brain should be creatively involved to prevent its decay.

It also gives me the opportunity to spread a bit of sunshine and goodness. And spreading goodness and happy thoughts make us happy too.

2. How do you express your gratitude?

I blog about being grateful. I encourage others to be mindful of the blessings of life.

Another way to express our gratitude is to be kind. I also try to practice this virtue.

In my blogging, I express gratitude by writing every day. In fact, I post 4-5 posts a day.

3. Has blogging added value to your life? 

I am nearer to sixty, rather than fifty. My kids are all independent and I have a lot of free time on my hands. Before I started to blog, I would spend my time in socializing or mall hopping. Now I have very little free time as I read and write on my blog for around 2-3 hours a day. Now I feel more productive and have a sense of accomplishment as well.

I feel that I write better and am more cohesive in my writing and speech.

In short, blogging has made life more interesting and purposeful.



Blogging Insights # 7- Finding Fresh Content

Dr. Tanya asks;

Fresh content and new ideas: these are things that bloggers, as well as users of all other social media, are constantly trying to find. The blogosphere and social media stratosphere are like vast galaxies. These galaxies are populated with hundreds of thousands of bright stars, the glow of each of which is constantly clamoring for attention. With so much content creation going on every second can any idea be original? In other words, where can you find original ideas?

Today’s Question

How do you write fresh content when everything that is worth saying has already been said?

My response;

Firstly I don’t agree with this statement that there is nothing new under the Sun. As our collective knowledge grows, we learn new things every day. We learn new facts, new ideas are born and even new words are invented every now and then. To say that all new ideas have been explored or that everything that needed to be said has been said is to my mind putting a cap on human creativity and intelligence.

Secondly, if we even admit to the fact that what I am saying of writing has already been said and written by countless other people before me, the most relevant point is being missed here.

We, each and every one of us is unique. We may have the same genetic makeup but we all have a totally different way of looking at things and expressing them. One example most of us can relate to is the different word and picture prompts that a few of us follow on WordPress. All of those writing for that word or picture prompt will come up with something different. Each story, poem anecdote or post will be using the same prompt but saying something different.

This is how we create fresh, unique and new content. By coloring it with our thoughts. The idea may be the same or even similar but our minds which are going to express are totally unique. So what is said or written at the end is new and fresh, as fresh as our minds are.

That is why new books, stories and blog posts are being written everyday and each has something unique and new about it!



Blogging- Another WordPress issue!

Disappearing comment tabs.

The users of WordPress know that we are often hit with new glitches every other day on our blogging platform.

This issue came to my notices when a blogger friend commented on one of my posts that my recently published post had no option for commenting. I went and checked it and they were right. No comments tab was there at the bottom of the post. I fixed it after trying various ways and by a lucky chance hit on the correct way to do it.

The same issue happened a few times with other posts of mine. Sometime I would notice it myself and sometimes some kindly soul would point it out by commenting on another post.

But now I have seen more and more posts from other bloggers whom I follow where there is no comments option. I am almost 99% sure that it is not optional. It is another gift from our considerate WordPress team. They probably think that it is too much effort for us to write comments and then the blogger had to reply to them.

So if you notice that you haven’t received any comments on your post, please go and check.

How to fix it;

Open your post in the browser.

Go to the Post settings.

Click on more settings tab.

Here you will see that the comments and linkback enabling boxes are both unchecked.

Check both boxes by clicking on them.

Save the Post settings.

Go back to the Post to see if the comment b option is showing.

This fixes the company problem usually. If it doesn’t works contact the

” (un) Happiness Engineers”

And do check your posts after they are published. There are many posts where I couldn’t comment because of this issue.



Blogging Insights # 6 – How important are images?

Dr Tanya asks;


1.How important are images to a blog post?

After my very first blog post, I saw that people are using pictures to make their posts more attractive and I started to find out where to get these pictures and how to use them intelegntly. Tanya was the longer answering my many question in this respect. I still haven’t completely tapped the free resources available to us but I am learning daily. If I can’t find an image in three free resources of WP, I Google the topic and try to use images which are not copy right protected. Though I need to learn more about this as well.

I guess I will ask Tanya again!!!!!

2.What is the role of images in blog traffic and reader engagement?

Sometimes images are an integral part of the post and at other times they are three window dressing. I use graphs etc. in a few of my posts and in others I used them to reinforce my point. Sometimes I use images as a tacit hint towards my meaning.

In all these instances, images play a pivotal role. They attract the reader to open up the post and check it out. Using images, graphics and gif are all a part of marketing your blog.

3.How many images on average do you use in a blog post?

Usually just one. It could be the Prompt photo or something related to my post. Sometimes if the post is a long one, I would put another picture at or near the end.

Using pictures, draws the attention and increases the blog traffic as well.

Tanya’s new series is opening up discussions about blogging and our nothing preference and practices.

If you want to learn about how other bloggers are doing it, then you should follow this series.



Blogging Insights- How do I do it!

Dr.Tanya has asked another set of questions about blogging, in her Blogging Insight series.

Human beings are creatures of habit, and why should writers/bloggers be any different? We all have our set patterns of doing things. Today I am asking you to share some of your blogging habits.

# blogging habits


1. Do you follow a blogging schedule or do you post “freestyle“?

I have a freestyle blogging schedule! Does it make sense?

I follow a schedule in my mind, which entails writing e few posts per day and pre-scheduling them to be posted at certain fixed times, the next day. Only the daily prompts are done the same day.

But I don’t hold myself to a fixed timetable. I write when I have time and am free. Sometimes I have 5-6 drafts and can write the posts for the next couple of days at one sitting. Someday I won’t have enough things to work on and would wait for a weekly prompt or dig through my draft folder to complete a post on my niche topic.

It’s a flexible routine, which works for me.

2. Where do you do most of your writing/blogging?

I write whenever and where ever I can. At home, I blog on my iPad or laptop and while on the go, I used my phone to write and schedule my posts.

3. Have you dedicated a particular time for blogging?

Not per sé! I have a rough idea that I spend around 2-3 hours daily on my blog. About an hour for writing and the other two for reading and commenting. Since I have kept my blogging schedule quite flexible, it could be any time of the day or night. Sometimes when I get up during the night I often take a look at my notifications and sometimes even write or answer a few comments too. This I will admit is not a good habit as it can end up waking me up completely and I am trying to stop doing it.

What about your blogging habits?

Why don’t you head over to Salted Caramel and be a part of this discussion?