Where did the chill went?

WQ #5: February 1: CHILLY AIR

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Let a chilly quote inspire you to share your cold experiences and photos, or write a chilly story, or poem, Feel free to borrow my photos this week if they help you feel a twinge of chill.

A winter sunset

When February arrives, we know that spring is not far behind

We dream of putting away our woolies and think of flowers ready to bloom

The angle of the sun is changing and the morning light seems different now

Just a few more chilly days and then we’ll welcome spring

I want to walk outside early in the morning but it’s still cold so I only venture out to check the temperature and to take a few pictures of the sunrise. Our weather changes so rapidly at the end of winter that we jump directly from being quite cold to “ I need to turn on the fan” weather. So whatever is left of cold weather, we should savor.

We are lucky to have all four seasons where we live. Each season comes with its own beauty. The winter season is followed by spring. Spring gives way to summer and autumn follows summer. All are welcomed with a sigh of relief as it brings a much-awaited change. In fact, my favorite season is the changing season!

Written for; WQ #5- Chilly air, hosted by Marsha



Breaking free- In search of Perfection

Obsession for perfection

Leads you down the garden path

Wasting precious moments of our limited time

Spending mental facilities already strained

Why not break free from this self-created trap

Give up the desire to be perfect, be acceptable

Believe me your life will be much happier


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “perfection.’” Use it any way you like. Enjoy!

In response to Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday



Time; our friend or enemy

Each take is unique, and that is the beauty of a writing prompt. It takes each one of us on a different trail”

The hands of the clock

Revolve and come back

But the time flows

In one direction only

Like a river the waters of which

Never pass a point again

Lovers meet, embrace and separate

Time decides where,when, and how

Time is the important quotient

In the equation of life

The rise and fall of people

All depends on where they stand

In relation to ever-passing time


Written in response to RXC 266, hosted by Reena



Gossip girls

Women whisper at a table in a crowd
This week’s photo is credited to Fill1970 on Pixabay

It depicts two women seated at a table in a restaurant or at a gathering with one telling the other a secret. People mill about in the background.


Tall claims, or obstinate views

Grind on my nerves because of their fallacy

The evening enjoyment is bound to be ruined

When one is faced with the harrowing prospect

Of listening to gossip about everyone present

Spare someone you ask, perhaps your best friend?

Oh no, I have the juiciest titbit about her, you’re informed!


claim | obstinate | grind | harrowing | bound

Written in response to FFFC # 204, hosted by Paula this week.

Also included Greg’s blog 5 word weekly





New year pledge?

This week Punam is the host of dVerse

She says;

So, for today’s poetics I thought we should all give another go to resolutions. I share five random pieces of advice. Weave any one of them in a poem in whichever way you want to. Use it as a springboard for your verse. It could be a resolution poem for yourself or maybe a family member or friend. If none of these advice inspires you, write a poem on your very own resolution.

2. When you add something to the cupboard of life, subtract something.


Too much of something, even good can be a burden sometimes

When you add something to the cupboard of life, subtract something

Material possessions take too much space give some away as you add more

Wealth and abundance are always more when shared with those in need

If you have joy aplenty, don’t hoard it in your heart, spread it with smiles

Peace and contentment, the ultimate treasure will grow as you share them

This is my motto for this year and all the years I will live

Give and you shall receive more to delight your soul


I’ve used the line in bold as the starting point of my poem and my resolution for this year. Very true that February is a better time to set goal for the new year.

  1. Your self-worth is not in your inbox.
  2. When you add something to the cupboard of life, subtract something

3. Immerse yourself completely in a happy moment and say aloud, “I am happy now”!

4. Parent the child you have and don’t try to turn them into what you want.

5. At the end of each day fold your clothes and put them away, no matter how tired you are.



One Liner- Endings and beginnings

January ended yesterday, February starts today. Each ending marks a new beginning! Go forth with enthusiasm and welcome the new day in!


My heartfelt thanks to Linda for hosting another terrific JuJoJan this year. It makes our new year beginning enthusiastic and energetic.

Written for Linda’s One Liner Wednesday



Meeting the bar- Memento

The prompt;

Write a free style poetry with a theme about memento, using symbolism as a poetic device.


A small locket, holding a lock of hair

A memento to a love lost not forgotten

It is an emotional need to hold onto things

That reminds us of that golden time gone by

Beautiful memories of the past that evoke a

Nostalgia, a longing that makes the heart ache

A time that can never come back, leaving us

With a memento to remember it by


Another re-share from January 2019.

Written in response to dVerse- Memento, hosted by Grace



Sunday Poser # 117

Welcome back to another Sunday Poser

This week my question is;

How do you pay any good done towards you, forward?

Paying any good, kind gesture performed towards you forward, makes the world we live in a better place. I firmly believe that any good done selflessly pays back in a positive way.

While driving, if someone stops for me to pass or turn, I return the favor by giving way to someone else. It’s the same In queues in grocery stores and other places.

Returning a smile is the simplest and easiest way to way to pay forward a good deed. Saying a cheery hello, opening the door for someone, and helping when someone spills something are really simple ways to help others. When I am helped by someone, I try to do the same. And the reverse is true too, if I help someone, the gesture is returned invariably to me.

Do you try to pay it forward, or back toward those who are kind to you?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section or you can write your own post and link it to this one so that I can find it.

As usual, thanks of visiting and reading.