What a cheek!

The young generation these days lack respect for their elders in most societies. Ask a question, and you get either a sarcastic, cheeky response or they’d downright ignore you.

I have a special peeve against this sort of behavior. Subconsciously, I compare them to myself at that age. Our generation was trained or rather drilled in having good manners. Please, thanks, excuse me were the words that were essential in our speech.

Now everyone is addressed as “man”, people think it’s a waste of breath to say, sir or ma’am. And if you ask them to repeat something, it never goes well. As for the cheek, they show, it is unacceptable for people of my ilk.

Why have the teaching of polite manners to our children has been given a backseat?

Written for Thursday Inspiration- Cheek, hosted by Jim



Things that are forgotten

This week we are asked to use Forgotten as our prompt in the light of quotes.

“The richness of life lies in memories we have forgotten”

Cesare Pavese

My life is enriched with events past and present 
What happened yesterday or many days, years ago
May not all be present in my memory vividly
But it all contributes towards what my mind has matured into
Past experience color my vision from obscurity
What I have forgotten, lies in my subconscious, guiding my thoughts

How many times you’ve thought to yourself; “This is very important and I won’t forget it” only to completely forget it little while later!

There are tricks to remember things by associating them with other things/ items that we know or see around us. Memory can be notoriously faulty and unreliable, specially when we need it the most. I find it most useful to write important information down. The only drawback is that I forget where!

Memories of things unpleasant 
Hurtful and damaging linger on
At the slightest provocation
They raise their ugly heads to taunt us
It needs a strong will to let go of them
To forget what opens the wounds we are trying to heal
Leave those memories in the past, where they belong

Written for;

WQWWC #49 – Topic: Forgotten, hosted by Marsha



The throne

Out in the garden sits the throne
I know it doesn’t look much like a throne
But that’s the secret
Most would ignore it
Thinking it is just an old wooden chair
But only the discerning would see its value
The one who sits here can be the master
Of this beautiful domain
The blooming flowers, fresh new leaves
Grass like velvet green
Isn’t this view worth a king’s ransom?


Written in response to CCC # 158, hosted by Crispina



Eternal cycle

Till the universe lives
Life goes around in eternal cycle
Birth followed by life and death
And then rebirth

We are born and then we die
But we live on in our children
And their children,
Till the universe lives

From the root, new shoots sprout
From decay springs new life
From dead people, good deeds live
Till those who remember, are alive

Live goes around in eternal cycle


Photo Credit Spencer Byles

Written for TWP and MLMM-Photo Challenge

Tuesday Writing Prompt; What does it mean to be eternal? What does it look like? Describe any colors, ideas, or emotions.

Photo Challenge





Do I love shopping? Are you serious!

Shopping Trolley in an empty supermarket
Shopping – Image by KL Caley

This photo brings back wonderful memories of shopping in my favorite grocery store in Seattle. Those were pre-Covid days when I loved to go shopping at the slightest excuse. There could be multiple trips to the store in a day as it was a mere 5-7 minutes walk.

I have to admit that I was addicted to shopping in those days. Then Covid happened and we couldn’t even go and fetch our own bread and eggs. Everything was being done through apps, who in turn employed brave people who would venture into stores for grocery and meds on our behalf. It was expensive but safe. And feeling gratitude towards those people who were risking their lives on our behalf, we would include a generous tip in the payment.

The bar imposed on us by circumstance to not visit stores in person made me realize a very important fact. I can do without a lot of things that I used to buy. Cosmetics, clothes, shoes, candy all were frivolous expenditures and could easily be avoided. Perhaps I could order candy once in a while from Amazon, but the rest was not needed.

Now, I am sort of allergic to shopping. I only go to a store, fully masked and equipped with hand sanitizer, to buy things which we really need. No extra, or just for the fun of it, purchase!

Written for WritePhoto – Shopping, hosted by KL Caley




Think how beautiful our worlds would be

If we shared in our good fortune with those in need

Food won’t ever go to waste and no one would go hungry

Millions of tons of wasted food feeding hungry bellies

Resource would be properly utilized, there’d be no paucity

Energy, electricity, gas, all shared with people around the world

Money, not an object but the desire for a unified humanity

Joys and happiness shared among our fellow men, women

Sorrow and grief divided and halved when shared

Think how beautiful our world would be?

“Great satisfaction comes from sharing with others.” ~ Unknown.

Written in response to Weekly Prompts, by Sue W and GC



A storm is coming!

We all are standing at the edge of the precipice 

Staring at the storm that is sure to lay waste to everything

Yet we stand here helplessly, caught in the moment

Just like a victim cannot break eye contact with a predator

Blight and famine

Hunger and destruction

Floods and deluge

All are waiting to wreak havoc on the human race

Under the umbrella that is given the name; Climate change
Photo credit One Big Photo

Written in response to MLMM-Photo Challenge hosted by Weejars




Before we acquire knowledge and enlightenment 

We stumble in the dark

The way is not clear as it’s shrouded in ignorance

When the light is turned on we can see our way

With knowledge not only our lives are illuminated

But we can be the light that brightens the worlds for others

Written for Writing Challenge from Ebar



Vaccinated? Going For A Booster?

Fandango Provocatively asks;

If you have already received your initial COVID-19 vaccinations, are you intending to get a booster shot when it becomes available to you? Why or why not? If you have yet to be vaccinated for COVID-19, are you intending to ever get vaccinated? Why or why not?

Funny that Fandango has asked this question today. I was going to get my booster yesterday. But it got late so today I’ll get my booster dose.

I got my first vaccine on 30th March and the second dose on 28th April. In Pakistan, most of us were vaccinated with Sinopharm, the Chinese vaccine. There was no reaction to either the first dose or to the second dose.

6 weeks after my second dose, I got the Covid antibodies tested and they were in the reactive range but not very impressive. I thought that since I take immunosuppressive meds, that’s why my antibodies were low. I am super careful while going out and always wear a mask.

So far, I have been lucky to have avoided getting sick with Covid. A few days back I had an appointment with my endocrinologist and he advised me to get the booster dose.

So today I will go and get it. I hope I don’t fall sick with it because this is a Pfizer one!

The reason I got vaccinated and am going to get a booster dose is simple;

Vaccination is the best protection we have against Covid. There hasn’t been a cure discovered against this virus but a vaccine can protect me from getting ill. Even if I catch the disease, it won’t land me in the intensive care or on a ventilator.


P S; got my vaccine today. So far no side effects.