Sharing my world- July 11, 2022

Melanie, our gracious host has asked these questions, this week;


How did you spend the money from your very first job?

I never had a job with pay check. But we used to get money from all the elders in the family on Eid. Mostly we used it to buy stuff we wanted/ needed. Once I remember I was in grade 5 and our country was facing a huge internal displacement of millions of people due to floods. The Red Cross was collecting money for their rehabilitation and I donated all my Eidie ( Eid money) to them. It was I think the most satisfying use of my money.

Would You Rather Look Like A Potato, Or Feel Like A Potato? (Note. I have no idea why they used the word “potato”, but just went with it. Answer any way you like, this question is purely for fun)


I don’t think I look like a potato yet. Perhaps an apple, which is round in the middle. So I would rather not look like a potato, I’d rather feel like one. Everyone loves a potato be it fried, baked or mashed!

What were the best pair of shoes you have owned?

I discovered Fit flops, a European brand of shoes that have arch support for my flat feet. After getting my first pair, I have fallen in love with them and I now own lots of them in every color I can find.

Besides war and diplomacy, what would be the best way for countries to settle disputes?

Any country that has a grievance against another, the leaders should be shut/ confined in a room without food till they come to an amicable solution. It’ll take less than a day.


In these often depressing times, how do you find the bright spots?

I look for good people doing good things. This restores my faith in basic goodness of humanity. And I think it’s only way to feel hope for the future.

On another positive note, we celebrated Eid-Ul-Adha on Sunday and it was a good day to get together with the family.

All decked up for Eid!

Thanks Melanie for these fun questions!



37 years today

On 5th July 1985, I got married. Today it’s been 37 years and I am very blessed to be married to such a gem of a person.

A few days back I was having a comments conversation with a fellow blogger about an ideal relationship/ marriage. We both agreed that ideal has a different definition for everyone.

Perhaps it matches what we expect. Some people look for romance in a relationship while others want security. Some feel the need to be put first while others are happy with a friendly relationship.

As I have mentioned before that mine was an arranged marriage and I had only met my husband once before we got married. I’d say it was a sheer draw of luck or a great blessing from the Almighty that we were married to each other as we complement each other’s personalities.

With my recent surgery, I’ve been given more cause to be grateful for my husband as he has looked after me so well post-surgery. I wake him up in the middle of the night when I am in pain or need something. He is never grumpy or annoyed at having his beauty rest spoiled.

So do I have an ideal marriage?

Yes, I can say that I have. He is loving, kind, generous and caring. In return I too show him same level of love and care.

A happy anniversary to us both!



Sharing my world and views- June 13,2022

Melanie is our gracious host for SYW


What is one topic you really like to talk about? Or something you really want to tell people?

I am a giver of free advice!

So I like to sort out the problems of my family and friends. Mostly I give advice on medical issues. Sometimes I also talk about life and religion. But I only talk to those who are willing to listen.

What do you normally never tell strangers about yourself? (be general, I don’t need to know details or invade privacy)

I wish that there were things that I didn’t talk about! My family says that I share too many details and too much information about things that are no concern to others. I wish that I could control my desire to share.

Have you ever broken anything? (can be health related, emotion related, or situation related – you define “broken anything” for your own satisfaction)

Three years ago I broke my footbones in three places. Before that, I broke the two cartilages in my right knee. These are things in my body that I broke. Other than that I have broken many things because I’m very clumsy.

Is having a big ego a negative trait or positive trait?

I think that it’s both an advantage and a disadvantage. The advantage is that people with big egos are very confident in their own abilities. They go boldly forward without the fear of failure.

The disadvantage is that they don’t ask for or accept help. Even when they know they need help, their ego stops them from asking or accepting help from others.


What aspects of your city or neighborhood are you grateful for?

Since the summer break has started, I’ve come to Lahore. It’s a huge sprawling city with all the amenities of modern life available here. I’m grateful that the surgery that’s planned for the end of this month will be performed by a very capable surgeon in this city. And best of all, most of my family is here to lend me moral and statistical support.

A few flowers surviving this heat

Thank you Melanie, for these interesting questions.



Hiding one’s identity

This week Fandango asks us;

How do you feel about online anonymity? Do you believe that when people are hiding their real world identity, it encourages them to misbehave or to be offensive? Or does it allow people to reveal who they really are or possibly how they would choose to be and act all the time if they could?


I blog under a pseudonym. I have revealed a lot of details about myself but not my real name.

When I started blogging it was an impulsive decision and I hadn’t given the matter much thought but I had heard of people getting harassed because of the opinions they share online. This made me use a version of name that’s similar to my name. And at first I kept everything about myself secret. My origin, my religion and where I live. Gradually I revealed a lot of details about myself, even shared my picture on my blog because I felt safe here.

Another reason for keeping my identity hidden was that I used to express my opinions about politics, especially Trump on my blog and I didn’t want any repercussions from that too. Being anonymous gave me the freedom to express my views openly without any fear of repercussions.

These were my reasons for keeping a part of my identity hidden. As for the first part of the question, do I think that people behave worse when their identity is hidden?

I don’t think this is the case for most of the people I’ve met here. Anyone who is going to be obnoxious will be irrespective of if they are using their real name or an alias.

Anonymity does give a sort of freedom but the true nature of the person behind the mask comes through sooner or later.


Written in response to FPQ # 168, hosted by Fandango



First share of my world for June’22

Melanie, our gracious host of SYW has asked these questions this week;


When you were a kid, did you eat the crusts on your sandwich or not?

I love the first slice of the bread and crusts too. I never take them off while making bread pudding. Only when I wanted to make sandwiches for a party, I’d take off the crust but it always felt wasteful.

Are you a fan of musicals—why or why not?

Not particularly! Some older movies where the song comes naturally as a part of the story, are fine but otherwise, the only musicals I like are the animated ones.

Is it difficult to do what you do? (for a living, hobby etc.). If you’re retired, what you ‘did’ previously for a job can be substituted.

I have always been a homemaker since I married. Being a mother to three kids was an extremely hectic job. Now all of them are married and have their own kids. My job is still of a homemaker but it more relaxed now and my one important duty is to spoil my grandkids.

What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to? (Doesn’t have to be a rock concert either).

I think way back when I was fond of going to live music concerts, we went to a few concerts arranged by the club we were members of. I mostly like Urdu pop songs and qwalis!

Mast qalandar- Qwali


Looking back over your life, what is one thing you’re grateful for? One thing you really regret?

I can’t say that I don’t regret anything that I’ve done in my life but I believe that every mistake I’ve made has taught me something. So I wouldn’t want to pick up one thing that I’ve regretted over others. As for the thing I am most grateful for, it would be the faith that I’ve developed over time in God/Allah. This is the most valuable asset of my life and I’m immensely grateful for it.

Thanks Melanie for these interesting questions.



Ironing as a hobby!

Ironing was never something that I liked. Perhaps because it’s mostly hot in our country and ironing is hot work. In college, we were doing women guard training and had a military-style uniform that had to be starched and ironed by your truly every week, and I hated doing it.

But ironically, when my kids were in school, the guy who used to do the ironing for us left unannounced and I was left with this job, at that stage I started enjoying ironing. I’d take out the semi wet clothes and iron them to a great finish. As we wear mostly cotton here it was way better to let the clothes dry completely and then iron them.

I used to put on music and let my mind wander while ironing. I solved many problems this way. I think as far as mindless activities go, ironing is one of the best one.

Your prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “iron(y).” Use “iron,” use “irony,” or use both. Use them any way you’d like. Bonus points if you use both. Have fun!


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Last sharing of my world for May

Melanie, our gracious host for SYW has asked these questions this week;


Has anyone ever tried to scam you?

Oh yes, lots of people, lots of times!

People have hacked my credit cards, used my digital info to do online shopping, and have also approached me through the usual scamming channels like emails, text messages, etc. when I was naive, I used to fall for the hard-luck stories some people used to get money out of me but now I am much wiser! ( hopefully )

What’s the best thing about parties?

If you aren’t the host, then parties are good. You just go there, eat the food, have a nice time socializing, and come home. No cooking and no cleaning are needed.

Do you listen to people’s advice if you didn’t ask for it?

I do, perhaps because I myself am in habit of delivering unsolicited advice. It’s up to me to act on the said advice or ignore it.

Why is it impossible to spell funeral without fun?

This is a tough one!

Spelling it with fun doesn’t mean people have fun at funerals. We don’t as they are somber occasions in our culture. More of a religious occasion than a social one.


How was last week for you?

Last week we were still settling down in our new home. Lots of things needed to be fixed, altered and repaired. It was a busy, busy week. But thankfully, since Saturday, we are almost done. So much so that I had a spa day on Sunday.

Thank you so much Melanie for fun questions.



The shifting/ moving house saga continues!

It’s been four days and slowly we are getting organized. But when you move from a smaller house into a bigger one and the people you’ve engaged aren’t as organized as you wished they were, you’re left with much more to do than you imagined.

As I said that we are getting there but my time is taken up by putting rooms back to order and helping my daughter and grandson with their organizing.

I make time to write my blog posts, read and answer the comments but unfortunately I haven’t been able to read as many posts as I usually do. Many I skim through and many I saved hoping to read them later. But I now realize that it is not possible to catch up on 3-4 days’ worth of posts so, with apologies, I will start afresh tomorrow and will try to be there to enjoy your posts.

Meanwhile, with me luck that I’m done by Monday so that the new week can start on a good, fresh note.

See you all soon.



Sunday Poser # 80

Welcome back to another Sunday Poser

This week my question is;

How truthful are you?

To be honest, not many would admit to telling lies/fibs. But we all do. It’s either to save our skin/dignity or to save others from being hurt or humiliated.

I do tell fibs when I think an honest opinion will hurt someone’s feelings. Or sometimes I do it when I’ve forgotten to do something and don’t want to be scolded for it. But mostly my brain and tongue overtake my desire to be prudent and I blurt out the truth and sometimes it has even more dire consequences than telling the truth. Like saying something that would’ve better be left unsaid or telling others what I think about their dress, shoes, etc, and offending them.

What about you? Do you always tell the truth or can you tell a white lie to save the situation?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section or you can write your own post and link it to this one so that I can find it.

As usual, thanks of visiting and reading.



How much control do we have?

I think that we delude ourselves when we think that we can exercise full control over the direction our lives take.

Take my life for example; I was studying medicine, concentrating especially on the subjects related to surgery and planning to be a surgeon.

What happened instead was that I married with one year to go before my studies were to be completed, had a baby and despite trying to go back to the med school, didn’t get the chance to do it.

My saving grace is that I bend with my circumstances, I mold and adjust my thinking to my given situation, and don’t regret what could’ve been or should’ve been.

I think the only thing I do control in my life is the way I think and how I react to my circumstances.


Written for Six Sentences Story- Control, hosted by Girlie on the Edge’s blog- Denise