Do you? Wanna Know Me Better!



So, are you ready?

10 “briefly explain” questions:

  1. What really makes you angry? Impolite, rude people, injustice, entitled people and those who think they are above the rest of us.
  2. What is your favorite food that you cannot do without? It used to be carbs. Now I think it’s coffee.
  3. What is your biggest fear? I fear that we will destroy the environment of our planet and the next generations will have to pay the price.
  4. What has been your biggest accomplishment this year? Personally, I have achieved success regarding my weight loss and getting my blood glucose levels back to normal. In blogging, I feel that my blog is doing well, especially the Prompt that I have re-started, What do you see!
  5. If you could live any where in the world, where would that be? I would love to live in a scenic place with hills and streams, yet with all the facilities of modern-day living.
  6. What is your favorite method to relieve stress? Meditation, walking and listing to music. Sometimes I do all three together. Works wonderfully.
  7. Would you rather live on the Moon or on Mars for two years? Neither!
  8. What is your favorite type of weather? I love it when one weather changes into others. Like spring into the beginning of summer, fall changing into winter or winter gibbing way to spring.
  9. What is your favorite sport to play or watch? None. I have given up on all sports, watching recently and playing looooong time back.
  10. Do you enjoy creative efforts to attract readers to your blog? Sure I do. My recent effort was re-starting Helene‘s Prompt, What do you see. It has increased my blog traffic considerably.

10 “this or that” questions:

  1. Beach or Mountains? Mountains
  2. Fish or fried chicken wings? Fish and chips
  3. Sydney or Rio De Janeiro? Both
  4. Swimming or climbing hills? Neither.
  5. Steak or Lamb? Neither
  6. Summer or Winter? Both
  7. Countryside or city? City.
  8. Spring or Autumn? Autumn
  9. Political Science or Statistics? Statistics
  10. A Train or Airplane Ride? 

I love both. In fact, I don’t mind bus rides either. The only thing I ask is that it should be comfortable.

Anyone who wants to answer these questions is most welcome to do so. But do link back to my post so that I can read your replies.



The real me # 6 -Again?

Rory is the host of The Really you

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The Really You!

Season 1 – Game 06

Question Fun Directory

So I thought that one I answered last week was the sixth one. But here’s another #6! I guess I didn’t count properly.

What relaxes you more – a hot shower or a hot bath?

With my artificial knees, I don’t take the risk of slipping in the bathtub. So it is always a shower. Besides I like my warm/hot showers. It also saves on time and water.

If you are looking for immediate satisfaction in the stimulation department, what is your go-to? [Answer how you see fit]

Food brings instant satisfaction. When tired, getting into my own bed is also relaxing. A good book or a stolen piece of chocolate would do the trick too.

What exercise do you take on a fairly regular basis?

I have written about it so often that I think everyone now knows that I like to walk. I won’t say that I love walking, that would be stretching the truth a bit far. But I am now addicted to walking. If I don’t get my 12000- 13000 steps daily, I feel bad. Like I have been naughty. So I contrive one way or the other to walk.

My Fitbit helps me in keeping a track of my steps, calories burned and heart rate, etc. It is a good help towards maintaining my health.



Really really me- # 6

Rory is the host of The real you.

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The Really You!

Season 1 – Game 05

Question Fun Directory

What is or who is The Really You? No, really, as in really you? Who are you really? That’s basically what this game is about – who are you – who is – the really you!

Every week – just three questions – about you to tell us!

What is the silliest thing you have heard people say about you?

Well, you know how people come up with silly prejudices and misconceptions about you! The most unbelievable was the remark that ” I am too forceful in my opinions ”

Can you believe it? Me!!!

Well, I admit that I might be a tad to persuasive in trying to guide her but forceful would not be the word I’d use.

Okay so if I firmly hold to my believes, does that make me forceful? I leave the decision to you…. 😅

Which of your personality traits has been the most useful?

That I am an optimist. I am down occasionally but the sunny side of my personality always pulls me up, sooner or later. It is a big asset to me because as you all know life can be tough at times. So it is a sort of weapon to fight these lows. It has helped me throughout my life and I am really grateful that I am the rose-colored glasses and the glass half full type of person. For me, there will always be light at the end of the tunnel and every cloud would have a silver lining.

Are you a early bird or a night owl?

It all depends on my insomnia. If allowed to sleep, I like to go to bed around nine and get up early. But as any insomniac knows we really have to follow the routine set for us by our (not so) best friend, the insomnia!

Sometimes, if I am reading I can be up till wee hours and that would be because of the very interesting story and not my (not so) best friend.



More about me- 4

Rory wants to know more about us!

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The Really You!

Season 1 – Game 04

Question Fun Directory

What is or who is The Really You? No, really, as in really you? Who are you really? That’s basically what this game is about – who are you – who is – the really you!

Every week – just three questions – about you to tell us!


Do you believe things happen for a reason?

I do believe that everything that happens to us and around us, happens for a reason. We may not know the reason behind any occurrence but there is a reason why it happens. God has planned each and everything meticulously. We are all here for a reason. We are born, live our lives and eventually die. All this is not without a reason. Even when things don’t go as planned, there is some good that will come out of it. If there was no reason behind events, life would be meaningless.

Have you ever been so hyperfocused on something that you have lost complete track of time?

Have I??? Oh for sure and it’s just recently that I have very consciously broken this habit of mine. My kids used to get so irritated by this hyper-focus of mind that they go out of their way to distract me. And what would I be doing with so much concentration? Playing games on my PC, phone or tablet.

Thank God that I am mostly cured of this.

What contributions can you make as an individual to help with being more environmental and or what have you made as contributions?

I do what I can. And that includes telling my family and friends to be more environmentally friendly.

We recycle, sort the garbage into three categories and compost too. We reuse bags and try to walk where we can go without driving. Restrict the use of heating and cooling to when very necessary.

I have also stopped using bottled water. I have my own bottle which I repeatedly fill with water and don’t use the ones we see littering all over the place.

We recycle clothes and household items too. Giving away what we don’t use anymore is a good way to conserve the resources.



The real me! Installment # 3

Rory is asking some new questions;

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The Really You!

Season 1 – Game 03

Question Fun Directory

What is or who is The Really You? No, really, as in really you? Who are you really? That’s basically what this game is about – who are you – who is – the really you!

Every week – just three questions – about you to tell us!

What makes you laugh, as in really laugh hard?

I am very unpredictable in this sense. Some times people are rolling over with laughter and I don’t even crack a smile. At other times, I remember some incident from past and it becomes difficult to control my mirth. Mostly what strikes me funny is clever and witty wordplay, as compared to situational comedy.

What makes you really angry?

I get angry when things don’t go as they should. Injustice, racism, discrimination, misbehavior, rudeness, greed, falsehoods…… It’s a long list.

Personally I get very miffed at rudeness. It is hard for me to swallow. Specially when coming from those who are supposed to be polite, as in customer service. I find that as I agree, my anger-o- meter has become a bit disturbed. I need to practice my calming techniques.

Who knows you the best?

I think my husband know me as much as anyone can. My close friends can to some extent do so too. But there are things about me that I think that even I don’t know. It is only when we are tested in extreme conditions that our hidden traits come forward.



The real you 👈

Rory is introducing a new game!

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The Really You!

Season 1 – Game 01

Question Fun Directory


What is or who is The Really You? No, really, as in really you? Who are you really? That’s basically what this game is about – who are you – who is – the really you!

Every week – just three questions – about you to tell us!

What is your favourite sweet treat?

Dare I say? Chocolate. Preferably dark chocolate with a touch of citrus, like orange. My go-to favorite is Lindt “Intense Orange”. Too bad they never got into making sugar free chocolate. My other opinion is Russel Stover sugar-free chocolate.

If you want to really relax – what is your go to?

My couch in the living room. It should have a permanent dent in the cushion where I sit. I sit here when I am done with my walk, food or sleeping. You can guess I am here all the time when at home.

What is your guiltiest pleasure?

My pleasure these days is blogging. But I feel guilty when I do it when I should be doing other things. While sitting on my couch, sometimes inertia strikes me and I spend up to an hour just looking at my blog, reading and commenting.

But I do other stuff too, so I should not feel guilty. I don’t think that doing something we enjoy should give us guilt unless it is bad for us!!!



Working on Us- Week # 22- Fear of rejection

Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess is the creator of this challenge.

Hello, All! Welcome back to “Working on Us” – A series that represents people with mental health illnesses/disorders. 



Week #22 Topic: Rejection and Overcoming Rejection

Why Do We Fear Rejection?

There are many facets to the fear of rejection. Here are some of the main reasons why you might fear being disliked and shunned:

  • You fear to be alone and isolated from others
  • You’re scared of having your worst fears confirmed, i.e. that you’re unlovable, stupid, ugly, worthless, a failure, etc.
  • You fear to have old trauma triggered, i.e. feelings of abandonment from childhood
  • You’re scared of the end product, i.e. plunging into depression, anxiety, self-loathing, etc.


Questions Prompts:

  1. Have you ever been rejected by family/friends because of your mental illness/disorder?
  2. Has anyone mistreated you to the point you felt like you were nothing?
  3. Have you ever confronted the person/persons that have made you feel this way?
  4. If the answer to #3 is “Yes”, was anything resolved?
  5. Has rejection changed you in any way? ie… Self-Esteem, Depression, and/or changed your opinion the way you feel towards the human race as a whole?
  6. Or, has rejection done the opposite and made your stronger and more resilient?


If you choose not to answer the questions and rather write a narrative about a certain situation, please feel free to.  For that matter, you can choose any way you want to handle this topic.  If you want to write a poem, short prose, etc… Please feel free to express yourself the way you would like to.


Fear of Rejection


Help Break The Stigma Surrounding Mental Health



My narrative;

I am sharing things from my own childhood, where I faced the fear of being alone.

One thing I must make clear that this post is not about self-pity. It is about overcoming obstacles thrown in our way by circumstances and life itself.

As I have mentioned before I lost my mother at the age of six. I had two brothers, one older and one younger to me. My father remarried after a couple of years. Things were going well but then my youngest brother was born. His birth heralded a change in my stepmom’s behavior. She became very possessive and jealous about us sharing our father’s love with our stepbrother. As he grew up, her insecurities grew too. She would be comparing what we got as in clothes etc. with what her son got. It was very petty-minded of her. Gradually life became very tough for us three siblings.

She tried to create a rift between us and our father. Though she was unsuccessful, she managed to create an atmosphere of resentment and tension in our home. Her jealousy drove her to the extent that she would lie about things or exaggerate them out of proportion to make us look bad. Luckily, we three siblings had a bond of love and a stronger bond of a common enemy to hold us together. We were always there for each other in our growing years. But as my brothers grew up they found activities and life outside the home to be more attractive and free from stress and hence they were not around that much when I hit teenage. I was a shy girl and didn’t have many friends.

At this time in my life, I faced a sense of isolation and fear of being alone in life. I felt that I was unwanted and useless and would often give in to bouts of self-pity and crying. It is a long saga, which continued till I got married and moved out of my father’s home. I don’t blame my father because we never told him what was going on. He was suffering from CAD (coronary artery disease) and any stress was bad for him. So, we suffered in silence.

But from this situation, I discovered my inner strength. Little by little, I started to feel good in myself. I always had my father’s love to support me, so I started to disregard the arrows of criticism and dislike aimed at me. My past formed me. Now I have achieved the mental state that I always wanted. Where I am not bothered about what others think of me or about my actions. I feel that having faced a tough time growing up, I have developed a resistance to being bullied. It has helped me overcome my fears of rejection as I know my own worth now.

The lesson learned is that people may want to subdue you, they may want you to feel unwanted or may try to isolate you, but you can overcome this by believing in yourself. By knowing your good qualities and by loving yourself.




Working On Us- Week #21 – Addiction and Obsession

Beckie is spreading awareness through this series of posts, Working On Us.

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Hello, All! Welcome back to “Working on Us” – A series that represents people with mental health illnesses/disorders. 

Help Break The Stigma Surrounding Mental Health




• Write your own post and create a pingback to the original post here.

• There are no right or wrong answers.  Write in any format you see fit.  (Answer’s, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, poem, short prose…anything, and/or narrative).

• You can do one or all prompts.

• You have from October 30th. through November 5th. to submit your entries.

• Please reblog the original post in order to spread more awareness.

• ( If you the blogger has a suggestion/question you want to ask in the future weeks, please submit them in the comment section of this post).

• Let’s see if we can get some men involved in this week’s prompts, your viewpoint/feelings are validated here too!

• Plus, as an added bonus, whoever responds to the following prompts will automatically be reblogged to promote your blog site and spread more awareness!


Remember to create a pingback to this original post after you write your own post.  Also, remember that this is not a prompt-based post.  Please write a narrative.  I really look forward to your responses.  Or, maybe I should say “We” all look forward to one another’s responses.


What is my addiction or obsession?

I have to admit that I have an addictive personality. Anything that seems good or appeals to me, becomes my addiction. I was addicted to playing games on my phone and it became such an obsession that I couldn’t let pass half an hour before I would open my game(s) and had to play. It would not matter if I was sitting with family or friends, I would play. It earned me a lot of chaff from them all but since I was addicted, I would ignore their justified protests and would take it all lightly. Some might say that this is not a serious thing, most people play games on their electronic devices. But if it becomes your focus for the day, the first thought that comes to you when you wake up, I would say it is an obsession or addiction.

My other and very long addiction is food.

We all have to eat to survive, but when food becomes an escape from all the problems of life, it becomes an addiction. I eat when happy as a celebration, I would eat when under stress as a way of coping and I would eat when I was angry or sad. I had justification for all my binging and felt that I had no choice.

Thankfully, and probably due to the fact that I have basic medical knowledge, I never went that far into the territory where I became morbidly obese, but it was touch and go. I used to realize on a regular basis that my weight is getting way over my desired weight and would then make efforts to reduce it. I think that the weight I have lost over my entire life is more than what I weigh now! But joking aside, I could never make sensible choices and would then go off the track after being on the diet successfully for a few months.

How do I try to overcome my addiction;

With my phone games, it was simple. The games I used to play on my phone, spending lots of hours and money on, were not updated to run with the newer and advanced model of the phone I got. I was left with the option of either carrying the old phone with me just to play the games on or to delete the games. I took the second option. And didn’t download any other game which seemed too much fun! You see I know my weakness.

Now sadly I cannot say that I have overcome my food addiction. But I got a scare which has made me realize that the way I am going can lead to big trouble. On a routine check-up, it turned out that all my blood stats were way higher than they should be. Especially, my blood glucose levels. This was a wake-up call indeed. I am following my doctor’s prescription to the letter and have made major changes in how I view food. Now I eat only when hungry. I have cut out my most favorite food group, carbs from my diet. And I walk after every meal and before going to bed.

I am proud to say that my levels have come back to normal and I have lost some weight as well.

I am a recovering food addict! I still have fears that something or the best other can put me back into the zone where I would start eating like there is no tomorrow.

But I have hope!




The Daily Four – Game 16

Rory is the host of The Daily Four

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The Daily Four

Season 1 – Game 16

Question Fun Directory

Welcome to The Daily Four!

Today’s Questions to the Readers are….

At which point of the day do you achieve the ‘Ah yes that hits the spot!’ With your hot drinks?

Well, I would love to say, after my fourth cup of joe, but unfortunately, I have limited my self to just one cup of coffee in the morning. If I want another one with my lunch, I have a small cup of regular coffee, after that it’s decaf. And that too just once. Because decaf has caffeine too. Trying to ease my insomnia and get my six-seven hours of sleep daily.

How honest are you really?

I think too honest. I blurt out the truth even when I can keep quiet. And when asked a direct question, I cannot lie with a straight face and people immediately know that I just fibbed. I have often gotten into trouble because of this habit. I share things that I need not share.

What was the first ‘album/record’ you ever bought?

No idea. I might have mentioned before that I have a very bad memory recall. I forget things, past: older our recent. One thing that I do remember was that my father loved the soundtrack of The graduate and used to play it often. The sound of silence was my favorite.

How well do you cope with noise?

I cope moderately well. I am not very sensitive to noise during the day time. Unless they are hammering nails into walls just next door. But the noise at night is a different cup of tea altogether. I am a very light sleeper and the slightest noise wakes me up. I always have a white noise machine on during the winter months and a fan during summers.



Are You A Sheeple or People?

Rory has asked a Question;

Are you a people pleaser?

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24 Hour Blog Question Directory


Are You A Sheeple or People?

Are you now or have you ever been a people pleaser?

I was a people pleaser most of my young life. Or maybe even later, till the age of forty. It wasn’t forced on me. It was what and who I was. I had this desire that people should like me and so I tried to please everyone.

If you were, how and why were you?

I would try to be nice to them. To be helpful and would go out of my way to do things for others. I would help my friends study at the cost of my own time. I would help everyone that asked. The reason was not that I did it out of fear or compulsion. It was in my nature. It was maybe a psychological issue deep down in myself, that I wanted approval or appreciation.

How did you break free of the bonds?

This came about gradually. I started to realize that even when I am nice to everyone, they weren’t always nice to me. I would hear things about myself from those people which weren’t nice or complimentary. Another thing was that I matured and realized that no one can win the approval of everyone!

This really changed my attitude. By the time I was forty, I became aware of a very important truth of life;

You don’t have to please people around you, you just need to be at peace with your own conscious!

This really liberated me from this desire to be a goody-good, people pleaser. Now I am nice to others, kind and considerate even but I don’t try that they should be happy with me all the time. Now I am free of this bondage!


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