Decision making is a Herculean task

This week’s Wednesday challenge here on partner Susan and my site is HERCULEAN.

I am re-Sharing a post from 2019, written in response to Sue Vincent’s WritePhoto prompt, Decisions.

Arriving at a decision that is acceptable for all parties concerned is indeed a Herculean task. It needs not only understanding but patience too.

The journey took too long

The road was bumpy and difficult 

They thought that they would overcome 

All the hurdles fate threw at them on this voyage 

But when it came to the decision on which path to take

It tore their relationship apart for they couldn’t agree

Whether to take the road to the eternal bliss going through 

The forest of thorny obstacles and stumbling roadblocks of life

Or to cruise along the insipid flat lands of uneventful routine existence


Written in response to;Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge -Herculean, hosted by Sue W and GC



2020- A year, a gift that kept on giving

This weeks prompt is;


Started quite innocently

No one ever dreamt of what it’ll bring

The pandemic caught us in its snare completely

The struggle was tough for so many families

Death and sickness very hard to deal with specially as we were ill-prepared

But the saga continues in ‘21 and ‘22 ………..

The disease waxing and waning sometimes we won, sometimes Covid won

Not content with disease, fate added a war to the mix

Unemployment, rising inflation have us by our throats

Now we are reaching the end of 2022 and a small hope is kindled

May be the new year will bring some tidings of joy, something to celebrate

This hope need lots of prayers and faith to make it a reality

Wishing you all the best in the new year


Written for; RXC PROMPT #260, hosted by Reena



Power is power- Travis Scott, The weekend and SZA

Though I haven’t watched Games of thrones, I love this song.

Lyrics ;

I was born of the ice and snow
With the winter wolves, in the dark alone
The wildest night, I became the one
And you’ll know you’re mine when the silence comes

Heavy is the crown, only for the weak

A knife in my heart couldn’t slow me down
‘Cause power is power, my fire never goes out
I rise from my scars, nothing hurts me now
‘Cause power is power
Now watch me burn it down

I been down for the coldest war
And I’ll know where I been ’cause I bled before, yeah
How do I know if I let you stay?
How do I know if we did it your way?
You wouldn’t take my place
Put me away, I’d die lookin’ up at your face
How do I ever know? Who can I trust?
Feelings of emptiness
Only love could kill me, God bless

A knife in my heart
Couldn’t slow me down (couldn’t slow me down)
‘Cause power is power (’cause power is power)
My fire never goes out
I rise from my scars
Nothing hurts me now (nothing hurts me now)
‘Cause power is power (’cause power is power)
Now watch me burn it down

Breathe, feel the air that I breathe (yeah)
Air that I, air that I breathe (ooh)
Who’s hotter? Been a monster with a crown (ooh)
So swamped by high water, keep your head up, you might drown (ooh)
In this world it’s way colder, by the day, we count it down
Been around, just been waitin’ up, she gon’ come around
I took a drag, bust it out the gates, my lil’ baby slay
I wore the flag, put that on my face, ain’t nobody safe
Lift the mask, they gon’ have to see what they can’t erase
I took a lie, so I took it back (do-do-do-do-do, yeah)
Danger’s on my mind (ah)
Ain’t no knife, dagger, bullet that can do it
For you, yeah you know, I go right up straight through it (yeah, yeah)

Heavy is the crown, but never for a queen (oh, yeah)

A knife in my heart
It couldn’t slow me down (couldn’t slow me down)
‘Cause power is power (’cause power is power)
The fire never goes out (oh)
I rise from my scars
Nothing hurts me now (nothing hurts me now)
‘Cause power is power (’cause power is power)
Now watch me burn it down (ooh, yeah, yeah)
Now watch me burn it down

Source: LyricFind

In response to Thursday Inspiration # 187- Power, hosted by Jim



July 5th, 1985

This week prompt by Britta Benson

July is hot and humid in Lahore

I was a bundle of nerves, apprehensive

Arranged marriages were the norm

But I hadn’t exchanged more than a few words

With the person with whom I was planning to spend my life

The ceremony went without a hitch

I made a pretty bride according to my family

I was given into the protection of my husband

Blessings of my father and brothers accompanied me

It was a new start, induction into a new family

How lucky I turned out to be on that day

Not only a kind, loving husband but I hit the bumper prize

A mother in law who was kinder than anyone I knew

A father in law who was a remarkable teacher to me

On that hot day in July

I started a journey that would be the rest of my life


Written for; W3 Prompt #32: Wea’ve Written Weekly, hosted by David



Amazing talent and bravery

Your Weekly Prompt – Exquisite – December 6, 2022

A few days ago I visited my elderly aunt. She is nearer to 90 than 80. She is gradually losing sight due to macular degeneration. Her life has been an uphill struggle since she was in her forties. But what I see in her home makes me appreciate how she has overcome her hardships and keeps herself busy and constructively occupied.

She had made an exquisitely embroidered table top insert which she had installed in an antique round table. She told me that she had started it 50 years ago but couldn’t finish it at that time because of the unavailability of the wool she was using it to embroider. When she got the material again, she finished the piece and now had found a table to get it inserted in.

I take so much courage and hope seeing her as she never gives up and is always busy making one thing or another, despite having difficulty seeing clearly. I wish I had taken a picture of that table top.

Got the picture of the table top embroidered by my aunt!

Kudos to human bravery, which refuses to give up.


Written in response to;Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #120 – 12/6/22 -Exquisite, hosted by Eugenia



December poetry challenge- Dodoitsu!

This month we’ll try a Japanese poetry form; dodoitsu. It is non-rhyming, with a humorous twist.Dodoitsu has four lines: 7 syllables, 7 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables. Please write about harvest or nature.


Waiting for the cold season

Woolen woolies all ready

Stash of crunchy nuts ready

The temp is still warm 😜


Written for December Poetry Challenge, hosted by Rebecca



Free range chickens

Organic food is supposed to be healthier for us, at least that’s what those in the industry tell us, but there’s a problem with it, it’s at least twice as expensive as ordinary food.

Free-range eggs and chicken are much more costly than caged eggs and chickens but I fail to see what is the actual difference here except for the price.

The same is the story with organic vegetables and fruits, where smaller packaging cost more and they look the same as non-organic produce, especially bananas which are smaller and greener!

People are conflicted when they are given the choice of buying organic or regular produce, but I personally feel that it’s just a marketing gimmick and that there is very little difference between the two.

I feel like it’s a sort of nutritional blackmail, that if we don’t buy organic produce or free-range chicken and eggs, we will be putting the health of our family at risk!

Do you buy the organic produce or regular one?

Written in response to Six Sentence Story- Range, hosted by Denise



Blogging- A way to reach people


” What I’m really concerned about is reaching one person.”

— Jorge Luis Borges


If we consider bloggers as writers, we can safely assume that the goal of a blogger is the same as a writer; To have their writing read!

When we write/ blog on a public platform, the aim is that people should read and benefit from our writing. It could entertain people or educate them. So it would be amazing if more people read our posts. But if only one person, the one who needed to read what we wrote, read our post then the purpose of writing is very much validated.

When more than one person reads my posts and comments on them, I feel that I am reaching out across the world to people who I probably would never meet in person ( except by a chance) and connecting with them. This is an amazing feeling and empowering too. The power of written words is immense and no one can foretell the impact it may have.

A few points I’ve learned during my blogging journey regarding the importance of what I write are;

Always stick to the truth, unless you’re writing fiction. Research your topic well and from multiple sources.

Convey a positive message whenever you can. Every situation has both positive and negative aspects, and concentrating only on the negative can have a depressing effect on the reader.

Be meticulous about your writing ( as much as you can) bad grammar and spelling can really distort your message.

Share personal experiences, it allows the reader to connect with you.

These are a few ways to reach out to the readers and connect with them.


Written for Blogging Insights-NF # 63, Reaching out, hosted by Tanya



One Liner- Weight loss

The older you get, the tougher it is to lose weight, because by then your body and your fat are really good friends.” – Bob Hope

The reward for eating less is that when I get on the weighing scale, I get a little spark of joy when it shows a downward trend.

In response to Linda’s One Liner Wednesday



The First Share of December’22

Di is our gracious host of Share Your World


1. Do you have a favourite outfit you like to wear?

I don’t have a specific outfit that I love to wear but certain colors dominate my wardrobe. Black in many forms, navy blue, red, and maroon are the colors I favor more.

2. What is the worst thing you were forced to wear as a child (school uniforms aside) ?

I have a very foggy memory of a taffeta frock that my grandmother made for me when I was around 6-7. Can’t recall many details of it but only that it was itchy!

3. Do you have a sweet tooth, and if so, are you a chewer, cruncher, or sucker?

I guess since I love chocolate, it would make me a sucker as chocolate needs to be savored slowly by gradually devolving it in the mouth. Right now, I am only dreaming of having chocolate one day.

4. Do you think you could eat your weight in chocolate?

I sincerely hope not. I do weigh a lot.


It’s been 4 weeks since my surgery and all the small incision have healed well. From today I can have soft food so from baby food I’ve graduated to toddler food! 😜

Marigold galore