Look closely

Look closely

Even a drop of water

Holds a world captivating

With rainbow hues and

Wonder caught in it

Look closely

At the world around you

And you will be blown away

With the beauty in everything

A feeling of immense gratitude

Will overwhelm you

Being gifted with

A world of beauty

Look closely!


Written for;Moon Washed Musings Weekly Challenge – Captivating – August 9, 2022, hosted by Eugenia



A box of clothes left behind

August 8, 2022, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about “the one who left the dress.” A 1940s-era dress still hangs in an abandoned house. Who left it and why? You can take any perspective and write in any genre. It can be a ghost story. Or not. Go where the prompt leads!


My mom passed away 55 years ago, when I was barely 6. When I was 15, my grandmother showed me a box of her clothes that she had preserved with care for me. It was such a unexplainable feeling to touch the clothes she had worn when she was alive, because I hardly remembered her.

I altered most of them to my size as I was quite good at stitching by that age. And wore them with pride. It didn’t matter to me that the fabrics were outdated, just that they once belonged to my mom whom I loved.


Word count; 99

In response to 99 Words Story- Dress, hosted by Charli Mills of carrot ranch



Clean energy project

The image is from shutterstock.com.

For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows a schoolboy pushing a table with his science fair project, which is on wind energy.


I woke from a sound sleep with a start, turned on my nightstand light, and realized that I had fallen asleep before I had put finishing touches to my clean energy project for the science fair being held in our school tomorrow.

Frantically, I started making the labels for the different parts of my project and making sure that the wind Mills blades were glued on properly and could move when I blew on them. At last, when I was done I gave my project a satisfied look. I thought I had done a great job and was sure that tomorrow I would win at least a recommendation from the judges. Maybe a prize too.

My parents had helped me think up this idea for the project and they were great proponents of advocating clean renewable energy.

I went back to sleep with a smile on my face!


Written for FFFC # 180, hosted by Fandango

Also included FSS # 58, hosted by Fandango




Sharing my world- August 8-9, 2022

Di is our host today for Share your world, while Melanie is away for health reasons. Thank you Di for stepping in at such short notice. Thanks for keeping SYW going!


1. When you’re on holiday, do you prefer self catering or a hotel/B&B?

For me, being on holiday means a holiday from house work and cooking. I like to eat out and that’s one on the main attractions of a holiday.

2. Do you have a favourite meal you cook

I have a few special dishes that I cook well and kids like. I’ve shared the recipe of Haleem before. I also like to make daal makhni, bread pudding, apple pie and English trifle.

3. In the current fuel crisis, have you made a conscious effort not to use the car unless absolutely necessary?

Well since my foot surgery, I am housebound, mainly going out for checkup visits to the hospital and just twice to have a meal with family, I can honestly say that I’m conserving a lot of fuel.

4. If you were to compare yourself to a plant, what would you be?

I’d like to think I’d be something pleasing but useful. Perhaps an aloe plant which has a lot of healing properties but can produce beautiful flowers too.


I am lucky to have a lot of happy memories from my childhood. Please share one from yours.

My childhood memories are a bit fuzzy but I remember one occasion after my mother’s death when we went with our grandparents to a nearby hill resort in Azad Kashmir where the river Jehlum passes before entering Punjab province. It was a serene place and we had very peaceful family time with our father, he was otherwise very busy with his job as the chief secretary of Kashmir.

Ghari Dupatta, is a small town. It is located 20 kilometers away from Muzaffarabad city

I hope that Melanie recovers soon and is hosting this challenge once again. Sending her lots of love and hugs.



A letter a week- S- Samual the seal

Place – snow

Emotion – smiling

Adjective – smug

Verb – slide

My animal – seal

Samual, the seal liked to slide in the snow. You would often see him smiling and enjoying his favorite hobby.

Sonny was his brother but wasn’t as friendly as Samual. He hated that his brother was so popular so he planned a prank to sabotage him.

He lured Samual to a place where the snow wasn’t firm and watched smugly expecting Samual to fall into the fresh snow needing help to get out. But Samual was no novice! He expertly navigated the snowy curves and came up a winner.


Written in response to One letter per week- S, hosted by Deb of Nope, not Pam



Neither black or white but grey

For some people grey color to equates to dull

But I love all shades of grey for its calmness

I love wearing grey with a splash of bright colors

And grey sky is a harbinger of welcome rains

Smoky eyes used to be my favored makeup look

And what could be better than a pair of grey shoes

You might have guessed from my poem

That I really love all shades of grey


Written for;Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge – Greyish, hosted by Sue W and GC



Persistence pays

This week Dr Tanya has asked our opinion about this quote;

” The difference between writers who finish books and those who don’t– is that the finishers don’t stop writing until they get to : THE END.” —- Brian Hutchinson, author of Writer’s Doubt.


To write a story or a novel, one needs to not only have a story in one’s head, and determination to write it, but also the persistence to get to the end.

In fact to complete any job or task, one needs the will to take it to the end. Many would-be writers with their half-finished manuscripts can testify to this fact. Just today I was Ritu’s blog where she wrote that she has already finished the rough draft of her second book in a few days. I know many bloggers who are successful writers and I think the difference between those who finish and publish a book and those who don’t is just this; the burning desire to get the book/ story out of their head and onto the paper/ screen.

I have a notion to compile a poetry book from the poems I’ve already written in my blog one day but since the drive is missing, I haven’t even started it yet.

The simple truth is that the doers do and others just talk, think or plan. I fall in the second category.

What about you? Any plans to write a book or have you already done that?

Written for Blogging Insights- NF # 49, hosted by Tanya