Thursday Photo Prompt – Journey


Welcome to this week’s writephoto prompt.

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a green hill against a misty, grey sky. Across the top of the hill strides a strangely proportioned figure. His head is bowed and he is carrying a staff.

~* ~

Man on the hill

They had built the statue on the top of the hill so that everyone who came could see it from a distance.

The villagers were so familiar with it that they hardly glanced at it during their daily life. It was only when a newcomer or a tourist came and asked about it that they would look at it while they related the story of the man on the hill.

Long ago there was a fierce battle for the possession of the village. The army of the king had defended. The intruders were repulsed but at a heavy cost. After the battle they buried their dead and grieved for the parents who had lost their sons in a senseless war. A couple of months later a man came to the village to look for his sons. His two sons who had died in the war! He searched for their graves and when he found them, he spent the rest of his life, sitting near the graves, looking at them. The villagers tried to console him but he was heartbroken. They were last of his family and after their death he was all alone in the world. He died after a few years and the villagers were left with an overwhelming desire to commemorate his devotion to his sons. They commissioned an artist to built an oversized statue of the father on the top of the hill. It would serve as a reminder of the futility of war.

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Thursday Photo Prompt-Journey

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Sue Vincent




Thursday Inspiration #17

Welcome to Thursday Inspiration!

This week’s theme is faded and the picture is below. Here is the song snippet from “Traces” from Classics IV in 1969:

Faded photographs, covered now with lines and creases
Tickets torn in half, memories in bits and pieces
Traces of love, long ago, that didn’t work out right
Traces of love

Thursday Inspiration

Photo found on Pixabay


Taking out the faded and creased picture

She glanced at it with love and nostalgia

Then with the same loving care she restored it

To that secret place in her heart where she kept

All her sacred memories, carefully hidden

Whatever new things life brings her way

She will always have a corner of her soul

Where these beautiful memories will live, always

~* ~

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Thursday Inspiration #17

A Prompt by Paula

Tale Weaver – #236 – 15th August – Over the Back Fence


What do you see?

Maggie asked her sister who was standing on a box to look over the back fence. Tasha was busy surveying the scene before her and there was no immediate answer.

They had shifted to this new home a few days ago and today was the first chance they had gotten to explore the backyard. Mom has kept them busy with tasks regarding unpacking and getting things ready before the school opened next week.

Tash was two years older than Maggie, and at eleven she was starting to become aware of a world outside their own life. She could see a Golden, beautiful dog playing with two kids near their age in the house at the back of theirs. A boy and a girl. They also had a swing hanging from a large tree in their backyard. It was very inviting.

She got down from the box and told Maggie all about it. They both ran inside calling their mom. It was very urgent and necessary that they should visit the house at the back. Who can resist a swing and a dog!

The Prompt;

It was Robert Frost in “Mending Wall” who said: ‘Good fences make good neighbours’ and as I well know, how true that is.

This week consider the notion of what we see over our back fences. If you live in a apartment on the upper floors your back fence might be the boundary of your place.

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Tale Weaver- Over the back fence



The newbie

The newbie wants to learn

Improve his skills and acquire new ones

A wish to be better is remarkable

And admitting to ignorance is exceptional

Not many of us can or want to do that

It takes a strength of character to own up

That we need to learn, when we don’t have the answer

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In other words- Topsy Turvey


In Other Words, topsy-turvey…

Image by Garak01 from Pixabay

Topsy turvey may seem a bit odd to watch

But hanging upside down I can see something you can’t

A different perspective and a different angle

Can totally change how things and situations look

Try to see the things with a new look to notice the change

The Prompt;

Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less
Use the picture and/or the word topsy-turvey  as inspiration
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In other words- Topsy Turvey

A Prompt by Patricia’s Place



Writing Prompt # 32

The Prompt;

A day late and a dollar short, but…

the best way to cool off is…

From the shores of Wicket Lake,


Thanks for joining me for a weekly writing prompt!


The best way to cool off is…….

To take deep breaths, or count back from ten

Put your head in a bucket of cold water

Maybe you can chill yourself by listening to a favorite song

Break out into a dance routine following your best melody

Try everything to simmer down, and cool that heated brain

It always pays to wait before you erupt

The words which once leave your tongue

Can never ever be recalled

They are like wisps scattered in the wind

Way beyond your control


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Writing Prompt #32

A Prompt by Sarah Elizabeth Moore


Fandango’s Provocative Question #36


FPQWelcome once again to Fandango’s Provocative Question.

For this week’s provocative question, I am asking about means and ends. I have often heard people say that “the end justifies the means.” Conversely, I’ve heard others say that “the means justifies the end.” So what about you?

Do you think the end or the means is more important? Explain.

My answer;

In an ideal world the means would be totally moral and justifiable. In this world, however they usually aren’t always so.

The law is twisted around to suit the purpose daily. We want results which are sometimes not achievable in a short space of time and so the rules are bent to get to the end quickly.

Is this good?

Not to my mind. It has set a precedent that law, and rules are a commodity to play with. This breeds a frame of mind which gradually overcomes our moral hesitation about breaking the law and we are drifting towards anarchy.

As Paula mentioned in her answer that breaking the door by the firemen to save life and property is permitted but to do so for personal gain is not. So in extreme conditions the rules can be bent or broken even but not as a routine practice. As an aside, the firemen are authorized by law to break down the doors!

A point in reference;

Laws and principles are not for the times when there is no temptation: they are for such moments as this, when body and soul rise in mutiny against their rigour … If at my convenience I might break them, what would be their worth?

Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre
In conclusion, I would say that the law should be respected as much as possible. Shortcuts and detours are not going to take us to our destination quickly. They will send us to the wrong destination. A quagmire of moral dilemmas!

Fandango Provocative Question#36



Weekly Song Challenge Round 26

This is a new challenge and I’ve been tagged by Di of Pensitivity 101 in her post

This is Laura Lavent’s challenge, which you can find out more about by clicking below


Copy rules and add to your own post, pinging back to Laura’s post.
Post music videos for your answers to the musical questions.
Tag two people to participate!

Well, I like all sorts of music, so these are my choices

1. Post a video of a song about wickedness or evil.

Thriller by Michael Jackson

2. Post a video of a song from an animated Disney movie.

How far I’ll go

By Auliʻi Cravalho

From the movie;Moana

3. Post a video of a song that is spooky.

Ghost Busters from the movie Ghost 👻 busters.

Hope you enjoy these songs.



Despite the destruction around you

You show an enviable amount of courage

Even when circumstances are not fortuitous

Getting up again after falling down

Then again and again

How can I not be totally impressed

By your demeanor of reflecting wellbeing

And ignoring the shadows which try

To overwhelm your courage every time

I salute the mothers and their inordinate resolve

When they fight the battle all on their own.

A tribute to all the ( single) mothers out there who make me feel humble by their courage and determination.

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Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge August 13-2019

The setting sun casts ever lengthening shadows

And as it move below the horizon they coalesce

Into endless darkness, taking over the landscape

Wait patiently till another day arrives

Bringing the bright light to chase away

All the gloom of the dark night

With hopes for a brand new day to start anew

The Prompt;

Today’s prompt: Use the words “endless” and “shadows” in a piece of writing

Happy writing!

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Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge August 13-2019