Topical Tropical Trinity # 4

Rory is the host of Topical Tropical Trinity

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Topical Tropical Trinity

Season 1 – Week 4

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Topical Tropical Trinity questions are about your interests, your passions, your hobbies and activities and about living your life in general. 

Each weekly game will have a fixed ‘subject’ and ask you two basic questions – and one three fold question.

Today’s Questions for Topical Tropical Trinity are based on ..

“What’s Your Therapy?”


Q 1• Have you ever thought of starting a journal – as in NOT by computer – but by hand – like an old fashioned written one?

I have thought about keeping a written journal but it is too much work. Besides who will read them. I would rather write online on my blog. And when I will die, my words will die with me.

It sounds dramatic but I feel that my words have value and meaning till I am alive. I am no Shakespeare who’s words are still being revered till now.

Q 2• How are you guys handling lockdown? Have any of you done the TikTok challenges? I don’t even know how you record it! What other interesting things are you doing? If you have some new ideas, please share!

No idea what a tic-tok is. I am doing something important, I am overseeing homeschooling of my grandson while my daughter is doing her thesis. So I am busier than I was before the lockdown. Blogging takes up the rest of the time. So I don’t have much time to waste. Though the “Happy coloring app” is a good way to unwind. Also, I have bought a few of Paula’s books and am reading one of them. Reading is both fun and enlightening and it uses up any free time I may have.

Q 3•What is your personal wellbeing or mindful therapy for keeping boredom at bay during this time of  … ‘reflection?’

That would be my daily walks! In the morning I take a walk with my grandson before we settle for school. He tells me how to play Minecraft and how he plans to overcome challenges in his game. It really is a fun time for us both. I take two more walks while listening to music, taking pictures with my phone and reflecting on life. I also use my walking time to have long chats with my husband and kids back home.

•Have you ever thought of creating a Vision Board?

Nopes! What is a vision board? 😀

•What have you discovered about yourself during this time ?

That I am probably better off in isolation. I am not buying stuff that I don’t need!

Well joking aside, I think that I do miss meeting people but it’s fine because it’s for all our well-being.

Take care and stay safe.

Pictures were taken today during my walk.




MLMM-Wordle #183- On a drive

Wordle 183

1. Amazing✔️
2. Berry✔️
3. Ask✔️
4. Drive✔️
5. Pout✔️
6. Year✔️
7. Watch✔️
8. Apoplectic- extremely angry; furious✔️

10. Sweep✔️
11. Mortal✔️
12. Cut Off✔️


Oh, dear! Don’t pout, but look out the window. Look at these strawberry plants. They look so amazing, with the ripe berries on them. Look we are out for a drive because we don’t want to feel cut-off from the world. Watch the lovely fields go by. You always ask me to take you out at this time of the year to see the flowers blooming. Now we have time to do that. Look how the sunshine is sweeping over the green trees. Don’t be apoplectic at this enforced isolation and look beyond the mortal danger to the opportunity we are given to spend time together as a family!


In response to;

MLMM- Wordle # 183




Thursday Photo Prompt- Together # WritePhoto

This week’s prompt ~ Together

(For visually challenged writers, the image shows the sun painting a golden pathway across the sands and sea)


The sun, the sea, the breeze

All together celebrating freedom

Freedom from pollution from contamination

People have withdrawn to their seclusion

Nature is given a grace period for recovery

We, the humans seek the togetherness that’s denied

For some time yet, for our own safety

We all have to stay away so that we all can survive

Meanwhile giving a chance to their home to revive

The air to become clean, the water turning blue

The sky luminescent again, the earth rejoicing

Less chemical being poured into its core

Is this the solution nature has come up with

Enforced isolation, restricted human traveling

I hope that some good can come out of this crisis

We are paying a heavy price for it by precious lives




Daily Prompts- Make a joke

The first day of April brings memories

Of playing pranks, practical jokes, and tricks

Am I too old now for doing this, I ask

Or the mood is too somber to do it anyway

Let’s not break the infrangible traditions

Let’s find a victim to play a lark on

But it will have to be from a safe distance

We can pretend we’re ghosting someone as a joke

A prank done online, or maybe a message

Published to evoke some smiles

Let’s do this, just to make people smile

In response to the following prompts;




Prank, Lark, Joke





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Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #59


FFFCWelcome to “Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge.”

The image below is from JessicaGale at the visually challenged writer, the photo shows an empty roll of toilet paper with the words “Plan B?” hand printed on it in black ink )


She should not have eaten all those flamin hot Cheetos!

Now she has to rush to the public toilets in the mall and there was no toilet paper, just an empty roll with words, “Plan B” written on it. With all this virus scare people were buying toilet paper like crazy as if it would save them from the virus by itself. She was out of the ones she kept in her bag. Fervently she thought of a plan b till a likely solution came to her.

How lucky that she had facial wipes in her bag!




The Sunday Whirl- Wordle # 449

B Warren is the host of the Sunday Whirl


What an amazing sight. Both the kids were so excited to play in the real maze. Chattering excitedly they lost themselves in the intricate pathways of the maze. But soon enough they were feeling trapped as they couldn’t find their way out. Their mom tried to give them a hand by shouting out the lay of the land. At last, dad went in armed with a map and a stash of seeds. He scattered the seeds so that he can find the way back. It was a nerve-wracking experience for them all when they saw insects crawling all over them. They never attempted to go to a maze again.




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