Sunday Photo Fiction – Dec 08 2019

Photo courtesy of Paul Howell (Mystery writer Betty Webb‘s husband)


The kindergarten art class was a riot. The kids were having lots of fun making animals shapes out of clay and were putting them out on the wireframe to dry.

As these shapes became dry enough, Mrs. Wells was showing them how to paint the animals.

At the end of the day, the wire mesh supported many brightly painted frogs. Some were quite real looking while others looked like their alien cousins. The kids were delighted with their handiwork and it was with great pride that they took them home to show to their families.



The Sunday Whirl- Wordle # 433

BWarren is the host of The Sunday Whirl

filling, jump, fly, line


The story told by the locals was hard to believe, but they swore by it.

There was a man living alone in a shack near the mountains. He was poor and often went hungry. One day overcome by hunger, he committed the sin of stealing from the church. As a punishment, he was not burned by hell fire, but was sunk into the ground alive where he choked to death when he try to open his mouth to call for help. His cries were still filling the air when a bat jumped out of the dark to fly in a frenzy, making a beeline for the place he was buried alive.

They think it was the devil.



Putting Blogging Advice Underneath A Microscope

Renard gives excellent advice on blogging. And yet here he is telling us not to follow every one who gives blogging advice.

Renard's World

A microscope (Photo credit: Pixabay)

Lorren had started a blog of her own three days ago and to make things somewhat easy for herself, she was rummaging through blogging advice from various bloggers online.

“What are you doing honey?” James asked.

She removed her gaze from her tablet computer and looked up at her husband, James and said, “I am trying to learn the blogging ropes from some of the blogging experts.”

“And how is it coming along, sweetheart?” James uttered.

Lorren sighed aloud and said, “Oh, it is not as easy as I would like. These blogging experts are contradicting each other. I do not know what to believe!”

James looked at his wife and said in a calm tone of voice, “I am no blogger, darling. But I would experiment with a few of the tips to see if they actually work.”

“That is is a brilliant suggestion…

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A reblog- “Within A Dream” (Micro-Poetry) 12/9/2019 What Do You See? — Beckie’s Mental Mess


Sharing Beckie’s take on the Prompt,

What do you see;


Hello, Friends… Sadje, of “Keep it Alive” is the hostess of What Do You See? This is the image we were given this week. “Within A Dream” (Micro-Poetry) Weathering of rock deep underground cavernous treasure of indigo light, embraces and soothes Rainfall seeps, diamond drops, floating within a dream. BC 2019 […]

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Treasure [flash 200]

Sharing Paula’s take on the Prompt,
What do you see;

Light Motifs II

Canoe into the blue

“Lou, are you sure this is the right way,” Sandy asked her husband. “The air smells weird. Didn’t the treasure map say we were supposed to pass a short fat tree with crimsonflowers?”

Lou checked his compass. “I calculatethat we will reach the crescent rock in fifteen minutes. Besides, that tree back there had crimson flowers.”

Sandy shook her head. “No, they were just pink.”

“Kind of a dark pink though, right?”

“Not really, Lou. Candy pink, like the sweater I wore last Valentine’s Day when we went to that steak place. We indulged in the decadent triple chocolate mousse after. Mmm…”

“What steak place? The one on Oak or the one off Westport?”

“Oh my God!” Sandy yelled. “You don’t remember where we went on Valentine’s Day?”

“Shhhh, Sandy!” Lou hissed. “Don’t give away our location. There are other treasure hunters looking for His Flagrant Mistress.”


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