Three line Tales # 287

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Welcome to Week 287 of Three Line Tales.

photo by Keith Champaco via Unsplash 

You’ll find full guidelines on the TLT page – here’s the tl;dr:


It’s a surreal experience, looking at myself from a distance.

I am here and yet there as well, which one is real and which one is an illusion?

You, who are watching the two sides of me, you tell me!




Tale Weaver 29.07.21 – A Question of Perspective

Stephanie Colpron is our new host at MLMM- Tale Weaver

Are people born wicked?” (from Wicked, No One Mourns the Wicked) 

A few days ago, I was contemplating the fact that most tales are told from the hero’s perspective. What if the story was told from the villain’s point of view?

Isn’t it all a question of perspective?

So this week, I’d like to invite you to write a story from the villain’s perspective.

Whether you decide to spin an old fairy tale in a new way or write a new story from your villain’s point of view, is your call. It’s your story after all. 

And feel free to include a moral if you wish 

In summary

  • Go where the prompt takes you and have fun!
  • Prose, poetry, fable… please share your stories in whatever style works for you.
  • Keep your stories/quests/tales below 1000 words 
  • Post it on your blog and tag it MLMM, Tale Weaver, Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie
  • Be sure to leave a pingback or a link so we (I) can read your contribution


Story of a stepmother

Don’t believe anyone who tells you that I am wicked! Whatever I do, it’s for my survival and that of my child.

It is not easy to tolerate another woman’s child, but I do it with a smile. I may not be as loving to them as with my own child, but still I do all that is required. It is true that I keep what is best for my own child but tell me which mother wouldn’t? If I argue over who gets the bigger portion, it is my mother’s heart that is at fault, not me!

For too long, people have maligned stepmothers, calling them evil and wicked. Just look at life from my perspective and you’ll know that I’m no villain but a saint in fact!




Stream Of Consciousnesses Saturday – Our Naughty Kitty

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Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “the last photo you took.” Take the last photo you snapped. What’s the first word that comes to mind when you look at it? That word is your prompt. Enjoy!


This is the picture I took yesterday!

And looking at him, I think of not one but two words, innocent and naughty

Our Kitty has been with us for two months now. He has grown almost twice in size. He still bites us when ever an ankle or toe is found in his proximity. These are not the only naughty things he does.

Today he sneaked out when the main door was opened. I found him trying to play with a poor worm going about his business. It took three people, 15 minutes to bring him back, indoors.

Afterwards, he was all innocently looking at me, as if asking what did I do wrong? I am an outdoor cat so I should be allowed to explore the great outdoors. I told him that I cannot let him out by himself as he can get lost or even injured.

Anyway, this is him trying out the discarded packaging box for size!



WQWWC #35 Exciting

Marsha is the host of WQWWC

The topic for Writer’s Quotes Wednesday’s Writer’s Challenge this week is ; Exciting

Excitement can be a momentary thrill, a favorite memory, or an obsession. You might be a very calm person and people who don’t know you well don’t think you get excited, but you know inside of yourself what does it. Most likely it is a combination of events that excite you and give you the excitement of living.

Maybe it is seeing your children succeed at their most recent endeavor – smiling, walking, first word, riding their bike, first day at school, first date, first day of work, marriage, first grandchild. Couple those things with what’s happening with yourself – an ongoing project – building something or helping someone, a new relationship, your work, a future trip, learning a new skill, a move large or small,

It could be that every little thing excites you. 

  • having friends over,
  • cooking breakfast, 
  • going for a walk, 
  • reading a book, 
  • seeing the growth of your garden, 
  • meeting people at the store, 
  • finding a new accessory for your living room, 
  • discovering a bunny in your yard, 
  • sharing cookies with your neighbor, 
  • playing with your pets, 
  • learning a new word, 
  • video recording your life and sharing it on Facebook.


Life without excitement becomes a boring, drudgery. we do need to keep the excitement alive to enjoy our life.

If we live our lives looking for the excitement and exhilaration that change can bring, we will be much happier than when we are eventually forced to accept it anyways.

Daniel Willey

As many people have often told us that life is all about perspective. If we seek new things to brighten our lives and get excited about them, believe me, you will enjoy them way more than if we had to reluctantly embrace them.

I had a distant relative who was quite old. She once told her daughter that though she had lived a long happy life, but she wasn’t ready to die just yet. Her daughter asked her in jest, what exactly was it that she was waiting for. She said that world had changed in so many way in her life and she wants to see what new inventions mankind would be making in coming years. This is the attitude that keeps us excited at every age.

The excitement of learning separates youth from old age. As long as you’re learning you’re not old.

Rosalyn Sussman Yalow

We don’t need to go looking for the fountain of youth. It’s right here in our mind and heart. Just keep the desire to learn and the spirit to get excited about each new discovery, and you’ll be forever young.

No one know what tomorrow will bring. We can either be fearful of it or excited about it. Every morning, I get up with this excitement that something new, something good will happen today. This makes me start my day with a smile and a lift in my heart.


I count my numerous blessings

Family, children, grandchildren all

These are flowers in the garden of my life

Their sweet perfume making my existence fragrant

Wondrous bounties that adorn my grateful heart

I rejoice in this exciting state of being




Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Petals – July 29, 2021

Eugenia is the host of Eugi’s Weekly Prompt

Your Weekly Prompt Petals – July 29, 2021

The soul has words as petals” – Edmond Jabes


Shy lips, delicate like petals

A tentative smile lurking at their corners

Eyes downcast, yet her stance showed her interest

I approached

And then stopped

Maybe I was reading too much in the situation

I heard her call my name as I turned to go back

I looked and saw a beaming smile
A smile just for me




Crimson Creative Challenge # 142 – Lost treasure

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Welcome to my weekly challenge—open to all—just for FUN, FUN, FUN


So do you see that line tree?

“Yup, What of it?”

“There’s a treasure buried near it”

“You are fibbing! How do you know?“

“I know because my grandpa told me. This tree has been here for more than 50 years”

“If there’s a treasure buried there, why haven’t you dug it up? I think you’re just fooling around with me.”

“My grandpa said that only an honest man can find the treasure. And you do know me…….“

“That’s cool, that you think I’m honest. I think that since you’ve just admitted that you’re dishonest, you definitely are lying. Go find someone to make a fool out of!“

As Steven stomped off, Jack looked behind him and said,seemingly to the air, “I tried grandpa but no one believes me!”




Reena’s Xploration Challenge # 192

Reena is the host of Reena’s Xploration Challenge


It’s an image prompt.

There is no restriction on length of the piece. There is no last date either, unless you wish to be featured in the Weekly Wrap.


Holding it with all his might

Lest that it may break free from his grasp

This is all that he has earned in his life

A little house to call his own

An umbrella of security to guard against the rainy days

A few meager possessions, threadbare and poorly

But he had his pride intact

Pride he had in his impeccable honesty

And a reputation that wasn’t tarnished by temptation


Last week I played devil’s advocate, ridiculing the virtues of honesty. So it’s just fitting that this week we take pride in threadbare respectability of honest living.



Fandango Provocative Question # 128 – Opposites or similar

Fandango is the host of Fandango Provocative Question


Welcome once again to Fandango’s Provocative Question.

This past week I heard someone say, “opposites attract.” A few days later I heard someone else say, “birds of a feather flock together.” These two statements seem contradictory to me. I thought about my wife and me and realized that, while she can be high strung and emotional, I’m more laid back and easy going. But aside from that, we have much in common, almost like two peas in a pod.

So I wondered if people with opposite personalities, beliefs, and physical traits are actually drawn together like opposite poles of a magnet. Or are similarities in age, intelligence, religion, and education level the keys to lasting, healthy relationships?

So my provocative question this week is…

Do you feel that people are more attracted to one another by their differences or by their commonalities? And why do you feel that way?


I think what brings people together are the common traits in their personalities. Be they, friends or romantic partners. If they have a similar approaches towards important issues of life, they are more likely to be attracted to each other.

However, a bit of contrast is what balances the relationship. Like one partner is practical and the other is a dreamer or if one is a planner and the other is impulsive, they are yin and yang and provide stability to their relationship.

This is especially important in how they react to situations. If both are hot heads, the relationship is likely to disintegrate soon. But if one is calmer and cool-headed, it is more likely to last.

In short, we come together because we find similar traits in each other and stay together because we also have opposing views which make the relationship work!