42 Words- Clowns

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For this week’s theme is … CLOWNS Yep, big shoes, red noses, honking horns or … creepy smiles, dark laughter and all things terrifying.  We are sooooo lucky, we have clowns, lets bring in the clowns, the sad clowns, the mad clowns, the happy clowns, the funny clowns, I ain’t fussed, any clowns. 


I paint my face in vivid colors

Mask my sadness with a big smile

Adorn myself with crazy hair and a red nose

All so that I can put a smile on your face

I hope my antics can brighten your day

42 Words




What do you see- 53 – 26 October’20

Welcome back to another prompt.


You can write a post on your blog and create a pingback to link to the original post.

Write an original story, poem or a caption.

I will try to reblog your response on my blog.

There is no limit to words or format but keep it family-friendly.

I will do a round-up next Sunday before the next Prompt is posted.

Please tag your responses with #Whatdoyousee



Does this picture inspire you to write something?

Image credit; Linus Sandvide@ Unsplash

( For the visually challenged reader, the image shows back of a man who is standing in a dark medieval entrance holding a flaming torch in his hand)

Waiting eagerly for your responses.

Thanking you all for joining this prompt.




What do you see # 52 – A roundup


That look on her face

Held me spellbound, mesmerized

Never had I seen such serene, calm contentment

Who is she, I asked

She lives by herself in the village

All by herself, no family to call her own

Then what is the secret of this happiness

That shines through her bright eyes

Or reflects on her lined face, I ask

She helps without being asked

She gives even when has little

She loves even if not loved back

They said

Ah, a secret to a contented life, I say to myself


My heartfelt gratitude to all those who participated in this one year anniversary prompt. Please click on the links to read their wonderful contributions.

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Daily Prompts- A valuable lesson

Thunderstruck, and in awe she watched

As the master of tact taught her a valuable lesson

Never be fazed by the false, unjust allegations

Don’t let them topple your house of cards

Or steal the wind from your sails in spite

With all the poise and calm the lady, flicked aside

The spite and hurtful speech thrown at her head

She stood proud and straight, letting insults glance off her

Like the water off the duck, without causing harm

Order was restored in the chaos by her demeanor

The blather and babbling curtailed soon to whispers

The lies can damage only those who are guilty

The righteous should not fear the tools of the cowardly

In response to the following prompts;




Wind, Curtail, Speech





Word of the day challenge;




Thursday Inspo # 79- Written

Paula is the host of Thursday Inspo

Today’s theme is written and the image is below. Here is the song snippet from “Written In The Sand,” a song written and recorded by Old Dominion in 2017. 

Are we last-call kissing
Or will we be reminiscing 
With each other for the next forty years?
Are we written in the stars, baby, 
Or are we written in the sand?



Words written in the sand are there for a few moments

Washed away by the waves as they come rolling in

Promises made in heat of the moment are forgotten soon

A new day, a new interest and it is hard to recall last evening

If you love me don’t scribe it in the stone so that

It would not wash away by the tides of time

Show your love by the kindness which leaves everlasting memories




One year anniversary of What do you see- What I saw

After one whole year of running this prompt, I wanted to share some of my observations;

The amazing versatility of human imagination never fails to amaze and astound me.

No matter how ordinary or extraordinary the prompt image is, nearly all the submissions are different in how the viewer is looking at them.

When the writer writes about the prompt, they put little bits of who they are in their poems, stories, and posts.

The community in our part of the blogosphere is amazingly kind and generous. They make time to respond to the prompts posted by a host of bloggers, and support them with their contributions.

Writing for a prompt, be it an image or a word/ phrase takes the writer out of their safe zone and into unknown territory. It expands their imaginative muscles and increases the ability to tackle new and varied subjects and ideas.

I have selected the image on the top as the badge of my prompt post. Please look for this badge and keep on participating in “What do you see“!

With much gratitude, thank you for making the first year of WDYS a success.




Tale Weaver – #298 – Underwater – 22nd October

Michael is the host of Tale Weaver

This week compose a tale that involves underwater.

You decide what it is or who it is that is underwater and what they do or don’t discover.

Go where the prompt leads you and have fun.



He dived into the deep blue water and prepared to surface, but he couldn’t kick back his feet to propel himself to the surface. He took a quick look and saw his feet, both of them tangled in the seaweeds………


He had dived into the swimming pool and not the ocean. Why were his feet trapped in the seaweed which had no business being there. As the thoughts crossed his mind he felt desperate for air and increased the struggle to free his feet.



“Will you stop kicking me”, the angry and plaintive voice of his wife’s voice penetrated his almost comatose state of sleep. He sat up abruptly and took a deep breath. It was a nightmare, what a relief to wake up.

His wife asked him what was going on in his dreams and why he was thrashing about. He fobbed her off with an evasive answer, but he now knew that his subconscious mind was warning him about the business venture he was planning on undertaking with a school friend. He will call him today and cry off from that risky proposition.