Sinking in the sink

A stack of dirty plates sank in the soapy water in the kitchen sink. I sank my hands reluctantly into the warm water for it was high time that someone cleaned up this mess.

Mom, leave them and I’ll do it later” said my daughter, but I was now committed to this task, my arms elbow-deep in the water. She came and stood by me as I soaped the dishes and she rinsed them simultaneously. The task was done in a few minutes and we both put the kettle on to treat ourselves to cups of hot tea. She opted for flavored fruity tea and I made decaf tea for myself.

Time and again I’ve realized that when you want something done, stop thinking about doing it and just start doing it. The job gets done in far less time than we spend thinking about tackling it.

And if someone steps in to help, it’s over before you even know it!



Your prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “sink/sank/sunk.”Use one, use two, or use ’em all and get bonus points. Enjoy!

In response to Linda’s SoCS



46 thoughts on “Sinking in the sink

  1. Many hands make light work – still I can’t help remembering the washing up scene at the beginning of the film “Withnail and I”…

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  2. …I have to remember that when I let my hubby load the dishwasher to walk away 😉
    But it is true that when two do a task it gets done in half the time.
    I am thankful that he was able to put a new belt in our old vacuum today.
    So I didn’t mind cooking dinner or folding most of the laundry 😉

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