I’m curious; what’s in this envelope

My inquisitiveness is pushing me to take a peek

The prudence wants to step back and let it be

Life is like a sealed envelope for us in the beginning

Revealing its secrets to us gradually, one at a time

But sometimes the envelope remains sealed till the very end

And it’s only when we are done with most of our living

That the secret of what life is all about is unveiled to us

A sealed envelope though tempting/ inviting us to open

Can very be like Pandora’s box, that, once opened

Spills out things that we wished were still hidden!


In response to; RXC- Prompt #281, hosted by Reena



74 thoughts on “Secrets…….

  1. I just read a story this morning about a secret room… sealed for twenty years!
    Some homeowners find secret rooms in homes they buy or family members find clues to other secret rooms hidden under outbuildings on farms.

    Some Pandora’s boxes are best left closed. But I believe hope was trapped and had to be set free…
    May we learn that some secrets might be best left, but enjoy the ones that can give us ‘hope’.

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    1. How interesting it would be to find a secret room. I recently read a crime thriller where they found a secret room where there were clues to a murder.
      Yes some secrets should be left alone

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      1. Some mysteries that I watch, – The “Father Brown Mysteries” have churches or homes that had what was called Priests holes – kind of like the secret rooms that were used in the American Underground Railroad to hide escaping slaves. But of course much more elaborate.

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              1. We don’t get the ‘Brit’ channel, so we only get what our Public Service channel passes on.

                Part of that story was that a woman was looking for hidden family jewels and was going to runaway with her love. But she couldn’t get out of the tunnel. Years later… Father Brown figured out the fireplace clue and put his umbrella to hold the door… but another relative saw the opening and took out the umbrella after going in. So now, the younger woman and Father Brown find the remains of the first woman with the family jewels. Father Brown goes to the end of one of the tunnels which ended up under his church… which the inspector was in…looking for Father Brown and heard the priest banging… moved a carpet and found the opening to the end of the tunnel. So the mystery of the lost woman was solved, and the family got their jewels and were able to pay their debts….

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