My lost and found bag

While I love traveling overseas, even on my own, the thing I didn’t like, perhaps I should say hated was connecting flights.

Some airlines book your luggage to the end of your journey and that’s the most convenient way to travel but with some airlines, you have to retrieve your luggage and book it for the next flight.

On these journeys, losing the luggage is quite common and I had this experience when of my two bags, one went missing and I stood staring at the carousel going round and round with few bags on it which no one wanted, but my bag was nowhere to be found.

I waited for perhaps half an hour, as most people from my flight had left the arrival hall and just a few people were around, it was then I picked up enough courage and went to a help desk to ask about the whereabouts of my luggage.

It turned out that due to several flights arriving simultaneously, there were too many bags and they had offloaded some of them on the side of the arrival area, and I finally was reunited with my lost bag.

I finally made it to my next flight with a few minutes to spare, phew!


In response to; Six Sentence Story- Carousel, hosted by Denise



59 thoughts on “My lost and found bag

  1. I only had a problem once with my bags and that was in Brazil. I was supposed to take them with me through Customes when I was switching flights, but I listened to this person who told me that they would be automatically transferred for me, which they weren’t. I was stuck wearing the same clothes for 3 days, till my bags finally arrived.

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  2. Lost luggage is stressful. My daughter put a big yellow sticker on the back of my suitcase. I waited and waited, not recognizing the suitcase with the sticker, as my suitcase circled around. Finally I grabbed it and saw my bag tag. I think she did that borrowing my suitcase and I wasn’t aware of the sticker!

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    1. I too don’t lose my luggage but came close and the stress was a bit much. I still love to fly as it’s only way to visit places across the oceans. I’m glad you’re daughter found her bag. Thanks.


  3. Hubby often traveled with tools – a 50 pound box. Often we would find it on the side (with lost luggage) because they didn’t want to put it on the ramp.

    It isn’t always easy to just travel with a carry on. But I have learned that when checking luggage – I always keep one ‘change’ in my carry on just in case!

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    1. I can imagine how he’d have to look around for his box every time! I do that too. My husband told me that at least 2 sets of clothes should be in the hand-carry luggage.

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      1. I heard a comic say that when they cruised that they took their worst under garments – that way they would toss them and have room or space for ‘things’ to take back home ;D

        I also read about packing things inside the space of your shoes. One time I set each days cloths in seperate zipbags and squished the air out. I also take along a ‘trash’ bag for my laundry, which I fold to take up less space. 😀

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