Recalling elusive memories

Today, let’s explore memory! Write a haibun that alludes to memory, any way you construe it.


I’ve written about my late mother in my posts recently. She passed away when I was just two months short of my sixth birthday. In the naivety of a child in the 1960’s I had no idea what death was. When I was told the news I asked my dad, when will she be coming back?

The tragedy of loss at a young age is that you don’t get to mourn that loss at one time. I mourned her at every stage of my growing up. I have vague memories of her dressing up to go out in the evening with my dad, wearing a white sari and silver earrings.

Her image dream like

The figure lit by shadows

Her perfume lingered


Elusive vision

I wish I remembered her

She slips from my mind


I hope I’ve done this right. I’ve challenged myself to try different poetic challenges hence this attempt.

In response to; dVerse haibun Monday- Memory, hosted by Frank this week



65 thoughts on “Recalling elusive memories

  1. A heart wrenching post, Sadje. What a terrible age to lose your mother. There’s no “good” time to lose a parent but at age 6, you understand just enough to realize that you don’t understand what’s going on. You have prevailed. Your mother would no doubt be very proud of you!

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    1. Thanks Susan. I’m thankful for what I received instead in my life. A loving father, a caring husband and wonderful kids. But yes we lament after what we don’t have.

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  2. Your words are a beautiful tribute to her memory. I’m sorry you lost her so early, I can’t imagine what that must have been like. Especially when you’re young and can’t fully grasp the concept of death.

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  3. Your haibun certainly pulled on my heartstrings, Sadje, having lost my own mother over six years ago. I still miss her. But you’re quite right, ‘the tragedy of loss at a young age is that you don’t get to mourn that loss at one time’.

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    1. That’s must’ve been so hard on you and the rest of the family. My maternal grandfather had dementia too. It’s very tough to lose a loved one like that.
      Thank you for your kind words.


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